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#1 abash abate abdicate aberration abhor abject abnegate abortive abridge absolute absolve

To make ashamed; to embarrass To subside; to reduce , To step down from a position of power or responsibility , , Something not typical; a deviation from the standard , To hate very, very much; to detest , Hopeless; extremely sad and servile; defeated; utterly bummed out !, "!, #!($) To deny oneself things; to re ect; to renounce , %&, '( !nsuccessful )*!; +,-, ./01To shorten; to condense 23; 4, 54; (6 Total; unlimited; perfect 78-, 9:-, ;<= To forgive or free from blame; to free from sin; to free from an obligation >?, @, A@

#2 abstinent abstract abstruse abysmal accolade accost acerbic acquiesce acrid acrimonious acumen #3 acute adamant address adherent admonish adroit adulation

"bstaining; voluntarily not doing something, especially something pleasant that is bad for you or has a bad reputation 7(B, CD=E Theoretical; impersonal F=E, =E, GH! Hard to understand GH!, I! #xtremely hopeless or wretched; bottomless IJ-, KL MN "n award; an honor OPQ RST; UV, WX To approach and speak to someone YY? Z[ \ $itter; sour; severe %]& , ^! To comply passively; to accept; to assent; to agree _E; __` ab Harsh; like acid cd, ^!, Y! 'ull of spite; bitter; nasty ^!, e!, fg (eenness of udgment; mental sharpness Vh, ijd klm

Sharp; shrewd ijd, h! Stubborn; unyielding; completely inflexible 55!, no!, pq To speak to; to direct ones attention to %)))r& Z[ \, Js* %t- u[&(+(v 'ollower; supporter; believer ww', x, '; 0ym zB, {|}B To scold gently; to warn ~, o; o Skillful; dexterous; clever; shrewd; socially at ease !, zB; h!, &! ,ild or excessive admiration; flattery , F

#4 adulterate adverse aesthetic #7 affable ameliorate affectation amenable affinity amenity affluent amiable agenda amnesty agrarian amoral #5 amorous aggregate amorphous agnostic anachronism alacrity allege analogy alleviate #8 anarchy allocate anecdote alloy anguish #6 animosity allusion anomaly aloof antecedent altruism antipathy ambience ambiguous antithesis apartheid ambivalent # apathy aphorism apocalypse apocryphal apotheosis

To contaminate; to make impure , ` !nfavorable; antagonistic 8-, 6bB, OB, &! Having to do with artistic beauty; artistic -, I=E #asy to talk to; friendly !, ! , } ; zB To make better or more tolerable , w !nnatural willing or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress /bedient; to give in to the wishes of another; agreeable , ; , B, abB; B Sympathy; attraction; kinship; similarity +, m, .leasantness; attractive or comfortable feature =, 6, ; 0| -ich; prosperous 0!, 0+! 'riendly; agreeable f[ B, !, zB .rogram; the things to be done :, - "n official pardon for a group of people who have violated a law or policy -elating to ,land; to the management or farming of land @ , 8 relating ; @ w, Qw, -and wrong; neither good nor bad, neither moral nor immoral; 2acking a sense of right without moral feelings -, LB 'eeling loving, especially in a sexual sense; in love relating to love Sum total; a collection separate things mixed together f, 2! ; H of zB , Y shape; Shapeless; without,a regular))) or stable , ! that Y LB /ne who believes the existence of a god can be neither proven nor disproven Yw ' Something out of place in time or history; an incongruity 0heerful eagerness or readiness to respond h, h, , 8y , 8r 1 $ Tocomparison assert without proof 5 ; U , -8 ; 1 " of one thing to another; similarity +, +F (similarity) To relieve, usually temporarily or incompletely; to make bearable; to lessen , "bsence of government or allot control; lawlessness; disorder 0, ? To distribute; to assign; to , " short accountof oftwo a humorous or revealing incident ,, ; combination or more things, usually metals C "goni3ing physical or mental pain ok, h, o; -esentment; hostility; ill will =-, x!, "n indirect reference (often to a literary work); a hint , , (hint) "n aberration; an irregularity; a deviation , ; V, !ninvolved; standing off; keeping ones distance Someone or something that went before; something that provides a model for something that & ? , J` ; I! , ! , came after it ', ; 9; ?B, ;(Selflessness; generosity; devotion to the interests of others - 'irm dislike; a dislike (sympathy) , , ; B $O : "tmosphere; mood; feeling , (mood) The direct !nclear in opposite meaning;8 confusing; capable of being interpreted in different ways -=E, Yw B; Uw N The abhorrent policy of racial segregation and oppression in the -epubic of South "frica E !ndecided; neutral; wishy1washy w N; -, -; N, !

2ack of interest; lack of feeling , I " brief, often witty saying; a proverb " prophetic revelation, especially one concerning the end of the world _, 2! /f dubious authenticity; fictitious; spurious %', Q u-&Q'O ;6Y -I|d; %=& Y#levation to divine status; the perfect example of something

appease appreciate apprehensive #1! approbation appropriate aptitude arbiter arbitrary arcane archaic #11 archetype ardent arduous aristocratic artful artifice ascendancy ascetic assiduous #12 assimilate assuage astute attrition audacity augment auspicious

To soothe; to pacify by giving in to 1, , +; u[ , To increase in value Y b, Y b; (Y) ,orried; anxious B, B

"pproval; praise Y, EY, @ To take without permission; to set aside for a particular use =!, &B, !; ;+, 0apacity for learning; natural ability =, , ; =7 /ne who decides; a udge E, 9'; = 2 -andom; capricious --, 5=E(random) 4ysterious; known only to a select few -, Y-(mysterious) #xtremely old; ancient; outdated o-

"n original model or pattern

.assionate " !, "IE, B !(half1hearted) Hard; difficult B, oG-; zB, mB /f noble birth; snobbish ,ily; sly !, R !; E=E(5crafty) " clever trick; cunning o, , &; 8, Supremacy; domination , w, Hermitlike; practicing self1denial CD-', CD-Hardworking; busy; 6uite diligent @!, ` B, 0w!

To take in; to absorb; to learn thoroughly B, , , H; R To soothe; to pacify; to ease the pain of; to relieve 1, |& Shrewd; keen in udgment h!, LB; ! 7radual wearing away, weakening, or loss; a natural or expected decrease in numbers of si3e , l, , , 4 $oldness; reckless daring; impertinence 8; 8! To make bigger; to add to; to increase Y, &; , 8 'avorable; promising; pointing to a good result 9-,

austere autocratic #13 autonomous avarice avo" avuncular a"ry a#iom #14 banal bane bastion beget belabor beleaguer belie belittle

!nadorned; stern; forbidding; without excess LB, !!, e!, e!, e! -uling with absolute authority; extremely bossy =E LB,

"cting independently '"-, '-, '=E 7reed; excessive love of riches #D, D To claim; to declare boldly; to admit $, %` E 2ike an uncle, especially a nice uncle &0('0)-; () /ff course; twisted to one side *?; +,; -?; .? Self1evident rule or truth; a widely accepted saying x&, , $&,

!noriginal; ordinary /!, 10! .oison; torment; cause of harm , H, 0-, xE Stronghold; fortress; fortified place 21(26w), To give birth to; to create; to lead to; to cause 3 4, 5 To go over repeatedly or to an absurd extent 6&, $, f 7, D, 98 To surround; to besiege; to harass r9, , :` To give a false impression of; to contradict 6; ;, <, = To make to seem little; to put someone down Q , , Y

#15 belligerent bemused benefactor benevolent benign #16 bequest bereaved beset blasphemy blatant

0ombative; 6uarrelsome; waging war ;E, f;=E, 9 B; ;>, 9 8, = 0onfused; bewildered ? , )))- @[ A /ne who provides help, especially in the form of a gift or donation NE, Bx', 0B $ 7enerous; kind; doing good deeds E CN, 'd, --, f;=E 7entle; not harmful; kind; mild D!, 7!, 'd, '!

