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Andrew McCauley: Hello, everybody. Welcome back to podcast #8. This is Andrew McCauley and am lookin!

"orward to this podcast on #inked n today and o" course, have the lovely Heather $orter with me. Hello, Heather. Heather Porter: Hello, hello Andrew% Hi !uys% Welcome back. am very e&cited about this as well because have personal reasons "or this podcast. really personally want to know about #inked n and Andrew is an e&pert at this stu"". He is ama'in!. (asically, with himsel" and our clients, he is able to !et pro"iles listed up to anywhere "rom #) to #* "or certain search terms. +o, "or e&ample, i" you type in say ,event mana!er- or ,li"e coach-, he has this !reat little knack o" !ettin! people ri!ht up to the top and am sure that-s .ust the tip o" the iceber! o" what we are !oin! to learn today. +o, !lad you .oined us. Andrew McCauley: /es, yes, am lookin! "orward to it too. do like #inked n and have !ot to say that so many people don-t use it as e""ectively as they should and !et a lot o" work "rom #inked n, a lot o" people comin! throu!h and "indin! out who am and lookin! throu!h my pro"ile and that sort o" thin!s and then contactin! me, whether it-s a speakin! opportunity or whether it-s testin! new pro!rams that somebody has created. +o, !et a lot o" work, a lot o" connections throu!h #inked n that-s really, really bene"icial and, as you said, it-s really not that hard to rank well "or your industry or to be the e&pert in your industry. When people do a search "or you on your industry you want to make sure you are the "irst person that comes up in that search result because people like to deal with people that are at the top o" their !ame. +o, i" you can do that and it-s really not that hard 0 and we will talk about that sort o" stu"" in this podcast 0 i" you can do that sort o" thin!, then you will start seein! some tra""ic comin! to your site and hope"ully the phone rin!in! "or you as well. Heather Porter: love it, love it. think #inked n is sort o" like the sleepin! !iant in social media like 1acebook and Twitter and all those because time and time a!ain people say 2 sn-t #inked n a C3 or resume site or isn-t it .ust "or pro"essionals45 or 2 have my name in there but don-t use it.5 +o, !uess the "irst 6uestion is who is #inked n "or4

Andrew McCauley: /eah, that-s a !ood 6uestion. t-s not !oin! to suit every sin!le person but who it does suit is pro"essional people that are wantin! to use social networks "or business purpose more so than .ust7 1acebook has a lot o" trivial sort o" stu"" 0 what you did on the weekend or what you are doin! or sharin! your photo or you "avorite 6uotes and that sort o" thin!. #inked n seems to be a lot more business orientated. $eople say there is a lot o" corporates on there but there is also a lot o" solerpreneurs or a lot o" small business owners who want to connect with some hi!h8 level people and the !reat thin! about #inked n is that it !ives you a chance to connect with some o" those people in some companies where you would have lots o" what they call !atekeepers. /ou want to !et in contact with say the Marketin! Mana!er o" a particular "irm, #inked n lets you do that without havin! to !o throu!h the old !atekeepers when you used to try and rin! somebody and their personal assistant or their secretary would vet the call, so you couldn-t !et throu!h to them. +o, #inked n is one o" those avenues where you can bypass those !atekeepers too. Heather Porter: 9h, really. Cool. +o, would be ri!ht to say that usin! #inked n "or your business and to "urther your career, that-s the best way to use it4 +o, think about it as a pro"essional space. Andrew McCauley: :&actly, yeah. Totally spot on. That-s e&actly what it is. t presents pro"essional space. /ou won-t "ind kinds on there. /ou won-t people .ust havin! all sorts o" random opinions. /ou will "ind more educated opinions and contact in"ormation there as well.

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Heather Porter: 9kay. +o, say you have your pro"ile set up and know most people .ust has literally !one in, set one up, they have checked a "ew thin!s about themselves up there, maybe a little bio, a couple o" past work and perhaps even a photo and past that they don-t do much more. +o, tell me a little bit more about how you actually set up your pro"ile "or success. What can you do to it4 Andrew McCauley: Well, one o" the !reat thin!s about #inked n which really like and not many other social sites do this is that it has a pro"ile checker where you can measure how much o" the pro"ile you have completed and once you have !ot )>>?, then #inked n thinks you have done a really !ood .ob. /ou don-t have to be )>>? to start with@ you can start with .ust a small amount o" in"ormation like your name and when you work but the #inked n checker that they have there is a !reat start to keep an eye on so that you know e&actly what in"ormation you have yet to "ill in or what in"ormation you already have. Havin! said that, some o" the thin!s that you want to consider when you are puttin! in the .obs in your past history is that utili'e the keywords 0 and keywords have come up a lot in our podcasts because they are so important in everythin! we do7 Heather Porter: Actually, am .ust !oin! to stop you there. #et-s talk 6uickly about what a keyword is because !et that 6uestion all the time. How would you describe what it is, Andrew4 Andrew McCauley: A keyword is one o" the words that people would type into a search en!ine i" they were !oin! to look "or you. +o, "or instance, i" you are a brand strate!ist or you are someone that was helpin! people develop their brand, what sort o" keywords would your clients use i" they were !oin! to look "or you. +o, you may come up, you may have an idea o" what a brand strate!ist is what you really do but is that what your clients type in because they don-t even know what a brand strate!ist is. +o, keywords are the ones that the clients are !oin! to type in lookin! "or you rather than the ones that you think, sounds se&y, and really impressive. Aoes it make sense4 Heather Porter: love that. t does. +o, "irst is brand strate!ist is somethin! like 2how to improve my brand5 or 2what is a brand5 or 2what is a business brand5 and a lot o" clients say 29h, but you can "ind me by usin! my name or my business name5 but really in reality how many people are actually !oin! to be your client i" they already know your business name or your name. mean, they already know you, they are already doin! business with you. +o, you want to use keywords like you are sayin!. 9kay, cool. Andrew McCauley: :&actly. Heather Porter: That e&plains it. +o, back to settin! up your pro"ile. +o, you are sayin! choose keywords as part o" your pro"ile. Where do you put those4 Andrew McCauley: Well, when you are settin! up your pro"ile, they will ask you 2Where do you currently work and what-s your .ob role45 Bow, you may have a speci"ic .ob role like brand strate!ist "or instance. /ou can use that term because that may be important somewhere but there is nothin! stoppin! you in #inked n to also put in 2helpin! people "ind their brand5 or whatever the keywords are that your clients look "or. $ut that in your .ob title as well. +o, make it sound like a !eneral sort o" basic7 whatever you are tryin! to say7 the words that make sense to the common person, put that in your .ob pro"ile as well and you will be surprised how you start !ettin! ranks "or that sort o" thin!s because that-s what people are lookin! "or. Heather Porter: Bow, when you say .ob pro"ile, is that the little ,About- click that-s ri!ht up at the top o" your pro"ile or is that actually deeper down into your past e&periences in .obs4

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Andrew McCauley: 9kay. n your pro"ile there is a number o" sections. There is a summary section at the top and then there is a "urther section which delves deeper into that particular part o" it. +o, "or instance, at the top you will see that there is a small section which !ives you an overall view o"7 i" you land on somebody-s pro"ile, you will see what they are7 and then "urther down i" you scroll down the pa!e there is a bi! !rey bo&, the bi! !rey bo& is almost like the 6uick little summary, the 6uick synopsis o" what you do. And then i" you want to delve deeper into that person, you scroll down past that summary which is more like a te&t document and then you can see what sort o" e&perience they have had and you can look at that and see what connections they have !ot as "ar as that !oes as well. /our #inked n pro"ile can keep e&tendin! as much as you like it to e&tend. Heather Porter: 9kay, okay. +o, you use the keywords kind o" everywhere you can 0 in the summary and then in the .obs and in the bo&es, everywhere. Andrew McCauley: Totally. Heather Porter: :verywhere you can, okay.

