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List of ancient Greeks

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This an alphabetical list of ancient Greeks. These include ethnic Greeks and Greek language speakers from Greece and the Mediterranean world up to about 200 AD.
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Acacius of Caesarea - bishop of Caesarea Acestorides - tyrant of Syracuse Achaeus - general Achaeus of Eretria - poet Achermus - sculptor Achilles Tatius - writer Acron - physician Acrotatus I - son of King Cleomenes of Sparta Acrotatus II - King of Sparta, grandson of the above Acusilaus - scholar Adeimantus - Corinthian general Adrianus - sophist Aedesia - female Neoplatonic philosopher Aedesius - philosopher Aeimnestus - Spartan soldier Aelianus Tacticus - military writer Aelius Aristides - orator and writer Aeneas Tacticus - writer Aenesidemus - Sceptic philosopher Aeropus I of Macedon - king Aeropus II of Macedon - king Aesara - female Pythagorean philosopher Aeschines Socraticus - Socratic philosopher Aeschines - Athenian orator Aeschylus - playwright Aesop - author of fables Aetion - painter Aetius - philosopher Agallis - female grammarian Agarista - see Agariste Agariste of Sicyon, daughter of the tyrant of Sicyon, Cleisthenes. Agariste, daughter of Hippocrates, wife of Xanthippus, and mother of Pericles.

Agasias - sculptor Agasicles - King of Sparta Agatharchides - historian and geographer Agatharchus - painter Agatharchus of Syracuse - naval commander Agathias - historian Agathinus - medicine Agathocles - tyrant of Syracuse Agathocles of Bactria - Indo-Greek king Agathon - tragic poet Ageladas - sculptor Agesander - sculptor Agesilaus I - King of Sparta Agesilaus II - King of Sparta Agesipolis I - King of Sparta Agesipolis II - King of Sparta Agesipolis III - King of Sparta Agis I - King of Sparta Agis II - King of Sparta Agis III - King of Sparta Agis IV - King of Sparta Aglaonike - first female astronomer of Ancient Greece Agnodike - female Athenian physician and gynecologist Agoracritus - sculptor Agrippa - astronomer Agyrrhius - Athenian politician c. 400 BC Albinus - philosopher Alcaeus - comic and lyric poet Alcaeus of Messene - Greek author of a number of epigrams Alcaeus of Mytilene - playwright Alcamenes - sculptor Alcetas I of Macedon - King of Macedon Alcibiades - Athenian general

Alcidamas - sophist Alciphron - sophist Alcisthene - female painter Alcmaeon of Croton - physician Alcman - lyric poet 7th century BC Alcmenes - King of Sparta Alexander Aetolus - poet Alexander Balas - Seleucid king of Syria Alexander Cornelius - grammarian Alexander I of Epirus- king of Epirus (also known as Alexander Molossus) Alexander I of Molossia Alexander II of Epirus - king of Epirus Alexander II of Molossia Alexander of Abonuteichos - cult leader Alexander of Aphrodisias - Peripatetic philosopher Alexander of Greece - rhetorician Alexander of Pherae - tyrant Alexander Polyhistor - writer Alexander The Great Alexis - playwright Alypius - music writer Ameinocles - Corinthian inventor of the trireme Ameipsias - Athenian comic poet Amelesagoras - writer Amelius - philosopher Ammonius Grammaticus - writer Ammonius Hermiae - philosopher Ammonius Saccas - philosopher Amphicrates - king of Samos Amphis - Middle Comedy poet Amynander - king of Athamania Anacharsis - philosopher Anacreon - lyric poet 6th century BC

Anaxagoras - philosopher Anaxander - King of Sparta Anaxandra - female artist of Sicyon Anaxandridas I - King of Sparta Anaxandridas II - King of Sparta Anaxandrides - philosopher Anaxarchus - philosopher Anaxidamus - King of Sparta Anaxilas of Rhegium - tyrant Anaxilas - Middle Comedy poet Anaxilaus - physician Anaximander - philosopher Anaximenes of Lampsacus - historian Anaximenes of Miletus - philosopher Anaxippus - New Comedy poet Andocides - two; Athenian politician, potter Andreas - physician Andriscus - Adramyttian adventurer Andron - writer Andronicus of Cyrrhus - astronomer Andronicus Rhodius - Peripatetic philosopher Androsthenes - navigator Androtion - Athenian politician and writer Anniceris - philosopher Anonymus[disambiguation needed] [sic] - writer Anser - erotic poet Antagoras of Rhodes - writer Antalcidas - Spartan general Antenor - sculptor Anthemius of Tralles - architect Anticleides - writer Antidorus of Cyme - grammarian Antigenes - Attic poet

