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From Physical Addresses to Locations on Google Earth

A. Physical Addresses Geocoding (Online Geocoding Tool) B. Convert Excel Points (EXCEL) to Google Earth (K L)
Notes: If you have address with latitude and longitude data already, please skip procedure A and directly following the instructions on procedure B.

A. Physical Addresses Geocoding (Online Geocoding Tool)

The physical address geocoding tool can be found from http: . !ou need either a te"t file with at least the following fields: #Address, $ity, %tate, &ip'$ode, name of the location(. ). Start by putting your data in a compatible delimited format (Either Tab Delimited ort Bar Delimited)

*. Copy/paste addresses into the table online.

+. Click !alidate Source to ensure data format is readable and populate column data"

,. Select appropriate columns from the drop#do$ns belo$. %se address/city/state for e&act map' or city/state or (ip can be used for regional map"

-. Click )un *eocoder and $ait for geocoding to finish

.. *eocoding results are belo$' you can copy/paste this back into a spreadsheet or import into a database. )ight click on the form belo$ and click Select +ll ' then right click again and click Copy. ,ormatting is maintained but - columns containing coordinates are added"

bg_lat (latitude), bg_long (longitude) "

/. !ou have the option to directly save the file into a 012 file by click the button.

B. Convert Excel Points (EXCEL) to Google Earth (K L)

The following instructions are about how to convert e"cel file with #latitude longitude( data directly into 3oogle 4arth 012 file. ). 3o online http: e"cel*3oogle4arth.html to download a program called 46oint*34. This program doesn't need to be installed, just double click on the file
EPoint!GE"#ls$" %t is an e#cel file &ith 'acros" (EPoint2GE will convert your point coordinates from Excel to Google Earth and generate KML files. isuali!e" navigate and share your pro#ect points with satellite imagery provided $y Google Earth.%

*. The 'icrosoft E#cel program &ill open the file" %f 'acros ha(e been disabled in your e#cel program,
you ha(e to click options then to enable 'acros Figure )$" %f you did not recei(e a &arning, just keep to ne#t step"

+. 2oad data into sheet ), sheet*, sheet + 7 ,. $lick the button 8$reate 012 9ile: from the sheet 4"cel*34 interface.

-. %elect your data for conversion to 012 file. In the data field, please select from sheet), sheet* and sheet + for your data, ;< not include header, you can choose only one

section of the data to e"port to 012 file.

a. 'ost of the time, your data &ill be Geographic coordinates Latitude and Longitude in
decimal degrees$" *ut if you ha(e +T' coordinates, ,hoose +T' coordinates"

b. $olumns <rder, depends on your data, you may have all the fields, or some fields. But the minimum is two fields #4asting, Northing(. !ou may have to ad=ust your fields order to match columns order.

c. $hoose 012 path, the default is $:> and the file name is e"port.kml d. Add any description for the 012 file e. %elect Altitude 1ode, if you are not sure what it is, use the default setting f. %ymbol, The default symbol is a 6in symbol. But you can choose other symbols based on your data.

.. $lick Accept Button to run the conversion process. /. The e"ported file will be located in the folder you have chosen. ?. <pen @indows e"plorer, double click the e"ported 012 file, if you have the 3oogle earth installed, it will open 3oogle earth and the locations will show up.