Andrew McCauley: The more keywords you can have, the better. Bow, you can have a number o" current .obs at the same time@ you don-t have to .ust have one current .ob, you can have a number o" them. /ou can have past .obs and i" you can put your keywords in the past .obs, then that-s even more bene"icial as well. +o, what you can do is i" you had a7 the only problem with the past .ob is you can-t !o back and update it. +o, you can-t !o back and "ill or stu"" your past .obs with certain keywords. +o, once you have clicked on past or you have le"t that .ob, #inked n will say 29kay, you le"t it, you can-t chan!e it now. That-s what you did, that-s where you were at. Bo more chan!in! on that one.5 +o, i" you are workin! somewhere and you are about to leave, make sure that the role has a lot o" keywords in it and then you can click on the le"t leave button in #inked n and you have those keywords in your past .ob as well. Heather Porter: That alone is really interestin! little tip because actually never knew that. +o, that-s a !reat7 think that-s a really !ood tip to think about across the board. " you are !oin! to make any bi! li"e chan!es, especially in your .obs or career or your business, to think about updatin! all your di""erent across the internet as a rule o" thumb. Andrew McCauley: :&actly, e&actly. Heather Porter: 9kay.

Andrew McCauley: am really .ust tryin! to keep on the pro"ile "or a second. 9ne o" the other thin!s that people don-t chan!e o"ten is the websites. /ou have !ot a space down the bottom on your pro"ile where you can link your website to your #inked n pro"ile and many people wills see that it will say 2website )5 or .ust 2website5, think, it is and they leave that there without havin! any call to action. Bow, i" you can be smart and you have !ot a call to action like 2come and visit5 or 2visit my "ree e8book5 or !et a "ree e8book or "ree report, when you are editin! your pro"ile, type in the words 2"ree report5 and that will automatically link to your website. +o, it-s almost like a call to action rather than .ust havin! the word 2website5 on your pro"ile. Heather Porter: chan!e that. +o, you can actually chan!e the words 2website5, you can

Andrew McCauley: /eah, yeah, yeah. t-s in the dropdown called 2custom5, think, it is and then you .ust chan!e the words to whatever words you want it to be and then you load it up and link to your website. +o, it-s a pretty cool little trick to do.

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Heather Porter: Wow% /ou know, that-s a very !ood point. think know e&actly what you are talkin! about. Most people use that and they will .ust type in 2My blo!5 or 2My website5. Am ri!ht4 (ut that-s where you would actually7 Andrew McCauley: +o, am lookin! at somebody-s pro"ile ri!ht now and it says 2Company website5, it says 2(lo!5 and it says 21acebook5. +o, they have !ot those ones connected like 2Company website5 takes them to the company website. However, they can chan!e the words 2Company website5 and make it a call to action like 2=et my "ree download5. +o, it-s a pretty simple trick but .ust not used e""ectively by many people. Heather Porter: 9kay, love that tip. =ood. More and more please, Andrew.

What else4 +o, as we are !oin! to the pro"ile also want to talk in terms o" sort o" chunks because know at the top you keep re"errin! to the pro"ile but then there is a lot o" other thin!s that people can stack on. +o, we are still up in the pro"ile, the top area that has your 2who you are5. s that where we are4 Andrew McCauley: /eah. +o, there is a ,Home- tab. The ne&t one o" course is your pro"ile, that-s what we are talkin! about ri!ht now. The pro"ile tab is where there is a ran!e o" di""erent stu"" you can have and this is where you start really swoopin! up your pro"ile so that people can start "indin! you on the search results. Bow, the search results, .ust let me touch on that because there is a couple o" interestin! thin!s with the #inked n search results. 9n the top ri!ht hand side on the #inked n, there is a search bar, you click into the search bar, you type whatever it is that you want but on the le"t o" that, there is a little dropdown and it sort o" says 2where do you want to search5 and there is a number o" choices 0 you can search "or people. +o, i" was to put in 2Heather $orter5 or7 i" was to put in actually7 #et-s say, Heather, you call yoursel" 2online architect5 and type in 29nline architect5 and the little people si!n was there, then would "ind everybody that has that term 2online architect5 inside their pro"ile. Bow, i" that-s a term that you want to be "ound "or, then that-s !reat because people are "indin! that particular term in the search bar. Bow, i" you look at the dropdown where it says 2people5, there is a whole ran!e o" other thin!s that can look at. The ne&t one is ,updates-, there is ,.obs-, there is ,companies-, there is ,answers-, ,inbo&- and ,!roups-. Bow, what would you chan!e4 " was to !o and type in 2online architect5 and then do little dropdown bo& that said 2updates5, what would do is would end up7 wouldn-t be "indin! you or your pro"ile but would be "indin! all o" the updates where somebody mentioned 29nline architect5. Aoes it makes sense4 Heather Porter: Wow% t does. /ou know how you search "or terms, you put that little brackets, little 6uotes on either ends. Aoes that work the same in #inked n4 Andrew McCauley: /es, it does. :&actly. +o, i" you are lookin! "or .obs, Heather, as an online architect, you could type in 2online architect5 and make sure that you !ot the ,.obs- dropdown checked and you would "ind all the .obs that are available "or online architects. Heather Porter: 9kay, okay. And as we are havin! this conversation, you know what am lovin!, have to practice what preach because that-s .ust cute little word came up with when was meetin! with some clients, that-s how they described me but let-s "ace it, people don-t know what that is and they are not !oin! to search on it. +o, as soon as this podcast is done, am !oin! to be chan!in! that. Andrew McCauley: t-s a !ood e&ample o" what we were talkin! about be"ore with brand strate!ist, althou!h think it-s "ine and it-s cool and it-s chic but i" nobody-s lookin! "or it, then there is no real reason to have it as part o" your search strate!y. Heather Porter: :&actly, e&actly.

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9kay, !ood. love this whole thin! o" usin! the search. +o, tell me a little bit more about the search bar without !oin! too "ar o"" the topic o" the pro"ile still but when you are searchin! in there, what are some tips or techni6ues that you can use to, !uess, "ind people that you mi!ht want to do business with or potential clients4 Andrew McCauley: /ou can really narrow it down. " you use the advanced search, you can really narrow it down to industries, you can check what sort o" industries you are lookin! "or. #et-s say you are lookin! "or somebody in social media, "or instance, and you only wanted somebody in social media who is in the airline or the aviation industry. Bow, it-s a pretty narrow "ield but you may be lookin! "or someone like that. +o, you can !o and check the industry, whichever industry you are lookin! "or that person in. +o, it really narrows it down and !ives you some !reat narrow tar!eted search results too. Heather Porter: 9kay.

Andrew McCauley: /ou can !o and search !roups 0 we will talk about !roups in a "ew minutes 0 and you can also search your relationship with those people. +o, i" you wanted to have 0 and this is somethin! that we should touch on be"ore we !et too much deeper into it 0 there is ,connections- in #inked n@ the "irst8de!ree connections are people that you know personally and you have connected with each other and you have a!reed to accept each other-s connection. A second8de!ree connection is somebody that maybe7 let-s say, "or instance, Heather, that you have !ot a "riend, let-s say you have !ot a "riend who lives near you. don-t know that "riend but know you and we are both connected by you@ so you are second de!ree connection. Heather Porter: 9kay, yeah.

Andrew McCauley: And then you have !ot third de!ree o" connection which is maybe that "riend which we are talkin! about has another "riend who-s in marketin!, "or instance, and althou!h don-t know that person, they are three de!rees removed "rom me, so they are a third8de!ree connection. +o, !oin! back to the search 0 you can !o and search "or people that are "irst8de!ree connection, second8de!ree connections and someone like that as well. Heather Porter: And how do you do that because #inked n as well while we are speakin!. Andrew McCauley: 9kay, cool. Heather Porter: Where is the connection4 am actually lookin! at

Andrew McCauley: 9n the ri!ht hand side, you will see the advanced tab in the search. Heather Porter: /eah.

Andrew McCauley: Click on the ,advanced- and you will see that those options pop up there. Heather Porter: =ot it. 9kay, okay.

Bow, are we !oin! to talk a little bit more about connections later down in the podcast or74 Andrew McCauley: We can talk about connections now i" you want to talk about connections or we can come and !et it wrapped up later i" you want.