Antigonus of Carystus - scholar Antigonus II Gonatas - King of Macedon Antigonus III Doson - King of Macedon Antigonus III of Macedon - King of Macedon Antimachus - poet and scholar Antimachus I - Greco-Bactrian king Antinous - lover of Hadrian Antiochis - Seleucid queen of Cappadochia Antiochus of Ascalon - philosopher Antiochus I Soter - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus II Theos - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus III the Great - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus IV Epiphanes - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus IX Cyzicenus - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus V Eupator - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus VI Dionysus - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus VII Sidetes - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus VIII Grypus - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus X Eusebes - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus XI Ephiphanes - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus XII Dionysus - Seleucid king of Syria Antiochus XIII Asiaticus - Seleucid king of Syria Antipater II of Macedon - King of Macedon Antipater III of Macedon - King of Macedon Antipater of Sidon - writer Antipater of Tarsus - philosopher Antipater of Thessalonica - epigrammatist Antipater of Tyre - philosopher Antipater - Macedonian general Antiphanes - playwright Antiphilus - writer Antiphon - three; two Athenian orators, tragic poet Antisthenes - two; philosopher, writer

Antonius Diogenes - writer Antoninus Liberalis - grammarian Antyllus - physician Anyte of Tegea - poet Anytos - Athenian general Apelles - painter Apellicon - book collector Apion - scholar Apollocrates - tyrant of Syracuse Apollodorus of Alexandria - physician Apollodorus of Athens - scholar Apollodorus of Carystus - New Comedy poet Apollodorus of Damascus - architect Apollodorus of Gela - New Comedy poet Apollodorus of Phaleron - student of Socrates Apollodorus of Pergamon - rhetor Apollodorus of Seleuceia on the Tigris - Stoic philosopher Apollodorus - several; painter, grammarian, comic playwright, architect Apollodotus I - Indo-Greek king Apollonius - finance minister of Egypt Apollonius Molon - rhetor Apollonius Mys - physician Apollonius of Citium - physician Apollonius of Perga - mathematician Apollonius of Rhodes - writer and librarian Apollonius of Tyana - Neopythagorean sage Apollonius Sophista - scholar Apollonius - several; philosopher and mathematician Apollophanes - comedian Apollos - early Christian Appian - historian Apsines - Roman-era Athenian rhetorician Arachidamia - wealthy Spartan queen

Araros - son of Aristophanes Aratus - two; scholar, statesman Arcesilas - four Cyrene kings Arcesilaus - two; philosopher, sculptor Archedemus of Tarsus - Stoic philosopher Archedicus - New Comedy poet Archelaus I - King of Macedon Archelaus II - King of Macedon Archelaus - three; philosopher, general, Judaean ruler Archermus - sculptor Archestratus - two; Athenian general, writer Archias - poet Archidamus I - King of Sparta Archidamus II - King of Sparta Archidamus III - King of Sparta Archidamus IV - King of Sparta Archidamus V - King of Sparta Archigenes - physician Archilochus - poet Archimedes - mathematician Archinos - Archon Archippas - Athenian comic poet Archytas - philosopher Arctinus - epic poet Aretaeus - medical writer Aretaphila of Cyrene - noblewoman who deposed the tyrant Nicocrates and his co-conspirators Arete of Cyrene - Cyrenaic philosopher, daughter of Aristippus Areus I - King of Sparta Areus II - King of Sparta Argas - notably bad poet Argentarius - two; epigrammatist, rhetorician Arignote - philosopher; student and perhaps daughter of Pythagoras Arimneste - Aristotle's older sister

Arion - poet Aristaeus - mathematician Aristagoras - tyrant of Miletus Aristander of Telmessus - soothsayer to Alexander the Great Aristarchus of Samos - astronomer and mathematician Aristarchus of Samothrace - critic and grammarian Aristarchus of Tegea - tragedian Aristeas - poet Aristeus - Corinthian general Aristias - playwright Aristides of Miletus - writer Aristides Quintilianus - writer Aristides - three; Athenian statesman, two painters Aristippus - philosopher Aristobulus of Cassandreia and Aristobulus of Paneas - two; historian, commentator Aristocles - three; Spartan general, two scholars Aristodemus - three; Spartan hero, Roman hero, historian Aristodemus of Cydathenaeum - student of Socrates Aristogiton - Athenian tyrannicide Aristomenes - two; Messenian hero, Athenian comedian Ariston of Alexandria - philosopher Ariston of Ceos - philosopher Ariston of Chios - philosopher Ariston (king of Sparta) - King of Sparta Aristonicus of Pergamum - Attalid king of Pergamum Aristonicus - grammarian Aristonous - citharode Aristonymus - comedian Aristophanes of Byzantium - scholar Aristophanes - playwright Aristophon - Athenian politician Aristotle - philosopher; Athenian general Aristoxenus - philosopher and music theorist