Something left to someone in a will +,, +, + 8eprived or left desolate, especially through death %E@[ kS 5U, FG u[&HI, JHw Harass; to surround r9, ; :` 9rreverence; an insult to something held sacred; profanity , !npleasantly or offensively noisy; glaring |d, K{L!, MM|d

#17 blight blithe bourgeois bovine brevity broach bucolic bureaucracy

8isease in plants; anything that in ures or destroys T- o9, H; , JN 0arefree; cheerful 6d, UO!, %! 4iddle class, usually in a pe orative sense; boringly conventional ,, '2Y, 0b9; ow ,!, <=E 0ow related; cowlike cf)canine, e6uine, feline, piscine, porcine, ursine -, PN; Q!, Q! $riefness !, !R, S@ To open up a sub ect for discussion, often a delicate sub ect TU, ( u[ VWr U 0harmingly rural; rustic; countrylike XY=E, -, Y!; XY, ;x " system of government administration consisting of numerous bureaus or offices, especially one run according to inflexible and inefficient rules; any large administrative system characteri3ed by inefficiency, lots of rules, and red tape Z((, -) To expand; to flourish [, \' ]w " ludicrous, mocking, or exaggerated imitation ^, H_`, ab`, 'c, '

burgeon burlesque

#18 cacophony cadence cajole callo" candor $apitalism capitulate capricious caricature

Harsh1sounding mixture of words, voices, or sounds d@, ! @9, @ -hythm, the rise and fall of sounds d", e, Y To persuade someone to do something he or she doesnt want to do 0F; s <, f 9mmature gh Ow N, iUTruthfulness; sincere honesty , $ 'ree enterprise '2To surrender; to give up or give in tj, [ U !npredictable; like to change at any moment , @ kd, l! " portrait or description that is purposely distorted or exaggerated, often to prove some point about its sub ect m, 'm, '! n To critici3e severely; to chastise Y, ; o; o, p 9n chemistry,:; anyone or anything that makes something happen without being directly involved in it qc, q1(

castigate catalyst

#1 categorical catharsis catholic caustic celibacy censure cerebral chagrin charisma

!nconditional; absolute 78=E, 9:- 5=E; /r <B, r.urification that brings emotional relief or renewal , jb !niversal; embracing everything %I, s, tY& ^/!, u=E; 8!, @ vN 2ike acid; corrosive 0T-, ^!, k! "bstinence from sex , 5, CD To condemn severely for doing something bad G, Ow, , n $rainy; intellectually refined 8-, &; w=E, wr fB Humiliation; embarrassed disappointment +, xk, 0 " magical1seeming ability to attract followers or inspire loyalty , ; , ! cm

#2! charlatan chasm chastise chicanery chimera choleric chronic chronicle #21 circuitous

'raud; 6uack; con man w! , xy&-; z{ - " deep, gaping hole; a gorge M w1 , C, |"; 57, ; , To inflict punishment on; to discipline }o, o~; G Trickery; deceitfulness; artifice; especially legal or political , ., <R "n illusion; a foolish fancy G, Hot1tempered; 6uick to anger , + UB 0onstant; lasting a long time; inveterate m- o=E, TB " record of events in order of time; a history J8, u,

-oundabout; not following a direct path -, rbB, ! ! W, w B Z,

circumlocution "n indirect expression; use of wordy or evasive language circumscribe circumspect circumvent civil clemency clich%% clique
To draw a line around; to set the limits; to define; to restrict) ))- r [ , [ ; (!, !3 ; 0autious !, >-!, - MN To frustrate as though by surrounding , ; wb, R; .olite; civili3ed; courteous h-, h!4ercy; forgiveness; mildness(B-) D; 8, ECN "n overused saying or idea 10! W, =E c "n exclusive group bound together by some shared 6uality or interest , 0~

#22 coalesce coerce cogent cognitive cogni&ant coherent colloquial collusion compelling compendium #23 complacent complement complicity
Self1satisfied; overly pleased with oneself; contented to a fault ' m-, N!, @r ! To complete or fill up; to be the perfect counterpart S ;, , .articipation in wrongdoing; the act of being an accomplice $, J, $/ To consist of; to be composed of cf) constitute, compose , , -; , 4aking peace; attempting to resolve a dispute through goodwill d=E, =E, +=E $rief and to the point; succinct !!, !U! To come together as one; to fuse; to unite J, +y; J To force someone to do or not to do something w, (, 2 .owerfully convincing +m!, $[ RB 8ealing with how we know the world around us through our senses; mental ET-, ETm zB "ware; conscious ETo zB, o zB Holding together; making sense g, 9&Y ?B; }-, y! 0onversational; informal in language < 0onspiracy; secret cooperation $,

commensurate #6ual; proportionate PN -, PN !-; | A

'orceful; causing to yield)))w [ R LB, (=E " summary; an abridgment R, 23, $W

comprehensive 0overing or including everything =E, vN; Hm zB, HY comprise conciliatory concise #24 concord concurrent condescend condone conducive confluence congenial congenital

Harmony; agreement -n- , , d9; d Happening at the same time; parallel r OB, dTo stoop to someone elses level, usually in an offensive way; to patroni3e #, '[ F To overlook; to permit to happen >?, _ .romoting B, wB " flowing together, especially of rivers; place where they begin to flow together r, ($ u-) , "greeably suitable; pleasant PN -, @r B, =!, } zB " trait or condition ac6uired between conception and birth; innate =E, oG

#25 conjecture conjure connoisseur consecrate consensus consonant #26 #28 construe credulous consummate criterion contentious cryptic contiguous culinary contingent culminate contrite contrived conventional #2 culpable convivial cursory copious curtail cynic #27
corollary corroborate To guess; to deduce or infer on slight evidence F, Q Z; e+ To summon or bring into being as if by magic ))), @<r U, ([)|U "n expert, particularly in matter of art or taste ( u-) Y, YTY To make or declare sacred , , ; !nanimity or general agreement , S, Harmonious; in agreement 9B, B; d@,