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Heather Porter: am sure it will come up in the "uture but !uess will .ust ask my 6uick 6uestion ri!ht now. s it true that with connections, i" you want to try connect with somebody that-s removed "rom you, not your "irst connection, you have to be introduced to them4 s that true4 Andrew McCauley: /eah. +o, there is a sa"ety mechanism "or #inked n where you can-t .ust !o and !row your base ridiculously 6uickly without really knowin! or makin! connection. Cemember, social media is all about buildin! relationships with everybody. t doesn-t matter whether it-s #inked n, 1acebook, Twitter or =oo!leD or any o" those. There is a re6uirement to build a relationship and that-s why #inked n is so cool because it makes you !o out and introduce yoursel" be"ore they will accept you i" you don-t know them personally. Heather Porter: #ove it. And that-s such a !ood point because that makes it ri!ht there, the level o" seriousness and the level o", !uess, inte!rity that you have to have to use this tool is ama'in!. /ou really need to be yoursel" and have !reat intentions when you want to connect with people, not .ust to spam them. Andrew McCauley: Totally, totally, yes. Heather Porter: #ove it.

9kay, !ood. +o, anythin! else on that 6uick 6uestion o" connections be"ore74 Andrew McCauley: think that-s the main one. /our "irst level connections are !reat. " you have !ot some people that you really want to connect with but you don-t know who they are, look "or the people that are connected to them that you know. That way you can .ust send the e8mail to a person you know and say 2Hey, know you are connected to Mr. +mith on #inked n. would like an introduction. Would you mind .ust !ivin! me an introduction because would really like to meet that person45 +o, usin! your list o" people that you have !ot on #inked n to make you introductions to the people that are !oin! to really ramp up your business. Heather Porter: 3ery, very cool. And while we are on this topic o" search as well because now am very e&cited, am seein! this other thin! in there that says7 under the search bar we can do the dropdown arrow and it says 2search answers5. Bow, is this searchin! what people are answerin! like their answers to 6uestions4 What e&actly is that4 Andrew McCauley: Well, you have opened up a $andora-s bo&. !ot a whole section on answers. " you are lookin! "or answers, then we can do that. Heather Porter: Bo, let-s cleanse the pro"ile section because am thinkin! suddenly when am seein! that, am !ettin! very e&cited on the possibility, what that could become. +o, we will wait, we will cover that ne&t. +o, take a step back into pro"ile 0 .ust want to make sure we "inish this up here. What else in the pro"ile when you are settin! up4 /ou talked about keywords. s there anythin! about the photo that you consider about4 Andrew McCauley: #ike any social media account or plat"orm, you really want to make sure that you are representin! who you are and you are a person. $eople want to do business with who you are, not a lo!o or anythin! like that. +o, make sure your photo is clear, it-s relevant, it-s up8to8date and it !ives an indication o" who you are because people when they are talkin! to you, whether it-s .ust on e8mail or messa!es and that sort o" stu"", they want to have a picture o" who you are when they are typin! that messa!e to you. +o, make sure that your picture represents e&actly who you are. Aon-t "ill it up with a lo!o because you are not a lo!o, you are a person. " you need to put a lo!o in there somewhere, you can maybe put on bottom corner o" the photo i" you want that brand reco!nition but remember, we are buildin! relationships here with people, not inanimate ob.ects or brand lo!os.

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Heather Porter:

=ot it. 9kay.

Andrew McCauley: 9ne more be"ore we !o, one more be"ore we wrap up the pro"ile 0 there is a whole ran!e o" other cool apps that you can put on your pro"ile, not a massive amount like 1acebook or Twitter but there is a small amount o" apps you can put on which really let you do some really cool thin!s with your pro"ile and you can "ind them at the bottom o" your pa!e. 9ne thin! that you can do and would recommend you do do is connect7 there is room "or status updates a bit like Twitter handle 0 you can put in relevant in"ormation to let your people know what you are doin! currently. Eust like a Twitter or 1acebook update, .ust people know what-s !oin! on. " you have !ot a !reat resource "or them, put the link in and let them see what it is. " you have !ot some !reat tips, put your tips into your updates so that people can see what-s !oin! on and those updates will start "lowin! "rom other people-s news "eeds as well, news "eeds on the #inked n pro"ile. Heather Porter: =ot it. And also 0 because am lookin! at my pro"ile ri!ht now 0 am noticin! that one o" my last tweets has come throu!h but have also noticed that they don-t stay in there "or a while and then it will .ust !o blank a!ain. s there some sort o" rule how lon! each o" your status updates stays in that little bo&4 Andrew McCauley: That-s a !ood 6uestion. don-t know i" there is an actual time. was under the impression that there was no time and it .ust stays there until you update it a!ain. +o, am not sure. think the one you are re"errin! to looks like it has been there "or a day or so. Heather Porter: :&actly. think it-s only a couple o" days or a "ew days but then the bo& would .ust !o blank a!ain and kind o" invitin! you or enticin! you to leave another messa!e. Andrew McCauley: nterestin!, yeah. Bo, don-t know i" any7 across that. +o, am not sure what-s !oin! on there. haven-t come

Heather Porter: +o, suppose that brin!s me to the ne&t point then. " am talkin! about a tweet bein! inside that status update, how would that help us4 This is where you were talkin! about apps where you are actually addin! your other social media accounts to pull in data "rom them. Andrew McCauley: /ou can do that. /ou can link your twitter account directly here. +o, everythin! you post on twitter can !o directly to your #inked n. There are other apps like HootSuite. think we have spoken about HootSuite on one o" our other podcasts. HootSuite can link in #inked n and you can send in"ormation directly "rom our HootSuite account strai!ht into your #inked n account. Bow, one thin! that you want to be care"ul o" takin! about HootSuite and linkin! all this stu"" is that remember #inked n is a little bit di""erent, it-s !ot di""erent clientele. +o, your "unny status update on twitter or your current news "eed "or 1acebook may not be relevant to what-s happenin! on your #inked n account. +o, .ust be mind"ul that the people that see your "unny 1acebook, the #inked n people will also see that as well. +o, i" it-s not relevant, then be care"ul you are not postin! the wron! messa!e out to your #inked n "ollowers as well. Heather Porter: Another .ewel o" a point as well. +o, only hook your accounts that make sense "or your pro"essional ima!e. Andrew McCauley: :&actly, yes, yes. Heather Porter: =ot it. =ood point. What else about applications4 Ao we have that on the a!enda to come in later or can we talk about it a little bit4 Andrew McCauley: didn-t have apps on there but we can cover that.

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Heather Porter: Bot to !o too deep suppose but !uess the main 6uestion because know that apps is a constant sort o" thin!, a con"usion across social media. +o, without showin! a whole 2how to do the app5 episode, how would you or where do you !o to actually add your social accounts into your #inked n pro"ile4 Where does that occur4 Andrew McCauley: 9kay. +o, when you !o and edit your pro"ile7 am .ust scared that have !ot7 have !ot an app on my which is a video that starts up automatically. Heather Porter: Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: +o, we mi!ht hear it, everybody, but that-s okay. am !oin! to hit ,stop- be"ore7 Bice. !ot it .ust in time.