Arius Didymus - philosophy teacher Arius - Christian heretic Arrian - historian Arsecilas - king of Cyrene Arsinoe I of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Arsinoe II of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Arsinoe III of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Artemidorus - three; grammarian, two travellers Artemisia - two; princess and queen of Halicarnassus Artemon - five scholars Asclepiades - four scholars Asclepigenia - Athenian mystic and philosopher, daughter of Plutarch of Athens Asclepiodotus - scholar Asius of Samos - poet Asmonius - grammarian Aspasia - hetaera of Pericles Aspasius - philosopher Astydamas - two poets Astyochus - Spartan general Athenaeus - two scholars, physician Athenais - prophet who told Alexander the Great of his allegedly divine ancestry Athenagoras of Athens - apologist Athenodorus - philosopher Attalus I - Attalid king of Pergamum Attalus II - Attalid king of Pergamum Attalus III - Attalid king of Pergamum Autocrates - Athenian comic poet Autolycus of Pitane - astronomer Avaris - priest of Apollo (or Abaris the Hyperborean?) Axiochus - Alcmaeonid aristocrat Axionicus - Middle Comedy poet Axiothea of Phlius - female student of Plato


Babrius - fabulist Bacchylides - poet Basil of Caesarea - Christian saint Basilides - philosopher Bathycles of Magnesia - sculptor Battus - founder of Cyrene Berenice I of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Berenice II of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Berenice IV of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Bias of Priene, one of the Seven Sages of Greece Bion Bion the Borysthenite Biton of Syracuse Boethus - two sculptors Boethus of Sidon - two philosophers Bolus - writer Brasidas - Spartan general Brygus - potter Bryson - philosopher Bupalus - sculptor


Cadmus of Miletus - one of the first logographers Caecilius of Calacte - rhetorician Caesarion - son of Cleopatra VII, possibly by Julius Caesar Calamis - 2 sculptors Calliades - archon of Athens Callia - three; Athenian statesman, comic poet, nobleman Callias of Syracuse - historian Callicrates - architect Calicrates of Leontium - Acheaean statesman Callicratides - Spartan general Callimachus (polemarch) - Athenian general Callimachus (sculptor) - sculptor

Callimachus - poet Callinus - poet Calliphon - philosopher Callippus - astronomer Callisthenes - historian Callistratus - four; grammarian, poet, sophist, orator Carcinus (writer) - tragedian Carneades - philosopher Cassander - King of Macedon Castor of Rhodes - rhetorician Cebes - two philosophers Celsus - theologian Cephidorus - two; Old Comedy poet, writer Cephisodotus - two sculptors Cercidas - politician/philosopher/poet Cercops of Miletus - poet Chabrias - Athenian general Chaeremon - tragic poet Chaeremon of Alexandria - teacher Chaeris - writer Chaeron - tyrant of Pellene Chamaeleon - writer Charax (writer) - writer Chares of Athens - general Chares of Lindos - sculptor Chares of Mytilene - historian Charidemus - Euboean soldier Charillus - King of Sparta Chariton - writer Charmadas - philosopher Charmidas - Athenian noble Charon of Lampsacus - writer Charondas - lawgiver

Chilon - Spartan ephor Chionides - comic poet Choerilus - Athenian tragic poet Choerilus of Iasus - epic poet Choerilus of Samos - epic poet Chremonides - Athenian statesman Christodorus - epic poet Chrysanthius - philosopher Chrysippus - philosopher Dio Chrysostom - orator John Chrysostom - theologian Cimon - Athenian statesman Cimon of Cleonae - painter Cinaethon of Lacedaemon - epic poet Cineas - Thessalian diplomat Cinesias - Athenian poet Cleandridas - Spartan statesman Cleanthes - philosopher Clearchus of Athens - comic poet Clearchus of Herachleia Clearchus of Rhegium - sculptor, teacher of Pythagoras Clearchus of Sparta - general, son of Rhampias Clearchus of Soli - author, pupil of Aristotle Clearidas - Spartan general Cledonius - grammarian Cleidemus - atthidographer Cleinias - Athenian general, father of Alcibiades Cleisthenes - Athenian statesman Cleisthenes of Sicyon - tyrant of Sicyon Cleitarchus - historian Cleitus - two Macedonian nobles Clement of Alexandria - theologian Cleombrotus I - King of Sparta

Cleomedes - astronomer Cleomenes I - King of Sparta Cleomenes II - King of Sparta Cleomenes III - King of Sparta Cleomenes of Naucratis - administrator Cleon - Athenian statesman Cleon of Sicyon - tyrant Cleonides - writer Cleonymus - Spartan general Cleopatra I of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Cleopatra II of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Cleopatra III of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Cleopatra IV of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Cleopatra Thea - Seleucid king of Syria Cleopatra V of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Cleopatra V of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Cleopatra VI of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Cleopatra VII of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Cleophon - two; Athenian statesman, tragic poet Clitomachus (philosopher) - philosopher Clitophon - oligarchic statesman Cnemus - Spartan general Colaeus - explorer Colluthus - epic poet Colotes - sculptor Colotes of Lampsacus - philosopher Comeas - archon of Athens Conon - Athenian general Conon of Samos - astronomer Conon (mythographer) - mythographer Corinna - poet Cosmas Indicopleustes - explorer Crantor - philosopher