To interpret H, F eager to believe; gullible .erfect; complete; supremely skillful B, %&B, <Y kd !, g, ;!; yLB, eG; , t standard; basis for udgment W, l/ "rgumentative; 6uarrelsome B , [ |B mysterious; mystifying; clandestine ; , RR P N , |d (mysterious); [ =r N Side by side; ad oining qB , EB , ! relating to cooking or the kitchen 2&>-, A8ependent; possible -, J-; )))9: B, )!, z[ R zB to climax; to reach full effect "dmitting guilt; especially feeling remorseful !, !r b, 'r b, KO "rtificial; labored o!, .U! common; customary; unexceptional ;k=E, E=E; d-; T=E, =E deserving blame; guilty G m!, ) zB, +-, ! 'ond of partying; festive -, J-; UO! hasty; superficial x!, =E, 88! "bundant; plentiful 0!, wT 0!; 8to shorten; to cut short !R , 7, )))r? 03 HI one who deeply distrusts human nature; one who believes humans are motivated only by selfishness B $, oB $, 8B $ something that follows; a natural conse6uence F, J! to confirm; to back up with evidence )` , V; E at home in many places or situations; internationally to make fearful; to intimidate))) 3 ,sophisticated b, ; =E, --, ;= B lack; scarcity 0, ; face; facial expression, especially an encouraging one breakdown; sudden overthrow; overwhelming defeat >violent , 51 , , W ; Bx, ww; , y @- , - , H, *; 8R a brilliant victory or accomplishment; the violent overthrow of a government by a small wild living; excessive intemperance internal group - , ; 8$, `P A, , r ; +s, 5, G a solemn agreement; a contract; a pledge weaken; to cripple 3 3to , ?3 , 3 ; 308 9t , iE ?(3) decaying or decayed, especially in terms morals secret; hidden -, &, S zB, of $ r w B r , N=E to wish for enviously #U, G; G, "G to kill or destroy a large part of CN $[ E; ;<- ;[ (6 proper; in good taste; orderly V- , N; 5!; zB, e! to conclude from evidence; to infer J, F; +3 , Y3 to libel or slander; to ruin the good name of UV3 , A


cosmopolitan daunt





debilitate decadent covert


decimate decorous deduce defame

#31 deference definitive degenerate% deleterious delineate delude deluge demagogue deni&en depravity deprecate deride #32 derogatory desiccate despondent despot destitute desultory dialectical
submission to anothers will; respect; courtesy j, , conclusive; providing the last word =E, B=E; !, U!; !g to break down; to deteriorate , Ow; ; ; harmful Hd, +! to describe accurately; to draw in outline [ &, to deceive <, < ))); <S? m{ a flood; an inundation 8R, /$, f; (Ac, uw u-) a leader of the people, but more a rabble rouser ', Y inhabitant h, 6'; E, >= t', ?T extreme wickedness or corruption 0*, , to express disapproval of G, 8, [ [ to ridicule; to laugh at contemptuously 98,

disapproving; degrading B, Y3 &B; =E to dry out :9, Z? extremely depressed; full of despair !, dLB an absolute ruler; an autocrat ', , ;< extremely poor; utterly lacking !, ! without a plan or purpose; disconnected; random ,m!, LB; =E, (3 G relating to discussions; relating to the rules and methods of reasoning; approaching truth in the middle of opposing extremes A-, an authoritative saying; an adage; a maxim; a proverb , C; $T nH, U intended to teach; morally instructive; pedantic Yb !, ~=E timid; lacking in self1confidence ' LB, B; CN, U=E, RN to stray from the main sub ect 2(3 O, w b, someone with superficial knowledge of the arts; an amateur; a dabbler F fY, s wT[ Y1 $

dictum didactic diffident digress dilettante

#33 discern discreet discrete discriminate disdain disinterested disparage #34 disparate disseminate dissipate
different; incompatible; une6ual 2= , $k LB to spread the seeds of something; to scatter; to make widely known ;, & &; , & to thin out, drift away, or dissolve; to cause to thin out, drift away, or dissolve; to waste or s6uander &, A,, , the breaking up or dissolving of something into parts; disintegration >H, H; H,, , to swell; to extend a great deal 0&, X; [ to tell apart; to cause to stand out , ; r easily taught; obedient; easy to handle +!, D!, y!; Yb kd, kd inflexibly committed to a doctrine or theory without regard to its practicality; dogmatic $=E, 9-arrogantly assertive of unproven ideas; stubbornly claiming that something (often a system of beliefs) is beyond dispute 5=E, o=E; --, &having to do with the household or family; not foreign Y-, -; >U-, '>-; >,-; {S1 to have insight; to see things clearly, to discriminate; to differentiate , T, ET prudent; udiciously reserved zB, 5 MN unconnected; separate; distinct -, g, zB, J<-, to notice or point out the difference between two or more things; to discern; to differentiate , ; arrogant scorn; contempt , , m not taking sides; unbiased I!, !; D LB, !; $! to belittle; to say uncomplimentary things about, usually in a somewhat indirect way , ; A, UV3 H

dissolution distend distinguish docile doctrinaire dogmatic


#35 dormant #38 dubious emulate duplicity encroach #36 ebullient endemic enervate eccentric enfranchise eclectic engender edify enigma efface enormity effusion ephemeral egalitarian #3 epigram egocentric epitome egregious equanimity equitable #37 elicit equivocal elliptical erudite elusive #4! esoteric emigrate espouse empirical ethereal euphemism evanescent e#acerbate
" inactive; as though asleep; asleep 'B, @-, j-, w!, ozB :volcano, :window " full of doubt; uncertain -I|d, R!, -, f! >t to strive to e6ual excel, imitation "[ , -, "I Y , 1) or )! , a :usually friend, through be : about cf) dubitable ` UU, r = emulator ', emulation emulous =E be = the act of being two1faced; double1dealing; deception W&0, ), , emulous of [ "I` A , j cf) duplication j(, duplicate aj- n2 v >i to make gradual or stealthy inroads into; to trespass V, T(on, upon) T, HI " bubblingto with excitement; exuberant; " boiling; native; restricted a particular region or era; indigenous uB , o+! x, ! , ", ^ ! n ebullience,1cy n ebullition u, - ., ; ! wAn endemicity - z. > to reduce the strength or energy of, especially to do so gradually " not conventional; a little kooky; irregular x3 HI, 3 a dLB, LB YmLB k , !; uI-; ()uI = , E ; Ix ; ( ofc ) I especially the right to vote > to grant the privileges citi3enship, 6 [ r ' [ ; drawn HA ment $ h- 0S " choosing the;best from many sources; from many sources tB, 7B n 7-' cf) eclecticism 7_0 > to bring into existence; to create; to cause .5, produce; O >t; to enlighten; to instruct, especially in moral or religious matters %w 'T[ ment , (~); cf)edifying ~ B, +a! = a mystery RR(riddle), RR E >t to erase; to rub away the features of w, Zb, eclipse = evil;effacement a hideous offense; immensity , `, , / 0f extreme ) effaceable, = lasting a pouring forth +v (), O , I, , ! Z(c) " a very short time W r YB , 5U! LB #ffuse v .,(+v) #ffusive a [g, OB, B " believing in the social and economic e6uality of all people u-= = u-' a brief and usually witty or satirical saying , ' " selfish; believing that one is the center of everything 'I-, -=E, n = a brief summary that captures the meaning of the whole; the perfect example of -' egoism - egoistic, 1tical =E something; a paradigm 2, 23, 4, 6&; . " extremely bad; flagrant eG, yLB, xy&LB () G = composure; calm , y "d fair $!, $!, r B >t to bring out; to call forth U, +HU, :a laugh from, "d ambiguous; intentionally confusing; capable of being interpreted in more than one :a reply elicitation n way f!, -I, Uw N "d oval; missing a word or words; obscure x- (c) 5R"d scholarly; deeply ellipsoid learned Y T! , +T!; ?= u- _c=E #llipsis (c) 5R (R _) x "d hard to pin down; evasive ` wB, B, + B, R LB elude > elusion <R, , , . "d hard to understand; understood by only a select few; peculiar > to move to a new country; to move a new place to live; to expatriate > Ix!, GH!, -, emigrant a h-, n h, h opps immigrate > to support; to advocate ww, f "d relying on experience or observation; not merely theoretical -, =E, ) "d heavenly, as light and insubstantial as a gas or ether lr -!; z{ -PN :philosophy _ -(heavenly), $PN, Yd #mpiricism - () = a pleasant or inoffensive expression used in place of an unpleasant or offensive one "d fleeting; vanishing; happening for only the briefest period wwB, LB > to make worse u[ , ; O

