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Morphology Seminar 1

Answer the following questions: 1. What are the units of analysis? What are the respective levels called? Which branch of Linguistics deals with each? 2. What is morpheme? 3. How are grammatical units described? 4. What is a word? . How many senses does !word" have? #. What is a type? $ to%en? $ lemma? &. What groups 'families( of words are described by )orphology? *. +ive e,amples of closed - open classes of words and e,plain. .. Which are the basic word formation processes? 1/. Which are the units larger than the word? 11. Which are the 0uestions to as% in order to identify the word class a word belongs to? 12. Which are the basic groups of nouns? 13. What are the functions of nouns? 14. What are the basic meanings of nouns? 1 . 1#. 1&. 1*. 1.. 2/. 21. 22. 23. 24. 2 . 2#. Which are the classes of verbs? What are the functions of verbs? What are the basic meanings of verbs? +ive e,amples of cases when one word can be said to belong to more than one class. List the types of pronouns and give e,amples. Which are the primary auxiliaries? Modal auxiliaries? What is the difference between the two classes in terms of their paradigm? What is the role of the wh-words? When are they used? Which are the single word classes? What is necessary in order to identify the class a word belongs to in 1nglish? What is the linguistic term for a phrase that is part of the structure of another linguistic phrase? How many basic types of phrases are there in 1nglish? What is the relation between the H1$2 and the other elements in a phrase?

Exercise 1.
How many word types and how many to%ens are there in the following sentences3 The birds sang and the bells rang, the folks were all happy and the month was May?

Exercise 2.
4dentify the morphemes and their type 'bound or free5 inflectional or derivational(3 a( cats6 b( milder3 c( bicycle6 d( broomstick6 e( unhappy6 f( unhappier

Exercise 2ivide the words into their component morphemes3 a( reconditioned6 b( thickeners6 c( environmental6 d( rationalisation Exercise !
7ranslate the compounds into 8omanian3 a( career change opportunity6 b( glass crack growth rate6 c( project team management know-how.

Exercise "
$nalyse the word formation processes involved in the creation of the following 'both meaning !firing an employee"(3 a( decruitement6 b( outplacement

Exercise #
How many word classes can the following belong to? 9upport your answer with e,amples of your own3 fear after late $ac% $etter

Exercise &
$naly:e the structure of the following sentences3 a( He even sent them a tape of the show. b( 4 saw one of your grandchildren the other day.

Exercise '
4nsert and then analy:e the determiners in the following te,t3 .....woman pulls....boy by.....little hand towards.....escalator leading down to.....;iccadilly Line. ....scrawled message greets........unwary traveller.......morning. <4 am sorry for......inconvenience caused to ...... ...... customers during.....period that......down escalator has been out of......service. .....fault is due to......shortage of....electrical part. 4 cannot give ....estimate of.....arrival. ;lease accept ...apologies.=

Exercise (
4dentify the verbs and classify them accordingly3 a( 2on=t call us5 we=ll call you. b( Who=d=ve thought it? c( 4=ve arrived5 and to prove it 4=m here. 2( 4=d forgotten it was on. e( <4 en>oy my wor%.= <?ut what do you do?= <4 do research.= f( 4n my time5 we didn=t use to pay by card. g( Li%e everyone else5 4 was used to paying cash. h( 4 had several in% cartridges5 but 4=ve used them all. i( 4 needed them for my printer. >( @ou needn=t really worry5 you can buy one at the printing shop ne,t bloc%. %( 4 was going to tell him5 when the phone rang. l( 4 was going out when the phone rang.

Supplementary tas%:
Bontoc is a language spo%en in the ;hilippines. Which morphological process is used to create the verb forms? a( Afi%asB C strong e( Afumi%asB C !he is becoming strong" b( A%iladB C red f( A %umiladB C !!he is becoming red" c( AbatoB C stone g( AbumatoB C !he is becoming stone" d( AfusulB C enemy h( AfumusulB C !he is becoming an enemy" a( What does ApumusiB means5 given that ApusiB means !poor"? b( How would you say !he is becoming dar%"5 given that AirtadB means !dar%"? c( What would the most li%ely form of AwhiteB be5 given that !pumu%aw" means !he is becoming white"?