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MARK 3337 Professional Selling Review for Exam 1 Exam will be 50, multiple choice questions from both

h lecture and the textbook. 30 questions will be from the text and 20 questions will be from the lecture and in class discussion covering hapters ! " 5. #ou will need to bring a purple, $urple %eb & scantron and a number 2 pencil to the exam with 'ou. Chapter 1: eveloping a Personal Selling Philosoph! (efinition of personal selling) " $erson"to"person communication with a prospect " $ersonal selling is a process of * (eveloping relationships * (iscovering needs * +atching products with needs * ommunicating benefits " , process that adds value Evolution of ,ge of -nformation .2. and .2 /ales " /alespeople selling to businesses 0 1.2.2 or business"to"business sales " /alespeople selling to consumers 0 1.2 2 or business"to"consumer sales .usiness 3oods hannel " -nvolve both inside 4 outside sales " Examples of business goods channel careers) * -ndustrial salespeople * /ales engineer or application engineer * 5ield salespeople * +issionar' salespeople onsumer 3ood hannel " 1.2 2 sales " -ncludes both retail sales and direct selling " ,bound in a number of product areas " Examples of consumer sales careers) * ,utomotive sales * 6ewelr' sales * lothing sales * omputer sales * ,n' sales position to sales directl' to the consumer 7 8inds of &raining for /ales $eople " orporate"sponsored training " &raining provided b' commercial vendors " ertification programs " ollege and universit' courses -nside vs. 9utside /ales 8inds of sales :obs available Chapter ": Evol#tion of Selling Mo$els that Complement the Mar%eting Con&ept &he +arketing oncept o Evolution of marketing and sales over decades, examples give in class o ,merican 5amil' /itcom Example ; what did it demonstrate &he +arketing +ix and the 5our $<s of +arketing o Example in class of product to demonstrate the 7 $<s onsultative /elling =late !>?0s to earl' !>@0sA) process that serves the bu'er primaril' interested in price and convenience &ransactional /elling) process that developed from the marketing concept, emphasiBing need identification &actics) /pecific techniques, practices, and methods used in customer interaction /trateg' " arefull' conceived plan needed to accomplish sales ob:ectives " , prerequisite to tactical success /trategies of $ersonal /elling o 8e' concept to develop qualit' partnerships

$artnering /trategic ,lliances Calue reation) " $art !) Dnderstanding customer<s value needs " $art 2) reating the value proposition " $art 3) ommunication the value proposition " $art 7) (elivering the value proposition

Chapter 3: Creating 'al#e with a Relationship Strateg! 3uest /peaker ; Eame, $rofession, &opic of (iscussion Cideo) 6err' +aguire video clip shown in class demonstrated whatF &raits of a salesperson that create value 3 8e's to $artnering Gelationship " /trategicall' developed " High"qualit', long"term relationship " 5ocusing on solving customers< bu'ing problems 5our 8e' 3roups salespeople have to build relationships with o Examples, How, %h' 7 things that enhance 'our relationship strateg' " /elf"concept " %in"win philosoph' " Empath' and ego drive " haracter and integrit' %in"%in vs. %in"Iose %in"%in %in"Iose " ustomer satisfaction primar' " ,dopting win"win first step in development of relationship strateg' " .u'er and seller come out of the sale with respective best interests served Empath' and Ego (rive o How the' work together " Empath') ,bilit' to understand what a person is feeling * -nvaluable abilit' to get critical feedback " Ego drive) ,n inner force that makes the salesperson need to make the sale " Empath' and ego drive) reinforce each other haracter and -ntegrit' ; o %hat the' mean in personal selling " haracter includes personal standards such as honest', integrit', and moral strength " -ntegrit' involves achieving congruence between what 'ou know, sa', and do " -ntegrit' has become a valuable character trait Cerbal vs. Eonverbal communication o How does it affect relationships (ale arnegie<s onversational /trategies " .ecome genuinel' interested in other people " .e a good listener " &alk about interests of others ,ppearance and

Chapter (: Comm#ni&ation St!les) A Ke! to A$aptive Selling *o$a! 3uest /peaker) Eame, $rofession, &opic Cideo) &he 9ffice ; &eam /elling ; what did it demonstrate about sales ommunication /t'le .ias ommunication /t'le) " +ost frequentl' occurring form of bias " Eot commonl' understood " , state of mind that is difficult to explain " (evelops when we have contact with another whose communication st'le is different from our own

,daptive /elling) " ,daptive selling can be defined as altering sales behaviors in order to improve communication with the customer " Gelates to salesperson<s abilit' to collect information regarding the customer<s needs and responding appropriatel' 5 ommunication /t'le $rinciples 1+ -ndividual (ifferences " -ndividual differences exist and are important " Each person displa's individual arra' of verbal and nonverbal characteristics "+ ommunication /t'le as a %a' of &hinking and .ehaving " , preferred wa' of using one<s abilities " ,bilit' is how well 'ou can do something " /t'le is how 'ou like to do it 3+ -ndividual /t'les &end to .e /table 9ver &ime " .ased on hereditar' and environmental factors " 9ur 1st'le2 tends to remain rather constant through life " &he abilit' to 1flex2 can be enhanced (+ &here -s a 5inite Eumber of /t'les " +ost people displa' one of several behavioral clusters " %e can often 1label2 a person<s preferred communication st'le ,+ 3et in /'nc with /t'les of 9thers " ommunication st'le differences can be source of friction " (evelop an abilit' to adapt to another person<s st'le ommunication /t'le +odel ; 2 continuums $urpose of ommunication /t'le exercise in class Emotive /t'le ; traits, examples, strengths, weaknesses (irective /t'le " traits, examples, strengths, weaknesse s " &raits) * ,ppears quite bus' * +a' give the impression of not listening * (ispla's rather serious attitude * Iikes to maintain control Geflective " traits, examples, strengths, weaknesses " &raits) * ontrols emotional expression * (ispla's preference for order *&ends to express measured opinions * /eems difficult to get to know /upportive " traits, examples, strengths, weaknesses " &raits) * ,ppears to be quiet and reserved * Iistens attentivel' * &ends to avoid use of power * +akes thoughtful decisions in deliberate manner How to sell to 7 communication st'les a. /elling to Emotives * .e enthusiastic * (on<t be too stiff or formal * &ake time to establish goodwillJrelationships * +aintain e'e contact * .e good listener b. /elling to (irectives * 8eep as businesslike as possible * .e efficient, time disciplined, organiBed * -dentif' their goals * ,sk questions and note responses c. /elling to Geflectives * Dse thoughtful, well"organiBed approach * $resent information in deliberate manner * $rovide documentation * Eever pressure for quick decisions d. /elling to /upportives *&ake time to build the relationship * Iisten carefull' to their opinions and feelings * $rovide assurances for their views

* Have patience. 3ive them time to comprehend -ntensit' Bones /t'le 5lexing

Chapter ,: Ethi&s: the -o#n$ation for Relationships in Selling 3uest /peaker) Eame, $rofession, &opic Cideo) &he 9ffice ; purpose of the video ; what did it demonstrate about ethics .usiness ethics -mportance of ethics in business 5actors determining ethical behavior of salespeople +anagement as a role model ompan' policies and practices ,dditional polic' areas $ersonal values ; what makes them up and how are the' interpreted Iaws, ontracts, ,greements $ersonal code of ethics G+ and ethics &rust factor