e#acting e#alt e#asperate e#emplify e#haustive e#hort

"d extremely demanding; difficult; re6uiring great skill or care e!,Y!,yt=E, > to raise high; to glorify , 1, , > to annoy thoroughly; to make very angry; to try the patience of , , 3, > to illustrate by example; to serve as a good example V, )))- / "d thorough; rigorous; complete; painstaking ;03 B, !, =E, =E, oB > to urge strongly; to give a serious warning to !` b, , ~

#41 e#igency e#istential

= an emergency; an urgency , ! "d having to do with existence; having to do with the body of thought called existentialism, which basically holds that human beings are responsible for their own actions but is otherwise too complicated to summari3e in a single sentence r !, )-, )-> to free completely from blame; to exculpate >?, , > to throw (someone) out of his or her native land; to move away from ones native land; to emigrate > FA, 9>[ %& "d providing an immediate advantage; serving ones immediate self1interest; practical u&!, +&!, Au> to speed up or ease the progress of q, q1; 8 u[ 0n, $c u[ "d clearly and directly expressed U&!, !; =E, %!, yN > to praise highly; to laud , ` "d unnecessary; irrelevant; extra 2!; 0=7!; W-, 00y-; 2r? G > to protect or deduce from something known; to infer kr? r -H F, [ ; F > to free from difficulty v, v, +& = an open, outgoing person; a person whose attention is focused on others rather than on himself or herself =E $ > to re oice; to celebrate , i, - ` , )))r &

e#onerate e#patriate e#pedient e#pedite e#plicit e#tol e#traneous e#trapolate e#tricate e#trovert e#ult

#42 fabrication facetious facile faction farcical fastidious fatalist fatuous fauna fecund #43 felicity fervor fetter fidelity figurative

= a lie; something made up

, i9; (Q; 9, 90

"d humorous; not serious; clumsily humorous abN, |d "d fluent; skillful in a superficial way; easy kd, >!, !u!; !, !; N, =E = a group, usually a small part of a larger group, united around some cause; disagreement within an organi3ation , 0~ 9, 0 "d absurd; ludicrous ab`-, abN, "d meticulous; demanding; finicky d, I! -Y 2! = someone who believes that future events are already determined and that humans are powerless to change them dUY "d foolish; silly; idiotic -, 1; )<Y LB, $! = animals cf) flora , -(animal) "d fertile; productive ,-, m 0!, (wY) 1

= happiness; skillfulness, especially at expressing things; adeptness wj, LB j, , {1 W, = great warmth or earnestness; ardor; 3eal ", &", "(ardor) > to restrain; to hamper <Y, 3 = faithfulness; loyalty ), 7, "d based on figures of speech; expressing something in terms usually for something else; metaphorical +=E, RT CN; o=E; 9=E, =E = skillful maneuvering; subtlety; craftiness , ! , , R, V& "d glaringly bad; notorious; scandalous U N, `, U&! > show off; to display ostentatiously 'O, ; 8; [ 0& > to disregard something out of disrespect , 98 = a minor character flaw 3, ; 'mo zB ; -B 0(- Yd? Kw) > to stir up; to instigate , 9[,

finesse flagrant flaunt flout foible foment

#44 forbear #46 hac'neyed forgo hapless forsa'e harbinger hedonism fortuitous hegemony founder heresy hermetic fraternal frenetic heyday frugal hiatus hierarchy furtive histrionic #45 futile homily garrulous homogeneous husbandry genre hyperbole genteel hypothetical gesticulate #47 iconoclast glut grandiloquent ideology grandiose idiosyncrasy gratuitous idyllic gravity ignominy gregarious illicit guile imminent immutable impartial impeccable (mperial)
v to refrain from ; to abstain e(, , ; (Y, [ & a ; trite ; stale $1, 10! v overused to do without ; to forbear r, d )))L , a unlucky Ow %U , ! (unlucky) v abandon ; ; to ; to relin6uish n to a forerunner a renounce signal of ', ;9; Y %&, %&o zw n the pursuit of pleasure as a way of life a accidental ; occurring by chance J- dn leadership, especially of one nation over another * v to fail ; to collapse ; to sink n any belief that is strongly opposed to established Y , 7 , )* , Rbeliefs 5, a impervious to external influence ; airtight like brothers (, !, N!, JC-, !, JC a frantic ; fren3ied .^!, "^=E n golden age ; prime ;(prime) a economical ; penny1pinching n break or interruption, oftenB from, work , w1 ; a 3! , ! ; > {w !! n an organi3ation based on rank or degree ; pecking order a secretive ; sly N !, ! , R N ' (, ' ; r <, & a overly dramatic ; theatrical J`-, J` -; , J` a ; hopeless LB, LB; LB, ! n useless a sermon ~, s a a talkative; uniform ; chatty made entirely of one thing -, PN r-(uniform) R|d, [J!, ! &3 UB, T wB n thrifty management of resources ; livestock farming , 73 n a type or category, especially of art or writing n used as a figure of speech ; exaggeration [an b,exaggeration +, 3T; < [; [, 8, [g W(exaggeration) a refined ; polite ; aristocratic ; affecting refinement a uncertain ; unproven Ys-B , Y=E zB, ! ; +[ ; N v to make gestures, especially when speaking or in place of speaking ; -k, ;[ kH -k[ n one who attacks popular beliefs or institutions n surplus ; an overabundance ! CN, o , m, T 0-', 0-' a pompous ; using a lot of big, fancy words in an attempt to sound impressive n a system of social or political ideas f [B, [B , ', a absurdly exaggerated "[!, [e!, #<B 6 B n a peculiarity ; an eccentricity a given , freely , (said ,of +something W bad) , < ; un ustified ; unprovoked ; uncalled for Z-, R-; +LB, 2! a charming in a rustic way ; naturally peaceful ;x, XY=E , !Yd n seriousness 1w , e, [; 8; m n deep disgrace D , UV , R|d a sociable ; en oying the company of others , F 6B ; =E & a illegal ;,not permitted -,;-,, ( n cunning ; duplicity ; artfulness , @! f, I, R a ust about to happen 7Y!, qY!, ! a unchangeable -, w B a fair ; not favoring one side or the other ; unbiased $!, w N a flawless ; entirely without sin LB, Y LB, G- SwY LB a like an emperor or an empire (>-, J(-, J)-, [e!; 6m!, :A1; R!

