BEAUFORT COUNTY SCHOOLS Rubric for Evaluating the Superintendent/Self-Assessment Form

This form must be completed by the superintendent as a part of the self-assessment process and by the Beaufort County Board of Education in preparation for the summary evaluation conference.

Standard 1: Effective Board/Superintendent Partnership
a. Establish regular communication systems with the Board in the form of electronic communications, phone calls, written communications and meetings.
Proficient  Designs a system of open communication that provides for the timely, responsible sharing of information Accomplished ... and  Utilizes a system of open communication that provides for the timely, responsible sharing of information Distinguished ... and  Ensures that all board members are aware of goals, activities, and information which would be shared with the public


Schedule individual meetings with board members for one-on-one time semi-annually
Proficient Accomplished ... and  Creates a schedule by which board members meet with the superintendent twice per year Distinguished ... and  Ensures board members ideas and thoughts are incorporated into the districts goals based upon the individual meetings

 Maintains a system for board members to contact the superintendent for information and meeting time


Develop a clear understanding with Board regarding the types and amount of information needed to help the Board make quality governance decisions. Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Provides information in a timely fashion to board members prior to decisions made concerning the district and district goals ... and  Ensures all board members receive all information requested by individual members to eliminate surprises.

 Create a system of providing information to board members on topics and agenda items


Meet with Board officers to establish Board/Superintendent study session retreats for each school year Proficient Accomplished ... and  Ensures the agenda incorporates the elements of the district goals and strategic measures to benchmark progress Distinguished ... and  Analyzes the process and progress of the retreats for possible modification in future years

 Collaboratively discusses and develops an agenda incorporating board member priorities for each retreat


Work with the Board to identify a ‘third-party’ to provide regular staff development training for Board and Superintendent Team Proficient Accomplished ... and  Establish the agenda, contact presenters, arrange location and time for staff development Distinguished ... and  Survey board members for effectiveness and modifications for future sessions

 Identify possible topics and presenters for each board working session or retreat

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Develop a clear understanding of the role/responsibility of the Board, individual Board Members, Superintendent and Superintendent’s Staff. Establish governance versus management roles Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Builds systems and relationships that utilize the diversity of the staff and board to affect change ... and  Creatively employs methods to actively involve each group where talents are embraced and areas of responsibility are outlined

 Is aware of the expertise, power and influence of board members and staff


Establish regularly scheduled meetings with the Board Officers to develop Board meeting agendas Proficient Accomplished ... and  Routinely and conscientiously participates in the creation of the board agenda ensuring staff items are addressed in a timely manner Distinguished ... and  Resolves conflicts which may occur from items on the agenda or information necessary for board members to process prior to board meetings

 Seeks input from staff to present to the board officers for consideration on board agendas


Develop community trust through presentations and town hall forums Proficient Accomplished ... and  Provides information in different formats in multiple ways through different media in order to ensure communication with all members of the community Distinguished ... and  Ensures all community stakeholders are aware of district goals for instruction and achievement, activities used to meet these goals, and progress toward meeting these goals

 Design a system of open communication that provides the sharing of information to, from, and with the district community

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Standard 2: Establish an action plan to increase student academic performance/achievement and close the achievement gap for various sub-groups
a. Review all student academic performance and achievement gap data – disaggregating by ethnicity, gender and AYP sub-groups Proficient  Collect and analyze all student assessment data Accomplished ... and  Review charts, graphs, and tables to determine trends and achievement gaps Distinguished ... and  Encourage all staff to review data to establish a plan to serve all students


Meet with school principals and teachers to determine their perception of the quality and quick access to individual student achievement data and the level of support offered by the central office staff Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Review data with the principal and identify areas where interventions need to be put in place ... and  Incorporate administrators and teachers in supporting ways that foster student achievement

 Schedule meetings at each site location


Meet with students to listen and learn their perceptions of the quality of relationships and access to academic rigor in their schools Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Meet with students from each high school, discuss all areas of instructional content and student perceptions of classroom methodology and rigor of courses ... and  Provide feedback to the principals and directors from student comments. Analyze results and modify individual schools based upon student feedback

 Schedule meetings with each high school with a diverse group of students


Meet with senior staff to discuss the academic performance of schools and determine actions needed Proficient Accomplished ... and  Organize targeted opportunities for administrators to support teachers in the classroom Distinguished ... and  Incorporate principles of continuous learning/improvement and creative 21st century concepts for district improvement

 Collaboratively develop clear expectations, structures, rules, and procedures for school administrators


Review the district’s formative evaluation system and determine areas of improvement Proficient Accomplished ... and  Utilize multiple assessments to evaluate principals and other staff members Distinguished ... and  Analyze the result of principal and staff evaluations holistically and utilize the results to direct professional development

 Review current evaluation procedures to determine effectiveness

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Inventory academic programs, materials and curriculum to begin process of determining impact on academic results Proficient Accomplished ... and  Review choice options, focus areas, and master schedules to determine the effect on student academic achievement Distinguished ... and  Compare results from student testing to academic programming offered to determine positive effects