Andrew McCauley: There we !o, there we !o. +o, use an app called SlideShare. SlideShare is a website you can put di""erent slides on. +o, i" you !o to presentation, i" you have ever done a pro"essional presentation, you may want to upload that presentation into your pro"ile so that other people can see your presentation. /ou can also sneakily add /ouTube videos into +lide+hare so that i" you have !ot a video that you like, a welcome video or somethin! like that 0 currently, on my #inked n have a testimonial that starts up automatically and it-s 6uite "unny because have had many comments about this. When people come and look at my pro"ile, all o" a sudden this voice comes up at the top and starts talkin! about me. They are like 2Well, well, well, what-s !oin! on there45 +o, !o in there and search "or social media, you will "ind me ranked up there. =o and check out my pro"ile and you will see this boomin! voice o" (en Harvey come across the top@ that-s a testimonial. +o, that-s one that currently like to use and that-s called the SlideShare presentation. Heather Porter: +o, how do you add them4

Andrew McCauley: 9kay. Addin! them is pretty simple. /ou can .ust !o to the apps section. " you do a search "or apps up the top7 am .ust !oin! to do this as we speak .ust to make sure am !ivin! you the ri!ht in"ormation here. While we are talkin! am !oin! to "ind this7

Heather Porter: was !oin! to .ump in and say "or me, on my pro"ile ri!ht now scrolled all the way down to the bottom and there is a section that actually says 2applications5. Tell me i" it-s on yours as well but it says 2applications5 down towards the bottom o" my pro"ile pa!e and it says 2add an application5, there is a little D si!n within a blue sayin! 2add an application5 all the way towards the bottom. Ao you see that on yours4 Andrew McCauley: that-s where it is. Heather Porter: have !ot a number o" thin!s here. /eah. have !ot a lot o" scrollin! to " you click the ma!ni"ier

Andrew McCauley: My pro"ile is pretty e&panded. +o, do to !et to the bottom. Heather Porter: =otcha.

Andrew McCauley: (ut that-s where it is. Aoes it pop8up "or you4 Heather Porter: /eah and then opens up into an 2applications5 pa!e and it has all sorts o" cra'y thin!s like ,polls-, ,!et hired- and all sorts o" thin!s.

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Andrew McCauley: /eah. Bow, you are "indin! this7 there are probably about F> or *> apps in there. 9ne o" the other apps that like to use is a Word$ress app that pulls in my Word$ress blo!. +o, i" have !ot a blo! that-s comin! in, it automatically !rabs the content that write as soon as publish my Word$ress blo!, it sucks it into my #inked n so that people can read my blo! "rom inside my #inked n pro"ile which is a pretty cool way to !et your messa!e out there as well. Heather Porter: /eah. And you know what, know about apps on #inked n is that they are really, really easy to use. mean, once you !et into this application pa!e that am in now, there is 1AGs, there are "eedbacks, there is browsin! so you can browse throu!h di""erent types o" applications as well that you want to add. think a !ood way o" thinkin! about an application is it-s like a little mini tool that you can add on to your pro"ile to let people know more about you. +o, as Andrew was sayin!, you can suck throu!h your tweets with an application "or Twitter, you can suck throu!h your blo! posts with a Word$ress application, you can put videos with video application or the SlideShare thin! that he was talkin! about. +o, think about all o" your content that you have ri!ht now on the internet and how you can use it on your #inked n pa!e and then you will !o and !et applications to show that. Am ri!ht4 Andrew McCauley: Totally, totally. And one other thin! is that there is actually there are apps "or certain industries as well. think you will "ind that there are apps "or real estate a!ents, there are apps "or travel i" you have !ot a whole bunch o" travel and know people hook up to!ether where they travel to!ether or they would like to let people know where they are travelin! and they actually7 let-s say they are landin! in +ydney "or a meetin!, they can "ind out who is landin! in +ydney at the same time and they can hook up and link to!ether which is 6uite cool as well. Heather Porter: 3ery cool. And be"ore we move on "rom that, did "ind another place where you can "ind it. +o, you can scroll down on your pro"ile pa!e when you are lo!!ed in as yoursel" and you will see an 2add more applications5 or ri!ht at the top under the 2more5 in the menu where it says 2home5, 2pro"ile5, 2contacts5, 2!roups5, etc., 2companies5, 2news5, 2more5. Andrew McCauley: 2=et more applications5. Heather Porter: /ou !ot it. there 2!et more applications5. /eah. +o, you can hover over and it-s .ust down

Andrew McCauley: That-s ri!ht. +o, have a look "or these apps. +ome o" them are !reat. 9thers you probably won-t have a need "or but they are de"initely puttin! in7 pimpin! up your pro"ile. Heather Porter: #ove it% Alri!ht, so let-s keep movin! on because e&cited to !et to this 2answers5 section. Andrew McCauley: 9kay, okay. Heather Porter: What about ,connections-4 .ust want to make sure we have covered all the little tips and tools and strate!ies that you have about addin! connections. +o, anythin! else you want to add on that. Andrew McCauley: Connections 0 one o" the thin!s you make sure you do when you are addin! a connection is when you out and "ind somebody and you want to add them as a connection, you can leave it as de"ault where you are .ust sayin! 2$lease add me to your network5. 9ne o" the thin!s stron!ly recommend is actually puttin! a little messa!e in there, tell them how you know them or how you "ound that person, .ust a simple little messa!e7 am always checkin! my connections7 like anyone that asks me to add me as a connection, always .ust check to make sure i" they have written somethin!, have taken the time, even )> seconds, .ust to say 2Hey, we are on the same !roup to!ether5 or 2 know that we are both into this sort o" thin!s5, then will take the time to write back and build a relationship. t-s the
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am still very

people that .ust don-t write anythin! and .ust e&pect to be connected like 1acebook or Twitter which really don-t have a lot o" time "or. +o, i" you are !oin! to do that, .ust make it human, connect with them on a di""erent level than everybody else. Heather Porter: /es, like you are handin! somebody your business card, what would you say to them in a party or a networkin! event, e&actly 0 the common courtesy. Andrew McCauley: /eah, e&actly. Heather Porter: 9kay. +o, anythin! else about connections as "ar as74

Andrew McCauley: Bo, think that-s the main thin! that want to cover without !ettin! too much deeper into connections. We will !et some other cool stu"" to touch on in a minute. +o, think connections 0 .ust be human, be nice, tell people who you are when you are connectin! with them. Heather Porter: Cool, like it.

Alri!ht, what else4 #et-s see. Ah, yes. Here-s another thin! that always see on pro"iles and always 6uestion how valuable it is. !uess it-s like havin! testimonials essentially "or you but the recommendation section. Andrew McCauley: /es. Cecommendations are very !ood. Cecommendations are almost like a testimonial "or you and it actually makes up part o" your percenta!e o" completin! your #inked n pro"ile. Bow, a recommendation is a !reat way to !et the word out "rom other people about who you are and what you are. Bow, one o" the cool thin!s about #inked n is that you can !o and ask "or recommendations as well. /ou can !o and connect with people and say 2Hey, would like a recommendation about my work.5 Bow, that-s pretty bra'en, think, particularly i" you don-t know the person too well but what love to do, like to !o and write recommendations "or people and you "ind that they will come back and write one "or you without you even askin!. Bot every sin!le person but importantly * out o" )> will come back and write a recommendation "or you because they "eel like they should because you have already written one "or them. That doesn-t cost you anythin! to write, it costs a couple o" minutes o" your time but i" you truly know that person and you work with them or you have worked with them and you want to .ust !ive them some kudos, then !o and write them on@ it doesn-t have to be very lon!, it can be a couple o" sentences, that-s all@ it still counts as a recommendation because what happens is when people are lookin! at your pro"ile, they will see i" you have !ot a lot o" recommendations, people will start thinkin! 2Wow% " everybody-s recommendin! this person, they must be pretty important.5 Heather Porter: /eah, it-s a whole social proo" thin!, isn-t it4

Andrew McCauley: Totally. /eah, totally. +o, recommendations are 6uite !ood. Heather Porter: do like the idea that you .ust said where you .ust !o "ind people that you have worked with and leave them a recommendation because, yeah7 because !et bombarded 6uite o"ten actually with people sayin! 2Hey, can you recommend me45 and am thinkin! 2Why4 1or what45 am kind o" con"used here. +o, yeah, it-s kind o"7 it-s a bit a!!ressive at times especially i" you don-t really know the person and you didn-t do business with them either. 9kay. #eavin! recommendations, how do you do that then i" you want to !o out and start to do this strate!y4 Where do you do that4 Andrew McCauley: /ou look at someone-s pro"ile and it will .ust say 2leave a recommendation5 or 2recommend this person5.

