SUSTAINABLE How To Lead An SEX Eco-friendly Sex Life
Rhalou Allerhand investigates the hairy underworld of greener sex
lthough probably not the first thing that springs to mind when considering one’s sexual desires, the state of the planet is fast becoming a serious issue. The world population is expanding at an astounding rate and the earth has only a fixed amount of natural resources — many of which are rapidly depleting. So as population growth increasingly strains our limited resources, there are fewer available to us, and consequently even less for future generations. Thankfully, various companies are jumping on board the eco bandwagon, and from sex toys to bondage gear, all manner of options are available to enable us to lead

an ethical sex life. But taking the eco route doesn’t mean giving up depilation or developing a barnet of stinky dreadlocks. Whether you’re happily married, a saucy swinger, a devious dominant or loyal sub, most of us consider sex a vital part of life. Before you ask what on earth environmental issues have to do with your libido, there is actually a lot we can all do to make our bedroom fun greener and more eco-friendly, and help maintain a sustainable sex life on this fragile planet. But the concept of reducing our collective carbon sex footprint need not impinge on our enjoyment of carnal pleasure, and combining saving the earth with saucy bedroom fun can be surprisingly sexy. There are a few steps we could all take


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High-quality sex toys may tend to be pricey, but will almost certainly last longer
to ease our environmental conscience and still enjoy healthy and adventurous bedroom fun.

Get jiggy in the dark
Something as simple as turning off the lights can improve your energy efficiency tenfold and help stop climate change. And the invisibility factor adds sexy ‘groping around in the gloom’ appeal. If you really want to watch your lover’s reaction while doing the wild thing, then simply get fruity during the day, or switch to energy saving light bulbs, whose subtle illumination can do wonders for your white bits.

Ethical sex toys
Worldwide, more than one in five adults has used or owns a vibrator or sex toy. The plastics used to construct a wide range of sex

toys contains very high concentrations of hazardous phthalates, which are toxic chemical softeners used in PVC to make it soft and flexible. These are chemicals that do not easily biodegrade and can be dangerous — even in small amounts. Many of us also react to phthalates as an allergy, with inflammation, skin rashes and discharge that mimics a yeast infection as the symptoms. The latest research indicates that exposure to phthalates can also upset the body’s ability to regulate hormone production, damage reproduction, and cause liver and kidney defects and possibly even cancer. But before you all run to your bottom drawer to release your beloved bunnies back into the wild, many sex toy distributors are becoming aware of this and have already put measures in place, so read the small print to check what they contain. If you’re not sure, you can tell by the smell. If your sex toy smells of anything other than your own bodily fluids, it usually means that it’s releasing chemicals. When buying new gadgets, opt for something silicone or sustainable and phthalate free and remember that high-quality sex toys may tend to be pretty pricey, but will almost certainly last longer, be better designed and have less environmental impact. ‘One suspicious warning sign is the dis-


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claimer you’ll find on most sex toy packages stating that the device within is for “novelty purposes only”,’ says Jacob from treehugger.com, an online resource for all budding eco-activists looking for information on green news, solutions and product information. ‘We suggest playing it safe. Look for toys made from glass, metal, silicone, hard plastics, or elastomers. If your sex toy of choice is a power tool, buy a rechargeable one or use your own rechargeable batteries.’ Various companies now specialise in ecologically sound sex toys. Blissboxtoys. com have launched the Eco Dildo, a handcrafted, beautifully finished dildo made from hardwood. And for each Eco Dildo sold, they also promise to plant a willow bush and issue the purchaser with their very own bush-planting certificate. US company Tantus, Inc. are also a viable option, as they design and manufacture anatomically targeted toys, hand-made from high quality 100 per cent silicone. All their products are hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate free, odourless, tasteless, boilable, bleachable and even dishwasher safe, and because they’re designed to last a lifetime, they offer minimal impact on the environment.