Craterus of Macedon - King of Macedon Crates of Thebes - philosopher Crates of Mallus - grammarian and philosopher Crates of Olynthys - architect Cratippus - historian Cratylus - philosopher Creon - archon of Athens Cresilas - sculptor Critias - one of the Thirty Tyrants Critius - sculptor Crito - several Critolaus - general Croesus - king of Lydia Ctesias - physician and historian Ctesibius - scientist Cylon - attempted usurper in Athens Cynaethus - writer Cynegeirus - heroic soldier Cynisca - female Spartan athlete Cypselus - tyrant of Corinth


Daimachus - two writers Daman - philosopher Damascius - philosopher Damastes - writer Damasias - archon of Athens Damocles - courtier of sword fame Damon of Athens - writer on music Damon of Syracus - philosopher Damophilus - painter Damophon - sculptor Damoxenus - New Comedy playwright Dares of Phrygia - writer

Deinocrates (also spelled Dinocrates) - architect Demades - orator Demaratus - King of Sparta Demetrius - epistolographer Demetrius - comic playwright Demetrius - rhetorical stylist Demetrius - Indo-Greek king Demetrius I of Bactria - Greek king of Bactria Demetrius I of Syria - Seleucid king of Syria Demetrius I Poliorcetes - King of Macedon Demetrius II - Indo-Greek king Demetrius II of Macedon - King of Macedon Demetrius II of Syria - Seleucid king of Syria Demetrius III Eucaerus - Seleucid king of Syria Demetrius Ixion - grammarian Demetrius Lacon - Epicurean philosopher Demetrius of Alopece - sculptor Demetrius of Magnesia - writer Demetrius of Pharos - ruler in Illyria Demetrius of Scepsis - grammarian and archaeologist Demetrius of Tarsus - grammarian Demetrius of Troezen - literary historian Demetrius Phalereus - philosopher and statesman Demetrius the Cynic - philosopher Demetrius the Fair - son of Demetrius I Poliorcetes Democedes - physician Democritus - philosopher Demon - writer Demonax - philosopher Demonax (lawmaker) - Arcadian lawmaker Demophanes - philosopher active in public life Demosthenes (general) - Athenian general Demosthenes - Athenian orator

Demosthenes of Bithynia - poet Dercyllidas - Spartan commander Dexippus - historian Diagoras - poet Diagoras of Rhodes (winner of boxing, 79th Olympiad, 464 BC) Dicaearchus - geographer Dicaeogenes - tragic poet Dictys Cretensis - writer Didymus Chalcenterus - grammarian Didymus the Blind - theologian Didymus the Musician - music theorist Dienekes - Spartan officer Dinarchus - orator Dinocrates (also spelled Deinocrates) - architect Dinon - historian Dio Cocceianus - orator and philosopher Diocles - four; politician, poet, mathematician, rhetor Diocles of Carystus - physician Diocles of Magnesia - philosopher Diodorus of Alexandria - mathematician and astronomer Diodorus of Sinope - New Comedy playwright Diodorus Cronus - philosopher Diodorus Siculus - historian Diodotus the Stoic - Cicero's teacher Diodotus of Bactria - Seleucid king of Bactria Diodotus II - Greco-Bactrian king Diodotus Tryphon - Seleucid king of Syria Diogenes Apolloniates - philosopher Diogenes Laertius - biographer Diogenes of Babylon - philosopher Diogenes of Oenoanda - Epicurean Diogenes of Sinope - Cynic philosopher Diogenes of Tarsus - Epicurean

Diogenianus - two; Epicurean, grammarian Diomedes - grammarian Dion - tyrant of Syracuse Dionysius Aelius - lexicographer Dionysius the Areopagite - Athenian convert Dionysius of Byzantium - writer Dionysius Chalcus - poet Dionysius of Halicarnassus - historian Dionysius of Heraclea - writer Dionysius Periegetes - geographic writer Dionysius of Philadelphia - writer Dionysius of Phocaea - Ionian general Dionysius of Samos - writer Dionysius Scytobrachion - grammarian Dionysius of Sinope - Middle Comedy playwright Dionysius of Syracuse - tyrant of Syracuse Dionysius II - tyrant of Syracuse Dionysius of Thebes - poet Dionysius Trax or Thrax - grammarian Dionysius son of Calliphron - poet Dionysodorus - sophist Diophantus - mathematician Dios - historian Dioscorides - several(?) writers Dioscorides Pedanius - physician Diotimus - two; poet, Athenian general Diotogenes - Pythagorean writer Diphilus - comic playwright Dorieus - Spartan prince Dorissus - King of Sparta Dorotheus of Sidon - astrological poet Dorotheus - 6th-century jurist Dosiadas - poet

Dositheus - two; astronomer, grammarian Draco - Athenian lawmaker Dracon - writer Duris - two; Athenian potter and vase painter, writer


