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Materials “Rapid Street Hypnosis” printed version “Conversational Hypnosis in Action” book (yours to keep!) Rules of Learning • • • • • Confusion is Good! Different is why you’re here! Make the most out of the fact that you are here Learn > Observe > Imitate > Adapt Chill – have fun! (c) Keys To The Mind www.com ..Hypnotize Anywhere! Nathan’s Notes..HypnotizeAnywhere.

HypnotizeAnywhere.com .The Three Boxes Box 1: Street Hypnosis • • • • • Most fun Popular Useful Most simple Most debated / controversial Box 2: Conversational Hypnosis • • • • Most useful Popular Most coveted Least understood • • • Box 3: Inner Game Most important Most versatile Least popular! Everything Comes Back to This! (c) Keys To The Mind www.

stay firm and stay relaxed.. outward focused  Completely remove all suggestions given (except in therapy)  Leave feeling happy / relaxed etc o You cannot get stuck in hypnosis BECAUSE there’s no such thing! o Stay with them.HypnotizeAnywhere.com . (it’s hypnosis because they think it’s hypnosis. o No one gets hypnosis! Certainly not a ‘magic state’ but powerful process of influence o AND a supercharged belief system that Street Hypnotists both battle and work with The Hypnotic Bind.) Why do it? o Fun o Practice o Understand techniques o Promotion – Jeff S story – discovery and brain pirate The Process o Intro => Induction = > Deepener = > Awaken o Training wheels! o Don’t be bound by this Safety / “Wake Up” o Three criteria  Resume “normal” state – energetic... o Learn and practice awakener • • • • (c) Keys To The Mind www..Box 1: Street Hypnosis See “Rapid Street Hypnosis” • Understanding Hypnosis (most don’t!) o Influence of the subconscious o Communication o Achieving a goal o Creating a context in which your goal is inevitable – ie induction / formal process.

o o o • Abreactions  Avoid regression / therapy unless you’ve been trained (so don’t do regressions just for fun)  Stay calm – avoid touching  9 Words – scene fades and you tend to your breathing  Subconscious mind has revealed to you information before you’re conscious mind is ready to deal with it. Not combative.HypnotizeAnywhere..com . walk through arm drop o Do step by step with ‘wake up’ • (c) Keys To The Mind www. Physical safety – roads and crowds Feel good principle Pre-Talk / Expectation o You don’t need to lecture! o Create expectation and set the frame. o Learn and practice o Essential: Run the show! o Frame control – elegant and relaxed. o The “sceptic” –  Story – tip of the tongue etc  Story from your experience  Demo  “Would you consider yourself open minded?”  Relax! o The “challenger”  Avoid!  Or reverse – “prove to me that you have the imagination to be hypnotized!” o The “afraid” / control freak  hypnosis gives YOU the power.. Your subconscious mind will now keep this info safely stored away until you’re ready to deal with it.  Just like being fascinated by a movie etc Inductions / deepeners o Go through formula in book. You are the “Doctor” – the expert.

HypnotizeAnywhere.”  Tell them something that is false BUT say it as if it were 100% true “You are an elephant”  Do this 10 times with different made up sentences – practice increasing the conviction – convince yourself that it’s true (cycle through nouns if need be!) o Remember no such thing as “hypnosis” so nothing is unique to the hypnosis process – just applications of belief and imagination o Explain each with reference to everyday equivalent  Ideo-dynamic – handshake. blink  Amensia – “tip of the tongue”  Hallucination – Wallet / Friend  Catalepsy – Daze.com .o o o o • Relax about timing etc! Do step by step with deepener and wake up Fractionate with different inductions and wake ups Expect it to succeed Hypnotic Phenomena o Creating a belief and a reality o YOUR reality must be stronger than theirs o Speak with utter conviction  Tell them something that is 100% true “your hair is black”  Tell them something that is controversial but might be true / or is subjective “Obama is great etc. Power Induction o Demo with magnetic hands o Do – step by step with wake up o Do step by step with deepener and wake up o Do step by step with deepener. demo with hand stick o Do it! o Then demo is arm levitation – slightly different as no challenge – just progress. stuck. o Go through formula in book. phenomena and wake up • (c) Keys To The Mind www. relaxed. o Talk about adapting.

HypnotizeAnywhere.2 3 keep those good feelings as you come back to the room.com ...o • Switch deepener around Rocket Launch Techniques o Change / positive piggy backs off the phenomena o Stick example o Magnetic Hands Feeling Exercise o Feeling good as those hands come together o Let those feelings was over you o 1. feeling wonderful. o Do this o THEN come up with a new one! Questions / Extras? • Day 1 end (c) Keys To The Mind www.

realize. therefore. walk around. • Hypnotic Language Patterns o Double Bind o Bind o Presupposition  Awareness. because. talk like the above! o What do you notice? • The Silent Story of Body Language • What to Say.notice.com . • Storytelling (c) Keys To The Mind www.Box Two: Conversational Hypnosis See “Conversational Hypnosis in Action” • Fundamentals – Inner Game! • Rapport... four “secrets” o Disraeli.. discover  Time o Embedded commands o Cause – effect..HypnotizeAnywhere. find. which means. Gladstone and Victoria o Stephen Covey o Bernard Baruch o That rapport feeling o “Always be the calmest person in the room” Marcus Oakey – o This does NOT mean the most boring! • How You Talk – Voice o “This is my nose” exercise o Breathing o Conscious speaking o Emote! o Do simple induction / wake up with conscious speaking • How you Act – Body Language o Act happy / sad / confident / unconfident / arrogant o Get up.. o Do induction with one over and over again! o Then another. causes..

 Fear / lack of confidence  Learning something new  Getting excited!  Solving a problem  Leaving your comfort zone • Beliefs and Questions o Go through the five questions o Meta Model o Meta-muddling • Principles of Influence – Cialdini o Reciprocity o Liking o Authority o Commitment and Consistency o Social Proof o Scarcity! • Questions / Extras? o o o o o Day 2. (c) Keys To The Mind www.You are your story Transformational metaphor Exaggerate Tell a mundane story and blow it out of proportion! Find analogies in your life or stories you know for.. Break. 2-3pm.com .HypnotizeAnywhere..

happiness • The Ultimate Quick Fix o Instant gratification => laziness o Long term goals => change. daunting o So – skip to the end! (c) Keys To The Mind www.. • Three new friends o Fear o Failure o Confusion  Most people run from these!  But these are the “sign posts on the path to success” • Another “partner:” Contradiction o All maps / models will be imperfect • Goals o Talked about over and over again for a reason.. impossible.. o BUT – Oscar Wilde and the Artistic Life o Seneca and Poverty o SO goal -> feeling -> value exercise o Magnetic Hands feeling exercise – you do it! • Paradigm shift o Do to Be o Idea => Goal => Task => Belief => Identity • The Power of States o Go there first o Everything is ‘state dependant’ o Blank slate – put it all aside o Then step into the state o Practice with – calm.com . rapport..HypnotizeAnywhere.Box Three: Inner Game • THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROGRAM o Everything comes back to this o It’s all too much to get consciously.

.” • Finally o Think independently! o Always question o Always keep learning o Don’t believe a word anyone tells you until you’ve seen it for yourself o And accept that YOU are always changing.o Take practice! o “It takes time to do things quickly. HAVE FUN – it’s easy to forget this.. so don’t!  (c) Keys To The Mind www.HypnotizeAnywhere.com .

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