Glass and metal dildoes are also a good alternative, as they provide sensations that you can’t get from jelly or rubber dildos and they’re non-toxic. The majority of glass dildoes are made from high-grade Pyrex, which is a durable, safe, sturdy, ecologically sound material that can be heated up or cooled down in your fridge or freezer for intense variations in temperature. Any colours used to maximise the beauty of a glass dildo will be produced from non-toxic materials and, in most cases, FDA approved to ensure ultimate safety. Unless you accidentally chip them, the surface of a glass dildo is unlikely to present any problems to you or your lover’s orifices.

Recycle your vibrators
When thrown into landfill sites, all electrical waste, whether it’s TVs, toasters, computers or vibrators, can release toxins that pollute the environment. The EU has introduced a directive aimed at reducing the environmental impact of this, by encouraging the reuse of electrical components and increasing recovery of raw materials from waste electrical products. New recycling

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regulations mean that all electrical equipment, including sex toys, must be disposed of at a designated electrical waste collection centre. So don’t just chuck your used vibrator in the kitchen bin, do your bit for the planet by sending your dead sex toys to LoveHoney Rabbit Amnesty to be recycled, and after you retire your trusty rabbit, you can get a brand new one for half the price. Check their website for details (www.lovehoney.co.uk/rabbit-amnesty).

Choose your rubberwear wisely
When shopping for your brand new gimp suit, avoid PVC and vinyl accessories for your fetishistic playtime pleasures. They contain polyvinyl chloride, and the production of PVC creates and releases the incredibly toxic chemical dioxin. Opt for accessories made from natural substances like rubber or leather, or stick to the most pliant material of all, your birthday suit.

Eco lube
Forget the fossil fuel based lubricants like petroleum jelly, which are a non-renewable resource, and switch to a phthalate free eco friendly lube. Sliquid Lubricants, available from www.LoveHoney.co.uk, are entirely glycerin (sugar derivative) free and paraben (chemical additive) free, 100 per cent vegan friendly personal lubricants, so oil up your lover in earth friendly style. They’re also nonstaining, easy to clean, and won’t cause yeast infections or urinary tract infections, so the all round ethical option for slippery bedroom fun.

Bathtime for two
To save water, soap up together in the shower or make room for two (or multiples thereof…) in the bath. More than one billion people in the world don’t have access to clean water, so spare a thought for the shortage of this precious commodity and share your tub. Plus soaping down your beloved’s hairy bits at bath time can add serious erotic steam for all parties involved.

Spank with care
Use paddles and BDSM tools and accessories made from sustainable harvested timber, or even rubber, which can still have just as satisfying an affect as wood when thwacked across an eager buttock. Look for equipment certified by the internationally recognised ecological forest certification organisation, the Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC.



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Opt for ethically aware companies
Lots of businesses have started to do their bit for the environment; including Forum favourite Bath based sex toy distributors Lovehoney. To offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the general operations of the company and the shipment of products from sources around the world to the LoveHoney warehouse, they make an annual donation to the World Land Trust. The World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Fund is used to acquire land and undertake restoration projects working through local partner organisations. Through the support of individuals and companies such as LoveHoney, the World Land Trust has been able to purchase and protect more than 350,000 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats. When you recycle a rabbit vibrator with Rabbit Amnesty, LoveHoney will donate £1 to the World Land Trust, which is an international conservation organisation that takes direct action to save the rainforest and other biologically important and depleting natural resources. The wilderness areas bought by the World Land Trust are protected indefinitely as private reserves owned and managed by local organisations for the benefit of both wildlife and people (www.worldlandtrust.org). US sex toy wizards Topco Sales (www. topcosales.us) have also made a 35th anniversary ‘commitment to green’ initiative, where they have implemented recycling,

water filtration, solar energy and sufficient electrical waste disposal, and are actively exploring other ways to reduce Topco Sales’ carbon footprint. ‘We understand the importance of being environmentally conscious and the responsibility we have as one of the world’s largest novelty manufacturers.’ Explained Topco Sales’ director of marketing and public relations Desiree Duffie. ‘Our Commitment to Green will help shed a positive light on the adult toy industry as a whole. It starts at the top and our efforts will benefit our distributors, online retailers, brick and mortar stores and ultimately the end-user.’

