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PSYCHOSES: *In the acute stage there is a complete loss of the egos defense mechanisms, and disturbing thoughts, feelings, and impulses intrude into the consciousness *as the individual gradually improves defenses appear II. projection delusional denial distortion regression

NEUROTIC CONDITIONS: (Anxiety Disorders; omatoform Disorders; Dissociative Disorders in D ! I" #$ *defenses are used non%adaptively in social interaction *they are stereotyped and repeated &linically' %%disturbing thoughts and impulses are controlled by the ego defenses but %%feelings intrude into consciousness %%patient is anxious, see(s help because he)she feels uncomfortable *ith his life experience (ego%alien$ Displacement Avoidance ymboli,ation #estriction of the -go


.bsessive &ompulsive Disorder' /ndoing Isolation Intellectuali,ation omatoform Disorders' omati,ation &onversion +assivity Dissociative Disorders' Dissociation Denial #eaction 0ormation !agical 1eliefs

%2% III. PERSONALITY DISORDERS: Defenses are extremely efficient in controlling anxiety (ego syntonic$ so that patient is not disturbed by any unconscious thoughts or feelings3 4is)her behavior and impulses, shaped by his)her ego defenses are maladaptive, and interfere *ith his interpersonal and *or( relationship3 &.5&6/ I.5' *-veryone uses defenses at times3 *It is their inappropriate, repetitive or excessive use *hich lead to maladaptive behavior3 +aranoid +ersonality Disorder %%+rojection chi,oid +ersonality Disorder %%#estriction of ego functions chi,otypal +ersonality Disorder %%Distortion %%Identificatin %% omati,ation %%#epression %%Acting out %%0antasy of love and attention %%Dissociation %%#egression &luster 1' 4istrionic +ersonality Disorder %%Denial %%Identification %% omati,ation %%#epression %%Acting out %%0antasy of love and attention %%Dissociation %%#egression 1orderline +ersonality Disorder %% plitting %%+rojective identification %%Acting out

&luster A'

%7% 5arcissistic +ersonality Disorder %% plitting %%.ver%ideali,ation and devaluation (envy$ %%+rojective identification %%0antasy of grandiosity and behavior %%Acting out Antisocial +ersonality Disorder %%+rojection %%-xternali,ation %%#ationali,ation %%Acting out %%( uperego deficits$ &luster &' .bsessive%&ompulsive +ersonality Disorder %%Isolation %%#ationali,ation %%Intellectuali,ation %%#eaction formation %%0antasy re aggression +assive%Aggressive +ersonality Disorder %%#epression %%Denial Avoidant +ersonality Disorder %%Displacement Dependent +ersonality Disorder %%+assivity IV. DEPRESSION %%Introjection %%8urning against the self %%+assivity %%Isolation %%Identification V. MATURE BEHAVIOR %% uppression %%4umor and *it %% ublimation %%Intellectuali,ation %%Asceticism