Echecrates - philosopher Echestratus - King of Sparta Ecphantides - comic playwright Ecphantus - philosopher Eirenaeus - grammarian Eirene - Woman artist Elpinice - Athenian noblewoman and daughter of Miltiades, known for confronting Pericles twice. Empedocles - philosopher Epaminondas - Theban general Epaphroditus of Chaeronea - scholar Ephialtes - Athenian statesman Ephialtes of Trachis - traitor Ephippus - two; Middle Comedy playwright, pamphleteer Ephorus - historian Epicharmus of Kos - writer Epicrates - Middle Comedy playwright Epictetus - philosopher Epictetus - Athenian potter and vasepainter Epicurus - philosopher Epigenes - two playwrights Epilycus - writer Epimenides - seer Epiphanius of Salamis - theologian Epitadas - Spartan general Epitadeus - Spartan statesman Erasistratus - physician Eratosthenes - geographer Erinna - poet

Eriphus - Middle Comedy poet Erucius of Cyzicus - writer Eryximachus - physician Euangelus - New Comedy poet Euanthius - writer Eubulides of Miletus - philosopher Eubulus (statesman) - Athenian statesman Eubulus (playwright) - Middle Comedy playwright Eucleidas - King of Sparta Eucleides - two; philosopher, archon Euclid - mathematician Eucratides - Greco-Bactrian king Euctemon - astronomer Eudamidas I - King of Sparta Eudamidas II - King of Sparta Eudamidas III - King of Sparta Eudemus of Cyprus - philosopher Eudemus of Rhodes - philosopher Eudorus of Alexandria - philosopher Eudoxus of Cnidus - mathematician Eudoxus of Cyzicus - explorer Eudoxus of Rhodes - historian Euenus - poet Euetes - writer Eugammon - epic poet Euhemerus - mythographer Eumelus (poet) - Corinthian poet Eumenes I - Attalid king of Pergamum Eumenes II - Attalid king of Pergamum Eumenes of Cardia - secretary Eumenius - rhetoric teacher Eumolpidae - one of the families who ran the Eleusinian mysteries Eunapius - sophist

Eunomus - King of Sparta Euphantus - writer and teacher Euphemus - Athenian general Euphorion - philosopher Euphorion son of Aeschylus - playwright Euphranor - sculptor and painter Euphron - New Comedy playwright Euphronius - potter and vasepainter Eupolis - Old Comedy playwright Eurybatus - Corcyrean general Eurybiades - Spartan general Eurycrates - King of Sparta Eurycratides - King of Sparta Eurydice of Egypt - Ptolemaic queen of Egypt, wife of Ptolemy I Soter Eurydice of Athens - A descendant of Miltiades and a wife of Demetrius I of Macedon Eurydice (wife of Antipater II of Macedon) - Princess and wife of Antipater II of Macedon Eurylochus - Spartan general Eurymedon - Athenian general Euripides - playwright Eurypon - King of Sparta Eurysthenes - King of Sparta Eusebius of Caesarea - Christian historian Euthydemus - sophist Euthydemus I - Seleucid king of Bactria Euthydemus II - Indo-Greek king Euthymides - vasepainter Eutychides - sculptor and painter Euthyphro - prophet Euxenides - playwright Evagoras of Salamis - rebel Execias - potter and vasepainter


Favorinus - philosopher


Galen - physician Gelo - tyrant of Syracuse Glaphya - hetaera Glaucus of Chios - inventor of iron welding Glaucus of Rhegium - writer Glycon - poet Glycon of Athens - sculptor Gnathaena - courtesan Gorgias - two orators Gorgidas - Theban military leader Gregory of Nyssa - Christian saint Gylippus - Spartan general


Habron - grammarian Hagnon - Athenian colonizer Hagnothemis - alleged that Alexander the Great had been poisoned Harmodius and Aristogeiton - assassins Harpalus - friend of Alexander the Great Hecataeus of Abdera - historian of Egypt Hecataeus of Miletus - historian Hecatomnus - ruler in Asia Hecato of Rhodes - Stoic philosopher Hedylus - epigrammatist Hegemon of Thasos - parodist Hegesander - writer Hegesias of Cyrene - philosopher Hegesias of Magnesia - historian Hegesippus - Athenian statesman Hegesippus (poet) - New Comedy poet Hegesippus (epigrammatist) - epigrammatist Hegesipyle - mother of Cimon

Hegesistratus - son of Pisistratus Heliocles - Greco-Bactrian king Heliodorus - four; historian, commentator, physician, writer Hellanicus of Lesbos - logographer Hephaestion - Companion of Alexander the Great Hephaistio of Thebes - astrologer Heracleides - tyrant of Syracuse Heraclides Ponticus - philosopher Heraclitus - philosopher Hermaeus - Indo-Greek king Hermagoras - rhetorician Hermias (philosopher) Hermias of Atarneus, tyrant, pupil of Plato Hermippus - comic playwright Hermocrates - Syracusan general Hero of Alexandria - scientist Aelius Herodianus - grammarian Herodotus - historian Herophilus - physician Herostratus - arsonist Hesiod - poet Hesychius of Alexandria - grammarian Hicetas - philosopher Hiero I of Syracuse - tyrant of Syracuse Hiero II of Syracuse - tyrant of Syracuse Hierocles of Alexandria - philosopher Hierophon - Athenian general Hippalus - explorer Hipparchus (son of Pisistratus) - tyrant of Athens Hipparchus - mathematician and astronomer Hippias (son of Pisistratus) - tyrant of Athens Hippias - philosopher Hippocleides - archon of Athens

