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How to ThIk About the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

Dear Fellow Rosicrucian Smdent, have prepared rhis small leafet, based on market research, to assist you whenever you wish to mention the Rosicrucian Order to a friend, colleague or relative. The leafet covers some of the commonly asked areas as well as tips and hints on what to say and not say.


our very best wishes for Peace Profound, Grand Lodge Promodons Committee

IIow can I explain about the Rosicracian in udls peo?le uill bear and understand, and arithout turning tben off?
'!7hen talking to friends, family and strangers about the Order, the most effective thingyou can do is tell about your personal experience. You can feel free to talk about
the content ofrhe monographs, and about how you feel you have changed or been helped by them. And ifyou feel it would be helpful, you can show one or two ofyour monographs so the person you're talking to can see what they're like. \tr0'e ask, however, that you not share monographs which include rirual or spe cific exercises. After all, we dont wanr to spoil the comingrituals or exercises should the person decide to become a Rosicrucian student. h is understood that we are not giving monograplx to people to 'W'e study. are simply sharing one or two lessons with those who might have misgivings or great curiosity about the nature of the monographs themselves.
It's also important to give people honest facts about what being a Rosicrucian student entails. To do dris, it helps to know what people who are not Rosicrucians commonly

find most appealing about studying the teachings of the Orde r - and it helps to know what some of the Buzz words are that can turn people off