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The Meditation of

Black Dzambhala
by Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrup Ewam Choden Tibetan Buddhist Center 254 Cambridge Ave., Kensington, California 94708 (510) 527-7363, 8 1

sGrub Thabs Kun bTus. Canada. 2 7 . B. September 2001.C. vol. August 1985. Translated by Jeff Watt. Vancouver.9. (1497-1557). folios 240-244.Written by Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrup.. Edited by Lama Kunga Thartse Rinpoche. formatted by Wolfgang Saumweber 2/2004.

Preliminaries Refuge and Generation of Bodhicitta Recite three times with hands at heart: SANG GYEH CHO TANG TSO KI CHO NAM LA CHANG CHUB BAR DU DA NI GYEB SU CHI DA KI CHIN SOK GYI BA DI TA KI DRO LA PEN CHIR SANG GYEH DRU BAR SHO In the Supreme Buddha. Until enlightenment. brown hair flowing 6 3 . from HUM appears a Vajra marked with a HUM. pot-bellied. Four Immeasurables Recite three times with hands at heart: SEM CHEN TAM CHEH DEWA TANG DEWEH GYU TANG DEN BAR GYUR CHICK SEM CHEN TAM CHEH DUNGEH TANG DUNGEH KI GYU TANG DRALWAR GYUR CHICK SEM CHEN TAM CHEH DUNG EH MEBEH DEWA TANG MI DRAWLWAR GYUR CHICK SEM CHEN TAM CHEH NYEH RING CHA DANG TANG DRALWEH DANG NYOM LA NEHBAR GYUR CHICK May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness. I take refuge. From the state of emptiness appears a lotus and moon. without pierced ears. May all beings not be separated from happiness that is without suffering. May all beings be free of attachment and aversion. I have the appearance of a dwarf. by resting in equanimity. Main Session OM SVABHAVA-SHUDDHAH SARVA-DHARMAH SVABHAVA-SHUDDHO ‘HAM (everything becomes empty).from which rays of light shine forth. Dharma. Above. May all beings be free of suffering and the cause of suffering. Out of a transformation I arise as the Protector Dzambhala. with a body black in color. to near and far. and Sangha. Through perfected wisdom may I attain Buddhahood For the sake of all sentient beings.

My right leg is extended pressing upon the yellow Lord of Wealth who is adorned with various gold ornaments and lying supine expelling various jewels from his mouth. Pour clean water slowly over the statue. protector Dzambhala I praise and prostrate to the Wealth God. with the ring finger of your left hand. Encircling the HUM in the heart is the mantra garland. take a drop of water you have poured over Dzambhala and put it on your tongue as a blessing. adorned with the eight great nagas. At the forehead is OM. rays of light shine forth to the buddhas in the aspect of Dzambhala. From the HUM. Who grants the highest accomplishment. throat AH. Again. heart HUM. Water from the consecration vases descends through the top of the head filling the body. OM DZAMBHALA DZALINDRAYE SVAHA The Short Water Torma to Dzambhala If you wish to offer a torma to Dzambhala. rays of light shine forth to the Five Buddhas of Consecration. OM VAJRA SAMAJAH / DZA HUM BAM HOH.upwards and bared fangs. purifying obscurations. The excess water overflows and Ratnasambhava adorns the head. (place the mind). (and) Dedication of Merits KYAY NAM DRUB CHING SOL WA TAB PAY TU DA SOK KANG DU NAY BAY SA CHOK SU NAY DUN 00 PONG TAP TSO SHI WA TANG CHO TANG TRA SHI PEL WA ZA DU SOL OM INDRANI MUKHAM BHRAMARI SVAHA. (The buddhas say:) OM VAJRIBHAVA ABHISHINCA HUM. poverty. (recite as much as possible). Through our praise and supplication to you May sickness. and warfare subside Wherever we may be and may Dharma. place a small statue of Dzambhala in a bowl. their attendants and retinue. My right hand holds a blood-filled skullcup and my left a mongoose vomitting various jewels. OM VAJRA SAMAJAH! OM ABHISHINCA TUMAM SARVA TATHAGATA. Various colored light rays shine from the body. Master of Jewel Treasures Circled by many wealthy Yaskshas Northern Guard. Finally. Then say: OM ARYA DZAMBHALA SAPARIWARA ARGHAM TICCHA SOHA OM ARYA DZAMBHALA SAPARIWARA PADAM TICCHA SOHA OM ARYA DZAMBHALA SAPARIWARA PUSHPE TICCHA SOHA OM ARYA DZAMBHALA SAPARIWARA DHUPE TICCHA SOHA OM ARYA DZAMBHALA SAPARIWARA ALOKE TICCHA SOHA OM ARYA DZAMBHALA SAPARIWARA GANDE TICCHA SOHA OM ARYA DZAMBHALA SAPARIWARA NEVIDIYA TICCHA SOHA OM ARYA DZAMBHALA SAPARIWARA SHABDA TICCHA SOHA Then praise Dzabhala. And good omens increase. saying: NOR KI WANGCHUK RINCHEN TER NGA SHIN NGU JIN NOR CHANG MANGBO KUN KYI JE CHENG CHOK GYONG WAY GOMPO DZAMBHALA NGU DRUP CHOK SO ZELA CHAK TSAL LO Lord of Wealth. 4 5 . saying the mantra 108 times.