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Sealed Tenders are invited from A Class Printers having Multicolor Printing facility and who are registered with the Commissioner of Printing Government Central Press, Chenchelguda, Hyderabad and who are able to print and supply of A.P. Public Service Commission Udyoga Samacharam pertaining to Departmental Test Results for official record and reference within a week. Tender form and other details can be obtained from the Asst. Secretary (D.T) A.P. Public Service Commission, Prathibha Bhavan, M.J. Road, Nampally, Hyderabad on all working days between 11.00 A.M to 4.00 P.M from 4/11/2013 to 8/11/2013 on payment of Rs.100/- In the form of IPO (Indian Postal Order) in favour of the Secretary, A.P.P.S.C., Hyderabad. : Place: Hyderabad Date : 31/10/2013 Sd/SECRETARY

ANDHRA PRADESH PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION:: HYDERABAD TERMS & CONDITIONS C.No.297 /DTM/ /2013 Sub: A.P.P.S.C-Printing of A.P.P.S.C Udyoga Departmental Test Results Regarding **** Sealed Tenders are invited for printing and supply of A.P Public Service Commission Udyoga Samacharam Departmental Tests Results as per the Specifications Prescribed A) All The Tenders should deposit and EMD amount of Rs..20,000/- (Twenty Thousand Rupees only) in the form of D.D drawn from any Nationalized bank in favour of the Secretaryt, A.P.Public Service Commission, Hyderabad. In case of unsuccessful bidders the D.D of E.M.D amount Rs.20,000/(Twenty Thousand Rupees only) will be refunded soon after the finalization of the Tenders. B) The last date of submission of Tenders is 08/11/2013 at 3.00 PM, and on the same day, the Tenders will be opened at 4.00 PM in the presence of Tenderers. C) Tenders can be rejected if D.D. for EMD amount of Rs..20,000/(Twenty Thousand Samacharam

Rupees only) is not enclosed and wrong/ insufficient information is furnished by the Tenderers. All the Tenders can also be rejected if the rates quoted are not acceptable to the Commission. D) The No. of books to be printed for the official record and reference purpose of Notifications No. 20/2012 and 03/2013 are about 120 copies with 5 volumes of each session. The printing Process i.e., converting the data given through soft copy by the required format by DTP, and printing and supply of proofs to the Commission and carrying out the corrections and finally printing of the required number of books have to be completed within the period of one week. E) The decision of the Commission will be final. F) Sales Tax or Vat or any other Taxes shown be included in the tender. G) Income Tax will be deducted as per the rules in vogue. H) Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions by any of the Tenderer will entitle their tender for summary rejection. I) For further details, if any, the Additional Secretary, APPSC, in Commissions Office during the Office hours may be contacted. Place: Hyderabad Date: 31/10/2013. Sd/SECRETARY


1. D.D for Rs.20,000/-(twenty thousand rupees only) in favor of the Secretary, A.P.P.S.C., Hyderabad towards E.M.D 2. Copy of certificate A Class Printer registered with the Commissioner of Printing, Government Central Press, Chenchalguda, Hyderabad. 3. Address proof of the press situated at Hyderabad or Secunderabad (Registration Papers of the press) 4. Registration of ownership of the printing press.