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Heather Porter:


Andrew McCauley: " you look at your pro"ile ri!ht now, on the ri!ht hand side, .ust where you photo is, on the ri!ht hand side o" that there is a couple o" options "or me 0 one is to send you a messa!e, one is to recommend you and the other one is to save your pro"ile. +o, Heather, can recommend you to whoever. Bow, a !ood thin! about it is i" somebody recommends you and you don-t like what they say, you don-t actually have to make it public. /ou !et the last say about that too. +o, you !et to say whether you want to publish that recommendation or not. Heather Porter: =ot it. 9kay, sounds !ood. Wonder"ul. Any other little tips or tools to add "or recommendations4 Andrew McCauley: Bo, keep them positive, keep them honest and i" you do take the approach o" !oin! to recommend people without askin! them, then don-t e&pect them to recommend you back but i" they do, .ust take it as a bonus and say 2Wow% That-s !reat.5 Heather Porter: =reat. 9kay, !ood. #ove it, love it, love it% All these little tips and tools o" the trade, we love it. Alri!ht, movin! on, movin! on. #et-s !o into7 what do you think, should we !o into !roups4 Andrew McCauley: =roups. 9kay, let-s !o to !roups. Heather Porter: /eah, tell me what is a !roup, "irst o" all.

Andrew McCauley: =roups are like a bunch o" likeminded people that all have the same sort o" interests as you. Bow, there are literally thousands and thousands and thousands o" !roups on #inked n and there are !roups "rom all si'es, "rom * people to *>>,>>> or * million people. t-s a !reat way to start becomin! authority in your industry. t doesn-t matter what sort o" industry you are in, there will be a !roup "or that already. " there is not, you can create one. Bow, let-s .ust talk about !roups at the be!innin! "irst. When you !o to !roups7 you can !o on search "or a whole ran!e o" !roups, there is a !roups directory and a !roup directory will show you all o" the di""erent cate!ories o" !roups that are out there. Currently am lookin! at ).FH million results "or di""erent !roups. Come up with some pretty non8mainstream "or a !roup and one. Heather Porter: spa. will see i" can "ind

Well, how about7 let-s try ,day spa- since my sister runs day don-t think there are any !roups on ,day spa-.

Andrew McCauley: 9kay, ,day spa-. Heather Porter: We-ll see.

Andrew McCauley: We-ll see. Heather Porter:

have I> results "or ,day spa- !roups.

Ceally4 That-s ama'in!.

Andrew McCauley: /eah. +o, let me tell about these day spa !roups. The !reat thin! about this little directory is you can 6uickly !o throu!h and see which !roups are !oin! to be relevant "it "or you. +o, "or instance, the "irst one, it-s called the 2The day spa association5, it has )J8* members, it has KJ discussions this month which is pretty active "or a !roup and it tells you who in your network is also in this !roup which is pretty cool.

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The ne&t one down has )H>> members. The ne&t one down has )J>> members. Then there is I>>, IKK. 9ne down here is JL>> members. +o, yeah, it-s very active, it-s a very cool !roup to be han!in! out with these day spas because they seem to be very active on #inked n which is !reat. Bow, why .oin a !roup on #inked n4 Well, here is the thin!. /ou can "ind out a whole bunch o" di""erent resources, you can "ind di""erent people in your industry, you can connect with people. know a lot o" people have done .oint ventures with people that are in the same industry that may work on the other side o" the world or other side o" the country but yet they mi!ht have similar thin!s that they can work to!ether and make their businesses !row. There is a number o" !roups that are open, they are called open !roups which are "ree "or you to .oin. /ou don-t need to have any special considerations to .oin. These closed !roups make sure the administrator checks who you are to see i" you are relevant or "it "or that !roup. Heather Porter: 9kay.

Andrew McCauley: know, tried to .oin a !roup once "or speakers in Australia but because was livin! in the M+, they wouldn-t let me .oin the !roup because wasn-t livin! in Australia at the time. Heather Porter: Wow% /eah, and have had that as well actually with a lot o" !roups and even thou!h they say they are closed, they probably .ust approve you very 6uickly and it !enerally takes FL hours at the absolute most "ound to !et approved to di""erent !roups. Andrew McCauley: +o, here is a couple o" tips "or .oinin! various !roups. #ook "or a !roup7 now, i" you are an e&pert in spa industry and have .oined a !roup with J>>> members, that-s a lot o" work you have to do to !et it in "ront o" a lot o" people. +o, by sayin! that, when you are in a !roup, they will have thin!s like discussion "orums where you can answer 6uestions or pose 6uestions so that people can answer your 6uestions "or you@ and i" your !roup is really lar!e, then your name is not !oin! to be as prominent as it would be i" you were in a smaller !roup constantly answerin! 6uestions. Heather Porter: Ah, okay.

Andrew McCauley: +o, make sure the !roup is still active but i" you have !ot a smaller !roup then it-s easier "or you to post or write answer or 6uestion to a discussion every day or so, so people start to !et to know who you are. Heather Porter: talkin!4 +o, when you say smaller !roup, what sort o" si'e are we

Andrew McCauley: Anythin! "rom say J> to )>>> people. Heather Porter: 9h% And that-s a smaller !roup4

Andrew McCauley: That-s a small !roup. Bot all the people will be active in those !roups. Heather Porter: /eah, okay.

Andrew McCauley: (ut sometimes a smaller !roup, i" it-s not very active, will be stale, so you may not !et much out o" it anyway. Heather Porter: +o, initially to start you are lookin! "or sort o" J>8)>>> people, you are lookin! "or active !roups. And when you say they are active, how are you tellin! that they are active4 /ou are lookin! "or discussions, you said4

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Andrew McCauley: /eah. And when you do a search on the !roup directory that actually tells you. t will say 2this !roup is very active, it-s !ot KJ discussions this month5 but you don-t have to rely on this to tell you, you can .ust lo! in and see when was the last time someone posted a discussion, when was the last time somebody answered any 6uestions on the !roup wall. +o, you can 6uickly "ind out whether people are actually involved with it or not. Heather Porter: 9kay, that makes sense.

The other thin! too is o"ten times and probably some listeners into this e&act episode, we !et very e&cited by the concept o" !roups and think 29h my =osh% am !oin! to !o create my own !roup ri!ht now.5 Bow, would advise a!ainst that. always say the best way to learn is by !ettin! involved, bein! mentored or modelin! or .umpin! into somethin! that-s already workin! and then seein! i" you want to do it yoursel". Would that be a !ood thin! to say here4 Andrew McCauley: Totally, totally. There are bene"its to stayin! here in !roup but as you have said !et in and see how some !ood !roups are really respondin! and reactin! and workin! because it-s those !roups where you will learn the most about creatin! your own !roup and what to do and what not to do as well. +o, the !ood thin! about creatin! your own !roup is that you can actually messa!e all o" your members once a week@ you can e8mail your members. +o, maybe an e8mail about a webinar you !ot probably out, a teleseminar or .ust a piece o" in"ormation but you can e8mail those people once a week which is a !reat way to !o. +o, the owner o" some o" these day spa !roups who have *>>> or L>>> members can e8mail their people at least directly every week. Heather Porter: That is a bi! bene"it.

