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About Me Ginger K. Proctor came into this world October 6, 1962.

My family resided in Hansen, Idaho where I attended Kindergarten. My brother, Greg was born in 1966. Shortly after his birth, we moved to Twin Falls, Idaho were I attended the Immanuel Lutheran School. This was expensive for my family so I transferred to Bickel Elementary starting in 2nd Grade. In the third grade, I met my husband. (Of course I did not know this then). I grew up in Twin Falls, later attending OLeary Jr. High and Twin Falls High School. I attended CSI on a track scholarship in the Education Program, but did not finish my last semester due to the pregnancy of my 1st child, Travis. This is where I had a bump in the path of life. I married and within 2 years was divorced, due to an abusive husband.

Travis and I moved back in with my mother and I re-enrolled at CSI in the Medical assisting Program, which I finished on the Deans List. When counseling for enrollment, my coach (from track) assisted me stating there was no money in Education, you should get into the Medical Program, so I did. I worked at Jensen Jewelers to get by during college, but after graduation, I obtained a job as a Dental Receptionist/Chair side Assistant. I met my husband (again) on a blind date. We had crossed paths most of our lives so dating was just a refresher, I met him in April and we married in October. I then became Ginger K. Hanchey. Together, we have 5 children: Travis, Brent, Robbie, Kallie and Benjamin. All of my children are adults now Robbie and Kallie are married. Robbie has not started a family as yet, but Kallie

has given us 3 beautiful grandchildren, Kassadee, 5, Lyla, 2 and Tyrell, 2 months. I was a stay at home mom for awhile, but got involved in the school my children attended. The erg to teach kept calling to me. I went back to school entering the Early Childhood Education Program. Took all the classes available at that time and finished with an Applied Science Degree. I could not work for Head Start as my mother in law was a supervisor, after her transfer to administration, I applied. But, until then, I worked with the Twin Falls School District in the resource programs with Oregon Trail and Morning side Elementary schools. I have been with Head Start for nearly 9 years. I worked most of those as the 3-5 Pre School Program Collaborator in Twin Falls. I again took classes at CSI to obtain an associates degree.

Completing in 2012. (My Husband took me on a Cruise to Alaska!) This summer I applied for a promotion as a Family Educator 3 (lead teacher) and transferred to the East End Center (Hansen). My class consists of 16 3 and 4 year olds. Three of these children are special needs. Head Start is trying a new option to accommodate the children attending 3-5 Preschools in Murtaugh, Hansen, Kimberly and Valley areas. This is my class. In order to keep my position, I must obtain a bachelors degree. I have not decided where to transfer as yet. Hence, enrolling in this class, as I can surely use it in the professional side of my life. During all of my married life, I have been deeply involved with our church, Eternal Life Christian Center, in Twin Falls. I have taught all age levels

even adults and continue to teach and attend 3 times per week! My Husband and I have run a Heating and Air Conditioning Business since 1996. He travels to other countries assisting in building orphanages and conference centers. I accompanied him in January of last year to Thailand where we visited several orphanages, small village churches and an AIDS orphanage. It is my desire that we spend more time doing this. (Someday)