#48 impervious impetuous implement impotent impugn% inane inaugurate

a not allowing anything to pass through ; impenetrable O $, N ^ aY kw B; !, Q! a impulsive ; extremely impatient !, !; ! v to carry out 3< a3 (to carry out), 3 , 2! ![ a powerless ; helpless ; unable to perform sexual intercourse m!, 3! v to attack, especially to attack the truth or integrity of something G, $ a silly ; senseless $!, &N, ) v to begin officially ; to induct formally into office tT[ 6, t; 1d 83 "

#4 incandescent incantation

a brilliant ; giving off heat or light &"-, *OB, +"^[ UB n a chant ; the repetition of statements or phrases in a way reminiscent of a chant ' jB c(,:)(chant); c; c[ -, a make very angry O a unceasing .LB, !5LB a beginning ; emerging /@-, .5a cutting right to the heart of the matter ijd, Y 0, V&!, ^! a not harmonious ; not consistent ; not appropriate not fitting in &w B, 09a incapable of being reformed R LB, 1 R LB, (8-, &MN n an increase ; one in a series of increases Y, 1, ', a not caring one way or the other ; apathetic ; mediocre I!, O2w B; 8R:w N, LB; /!, $!

incense incessant incipient incisive incongruous incorrigible increment% indifferent

#5! indigenous indigent indignant indolent indulgent ineffable inept

a native ; originating in that area y-, >,-, oG a poor YG!, ! a angry, especially as a result of something un ust or unworthy ; insulted G, !, G a la3y , O!; k LB lenient ; yielding to desire 8 B 8!, ew N a incapable of being expressed or described Z W R LB, Z R LB, Zr ! ! a clumsy ; incompetent ; gauche 0=!, PN, &N

inert ine#orable infamous infatuated

a inactive ; sluggish ; not reacting chemically .w ,!, 5Y LB, Q!; LB a relentless ; inevitable ; unavoidable >?LB, !, ! a shamefully wicked ; having an extremely bad reputation ; disgraceful R|d, 0!, U N; w!; uLB a foolish ; foolishly passionate or attracted ; made foolish ; foolishly in love 1, " !, !

#51 infer infinitesimal ingenuous inherent injunction innate innocuous inordinate insatiable

v to conclude ; to deduce F&, OU, a very, very, very small ; infinitely small `` QN, !-; ` a frank ; without deception ; simple ; artless ; charmingly na ve %!, LB; 1! a part of the essential nature of something ; intrinsic 0-, o+-, oG n a command or order, especially a court order U3, ~3, w3, Cw U3 a existing since birth ; inborn ; inherent oG, a harmless ; banal HY LB, LB a excessive ; unreasonable wO, !; 7(!, l!, G! a hard or impossible to satisfy ; greedy ; avaricious m bB, #D|d =E

#52 insidious insinuate insipid insolent instigate insular insurgent integral intractable intransigent #53 intrinsic introspective

a treacherous ; sneaky !, AI R LB; v to hint ; to creep in w , 8 Z(hind) a dull ; bland ; banal 1, 46d, LB :9! a arrogant ; insulting 6m!, m!, 656&B v to provoke ; to stir up z, , 0F a like an island ; isolated 6-, 6Ow -, ud! n a rebel ; someone who revolts against a government ', ', , 0 dY a essential ;!, ;! 7[ B R=E a uncontrollable ; stubborn ; disobedient , e8|d, oq a uncompromising ; stubborn d=E

a part of the essential nature of something ; inherent 2=E, o+a tending to think about oneself ; examining ones feelings ' -, U=E

inundate invective inveterate irascible ironic

v to flood ; to cover completely with water ; to overwhelm /$, R, 9, n insulting or abusive speech Ds, , G a habitual ; firm in habit ; deeply rooted &MN, =E, ma easily angered or provoked ; irritable !, [ + UB a meaning the opposite of what you seem to say ; using words to mean something other than what they seem to mean :B, '=E, =E a irreversible t R LB, 03 R LB a moving from place to place B, AB, umE, wA -

irrevocable itinerant

#54 judicious ju#tapose 'inetic labyrinth laconic lament lampoon languish largess latent laud legacy lethargy levity #55 libel litigate loquacious lucid

a exercising sound udgment zB, & m zB, U! v to place side by side , O` a having to do with motion ; lively ; active d-, dr -H 5B; =E, m=E n a ma3e ; something like a ma3e (ma3e), , ; : a using few words, especially to the point of seeming rude !!, ZR =N v to mourn ,, , !< v to satiri3e ; to mock ; to parody ', 6& v to become weak, listless, or depressed 3Hw, OHw, Hw; ; ; o 5[ n generous giving of gifts (or the gifts themselves) ; generosity ; philanthropy S, (=L B) a present but not visible or apparent ; potential = >B, j-; =E, v to praise ; to applaud ; to extol ; to celebrate , & n something handed down from the past ; a be6uest +, n sluggishness ; la3iness ; drowsiness ; indifference R; , m, . , n lightness ; frivolity ; unseriousness %, %! , 6G

n a written or published falsehood that in ures the reputation of, or defames, someone UV , ; D B 7 v to try in court ; to engage in legal proceedings ; (+; r? a talking a lot or too much Z CN, T wB, ? &3 UB a clear ; easy to understand @N, U!; UZ!; *OB; U!

lugubrious luminous

a exaggeratedly mournful ,B; YA!; /d a giving off light ; glowing ; bright *[UB, UZ!, HY kd; BN, U!

#56 machination magnanimous magnate malaise malfeasance malinger malleable mandate

n scheming activity for an evil purpose @, a forgiving ; unresentful ; noble in spirit ; generous 8!, zB, n a rich, powerful, or very successful businessperson o, 0f; 6, +m' n a feeling of depression, uneasiness, or 6ueasiness CN, n an illegal act, especially by a public official 0 v to pretend to be sick to avoid doing work f[ 0& a easy to shape or bend D R zB, +!, D!, Yb kd n a command or authori3ation to do something ; the will of the voters as expressed by the results of an election U3, w3; k, , [ a visible ; evident U&!, U! n a public declaration of beliefs or principles, usually political ones U?, ? v to arrange in order ; to gather together for the purpose of doing something , E; JA a warlike ; having to do with combat ;-, -; Ed; f;=E, >! n someone who gives up his or her life in pursuit of a cause, especially a religious one ; one who suffers for a cause ; one who makes a show of suffering in order to arouse sympathy ', F5'; YH, :` v to enroll, especially at a college V_[ Y, V_

manifest manifesto marshal martial martyr

matriculate #57 maudlin maveric' ma#im% mediate mellifluous mendacious mendicant mentor

a silly and overly sentimental + F&B, =E, mt! n a nonconformist ; a rebel [, -', < Y, oG H Gw n a fundamental principle ; an old saying , U, v to help settle differences , 9 a sweetly flowing d, +X! a lying ; dishonest -, 6;Z +B n a beggar 6w(beggar) n a teacher, tutor, counselor, or coach ; especially in business, an experienced person who shows an inexperienced person the ropes Uo )! 9'(teacher, tutor)

mercenary mercurial metamorphosis

n a hired soldier ; someone who will do anything for money >, o>g $ a emotionally unpredictable ; rapidly changing in mood h!, |d; UO!, !; RNn a magical change in form ; a striking or sudden change - f, , ,