Andrew McCauley: Totally, totally. The other thin! about ownin! a !roup is that you have control over who comes in and who !ets kicked out sort o" thin!s. +o, you can moderate but .ust remember, it does come with a little bit o" work. /ou do need to mana!e the !roup a little bit and i" you don-t have the ener!y or the time to mana!e a !roup, then they will only "all apart and you suddenly start !ettin! a whole bunch o" even non8active participants or spammin! sort o" people which you don-t want in a !roup. Heather Porter: And that-s the other thin! was !oin! to say is startin! a !roup is one thin! but to actually !et people into it and en!a!e in it is 6uite a bit o" work. t-s like moderatin! a "orum or anythin! really online where the concept may seem !ood but you have to think o" the plan, what you are !oin! to do, how you are !oin! to market it, how you are !oin! to !et people in it as well. Andrew McCauley: /ou have to almost treat it like a business plan 0 how you are !oin! to spend time do it. t-s all !reat to start a !roup and say 2/eah, have started a !roup5 but i" you don-t have the time to do enou!h the ne&t week, then you are only !oin! to be puttin! e!! on your "ace because people are !oin! to say 2Well, that person wasn-t very !ood.5 Heather Porter: That-s a !ood point actually and in the space o" #inked n where you are positionin! yoursel" as an e&pert or your business as the place to !o, you want your stu"" to be rocket, you want people there and en!a!ed and a place "or you to sort o" stand up and talk about your e&pertise. +o, i" no one-s listenin!, then probably not a !ood idea to create one in the "irst place. Andrew McCauley: :&actly, e&actly. Heather Porter: +o, what else i" have a !roup that we can keep in mind4 know that there are C++ "eeds in !roups as well4

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Andrew McCauley: /eah. +o, one o" the cool thin!s i" you own the !roup is you can !o and put your own C++ which is a "eed "rom anythin!, it can be a "eed "rom a blo! site@ you can put your C++ "eed inside a !roup so that7 let-s say write an article on my blo!. That article will automatically !et posted to the !roups so they can see it. +o, it-s a pretty cool little spino"" that you don-t have to own blo!. #et-s say, "or instance, you have !ot a !roup about "inances and you may want to !rab the blo! "eed o" the CBB Money "or CBB, so you !ot the "eed "or that and you can .ust put that "eed inside your !roup so that-s a constant source o" in"ormation comin! into your !roup so people can talk about and discuss it in your !roup. There are ways to automate some o" that stu"". Heather Porter: 3ery cool. 1or anyone who doesn-t know what an C++ "eed is, it-s basically whenever somethin!-s updated, it automatically is pulled throu!h and posted. +o, i" it-s like CBB blo!, "or instance, your website, any new article that-s up on there will automatically come throu!h to your #inked n !roup and be posted in the !roup there. +o, handy little tools. +o, what else about !roups4 Andrew McCauley: 9ne other thin! about !roups is that a lot o" them will have spaces "or promotion and this is where you can sell your stu"". " you are a member o" a lar!e !roup and you have !ot a webinar comin! up, you have !ot a sale comin! on or .ust want to tell people about somethin! that-s !oin! on in your business, there are walls where you can promote thin!s where it-s not "rowned upon because the !roups know that people want to talk about what they do. The discussion rules o" a discussion is not postin! your sales stu"" but the promotions tab is e&actly that 0 it-s there "or you to promote your stu"" 0 and i" people want to !o there, then they can !o there and choose to know that there is !oin! to be stu"" bein! sold too so they look at that, they can look at this. t-s a !reat little wall "or keepin! the control on the spam. Heather Porter: 9kay. And then how do you7 i" am .oinin! !roups, how do "ind out i" they have this promotional area4 s it easy to "ind when you are in a !roup4 Andrew McCauley: :ssentially at the top o" the !roup there is a number o" tabs across the top and i" they enable the ,promotions- tab, you will see it up there on the top there, ,promotions-. There is also ,.obs- and that sort o" stu"" too i" you are lookin! "or .obs. Whether you want to post a .ob, you are lookin! "or a .ob or you need a .ob, you need someone to work "or you, you can put that in your ,.obs- tab as well. Heather Porter: 9kay, okay, !reat. +o, it-s almost like its own little community hub where it has its classi"ied ads and has .ob boards and everythin!. Andrew McCauley: :&actly. And then you will have roles "or !roups, there will certain rules that the administrators will make so that you can know e&actly what you can and can-t do in the !roup and that-s a !reat way .ust to mana!e that !roup. There is a lot o" tools there to help mana!e the !roup. set up a !roup not lon! a!o, a couple o" days a!o actually, and it took me probably about *> minutes to LJ minutes .ust to !o throu!h and make sure it-s set up correctly in the "irst place includin! templates that wanted to send out to people. As soon as they .oin my !roup, there is a welcome letter@ it says 2Welcome to the !roup and this is what we do5. There are rules that you want to put up there as well. +o, it takes a little bit o" setup but once the setup is done, then it-s .ust now about maintainin! and welcomin! people to the !roup as they pop in. Heather Porter: Bow, is your !roup an open !roup or is it a closed !roup4

Andrew McCauley: This !roup set up recently was an open !roup. This is an open !roup "or an event that-s comin! up in Eune, so we set that up .ust so that we can !et attraction in there. We haven-t promoted it yet, we .ust wanted to make sure it-s up and runnin!. +o, as soon as we promote it, will then about it.
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Heather Porter: +o, you can even do !roups "or events. They can actually be "or a moment and time. Andrew McCauley: Totally. /ou can do !roups "or con"erences. There is a lot o" !roups out there "or con"erences. " you have !ot a con"erence or a !roup con"erence comin! up, you can have everyone connected who has ever been to the con"erence or who is !oin! to the con"erence 0 a !reat way to connect "or and a"ter the event. Heather Porter: 9h, that is wonder"ul because we all know when we !o to con"erence you always say 29h, am !oin! to do all this network, meet people5 but you run out o" time and it .ust !ets cra'y. +o, what a !reat way to stay in time and e&pand the network% Andrew McCauley: /eah, it really is. Heather Porter: 9kay, cool. We are !ivin! you !uys so many ideas o" how to create your own !roup but a!ain .ust be"ore you dive into that, please .ust pick a "ew !roups that you can han! out at "irst and then look at doin! that later. And back on that note o" .oinin! in !roups, what is the best way to use a !roup4 +o, have .oined a !roup. Bow what4 Andrew McCauley: 9kay. A!ain, when you .oin a !roup, .ust watch "or a "ew days and how the discussions !o back and "orth, look at the 6uestions that are bein! asked, look at the answers. /ou can !o and check out, you can !o and add answers any time you are ready. +o, as soon as you are ready to start participatin! in that !roup, then .ump in, !o and add some answers so to the 6uestions that are bein! posed, !o and add your thou!hts, !o and add some in"ormation. Eust remember like anythin! else don-t !o and spam. " you !o to a party, then .ump into the part and be"ore you should introduce yoursel" start tellin! people what you think. +o, make sure that people who you are, .ust an introduction but then !o and !et active on the discussions and you will start seein! people who will !o and check you out because they will see 2There is a new person addin! some !reat in"ormation to the discussion. #et me !o and see what they are like or let me !o and "ind out a little bit more about them.5 Heather Porter: And so when you say 2introduce yoursel"5, what do you mean4 When you .oin the !roup you say 2Hi, am so and so and this is what do5 or do you actually do that as part o" your answer45 Andrew McCauley: /ou can do that as part o" your answer to start but a"ter a little while you don-t have to do that every time. mean, would do that the "irst time maybe .ust so people know 2Hey, am .ust .oinin! the !roup, am .ust new and don-t !o too hard on me5. "ound most people are very willin! to7 now, that-s what they want@ they want people to .oin and have a discussion about what is it that they know. Heather Porter: 3ery nice. 9kay. Another thin! on !roups be"ore we move on to answers and want to know about7 how do know i" people are respondin! to me or are there settin!s and e8mails or privacy or how do you !et these updates "rom the !roup4 Andrew McCauley: Totally. +o, you can7 when you .oin a !roup "or the "irst time, it will say 2How would you like to know about updates4 How would you like to know about answers to your 6uestions45 and you can link it with e8mail as it happens. think they even let you say 2once a day .ust !ive me a summary o" all o" the answers to my 6uestions5 and they will !ive you a summary o" the discussions that are out there and this is how operate actually@ don-t .ump into #inked n every sin!le day but do !et an e8mail every day about the 6uestions that are !oin! on and am a member o" a number o" !roups. +o, .oin !roups and when see 6uestions come throu!h on the e8mail, 6uickly have a look and say 2This am not !oin! to answer5,
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want to .ump in. +o, click on the link, .ump into the !roup, answer my 6uestions and .ump back every day. Heather Porter: /ou brou!ht a really !ood point actually as "ar as how to use social media to not overwhelm yoursel". " you could .ust set aside a time chunk every sin!le day7 some people even !one as "ar as turnin! o"" their 1acebook noti"ications because what it does is it brin!s back control o" their time. +o, you can actually !o, you !o 29kay, !reat. Today "rom J to J;*> or every day "rom J to J;*> in the evenin!, am !oin! to !o into all my social media accounts, so am !oin! to en!a!e and do some marketin!.5 +o, you look at say your #inked n daily di!est o" your !roup action and then you !o into your 1acebook account and your pa!es and then you en!a!e in those as well, then you are in control o" your social media space and it-s not controllin! you with up to hundreds o" e8mails a day even i" you really active7 Andrew McCauley: Awesome point, awesome point. turn o""7 all my 1acebook stu"" is all turned o"" e&cept ta!!in! in photos. want to make sure that am not !ettin! ta!!ed in photos that am not in. Apart "rom that, the only thin! turn on "or me7 and #inked n !roups, any discussions that am in as a member o" a !roup, !et the summary so can !o and actively .ump in i" need to. Heather Porter: =reat. /ou are usin! social media at this point as a strate!y to !row your business and your e&pertise online and you are not usin! it "or "lu"", it now becomes part o" your business tools to !row your business online. Andrew McCauley: /eah, de"initely. And it doesn-t have to take all day. do it )J8 F> minutes ma& a day on #inked n. probably do less than that. have it all set up so know e&actly what need to do 0 !o in, -ll answer 6uestions, will partake, connect with people and then !et out. don-t waste a lot o" time in there because know that unlike anythin! it can be a time su""ra!e which is really detrimental. Heather Porter: And we have already covered 1acebook and now we are coverin! #inked n and then we will cover Twitter and $interest and "ew o" the others. And then how about we .ust have a "ull episode a"ter we cover all these items where we actually talk about how you use them as a strate!y and how do you set up all the e8mails and everythin!4 Andrew McCauley: Totally. /eah, "or sure. Heather Porter: /eah, time savin!.