 Understand the connection between classroom methodology and student outcomes


Review the district’s processes used to regularly monitor the effectiveness of the district’s academic programs, materials, curriculum, etc. Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Evaluate current practices compared to the student results achieved on previous school year testing ... and  Regularly review the need for changes to expectations, structures, rules and expectations

 Effectively implement the current procedures and rules for program evaluations


Determine the components to be included in a ‘report card’ for each school in the district Proficient Accomplished ... and  Identify components or elements missing from current structure of the report card and incorporate into a new system of reporting if necessary Distinguished ... and  Receive feedback from parents on ease of understanding. Discuss with teachers the effectiveness of the report card as a tool for parent communication

 Review current report card requirements


Conduct an audit to determine whether the district’s written, taught and tested curriculum is aligned Proficient Accomplished ... and  Review resources available for teachers to use a teaching materials Distinguished ... and  Analyze the resources available and correlate to classroom instructional practices

 Gain knowledge of the standards set forth by the state of South Carolina public education


Design, as needed, a systemic training program for school principals, focusing on MCRELs research on principal leadership Proficient Accomplished ... and  Establish professional development activities targeted to improve administrators as instructional leaders Distinguished ... and  Continually search for staff with outstanding potential as leaders for placement in existing positions and future possibilities

 Mentor new principals and support staff

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Participate in the SC pilot program for teacher evaluation Proficient Accomplished ... and  Train teachers with the new instrument and provide feedback to the state on the effectiveness of the process Distinguished ... and  Adopt the new instrument and effectively train all teachers and administrators for implementation

 Contact the state to determine if there is space to participate in the evaluation pilot


Evaluate current district initiatives and rank order them by effectiveness Proficient Accomplished ... and  Conduct survey requesting staff to rank current initiatives by effectiveness Distinguished ... and  Modify district programs to establish as a goal no more than 5 initiatives in place during a given school year

 Prepare a survey to be completed by all certified staff members listing current district initiatives


Evaluate current digital device initiatives, evaluate and modify the professional development associated with the disbursement of the devices Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Design a system for future deployments of digital devices which include professional development ... and  Evaluate the effectiveness of digital learning in our classrooms

 Understand the method used to distribute the digital devices and the professional development provided


Common Core Standards – monitor the bridge year and prepare for implementation years Proficient Accomplished ... and  Identify materials and assessments to be incorporated for the transition into common core Distinguished ... and  Ensure a smooth transition for teachers and students to the common core through resources available to teachers and experiences with assessment tools

 Facilitate the conversation with principals and central office staff on possible gaps in curriculum and materials available

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Standard 3: Strengthen staff morale and community confidence
a. Meet with the leadership of parent organizations to listen and learn and to discuss critical issues facing the district Proficient  Identify parent organizations and the leadership within each school location Accomplished ... and  Establish meeting dates and set agenda items for parent meetings Distinguished ... and  Review issues and concerns from parents and develop a plan of action to address relevant issues


Meet with the leadership of various district non-traditional schools to listen and learn about areas of concern Proficient Accomplished ... and  Establish meeting dates and set agenda items for leadership meetings Distinguished ... and  Review areas of possible cooperation and strategically address concerns

 Identify non-traditional schools and the leadership within


Visit schools and central office departments and conduct focus group meetings with teachers, support staff and students Proficient Accomplished ... and  Visit all locations and discuss areas of concern as well as opportunities to improve the district Distinguished ... and  Develop a strategic plan of action to address concerns and implement viable opportunities for improvement

 Establish a schedule for visitation


Identify community key business, foundation, political, not-for-profit, military, faith, philanthropic, university/college, civic, etc. leaders and meet to discuss school concerns and solicit support Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Meet with key leaders and speak with all groups which allow guest speakers ... and  Develop a strategic plan of action for business support and viable opportunities for improvement

 Identify leaders and civic groups for speaking engagements


Design an attendance incentive program for students and review the grading practices used at each school location Proficient Accomplished ... and  Develop a plan which strives to improve student attendance rates and effective grading practices Distinguished ... and  Continuously search for new methods to improve student attendance and grades

 Review attendance rates and grading practices

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Audit the quality and effectiveness of the district’s processes and tools for communications to the Board, staff, community and all stakeholders Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Design a system of open communication allowing feedback and transparency ... and  Implement various methods of communication to reach all stakeholders

 Review current methods of communication


Hold introductory meetings with members of the local media Proficient Accomplished ... and  Conduct interviews with all reporters and contacts for chambers and television Distinguished ... and  Continue conducting interviews and fielding questions from the media

 Identify contacts for all media outlets within the county

Standard 4: Improve district support operations and services
a. Review audits or reports conducted by outside agencies Accomplished ... and  Conduct reviews of audits and reports from outside agencies Distinguished ... and  Develop a plan to improve upon items identified within audits (if any)

Proficient  Identify sources of external audits


Conduct a central office position and department review, comparing the district to other similar size state and national districts – determining ‘right-size’ standards to provide meaningful services to the schools and community and beginning the ground work for possible reorganization/staff reductions/cost savings Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Review all positions and identify systems of similar size for a comparative analysis ... and  Monitor staff hiring practices to ensure BCS remains at an optimal level to provide services to schools