#58 microcosm milieu minuscule misanthropic mitigate mollify monolithic moribund morose mortify% mundane munificent myopia myriad #5 narcissism nebulous nefarious neologism nepotism nihilism nominal nostalgia

n the world in miniature , E! n environment ; surroundings , a very tiny c QN a hating mankind =E, E!v to moderate the effect of something |&, , ; v to soften ; to soothe ; to pacify , , 1, a massive, solid, uniform, and unyielding 5=E, I=E; ;` k(g a dying EYB, H YB a gloomy ; sullen !(gloomy, sullen), J!, K!, CN a to humiliate e(, `j, #D[ , a ordinary ; pretty boring ; not heavenly and eternal <-, -, a very generous ; lavish Ew N, =L B(lavish), 8/! a nearsightedness ; lack of foresight ; nwU 0! n a huge number R!; R! $

n excessive love of ones body or oneself 't a vague ; ha3y ; indistinct d-, H, U!; c!, LJ! a evil ; flagrantly wicked ,g, -, =E n a new word or phrase ; a new usage of a word (new word), > n showing favoritism to friends of family in business or politics >- 8, u n the belief that there are no values or morals in the universe -, 0a in name only ; insignificant ; "1/( (during rocket launches) -, [ OUB, ME; N@n sentimental longing for the past ; homesickness R; 6- (homesickness)

notorious novel% no#ious nuance

a famous for something bad cG, G, U N a new ; original !, F!!; 1d, ! a harmful ; offensive +H!, Hd; :;!, = +H! n a subtle difference or distinction 9, @, ; Z- !

#6! obdurate obfuscate oblique oblivion obscure obsequious obtuse officious onerous opaque opulent orthodo#

a stubborn and insensitive oq, o!, ! v to darken ; to confuse ; to make confusing @[ O , w ; J , G/ a indirect ; at an angle !, 1, -; *N, ! n total forgetfulness ; the state of being forgotten G, :G; 8@ a unknown ; hard to understand ; dark U N, f!; r w B, PP!, H a fawning ; subservient ; sucking up to B, O6&B a insensitive ; blockheaded Q, Q!, R&Y Q! a annoyingly eager to help or advise n B, 0L nB, $Ta burdensome ; oppressive Y, SN a impossible to see through ; impossible to understand U!, U!; Q!, 0;a luxurious 0+!, 0! a conventional ; adhering to established principles or doctrines, especially in religion ; by the book ;k-, k0-, Eg; ;k=E, E=E a apparent (but misleading) ; professed @-, Ta excessively conspicuous ; showing off 'O( |UB, T3 B; T=E, ! v to calm someone down ; to placate , m, 1

ostensible ostentatious pacify #61 painsta'ing palliate

a extremely careful ; taking pains Ro3 w B, @!(5pains1taking 5 taking pains) v to relieve or alleviate something without getting rid of the problem ; to assuage ; to mitigate = , ? Z, U; a capable of being touched ; obvious ; tangible m R zB, !, U! a insignificant ; worthless SN, !, Y!, B n something that cures everything m k3 n a model or example /, ; W

palpable paltry panacea paradigm

parado# parochial parody parsimonious partisan

n a true statement or phenomenon that nonetheless seems to contradict itself ; an untrue statement or phenomenon that nonetheless seems logical s, a narrow or confined in point of view ; provincial ud!; -, wAn a satirical imitation ' UE Q c, ? A a stingy E!(5stingy) n one who supports a particular person, cause, or idea , , ! &

#62 patent paternal pathology patriarch patrician patroni&e paucity peccadillo pedantic pedestrian pejorative penchant penitent pensive #63 peremptory perennial perfidy perfunctory peripatetic periphery

a obvious U&!, U!(5obvious) a fatherly ; fatherlike %w-, n the science of diseases &_ n the male head of a family or tribe Y, [; x, [; J n a person of noble birth ; an aristocrat , c~Y; o8 v to treat as an inferior ; to condescend to f, Bx; 9 n scarcity , 0(5scarcity), , R n a minor offense , 9m a boringly scholarly or academic _=E, _'E <B a unimaginative ; banal m LB(unimaginative), /!, 10!(banal) a negative ; disparaging Y3 &B(negative), GB(disparaging) n a strong taste or liking for something ; a predilection f, , t a sorry ; repentant ; contrite BB B, 3 VB(sorry, repentant, contrite) a thoughtful and sad 5r , R3 W

a final ; categorical ; dictatorial 5f!, =E; eJ!, 6m!; 5=E, 5=E(categorical) a continual ; happening again and again or year after year 5-, S|H <B(continual) n treachery ), (treachery) a unenthusiastic ; careless T=E(careless;I!), T-(unenthusiastic) a wandering ; traveling continually ; itinerant B(itinerant), \B(wandering) n the outside edge of something -, ; W@, @

perjury permeate pernicious perquisite pertinent% perturb peruse #64 pervade petulant philanthropy philistine pious

n lying under oath , 6; , 03 v to spread or seep through ; to penetrate {, , w a deadly ; extremely evil +H!; 0=E, U=E(deadly) n a privilege that goes along with a ob ; a perk 0RV, X(5perk) a relevant ; dealing with the matter at hand =!, =7!, )))r !, Ag(relevant) v to disturb greatly , v to read carefully , '

v to spread throughout & w, , {, o a rude ; cranky ; ill1tempered + wwB, 3 + UB, d(cranky, rude) n love of mankind, especially by doing good deeds Y, '; ' , ' n a smugly ignorant person with no appreciation of intellectual or artistic matters <, LB $ a reverent or devout ; outwardly (and sometimes falsely) reverent or devout ; hypocritical YI MN, :!; =E; =E, 3 ) (B a crucial 4-, F=E, 2!(crucial) v to pacify ; to appease ; to soothe +, , ; YwZ`, p a expressing sadness or sorrow , !, ,, [!, /d n a dull or trite remark ; a clich? 10!, /!; 59; 10! Z, \H 1 . n common ; vulgar ; low class ; bourgeois k-, /!; <g(vulgar), ! n an excess , ] a painfully emotional ; extremely moving ; sharp or astute ^!, ijd; =E, @r fB

pivotal placate plaintive platitude plebeian plethora% poignant

#65 polari&e polemic ponderous portent

v to break up into opposing factions or groupings `[ , `; 8, " n a powerful argument often make to attack or refute a controversial issue , a so large as to be clumsy ; massive ; dull 6d(massive), r u!, ^^!, w!(dull), [J!, n an omen ; a sign of something coming in the future ;9; o9; =E 7($)

postulate pragmatic precedent precept precipitate precipitous #66 preclude precursor predilection preeminent preempt premise prepossess

n something accepted as true without proof ; and axiom Y, 9:, 2 x&, 29:; x&, a practical ; down to earth ; based on experience rather than theory )>=E, )>-n an earlier example or model of something , , n a rule to live by ; a principle establishing a certain kind of action or behavior ; a maxim ~, (maxim); , [, U3? v to cause to happen abruptly \' &, Y , q1, q a steep Y0, !(steep); J!, _8B

v to prevent something from ever happening (, (; AH, YL n forerunner ; something that goes before and anticipates or paves the way for whatever it is that follows ', , ', ' n a natural preference for something u, a better than anyone else ; outstanding ; supreme !, .-, !, v! v to sei3e something by prior right cr -H n an assumption ; the basis for a conclusion ;(, ;! t, 6; w, 0, v to preoccupy ; to influence beforehand or pre udice ; to make a good impression on beforehand V[ Yw ; N [ , f[ Yw n a right or privilege connected exclusively with a position, a person, a class, a nation, or some other group or classification , ;; W v to triumph ; to overcome rivals ; (with on, upon, or with) to persuade , & ; +m, a original ; unspoiled ; pure x=E, i-, x-, Y! a wastefully extravagant 0!, `B; B, A!