Andrew McCauley: 1or sure. Heather Porter: Andrew McCauley: Heather Porter: +hall come to the .ewel o" this episode, the answer7

don-t know i" you have !ot enou!h time. 9h, shall we .ust stop it here !uys4 Bah, let-s !ive it to them.

Andrew McCauley: We-ll !ive it to them, we-ll !ive it to them. Heather Porter: they do4 9kay. What are the answers4 What are the answers4 What do

Andrew McCauley: +o, there is a section in #inked n which is e&tremely valuable think "or a lot o" people, particularly i" you are a smaller business operator who wants to be known "or bein! !ood at what they do in their industry. +o, there is a thin! called ,answers- and you can "ind answers by lookin! at the7 at the top you will see the ,news-, ne&t to the ,news- is ,more7-. The "irst dropdown will be a thin! called ,answers- and the ,answers- is a !reat place not only to ask 6uestions about what is it you need to "ind out but it-s even better place "or you to answer 6uestions on other people. Bow, why would you want to do that4 (ecause here is the thin! 0 /ou
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actually !et voted as the best answer "or a particular 6uestion. +o, i" someone types a 6uestion and there will be a whole ran!e o" di""erent answers that come back and i" the 6uestion asker, the person who asked the 6uestion, likes your answer the best, they will vote you as the best answer "or that particular 6uestion. Bow, this can be a social proo" strate!y where people start to "ind out and the more 6uestions you answer, by the way, !ives you more status about 2Well, this person obviously knows a lot about this industry because he is answerin! a lot o" 6uestions5 which is pretty cool. +o, when you !o to ,answers-, you will "ind the very "irst answer home is it !ives a ran!e o" new 6uestions "rom your network. +o, you will have what sort o" 6uestions are comin! up throu!h your network. +o, you can look at some o" those and think. +ome o" them are relevant, some o" them will not be relevant to you, and then you can look at who are the e&perts in your pro"ile this week and you will see how many 6uestions they have answered throu!hout the week. +ome people will answer J>> or more answers7 don-t know i" they .ust sit there on #inked n and completely answer 6uestions over and over a!ain but they do answer a lot o" 6uestions. /ou don-t have to be answerin! anythin! like that@ you .ust need to .ust !et in there and "ind out and let people see that you are an e&pert in your area by answerin! di""erent 6uestions. Heather Porter: +o, a 6uick 6uestion on this section as well. am in there ri!ht now. +o, do you have to ask 6uestions "rom in this section as well4 " you can see ri!ht at the top it says 2Ask your 6uestion5. +o, is this where you actually ask the 6uestions as well4 Andrew McCauley: /es. +o, you can ask your 6uestion and you will see the 6uestion at the top, you will see what sort o" cate!ory you want to put that in like the detail, what sort o" cate!ory you want to put that in, so you look throu!h the cate!ories that are there and then you .ust ask the 6uestion and it will !et posted out. And then when you have answered 6uestions at the very end, you will see open 6uestions that are open because sometimes they will be open until the person that asked the 6uestion has had enou!h so 2 am !oin! to close that down5. /ou can look at a whole ran!e o" di""erent thin!s. Well, you can do a search on di""erent answers. +o, by lookin! at the advanced search, you can !o and put your keywords once a!ain in there. +o, you mi!ht !o and type in 2social media5, "or instance, and you are lookin! "or 6uestions and answers, you click on the search button and you will see a whole ran!e o" 6uestions comin! up about social media. " that-s relevant to you, the only thin! you need to do is click on the headline o" the 6uestion and you !o throu!h and you .ust answer, click on the ,i- button that says 2answers5 and it will !ive you all o" the answers. +o, "or instance, am lookin! "or this particular 6uestion and it says 2How important do you think your pro"essional ima!e is to what it is that you do45 Bow, we can see all o" the people who has answered this7 and this is what like about answers is that all o" the answers 0 there are )> answers there 0 on the le"t hand side you will see each o" the persons that that has answered this particular 6uestion and it shows you what de!ree o" connection they are to you. Heather Porter: /up.

Andrew McCauley: +o, the "irst person is a second8de!ree connection. will be able to view this person-s pro"ile because can see that they are a second8de!ree connection. There is a couple o" third8de!rees, there is a couple that aren-t even in my !roup at all. #et-s look at, "or instance7 i" saw somebody answer a 6uestion and wanted to !o and connect with them but they weren-t in my community at all, can .ust !o and say 2Hey, saw you answer to this particular 6uestion. would love to connect with you.5 t-s !ivin! me an openin! to !o and connect with someone that wouldn-t ordinarily have connected with be"ore. Heather Porter: 9h, wow% This section is very power"ul. can already tell.

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Andrew McCauley: Totally, totally. +o, the !reat thin! about is7 was talkin! about C++ "eeds earlier7 you can !et a C++ "eed to these 6uestions as well so that they come into your e8mail and you can .ust look at them throu!h your e8mail rather than !oin! into here every day or keepin! a check on it. Heather Porter: And how do you choose which 6uestions do you want to come throu!h to your e8mail4 Andrew McCauley: /ou will !o throu!h7 there is a section where you can7 there are some links there and there is also a section o" C++ and7 am .ust tryin! to "ind where the C++ section is now7 it-s a little bit more complicated. Heather Porter: Comple&, yeah, would ima!ine it would have to do with either the 6uestion that you have asked or a 6uestion that you have answered, probably somethin! you have to en!a!e with "irst in order to !et the C++ but could be wron!7 Andrew McCauley: notes. Heather Porter: believe so but will "ind it out and we will put in the show

/eah, per"ect, per"ect.

+o, usin! this section, am thinkin! that and correct me i" am wron! here but a !ood use this section would be to !o into answers, !o into the advanced answer search, type in keywords, meanin! keywords that you are !ood at, areas o" your e&pertise, and then "ind out what-s bein! asked in that area and then answer the 6uestions "rom within those. s that a !ood way to use your time in this section4 Andrew McCauley: That-s a !reat way. The other !reat thin! about answers actually is you can use it to do market research. +o, you may pose a 6uestion you already know the answer to but you pose a 6uestion and you mi!ht say 2What do you think is the best way or what-s the best strate!y "or7A, (, C45 and you come back and you can see e&actly what other people are thinkin!, whether that answers to that 6uestion are what you believe is !oin! to happen or there mi!ht be some new stu"" bein! revealed in these answers that you haven-t thou!ht o" be"ore. Heather Porter: 9kay, okay, !ot it.