Hippocrates - two; physician, Athenian general Hippodamus - architect Hipponax - poet Hipponicus - Athenian general Hipponoidas - Spartan general Histiaeus - tyrant of Miletus Homer - poet Hypatia of Alexandria - philosopher Hyperbolus - Athenian statesman Hypereides - orator Hypsicles - mathematician and astronomer Hypsicrates - historian


Iamblichus (writer) - novelist Iamblichus (philosopher) - Neoplatonist philosopher Iambulus - writer Iasus - two early kings Ibycus - poet Ictinus - architect Idomeneus (writer) - writer of Lampsacus Ion of Chios - poet Iophon - tragedian Iphicrates - Athenian general Irenaeus - theologian Isaeus - orator Isaeus (Syrian rhetor) Isagoras - archon of Athens Isidore of Alexandria - Neoplatonist philosopher Isidorus of Miletus - architect Isigonus - writer Isocrates - rhetorician; Spartan general Ister of Cyrene - writer Isyllus - poet


Jason of Pherae - Thessalian general


Karanus of Macedon - King of Macedon Karkinos - painter Kerykes - one of the families who ran the Eleusinian mysteries Kleoitas - architect Koinos of Macedon - King of Macedon


Lacedaimonius - Athenian general Laches - Athenian aristocrat and general Lacydes - philosopher Lais of Corinth - hetaera Lais of Hyccara - hetaera Lamachus - Athenian general Lamprocles - Athenian musician and poet Lamprus of Erythrae - philosopher Lasus of Hermione - poet Leochares - sculptor Leon - King of Sparta Leonidas I - King of Sparta Leonidas II - King of Sparta Leonida of Alexandria - astrologer and poet Leonnatus - Macedonian noble Leosthenes - Athenian general Leotychidas II - King of Sparta Leotychides - Spartan general Lesbonax - writer Lesches - epic poet Leucippus - philosopher Leucon - Old Comedy poet

Libanius - writer Licymnius of Chios - poet Livius Andronicus - poet, dramaturg, colonist and slave Lobon - literary forger Longinus - literary critic Longus - writer Lucian - writer Lyco - philosopher Lycophron - three; poet, son of Periander, Spartan general Lycortas - statesman and father of Polybius Lycurgus of Arcadia, king Lycurgus of Athens, one of the ten notable orators at Athens, (4th century BC) Lycurgus of Nemea, king Lycurgus of Sparta, creator of constitution of Sparta Lycurgus of Thrace, king, opponent of Dionysus Lycurgus, a.k.a. Lycomedes, in Homer Lycus - historian Lydiadas - Megalopolitan general Lygdamis of Naxos - tyrant of Naxos Lygdamus - poet Lysander - Spartan general Lysanias - philologist Lysias - historian Lysimachus - Macedonian general Lysippus - two; poet, sculptor Lysis - two; philosopher, actor Lysistratus - sculptor


Machaon - Spartan general Machon - New Comedy poet Marcellinus - two writers Marcellus of Side - physician and poet Marinus - philosopher

Marsyas of Pella - writer Matris of Thebes - rhetor Matron of Pitane - parodist Maximus of Smyrna - anatomist and philosopher Megacles - numerous; archon of Athens, Athenian statesman, various other Athenians Megasthenes - traveller Meidias - Athenian potter Melanippides - poet Melanthius - three; tragedian, painter, writer Melas - sculptor Meleager of Gadara - poet and anthologist Meleager of Macedon - King of Macedon Melesagoras of Chalcedon - writer Meletus - two; tragedian, son Melinno - poet Melissus of Samos - Eleatic philosopher Memnon of Heraclea Pontica - historian Memnon of Rhodes - military leader Menaechmus - mathematician Menander - playwright Menander the Just - Indo-Greek king Menander of Ephesus - writer Menander of Laodicea - writer Menecrates of Ephesus - poet Menecrates of Xanthus - historian Menedaius - Spartan general Menedemus of Eretria - poet Menedemus (Cynic) - Cynic philosopher Menelaus (sculptor) - sculptor Menelaus of Alexandria - mathematician Menestor - botanical writer Menexenus - student of Socrates Menippus - satirist

Menippus of Pergamum - writer on geography Meno - student of Aristotle Menodotus - writer Menodotus of Nicomedia - medical writer Mentor of Rhodes - military leader Mesatos - tragedian Metagenes - Athenian comic writer Meton - astronomer Metrodorus - five:

Metrodorus of Chios - philosopher Metrodorus of Lampsacus (the elder) - philosopher Metrodorus of Lampsacus (the younger) - philosopher Metrodorus of Scepsis - writer Metrodorus of Stratonicea - philosopher