 Identify contacts to gather position and department information


Develop a business plan that focuses, connects, aligns and directs all activities, tasks and functions to support the district’s long term vision and direction. The plan will contain specific actions, target benchmarks, performance measures timelines and responsibilities linked to the district’s overall goals and major initiatives Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Develop a strategic plan outlining actions, targets, benchmarks, and measures with timelines and responsible parties ... and  Implement the strategic plan

 Identify missing components within all aspects of the system and establish a gap analysis based upon a strategic plan

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Establish a training schedule for the superintendent and superintendent’s cabinet members, focusing on improving teamwork, meeting effectiveness and problem solving strategies for orchestrating and bringing about change Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Develop an action plan for professional development topics focused on problem solving and change ... and  Implement professional development activities and survey for understanding and utilization at the district and school

 Identify opportunities to improve administrative strengths at all levels


Review the district budget format to ensure a transparent user friendly model Accomplished ... and  Create a culture of trust and transparency throughout the budget process Distinguished ... and  Modify the budget process as necessary to provide all stakeholders with opportunities to voice ideas

Proficient  Review the budget process including timelines and format


Establish a process that controls costs of teacher overstaffing through tenacious monitoring of staffing formulas and projections versus actual enrollments Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Compare current staffing formulas and compare to actual enrollments ... and  Compare all forecast enrollment trends to actual enrollment in determining validity of staffing formulas

 Review current staffing formulas


Request a 1-2 page resume of each department head and senior staff member and a 2 page brief of each department head describing roles and responsibilities Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Review department organizational charts with department chief officers ... and  Make suggestions for organizational change if necessary

 Identify all department leaders and chief officers


Evaluate enrollment concerns by cluster group, establish a plan to address overcrowding and under enrollment Accomplished ... and  Analyze enrollment trends by school, cluster, and district to determine areas of concern Distinguished ... and  Develop a plan to address overcrowding and under enrollment at each school and cluster

Proficient  Identify reports available which provide enrollment projections by cluster

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Evaluate alternative programs available to students – review effectiveness – modify as necessary to provide students ample opportunities for a successful transition back to a regular environment Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Evaluate the effectiveness of current alternative programs available based upon factors associated with student success ... and  Modify alternative programs to effectively transition students back into their regular setting

 Identify all alternative programs available for students


Develop a plan for school choice opportunities Proficient Accomplished ... and  Facilitate a discussion describing what school choice is in BCS. Establish the number of choice programs desired and locations of each choice program Distinguished ... and  Develop a choice plan for the district consisting of opportunities and triggers for enrollment designed for each location

 Identify school choice options


Develop a staff and community survey to gauge working conditions and district effectiveness Accomplished ... and  Develop a survey for the staff and community Distinguished ... and  Implement the survey on working conditions and district effectiveness. Enact a plan based upon the results of the survey

Proficient  Interact with staff and community leaders to determine which questions would be relevant for a district survey on working conditions and effectiveness

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Standard 5: Ascertain current professional development opportunities for teachers and other instructional staff and classified, as needed, to provide on-going and quality professional development programs for staff
a. Review the prior three years’ staff development plans for all instructional staff and determine future programmatic efforts in this area Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Review professional development opportunities for initiatives and focused instructional opportunities ... and  Develop future professional development plans targeted to improve instructional methodology and student achievement 

 Locate records for previous years professional development opportunities


Build professional development efforts around major change initiatives in the district and proficiencies needed to carry out such efforts Proficient Accomplished Distinguished ... and  Establish professional development plans which show the incorporation of change initiatives within current instructional practices when possible ... and  Ensure professional development is aligned with curricular, instructional, and assessment needs

 Facilitate a climate which understands the importance of continued professional development and personal learning


Begin to solicit third-party funding for staff capacity building efforts to focus on strategies for higher student achievement Accomplished ... and  Increase grant opportunities, foundation opportunities for additional funding Distinguished ... and  Continuously search for outside opportunities for staff funding associated with higher student achievement

Proficient  Identify possible outlets for additional funding


Establish a calendar for professional development for the next three years Accomplished ... and  Develop a professional development plan for future years based on survey results and student achievement information Distinguished ... and  Modify professional development opportunities as benchmark data is reviewed

Proficient  Identify gaps in professional development for future years as identified in the strategic plan and survey results from administrators

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Scoring the Rubric
The rater should begin with the left-hand column and mark each descriptor that describes the performance of the superintendent during the period for which he or she is being evaluated.

Suggested Artifacts for Standards:
      • • • • District Strategic Plan School Improvement Plans Effectively functioning, elected School Improvement Teams Student performance data Use of formative assessment to impact instruction District instructional evaluation program Climate Survey Data Teacher retention data, staff diversity and recruitment efforts Community support of the district Record of professional development provided staff and an assessment of the impact of professional development on student learning District leadership succession plan External reviews and audits District and school safety and crisis plans Survey results from parents and other community leaders Business partnerships and projects involving business partners Newletters and other public engagement documents designed to strengthen connections to the community Membership and participation with community organizations Ability to confront conflict and build consensus Shared decision-making

• • • • • • • • •

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