Wow% Andrew, this is ama'in! and know we are comin! to a close here. +o, is there anythin! else about answers that you wanted to tell everybody be"ore we wrap up4 Andrew McCauley: Bo. #et-s .ust .o! it up and look at some 6uestions. /ou will !et 6uestions that are not relevant, you will see some answers and you think 29h my =od% Are you serious4 Ao they really answer like that45 Eust remember, people have di""erent opinions, they have di""erent models o" the world and that-s what you are !oin! to "ind in some o" these answers but .ust !et in there, "ind some 6uestions that are relevant that are sa"e to answer. +ometimes there are simple answers, other times they take a little bit lon!er. know people who answer via video, so they will do a video and they will say 2Hey, have .ust created a video "or the answer to this5 and they will post it on their /ouTube channel, so they are drivin! people to their /ouTube channel as well. Heather Porter: 9h, that is smart. +o, you can even drive them to article that you wrote as well in your site or your blo!. Andrew McCauley: /eah, you can do that. /ou can put on your 1acebook timeline. /ou can do it anyway. +o, it-s pretty cool how you can do that. Heather Porter: Well, let-s do a 6uick recap o" what we have discussed today because this has been an incredible, incredible episode with so much in"ormation and we don-t want you !uys !et overwhelmed. As have been copiously takin! notes
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here, have come up with some thin!s that think that everybody here who is listenin! should !o and do once they have listened to this episode. The "irst one is make sure that your pro"ile is )>>? complete and #inked n has a little what we call wi'ard which prompts you to make sure that it is in "act complete. +o, .ust make sure it says )>>? complete. /ou want to answer everythin! in there, put your photo in there and do what you can do make that complete. The second thin! is to use your keywords. +o, use your keywords in your little summary up top, use them in your .obs that you currently have because as we know now, you can-t chan!e your past ones. +o, use your current .obs, put keywords in there as well. Make sure that your websites where it says 2your website5 or 2blo!5 or whatever, you can actually put a little call to action in there 2=et my "ree e8book5 and then put your website ne&t to that. The ne&t thin! is to pick a couple o" !roups that you want to .oin. Aon-t start a !roup yet but pick a couple o" !roups in your industry that you want to .oin where you can start to actually network and share your e&pertise and en!a!e with people and also even see how !ood !roups work in case you want to open yours in the "uture. The ne&t one is to do some recommendations. +o, .ump on there, look "or people in your network that you have worked closely with and !ive them a nice recommendation with the hopes that perhaps in return they will do the same "or you. Then the ne&t thin! !ot was also, and most importantly, ,answers-. +pend some time !oin! into the ,answers- area o" the advanced search or the advanced answers where you can actually search "or keywords and en!a!e with people but also not only that but to do market research as well "or thin!s that you want to "ind out. Aid cover it all4 use "rom this4 s there anythin! else that you think people could really take and

Andrew McCauley: We didn-t even talk about company pa!es, advertisin! on #inked n, .obs and that sort o" stu"". +o, we can probably run this a!ain. We could run this down the track as advanced #inked n. +o, let-s !ive them a "ew weeks to have a play with it and i" you have !ot any 6uestions7 what-s the best way to ask 6uestions4 Heather Porter: Actually, that-s a !reat point. We would love to hear your "eedback, !uys. The best place to do this is to !o to www.Auto$ilot/our(<$odcast and you can basically on there .ust "ind episode7 What are we on a!ain, the number4 Andrew McCauley: Bumber 8. Heather Porter: 8, yes. +o, look "or episode #8, looked "or the #inked n episode. Actually our whole blo! post and our show notes are !oin! to be listed there. Andrew was sayin! we will have show notes, so that-s where you "ind them but also ri!ht at the bottom o" that pa!e you will see comment area. +o, i" you !uys could .ump in there and leave any comments, any "eedback about the episode as well, but any 6uestions that you come across as you are actually implementin! this in your #inked n pro"ile, we would love to hear because we will take whatever you leave there and we will actually make our ne&t #inked n episode #F about what you leave in that area on our pa!e. +o, a!ain www.Auto$ilot/our(<$odcast and then look "or episode #8 that will be in there. Andrew McCauley: /es. am actually also7 to .ust let people know7 creatin! a product on #inked n to, Heather. Heather Porter: /es. am actually

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Andrew McCauley: They will be comin! out relatively soon but creatin! a product "rom all the di""erent stu"", so watch me over the shoulder as we !o throu!h all o" this, will !o throu!h the entire !roups, the .obs, the settin! up the pro"ile and have it really swoop it up. Heather Porter: /es, i" you !uys are interested in that too, the best way to be told about that is i" you !o to our site, the podcast site .ust told you about, there is a little bo& there on the top ri!ht where you can si!n up "or our updates and we will let you !uys know. The reason why Andrew is doin! this, by the way, is because as you well ima!ine, online moves incredibly "ast, especially social media. +o, instead o" havin! all this in"ormation all over the place, bein! that Andrew is a "antastic e&pert and he is the social media bloke, we thou!ht it would be a really !ood idea "or him to .ust constantly pump his knowled!e into one space with videos and tutorials. +o, whenever there are chan!es on anythin! that happens, then he automatically updates this and that-s what he is talkin! about a product, that-s what he is developin! ri!ht now. +o, it-s !oin! to be really power"ul, really ama'in! and easily accessible as well. +o, i" that-s somethin! you are interested in, .ust si!n up "or updates. Andrew McCauley: /es, totally, totally. +o, that-s #inked n in a nutshell. t-s pretty 6uick. am speakin! in an event comin! up in a "ew days and also in Eune as well in =old Coast. Heather Porter: /eah, wonder"ul.

Andrew McCauley: +o, we look "orward to doin! this as well. Heather Porter: Alri!ht. Well, !uys, come "ind us on #inked n, connect with us, and thank you, Andrew. This has been an incredible, incredible episode. really "eel like this has de8mythed, de8bu!!ed, de8bunked all this sort o" cra'iness about #inked n and you have made it really super easy to "ollow and know what to do once you !et in there and navi!ate around. Andrew McCauley: =ood, !ood. am lookin! "orward to people-s "eedback. have !ot any 6uestions, as we said, .ust post it there so we can answer them. What do we talk about ne&t week4 What-s our ne&t podcast4 Heather Porter: 9oh% Well, since we are on the topic o" social media still, we still have Twitter and we still have $interest, believe, and =oo!leD. Andrew McCauley: And /ouTube there. Heather Porter: And /ouTube. My !oodness% We still have all those. +o, what do you think4 Ao you "eel like there is one o" those standin! out to you4 Andrew McCauley: Maybe we should let the listeners vote. What do you think4 Heather Porter: Maybe we should. know we have already !ot some votes on our 1acebook about doin! $interest. know we have a bi! interest in that. +o, i" that-s the case, i" you !uys want to let us what you are interested in, you can always "ind us on 1acebook as well, .ust type in Auto Pilot Your Business and we have a nice little pa!e there and lets us know i" there is somethin! you want us to talk about or you can also !o to our website as well, www.Auto$ilot/our(<$odcast and leave us a 6uick little note at the bottom o" this episode and let us know. Andrew McCauley: /eah, yeah. 9kay, let-s "ind out what it is. "or us, ri!ht4 Heather Porter: /es, surprise. t will be a surprise " you

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Andrew McCauley: We will see the votes and we will start the mics up and we will start talkin!. Heather Porter: +ounds !ood. +ounds per"ect.

Andrew McCauley: Alri!ht, Heather, it was !reat. Thank you "or a !reat podcast. Heather Porter: Thank you so much. Thanks, !uys, once a!ain "or .oinin! us. We really appreciate you !uys bein! alon! the ride "or us7 can-t even talk anymore you see, am so e&cited about #inked n. was meanin! to say thanks "or .oinin! us. Andrew McCauley: Thank you "or .oinin! us. +o, ne&t time we will see you there. **End of Audio**

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