Miciades - Corcyrean general Micciades - sculptor Micon - Athenian painter and sculptor Milo of Croton - athlete Miltiades - numerous; archon of Athens, Athenian general, various other Athenians Mimnermus - poet Mindarus - Spartan general Mnasalces - writer Mnaseas - traveller Mnesicles - architect Mnesimachus - Middle Comedy poet Moderatus - philosopher Moeris - Attic lexicographer Moiro - poet Morsimus - poet Moschion (tragic poet) - tragedian Moschion (physician) - physician Moschus - poet Musaeus - three poets

Myia - daughter of Pythagoras Myron - sculptor Myronides - Athenian general Myrsilus - historian Myrtilus - Athenian comic poet Myrtis - Boeotian poet Myrtis - Athenian girl, whose remains were discovered in 19941995


Nabis - Spartan usurper Gregory Nazianzus - Bishop of Constantinople Nearchus - Macedonian general Neoptolemus of Parion - poet and critic Nicander - King of Sparta Nicarchus - poet Nicias - Athenian statesman King Nicias - Indo-Greek king Nicocreon - tyrant of Cyprus Nicomachus - mathematician and neo-Pythagorean Nicomachus of Thebes - painter Nicomedes I of Bithynia - king of Bithynia Nicomedes II of Bithynia - king of Bithynia Nicomedes III of Bithynia - king of Bithynia Nicomedes IV of Bithynia - king of Bithynia


Olympias - mother of Alexander the Great Olympiodorus of Thebes - historian Onesilas of Salamis - rebel Onomacritus - forger Orestes of Macedon - King of Macedon Origen - theologian


Paeonius - sculptor Pagondas - Spartan general Palladas - poet Pamphilus - grammarian Pamphilus - painter Pamphilus - theologian Panaetius of Rhodes - philosopher Pantaleon - Indo-Greek king Parmenides - philosopher Parmenion - Macedonian general Parrhasius - painter Paulus Alexandrinus - astrologer Paulus Aegineta - physician Pausanias of Macedon - King of Macedon Pausanias of Sparta - King of Sparta Pausanias - traveller Pedanius Dioscorides - physician Peisander - Athenian statesman Pelopidas - Theban statesman Pelops of Sparta - King of Sparta Perdiccas I of Macedon - King of Macedon Perdiccas II of Macedon - King of Macedon Perdiccas III of Macedon - King of Macedon Periander - tyrant of Corinth, one of the Seven Sages of Greece Pericles - Athenian statesman Persephone-the goddess of the underworld Perseus Argive King Perseus of Macedon - King of Macedon Phaedo of Elis - philosopher Phaedrus - aristocrat Phaenippus - archon of Athens Phalaris - tyrant of Agrigentum Pherecydes of Leros - mythographer

Pherecydes of Syros - philosopher Phidias - sculptor Phidippides - legendary runner Philetaerus - Founder of the Attalid dynasty, king of Pergamum Philip I Philadelphus - Seleucid king of Syria Philip II of Macedon - King of Macedon Philip II Philoromaeus - Seleucid king of Syria Philip III of Macedon - King of Macedon Philip IV of Macedon - King of Macedon Philip V of Macedon - King of Macedon Philip V of Macedon - King of Macedon Philistus - historian Philitas of Cos - poet and scholar Philo - philosopher Philolaus - philosopher Philochorus - historian Philoxenios - Indo-Greek king Philoxenos of Eretria - painter Philoxenus of Leucas - glutton Philoxenus - poet Phocion - Athenian statesman Phocylides - poet Phormio - Athenian general Phryne - courtesan Phrynichus - playwright Pigres of Halicarnassus - poet Pindar - poet Pirrone - philosopher Pisistratus - tyrant of Athens Pittacus of Mytilene - one of the Seven Sages of Greece Pithios - architect Plato - philosopher Pleistarchus - King of Sparta

Pleistoanax - King of Sparta Plotinus - philosopher Plutarch - biographer Polemo - philosopher Polybius - historian Polycarp - Christian saint Polycrates - tyrant of Samos Polydectes - King of Sparta Polydorus - King of Sparta Polygnotus - painter Polykleitos - sculptor Polyperchon - Macedonian regent Porphyry - philosopher Posidippus - poet Posidonius - philosopher Pratinas - playwright Praxilla - poet Praxiteles - sculptor Procles - King of Sparta Proclus - philosopher Prodicus - philosopher Protagoras - philosopher Proteas - Athenian general Prusias I of Bithynia - king of Bithynia Prusias II of Bithynia - king of Bithynia Prytanis - King of Sparta Ptolemaeus of Alorus - military leader Ptolemy I of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy I of Macedon - King of Macedon Ptolemy II of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy III of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy IV of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy IX of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt

Ptolemy V of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy VI of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy VII of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy VIII of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy X of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy XI of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy XII of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy XIII of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy XIV of Egypt - Ptolemaic ruler of Egypt Ptolemy - geographer Ptolemy Philadelphus - son of Antony and Cleopatra Pyrrho - philosopher Pyrrhus of Epirus - king of Epirus Pythagoras - mathematician Pytheas - explorer Pythocles - philosopher Pythodorus - Athenian general


Rhianus - poet and grammarian Rhoecus of Samos - sculptor


Sappho - poet Satyros - architect Satyrus - four; boxer (Satyrus of Elis), politician (Satyrus of Athens), comic actor, philosopher (Satyrus the Peripatetic). Also two rulers of Greek Black Sea colonies.