prevail pristine prodigal #67 prodigious prodigy profane profess

a extraordinary; enormous; vast 68!, L8!; /!, +G, ! n an extremely talented child; an extraordinary accomplishment or occurrence; wonder / , ! , ! 9, ;9, a not having to do with religion; irreverent; blasphemous =E [ `B; <-, ! v to declare; to declare falsely or pretend; $; o&; ; cf) professed $!, ;c=E, 2-, m-, '-, 6;- professional a -,;c - n w= E, ;cY, ;c R a thoroughly competent; skillful; very good (at something) 'g,'! (at, in) n UE(expert)


profligate profound

a extravagantly wasteful and, usually, wildly immoral a A!, O% n A, Ga a deep (several senses); ~sleep, ~knowledge, ~meaning, ~thanks, ~anxiety, ~bow n profundity, profoundness MN, & MN; Ix!, HY!, GH! , Ir?-, ! n() IJ, IH a flowing; extravagant =LB, @ B!; 0!, CN; ! n the industrial working class ,, &h v to spread or grow rapidly T, , a abundantly productive; fruitful or fertile ,-, b!, Q-, 0!

profuse proletariat proliferate prolific #68 promulgate propensity propitious proponent proprietary propriety prosaic proscribe proselyti&e protagonist protract provident

v to proclaim; to publicly or formally declare something $, y&, & D, ;, n a natural inclination or tendency; a predilection , , +, a marked by favorable signs or conditions 9d, ?d, 'd; N, f-3 Y1 n an advocate; a supporter of a position f', ww'; (Y, (-' a characteristic of an owner of property; constituting property +Y-, -, c -; , zB n properness; good manners , ; V-, a dull; unimaginative; like prose (as opposed to poetry) ,c=E, /!, w! v to outlaw; to prohibit Cw, 8, FA; E[ Y v to convert (someone) from one religion or doctrine to another; to recruit converts to a religion or doctrine , ; n the leading character in a novel, play, or other work; a leader or champion E$, , X' v to prolong , J[, c, U(prolong) a preparing for the future; providing for the future; frugal !, nwU zB; !

#6 provincial provisional pro#imity prudent purported putative

a limited in outlook to ones own small corner of the world; narrow ud!; wA-, -; !, Y! a conditional; temporary; tentative =E, =E, n nearness , E, Yd a careful; having foresight !, U!, 3B, LB a rumored; claimed -, ; ,,,wo , [ a commonly accepted; supposed; reputed F-, -, cr {&B

#7! qualify qualitative querulous qui#otic

v to modify or restrict (!, !, ; '[ , ![ 0S a having to do with the 6uality or 6ualities of something (as opposed to the 6uantity) = E, r ! a complaining; grumbling; whining [ B, d6&B; a romantic or idealistic to a foolish or impractical degree $Y-, )=E

#71 ramification rancor rapacious rebu'e rebut recalcitrant recant reciprocal reclusive recondite #72 recrimination redolent redundant refute reiterate relegate relentless relinquish remonstrate renaissance renounce

n a conse6uence; a branching out , F; Yw, , &; 0 n bitter, long1lasting ill will or resentment x!, , + a greedy; plundering; avaricious B, 3B, DICN v to critici3e sharply G, e( v to contradict; to argue in opposition to; to prove to be false Y, a stubbornly defiant of authority or control; disobedient tB, oq, ! v to publicly take back and deny (something previously said or believed); to openly confess error YO [ u[ , t, a mutual; shared; interchangeable f!-(mutual), fe=E, j-, ^a hermitlike; withdrawn from society [ %H, NQ!, ! a hard to understand; over ones head I!, GH!, d

n a bitter counteraccusation, or the act of making a bitter counteraccusation ? G, , ;Y, o a fragrant d(fragrant) a unnecessarily repetitive; excessive; excessively wordy S-, !, [J! v to prove to be false; to disprove Y, Y v to say again; to repeat , j v to banish; to send away U , FA, & a continuous; unstoppable !, fE!, LB v to release or let go of; to surrender; to stop doing , 5 , [ g, m v to argue against; to protest; to raise ob ections t-, -3 Z, ! n a rebirth or revival 0, 5, 0s v to give up formally or resign; to disown; to have nothing to do with anymore 5 , w

#73 reparation repercussion replenish replete reprehensible reprisal reproach reprove repudiate requisite resolute
n paying back; making amends; compensation , ; R&, R n a conse6uence; an indirect effect h, , , , v to fill again; to resupply; to restore , 1 a completely filled; abounding Y, m!; T!, 0, m! a worthy of blame or censure G m!, 7[ m!, ! n a military action undertaken in revenge for another; an act of taking an eye for an eye j, Yi@, jR; )m v to scold, usually in disappointment; to blame; to disgrace G, Ow, 7; <@[ v to critici3e mildly G, 7, b, 5 v to re ect; to renounce; to disown to have nothing to do with 60, 67, 0E re6uired necessary 2!, R=E, Rdetermined; firm; unwavering p I!, pN, 5f!, o!

#74 respite reticent revere rhetoric rigorous robust rogue rudimentary ruminate rustic

n a period of rest or relief J, = 5, +V; T! a 6uiet; restrained; reluctant to speak, especially about oneself _!, V 6d, (YB v to respect highly; to honor , j n the art of formal speaking or writing; inflated discourse R_, ", S, Qc a strict; harsh; severe e!, fg, e!; e!, ! a strong and healthy; vigorous :!, kk!, :!, :;! n a criminally dishonest persons; a scoundrel :, l*; [, 0! a basic; crude; unformed or undeveloped 2-, -; '!, xv to contemplate; to ponder; to mull over F, I 'o a rural lacking urban comforts or sophistication; primitive -(rural), -, Y!, 5!

#75 saccharine sacrilege sacrosanct sagacious salient salutary sanctimonious

a sweet; excessively or disgustingly sweet m!, s PN n a violation of something sacred; blasphemy a sacred; held to be inviolable !, Ya discerning; shrewd; keen in udgment; wise U!, h!, U! a sticking out; conspicuous; leaping |1, !; zv!, x ! a healthful; remedial; curative :;!, +a! a pretending to be devout; affecting religious feeling :! <B

sanguine sardonic #76 scintillate scrupulous scrutini&e secular sedition sensory sentient sequester #77 serendipity servile singular slander sloth sobriety solicitous solvent soporific #78 sordid spa"n specious sporadic spurious squalor squander

a cheerful; optimistic; hopeful nN *[ W, o-, o N, !, b~! a mocking; scornful B, 8B

