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CIS 5725 Database Management Systems Course Syllabus Fall 2013 1.

General Info
Credits: Three Section: 1094 Prerequisite: Data structures and algorithms Instructor: Prof. Daisy he !ang "eeting Times: T 1:##$%:4#P" &'th (eriod)* Th 1:##$+:#0P" &'th , -th (eriod) !here: ./0 0100

2. Course Ob e!t"#es an$ Out!ome

The goal of this course is to teach the fundamentals of the data1ase systems at a master student le2el. 3 2ariety of to(ics 4ill 1e co2ered that are im(ortant for modern data1ases &see 1elo4) in order to (re(are the students for real life a((lications of data1ases. .o (rerequisite 5no4ledge of data1ases is required 1ut 1asic understanding of data$structures and algorithms is assumed. The class 4ill (ro1a1ly ha2e a significant o2erla( 4ith an undergraduate data1ase class 1ut 4ill co2er the to(ics in more details and at a faster (ace. 3 (ro6ect 4ill 1e assigned in order to e7(ose the students to real data1ase a((lications. 8ne of the main the themes of the class 4ill 1e esta1lishing a connection and relationshi(s 1et4een data1ases and other com(uter science to(ics li5e 1usiness intelligence* statistical analysis* machine learning and natural language (rocessing. In the class 4e 4ill co2er most of the follo4ing to(ics &the num1er in (arenthesis is the corres(onding cha(ter in the te7t1oo5).

Introduction &1) /9 "odel and Conce(tual Design &%) The 9elational "odel and S:; DD; &+) 9elational 3lge1ra and 9elational Calculus &4) S:; &#) 82er2ie4 of Storage and Inde7ing &-) Data Storage &9) Tree Inde7es &10) <ash Inde7es &11) 82er2ie4 of :uery /2aluation &1%)

3 Ty(ical 9elational 8(timi=er &1#) 82er2ie4 of Transaction "anagement &1>) 8ther ad2anced to(ics including (arallel data management and (rocessing systems &e.g.* <adoo(* "a($9educe* <i2e* S(ar5)* other data1ase systems &e.g.* (arallel data1ases* no$S:; systems* 5ey$2alue store* column data1ase* main memory data1ase* gra(h data1ase) and data mining techniques 9esearch in 0ig Data 3nalytics and Data Science

3. Ot%er &"tal Info

'e(u"re$ )e*tboo+,
Database Management Systems, Third Edition Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke ISBN: 0-07-246563-8 u!"isher: #$Gra%-&i"" &igher '(u$a)ion u!* +a)e: 2003

Da"sy-s off"!e %ours an$ lo!at"on, !hen: Tuesday +$4P" and Thursday 4$#P" or 1y a((ointment !here: CS/ 0uilding* room /4#> or /4#' &chec5 1oth) Contact Info: 1est 4ay to reach me is 2ia email: daisy4? Class .eb /age, This 4ill 1e at htt('%#fall%01+@home@. Aou should chec5 the 4e1 (age at least once a 4ee5 for im(ortant announcements and u(dates. 3ll assignments 4ill 1e (osted to the 4e1 (age for do4nload* and the due dates for assignments and dates for the qui==es 4ill also 1e (osted as they a((roach. Class ma"l"ng l"st, There is a Pia==a forum associated 4ith the class that you are o1ligated to sign u( for and monitor regularly. This 4ill 1e the (rimary 4ay that 2ital information is disseminated and discussed in the class. Bor 4hate2er reason* a handful of (eo(le 4ill not sign u( for the list. I donCt 5no4 4hy* 1ut it al4ays ha((ens. Since so much im(ortant information is sent to the list* failing to sign u( 4ill ma5e it 2ery hard to earn a to( grade in the class. 8n and around due dates* I 4ould e7(ect you to chec5 the Pia==a forum at least e2ery day. The 4e1 address for the Pia==a forum 4ill 1e announced in class and on class 4e1 (age. )ea!%"ng 0ss"stants, !e 4ill ha2e three T3s for this class: Aang Chen and Aang Peng. Their contact info and office hours 4ill 1e (osted to the 4e1 (age as soon as this information is a2aila1le.

1. Class 0tten$an!e

Class attendance is not required in the sense that I 4ill not ta5e role and 4ill not ma5e attendance an e7(licit (art of the class grade. <o4e2er* attending class is the single most im(ortant thing that you can do to earn a good grade in #'%#. The material that 4ill a((ear on our e7ams and assignments comes e7clusi2ely from class lectures. The te7t1oo5 is there only to reinforce material co2ered in class. Burthermore* I may co2er material that is not in the te7t1oo5. Thus* if you do not attend class you are at a serious disad2antage. "a5e the effort and sho4 u( e2ery lectureD