Scopas - sculptor Scopas of Aetolia Aetolian politician and general. Scylax of Caryanda - explorer Seleucus I Nicator - Seleucid king of Syria Seleucus II Callinicus - Seleucid king of Syria Seleucus III Ceraunus - Seleucid king of Syria Seleucus IV Philopator - Seleucid king of Syria

Seleucus V Philometor - Seleucid king of Syria Seleucus VI Epiphanes - Seleucid king of Syria Seleucus VII Kybiosaktes - Seleucid king of Syria Sextus Empiricus - philosopher Simmias - philosopher Simonides of Amorgos - poet Simonides of Ceos - poet Socrates - philosopher Socrates Scholasticus - Christian historian Socrates the Younger - Platonic philosopher Solon - Athens lawmaker, one of the Seven Sages of Greece Soos - King of Sparta Sopatras - philosopher Sophocles - two; playwright, Athenian general Sophytes - Indo-Greek king Sosicles (statesman) - Corinthian statesman Sosigenes - inventor of Julian calendar Sosthenes of Macedon - King of Macedon Sostratus - orator Spartacus - Thracian slave Speusippus - philosopher Spintharus - philosopher Sporus of Nicaea - mathematician Stesichorus - poet Stesimbrotus - writer Stilpo - philosopher Stobaeus - biographer Strabo - geographer Strato of Lampsacus - philosopher Straton of Sardis - poet Styphon - Spartan general


Teleclus - King of Sparta

Terence - comedic playwright Terpander - poet and musician Thais - courtesan Thales - philosopher Thallus - historian/chronographer Theatetus of Athens - mathematician Theagenes of Megara - tyrant Theagenes of Rhegium - writer Theagenes of Thebes - general who fell at the battle of Chaeronea Theages - pupil of Socrates Theano - reputedly wife of Pythagoras Themisteus - philosopher & rhetor Themistocles - archon of Athens Themistogenes - writer Theocritus - poet Theodectes - playwright Theodorus of Samos - sculptor Theodorus of Cyrene - mathematician Theodorus of Gadara - rhetor Theodotus of Byzantium - theologian Theognis of Megara - poet Theon of Alexandria - librarian Theon of Smyrna - philosopher Aelius Theon - rhetor Theophilus - Athenian comic poet Theophrastus - philosopher Theopompus - three; King of Sparta, comic poet, orator Theramenes - Athenian statesman Therimenes - Spartan general Theron of Acragas - tyrant of Agrigentum Thespus - actor Thessalus - two physicians Thibron - Spartan general

Thrasybulus - Athenian general Thrasyllus - Athenian general Thrasymachus - rhetorician Thrasymelidas - Spartan general Thucydides - Athenian statesman Thucydides - historian Ticidas - erotic poet Tidas - tyrant of Sicyon Timachidas - writer Timaeus of Tauromenium - historian Timaeus of Locres - philosopher Timagenes - teacher Timanthes - painter Timocharis - philosopher Timoclea - Theban lady shown mercy by Alexander the Great; sister of Theagenes of Thebes Timocles - Middle Comedy poet Timocrates - Spartan general Timocreon - poet Timoleon - Corinthian general Timon of Phlius - philosopher Timostratus - Athenian comic poet Timotheus of Athens - general Timotheus of Miletus - poet Timotheus (sculptor) - sculptor Tolmides - Athenian general Triphiodorus or Tryphiodorus - epic poet Tynnichus - poet Tyrannion or Tyrannio - two; philosopher and grammarian Tyrimmas of Macedon - King of Macedon Tyrtaeus - poet


Ulysses - see Odysseus


Xanthippe - wife of Socrates Xanthippus - two; father of Pericles, Spartan mercenary Xanthus of Sicily - poet Xenagoras - writer Xenarchus - Middle Comedy poet Xenocles - two playwrights Xenoclides - Spartan general Xenocrates - philosopher Xenocrates of Aphrodisias - physician Xenophanes - philosopher Xenophilus - philosopher Xenophon - soldier and historian Xenophon of Ephesus - writer


Zaleucus - lawgiver of Italian Locri Zeno of Citium - philosopher Zeno of Elea - philosopher Zeno of Rhodes Zeno of Sidon - two philosophers Zenobius - philosopher Zenodorus - writer Zenodotus - grammarian Zeuxidamas - King of Sparta Zeuxis and Parrhasius - painters Zoilus - grammarian Zonis - orator Zosimas - historian