v to sparkle, either literally or figuratively p[ U, Y a strict; careful; hesitant for ethical reasons LB, @!; I=E, w9zB, ! v to examine very carefully '` 9, <<{ a having nothing to do with religion or spiritual concerns <n treason; the incitement of public disorder or rebellion (treason); AH, a having to do with the senses or sensation w -, [ ;B a able to perceive by the senses; conscious w zB, )))[ qr R zB v to set or keep apart N, o; R, Yr accidental good fortune; discovering good things without looking for them W- .n, R s 7 submissive and subservient; like a servant V -, #! uni6ue; superior; exceptional; strange k t, G; +!(uni6ue), +LB to speak badly about someone publicly; to defame; to spread malicious rumor , UV3 la3iness; sluggishness the state of being sober; seriousness 7, 7(, (, D: eager and attentive, often to the point of hovering; anxiously caring or attentive !7` ))) B, GB; B, B not broke or bankrupt; able to pay ones bills w m zB, [ |w B sleeping inducing; extremely boring; very sleepy @r \H, & B

vile; filthy; s6ualid w!(filthy, s6ualid), F!, #D, !(vile) to bring forth; to produce a large number ,, 8 5, deceptively plausible or attractive N, u!, Tm ! stopping and starting; scattered; occurring in bursts every once in a while 66 OB, cc!, ,.false; fake Y-(false, fake) filth; wretched, degraded, or repulsive living conditions , |; , to waste v , 1, , ,

stagnation static staunch steadfast stigmati&e stipulate stoic stratum stricture #7 strife stringent stymie subjugate sublime subordinate substantive subtle subversive succinct #8! succumb supercilious superficial superfluous surfeit surreptitious surrogate sycophant synthesis

motionlessness; inactivity <, stationary; not changing or moving =E, wg, w firmly committed; firmly in favor of; steadfast no!, kk!; @!, o!, o0!(steadfast) loyal; faithful )!(loyal, faithful), o0!, to brand with disgrace; to set a mark of disgrace upon G, U[ w, E[ x to re6uire something as part of an agreement l, 9: 2(lU) indifferent (at least outwardly) to pleasure or pain, to oy or grief, to fortune or misfortune a_0-; CD+`a layer; a level w&, - &(layer, level) a restriction; a limitation; a negative criticism <, dy;

bitter conflict; discord; a struggle or clash , -, , X, 9 strict; restrictive e!, 7Y!, u! to thwart; to get in the way of; to hinder AH, AH AH to subdue and dominate; to enslave j, YwZ` awesome; extremely exalted; lofty; ma estic [e!(lofty), !, o!, (awesome) lower in importance, position, or rank; secondary <B, 0RB; -, having substance; real; essential; solid; substantial )-, -; Unot obvious; able to make fine distinctions; ingenious; crafty !, Vh!, !, ! corrupting; overthrowing; undermining; insurgent 0=E, ;jB brief and to the point; concise !!

to yield or submit; to die E, |w; #j, w haughty; patroni3ing 6[ B, 6m! on the surface only; shallow; not thorough W@=E, @-; =E, ME; =N extra; unnecessary; redundant `B, 2! excess; an excessive amount; excess or overindulgence in eating or drinking T, @, m sneaky; secret N!, 0!, !! substitute 8&-, 8>one who sucks up to others a the combing of parts to form a whole k, ;

#81 tacit taciturn tangential tangible tantamount tautological temerity temperate tenable tenacious #82 tenet tentative tenuous terse theology tirade torpor touchstone tout transcend transgress transient trepidation turpitude #83 ubiquitous

implied; not spoken -, _=E, B(implied) untalkative by nature ZLB, V 6d, yy! only superficially related to the matter at hand; not especially relevant; peripheral -, B; =E, (3 G touchable; palpable m R zB(touchable, palpable), m? R zB, )<zB, U& !, )! e6uivalent to u!, B redundant; circular --, 0-; !(redundant) boldness; recklessness; audacity m>, (boldness; recklessness; audacity) mild; moderate; restrained D D!(mild), D:!, 7(B defensible, as in ones position in an argument; capable of being argued successfully; valid $ r nz R zB, ww {[ R zB, +& R zB persistent; stubborn; not letting go oq(persistent), yB, o!(stubborn) a shared principle or belief O N _ a- experimental; temporary; uncertain =E, =E, -; B, R|6&B flimsy; extremely thin }N, FY!, YB using no unnecessary words; succinct !!(succinct) the study of god or religion _, I&_ prolonged, bitter speech [^s, ^! Js sluggishness; inactivity; apathy , Q!, @ a standard; a test of authenticity or 6uality CO N- 3 B C, W to praise highly; to brag publicly about )))[ ` , )))r 8H Z; Y + to go beyond or above; to surpass , Y, R to violate (a law); to sin /, (violate) not staying for a long time; temporary =E, kd fear; apprehension; nervous trembling $(fear), ;", $, J shameful wickedness; depravity ", , "!

being everywhere at the same time ~rO zB, uB

unconscionabl not controlled by conscience; unscrupulous &!, yLB, I=E e unctuous oily, both literally and figuratively; insincere
PN, c!, ! <B, !

uniform unremitting un"itting urbane usurp utilitarian utopia #84 vacillate vapid vehement venal venerate veracity verbose

consistent; unchanging; the same for everyone !, |!(consistent, unchanging) unceasing; unabated; relentless !5LB, unintentional; ignorant; not aware -T-, 5Ow B poised; sophisticated; refined -, N, Ag to sei3e wrongfully mO w3 HI, , H stressing usefulness or utility above all other 6ualities; pragmatic $&=E, )>=E, $&-an ideal society

to be indecisive; to waver \{&, 2; , Gs without liveliness; dull; spiritless ]LB, 1, w! intense; forceful; violent "IE, "!, "=E, ! capable of being bribed; willing to do anything for money; corrupt E R zB, cR R zB, cR kd; !, 0*! to revere; to treat as something holy, especially because of great age , $ truthfulness 1), ), using too many words; not succinct; circumlocutory Z CN, [^s-, [J! 1)E !, z[ !, 1E 7/ B, Y1

verisimilitude similarity to reality; the appearance of truth; looking like real thing vernacular vestige ve# viable vicarious
everyday speech; slang; idiom a remaining bit of something; a last trace 't, \= to annoy; to pester; to confuse 9 , :` capable of living; workable 5 R zB, '^ R zB experienced, performed, or suffered through someone else; living through the experiences of another as though they were ones own experiences 8&-, 8&-, 8&B, 8upheaval; natural cange; change in fortune , 0, sG; k to say vile things about; to defame , ;

vicissitude vilify #85 vindicate vindictive virtuoso virulent visionary

to clear from all blame or suspicion; to ustify f, f, 1)[ B`, UV3 j; Y seeking revenge YI[ N, jRI[ N a masterful musician; a masterful practitioner in some other field V- 6[(8Y), r k! $, Y extremely poisonous; malignant; full of hate zB, -Y zB; IN, (+)a dreamer; someone with impractical goals or ideas about the future $Y, [ B $

vitiate vitriolic vocation vociferous volatile volition #86 "anton "illful "istful &ealous

to make impure; to pollute )))- Y3 &, , H; caustic; full of bitterness ^!, k! an occupation; a ob U, , , ; =,

loud; noisy & oB, T|d 6uick to evaporate; highly unstable; explosive -.B, -.-; |d, !; Y!, h!, ! will; conscious choice -w, 5m, -D

malicious; un ustifiable; unprovoked A'!, e!, +Y LB, yLB, |d deliberate; obstinate; insistent on having ones way I=E, o--, oq yearning; sadly longing #UB, B, 5r enthusiastically devoted to something; fervent "^=E, "^B