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As already mentioned, it is a prerequisite that puja is offered according to the specific rituals and by a qualified person, in order to benefit from the yantra. If this is not followed the yantra will be ineffectual. The steps for this worship are as follows: Using both hands, flowers should be offered to the yantra while chanting the bija mantra. Remember that each yantra is representative of an individual "deva", or worshipable deity, so the aspirant must meditate on this particular form. Holy water is next given up to the yantra. Generally this is water from the Ganges river. Sandalwood paste or chandan (clay from a holy river) is then bestowed upon the yantra. Garlands of flowers should be tendered, together with individual flowers and unhulled rice grains. The garlands should be placed upon the yantra. This is followed by the burning of incense, and subsequently by the lighting of the ghee (clarified butter) lamp while the correct mantras are chanted. Fruits are then offered, along with betel nuts and leaves. "Aroti" and "pradakshina". which are ceremonies in which the yantras are propitiated, follow. Lastly prayers and then again flowers are offered, with all humility and sincerity, by the aspirant

YANTRAS (writing)

There is a very definite system of writing yantras, and the methodology, as well as the specific pattern that must be utilised and adhered to if the yantra is to be effectual. The aspirant creating the yantra must sit facing a particular direction, depending on the yantra and its use. There are different materials used in the making of different yantras. If done properly then the desired effect will be manifest. There are different directions for drawing the lines within the yantra. If the yantra is for a positive purpose the lines are drawn beginning from the east and toward the west. On the other hand, yantras for overpowering enemies, or death-inflicting yantras, are drawn beginning from the west toward the east. Lines drawn for progress in specific actions are drawn from the north toward the south. It is also extremely important that an auspicious time is chosen to make the yantra. Yantras for positive and good causes should be drawn early in the morning. Yantras for peace (shanti) are to be drawn at midnight. "Videshan" yantras (made for creating disputes or differences between people) should be drawn at midday. "Maran" (death-inflicting yantras) must be drawn in the evening. "Uchattan" (yantras to keep an enemy distracted and away from home) are to be drawn in the afternoon. Yantras such as "Vashikaran" (yantras to bring another person under the aspirant's control), are to be done before noon. There are even exact hours at which time it would be most auspicious to make the yantra in order to gain the most powerful effects. Different hours of the day or night are ruled by different planets and are thus proper for making specific types of yantras. The yantra should be inscribed or embossed in copper and, after worship and purification, should be placed in the shrine at home or at the temple. Note: these are available in market designed over gold or copper, here I am only showing the pictures.


Yantras for gaining favours from government, gaining personal powers and meeting with important people. Mantra "Om reem krani suryae adithey shreem om"


Yantras for love and affection between a man and woman and for blessing of moon. Mantra "Om shreem kreem cham chandraya nama"


Yantras for successful business progress, keeping your own counsel, or yantras meant to control others. Mantra "Om rim hram krom dam grahnadhay budhay swaha”


Yantras for legal difficulties, defeating any enemy,deathinflicating yantras, or, again, for controlling others. Mantra "Om eam ram shram dram kam grahadipathaye bhavmay swaha"


Yantras done for positive reasons, such as curing disease or for higher love and spirituality. Mantra "Om reem shreem kleem em glawm grahadhipatheye vrihspathaye shreem tta shree, tta em tta swaha"


Yantra for successful business progress, keeping your own counsel, or yantra meant to control others.. Mantra "Om em jam greem graheswaray shukraynamaha"


Yantras for inflicting death, or controlling others. Mantra "Om hreem shreem grahichakravarthini shanay scharay kleem em sa swaha"


Mantra "Om kreem hum hum tham tham kadharine rahve ramhreem shreem mem swaha.


Mantra "Om hreem krum krnrarupinay kethave em sone swaha"

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