Earth-loving lingerie
These days, ethical lingerie need not mean unsightly granny pants or tie-dyed hippy

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possess even a whiff of dreadlocked eco warrior chic and is sure to get your lady friend in the mood to strip. GreenKnickers (www.greenknickers.org) make saucy pants solely from sustainable fabrics that improve agricultural land. They use only organic and natural dyes and certified fair trade cotton and all recycled material for packaging, as well as working with local producers and fair trade suppliers in developing countries. Sarah Lucy Smith set up the eco undies line after graduating in environmental design. ‘We started Greenknickers to prove that ethical choices can be funny, beautiful and sexy. The logical place to start was obviously knickers.’ And their sassy pants sport catchy slogans such as ‘Eat Organic’ and ‘No Deforestation’, so you can make a bold statement about saving the earth whilst simultaneously feeling a little bit sexy.

Safe sex
gear. There are various up and coming fashion labels designing modern, sexy underwear from the finest organic and sustainable fabrics and renewable fibres such as hemp, cotton, bamboo, soya, silk and other natural products. West country label Enamore (www.enamore.co.uk) designs seriously sensual bespoke lingerie from all natural or hand selected vintage fabrics, only source fabric from accredited suppliers and actively support local manufacturing. Reminiscent of Fifties pin-up girls, their glamorous vintage style lingerie doesn’t

According to the Environment Agency of Britain, between 60 and 100 million condoms are improperly disposed of each year in the UK. Most condoms are made from latex, which is an all-natural substance made from the sap of rubber trees. Condoms made of polyurethane should be avoided, as they are essentially plastic and not biodegradable. ‘The jury is still out as to whether latex condoms are biodegradable and what effects additives and lubricants have on biodegradability,’ says Jacob from Treehuggers.com. That said, in terms of safety, latex is the best option.


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Lambskin condoms are biodegradable but are only effective against pregnancy, not STIs. For disposal purposes, putting used condoms in the rubbish bin so they can then be sent off to landfill sites is the best option. ‘Flushing condoms down the toilet is definitely no good,’ says Jacob, ‘as this clogs pipes, treatment plants, and rivers.’

has never been so sexy. And in next month’s Forum we have an extensive interview with the fascinating forest fuckers.

Vegan porn
Eating meat is one of the most significant contributors to environmental decline. Farming and cattle affects various ecological factors including greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation due to grazing, climate change, water pollution and loss of biodiversity, so considering a whole or part vegetarian diet could benefit the environment substantially. If this doesn’t sound sexy to you, then check out www.vegporn.com, an adult site dedicated solely to models that opt for vegetarian lifestyle and ethical choices. Famous for their naked vegan recipe collection, Veg Porn is ‘an alternative erotica and sex-positive culture for herbivores and those who love them’. The site features exclusively vegan and vegetarian models, of all shapes and sizes, posing for your meat free pleasure. The paid membership site currently has 34 models and over 3400 original photos of the animal lovers having fun in their naked entirety. Fans of the more hirsute lady will also particularly enjoy this site, as many of the vegan models favour the furrier look. It only takes a few steps to help save the planet, and participating in ethical sex can be surprisingly good fun. So the next time you buy a sex toy, some new lingerie for your lover, or you’re just about to step into the shower, spare a thought for the planet and get sexy eco style.

Use bamboo bedsheets and towels in your sexy boudoir. A surprisingly soft and sensual fabric, bamboo is the ideal sustainable material, as the grass doesn’t require replanting, grows without fertilisers and pesticides, and can be harvested every three to five years. Bamboo also offers environmentally friendly reduction of pressure on forests through wood substitution, is people friendly as it uses traditional resources, and enhances rural employment generation. You can get bamboo-based products, including sumptuous bedsheets, from various shops online. Try www.nigelsecostore.com.

Eco porn
Fuckforforest.com is an alternative nonprofit organisation for revolutionary eco-activists, exploring the power of sexuality, to save nature and liberate life. They aim to ‘have fun with sex, show natural people and raise funds to save the rainforests’, so basically it’s a bunch of hairy, feral types fucking for charity. But with their guerilla-style public sex shows and seriously raw and explicit footage available online, saving the planet

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