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What is Safety Milestone Recognition?

Department of Labor and Employment Bureau of Working Conditions

The safety milestone recognition is an incentive-award given to a company that achieved excellent safety performance of having NO LOST TIME ACCIDENT (NLTA) for at least one year.
What are the benefits of the Safety Milestone Recognition?
The award provides recognition, prestige and honor for the company. The company serves as role model on occupational safety and health. The company may get rebate/ discounts on their insurance coverage/premium. Encourage and motivate more companies to be steadfast in the implementation of the OSH Standards. Best practices on safety and health are shared among companies. SMile awardees are qualified nominees in the issuance of the TRIPARTITE CERTIFICATE of COMPLIANCE ON LABOR STANDARDS.

Safety Milestone

(SMile) Recognition Program

We hereby affirm our commitment towards workplace safety and health and vigorously support DOLE programs and activities on safety and health as well as uphold its goal and mission of ensuring a safe, healthy and productive Filipino workforce. . (Note: Statement of support and commitment being signed by the stakeholders during the SMile Recognition Program.)


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Safety Milestone (SMile) Recognition

Through the years, the Department of Labor and Employment through the Bureau of Working Conditions has been continuously initiating activities and programs for an effective administration and enforcement of OSH Standards. Among these initiatives is the safety recognition of companies for their commitment in implementing OSH programs and activities which have resulted to having NO disabling injuries or NO lost time accidents. The companys OSH personnel who are DOLE-BWC accredited OSH Practitioners/consultants are likewise recognized for their significant contributions in the attainment of the companys safety milestone.

Who are qualified:

Companies with any of the following safety milestone: 1. Has achieved NLTA or zero lost time accident or one (1) million SAFE work-hours for at least one year from Jan-Dec. (preferably establishments/workplaces classified as hazardous / highly hazardous.) 3. Has completed a construction project without lost time accidents (preferably with an average of 200 workers) 4. Has at least one (1) million aggregate work-hours for several/consecutive/concurrent construction projects, for a period of one year (Jan-Dec)

5. The company has no pending Labor S t a n d a r d s case as certified by the concerned DOLE-Regional Office. How to join the program? 1 - The Company has to notify BWC or the nearest DOLE Regional Office on the attainment of safety milestone by accomplishing the prescribed SMile notification form. (To be attached to the form: photocopy of companys compliance with report requirements of the OSHS such as Registration of Establishments, Report of Safety Organization (RSO), Annual Medical Report (AMR), Annual Exposure Data Report (AEDR), and DOLE RO certification of no pending LS case. 2 BWC to coordinate with the concerned DOLE Regional Office to validate the reports/safety milestone submitted (for application submitted to BWC) 3 DOLE ROs to validate the reports submitted by the company and check companys compliance on Labor Standards and Occupational Safety and Health Standards. Concerned RO may also conduct spot check/ ocular visit to the company, when necessary. 4 RO to submit list of nominated companies. BWC to notify the Company 5 - Issuance of the Certificate of Recognition - Qualified companies will be awarded during the Annual SMile Recognition Program to be scheduled by the BWC on the last quarter of the year.

What are the criteria for the awarding of safety recognition?

1. The company has an organized and active safety and health committee. 2. The company implements OSH policies and programs and shows commitment for the effective implementation of its own safety and health program.

Objectives The program aims to motivate and encourage more companies to be steadfast in the implementation of OSH programs and activities thus facilitate voluntary compliance with the provisions of the OSH Standards resulting to a safe and healthy workplace.

3. The company has a designated safety officer or DOLE accredited Safety Practitioner/Consultant 4. The company complies with the report requirements of the OSHS (e.g. Registration with DOLE, submission of Annual Exposure Data Report, Annual Medical Report, Minutes of the meeting of the SHC, Work Accident and other reports) .