5. 2#aluat"on
Aour grade in #'%# is determined as a com1ination of + home4or5s &1#E)* 1 midterm &%#E)* 1 final &+0E) and 1 (ro6ect &+0E). 1. 3ll e7ams are closed$1oo5 and closed$notes. Aou are allo4ed to 1ring a t4o sided* letter si=e* hand 4ritten (iece of (a(er to the e7am unless other4ise announced. 3 student 4ith a (ro(er e7cuse of 1eing a1sent from the e7amination must inform and get a (ermission from the instructor (rior to the time of an e7amination. 3ny students 4ho do not ta5e the e7amination at the scheduled time 4ill recei2e a =ero score. %. 3ll home4or5 must 1e su1mitted using Coursetool 1efore the due date. .o credit 4ill 1e gi2en to any late su1mission. <and4ritten solution 4ill not 1e considered unless other4ise announced. /ither indi2idual and@or team$1ased home4or5 @ (ro6ect may 1e gi2en. Details 4ill 1e announced. +. Aou should try to 1e as clear and (recise as (ossi1le in your ans4ers of home4or5 assignments* (ro6ect and e7ams. Correctness of a solution 4ill 1e determined solely 1y the information on the e7am or the home4or5 (a(er. 4. 3ny request for a regra$e must 1e made in 4riting 4ithin one 4ee5 of the time that the (a(er is returned* 4ith no e7ce(tions. 3ll regrade requests must 1e (re(ared using a 4ord (rocessing (rogramF a hard co(y should then 1e su1mitted to me* along 4ith the original graded 4or5. 8n your regrade request* carefully descri1e 4hy you feel that you 4ere scored unfairly and@or incorrectly. /2en if you discussed the grading issue orally 4ith someone* the 4ritten discussion must 1e self$contained and 1e a1le to 1e e2aluated 1ased only on 4hat is 4ritten on the (a(er. #. 3ttending lectures and 2ie4ing the lecture ta(es are the res(onsi1ility of students. 3ll home4or5* (ro6ects and e7ams 4ill 1e from the material co2ered in the lectures. >. B//DS@.TG students are gi2en one e7tra 4ee5 com(aring 4ith on$cam(us students to finish all the assignments and e7ams. The grading scale is (re$defined: 90E is an 3* -0E is a 0* '0E is a C* >0E is a D* and anything lo4er than that is a failing grade. 3lso note that in general* I 4ill 1e gi2ing H(lusH and IminusJ grades* the cut$off 4ill 1e decided and the end of the semester. In case you are 4ondering ho4 tough a grader I am* 1ased on (ast e7(erience* I 4ill gi2e out more 0Cs than CCs* more CCs than 3Cs* more 3Cs than DCs* and the only (eo(le 4ho fail the class are those 4ho donCt (ut in much effort &in a class of 100 students* there 4ill 1e se2eral of thoseD). ICm not sure if that ma5es me a tough grader or not* 1ut the one thing that I can tell you is that I stri2e to 1e a fair grader. If you master the material taught in the class* you 4ill earn an 3. ItCs that sim(leD

7. 3ol"!y on M"sse$ 2*ams an$ 4ate 5ome.or+63ro e!t

I am e7tremely sym(athetic if you ha2e some conflict that 4ill ma5e it difficult for you to attend a qui= or get an assignment com(leted on time. <o4e2er* I donCt li5e (eo(le to ta5e ad2antage of my sym(athy. So I ha2e a 2ery strict and e7(licit set of rules go2erning missed qui==es and late assignments. To 1e fair to e2eryone in the class* these rules are al4ays follo4ed to the letter and 4ithout e7ce(tion* so donCt e2en as5D
,* If you ha2e some conflict and feel li5e you may need an e7tra day on the assignment or

need to ta5e the qui= a day or t4o later* it must 1e cleared 4ith me no fe4er than one 4ee5 &se2en days) 1efore the assignment is due or the qui= 4ill 1e held. I am generally sym(athetic to the standard e7cuses* if you sound credi1le &HI ha2e three e7ams that dayH* H"y 1rotherCs 1ar mit=2ah is the day 1efore the assignment is dueH* are the usual ty(e of e7cuses that I hear). <o4e2er* if you do not clear it a 4ee5 in ad2ance* you 4ill recei2e a =ero* 4ith only a t4o e7ce(tions* gi2en 1elo4.
2* If you are ill at the time of a qui= or right 1efore an assignment is due and so you miss the

one 4ee5 4indo4* or if there is a death in your immediate family* I 4ill allo4 a late assignment or a ma5e$u( (ro2ided &a) you can gi2e me (roof of the circumstances* and &1) you let me 5no4 1efore the qui= is held or the assignment is due.
3* If you sim(ly donCt turn in the assignment or donCt sho4 u( for the qui=* the only 2alid

e7cuse is a note from a doctor gi2en as (roof that you 4ere in6ured or ill at the due data to such an e7tent that it 4ould 1e unreasona1le for you to send me an email or lea2e a message letting me 5no4 of your illness or in6ury. In any other case* the result is a =ero on the assignment.

7. 3ol"!y on 0!a$em"! 5onesty

3n academic honesty offense is defined as the act of lying* cheating* or stealing academic information so that one gains academic ad2antage. 3s a Gni2ersity of Blorida student* one is e7(ected to neither commit nor assist another in committing an academic honesty 2iolation. 3dditionally* it is the studentCs duty to re(ort o1ser2ed academic honesty 2iolations. In this class* unless other4ise stated* it is e7(ected that all 4or5 4ill 1e your o4n and 4ill not 1e ta5en from any outside source 4ithout my e7(licit a((ro2al. 3ll incidents of academic dishonesty 4ill 1e (ulled (rosecuted.

8. Stu$ents ."t% D"sab"l"t"es

Students requesting classroom accommodation must first register 4ith the Dean of Students 8ffice. The Dean of Students 4ill (ro2ide documentation to the student 4ho must then (ro2ide this documentation to the Instructor 4hen requesting accommodation. Aour documentation and s(ecific needs must 1e gi2en as soon as (ossi1le* so that a((ro(riate arrangements are made.