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Jareos: Called to be Saints Sent Forth as Heroes, Bringing Light to the World with Mary

Fr. Nathaniel G. Gentizon Jesus Christ has truly called you to share his salvific mission, and to build the communion of his Church. These are the words of His Holiness John Paul II, now Blessed and soon to be a saint, in His address to the representatives of Catholic Organizations and Movements when he visited our Archdiocese on February 20, 1981. We find his words relevant and meaningful especially in our celebration of the Year of the Laity. For our fiesta celebration this year 2014, our theme, Jareos: Called to be Saints Sent Forth as Heroes, Bringing Light to the World with Mary, is an adaptation of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines theme for the Year of the Laity. THE LAItY We understand the laity as those who are baptized and non-ordained or not members of the clergy. Comprising 99.9% of Filipino Catholics, the area of their apostolate is basically in the world in which they properly belong and they are called to actively and responsibly participate in the common concerns and projects of their communities (cf. PCP II, Art. 42). Joined to Christ by the Spirit at Baptism, the laity are made sharers of the threefold mission of Christ being a teacher, priest and king/servant. They share in Christs mission for the salvation of the world. SENT FORTH AS HEROES Heroes are admired for their achievements and qualities. Lay people can be heroes by being courageous and brave to stand up and speak up for Jesus not only in religious activities but also in their private and public life (cf. CBCP Pastoral Exhortation for 2014 Year of the Laity). We find this call urgent and important especially in this time and age when people can easily compromise Christian moral truths because of their desire for pleasure and satisfaction. The real measure of heroism is not necessarily on the big things done but in the little acts of love we do in obedience to His will.

CALLED TO BE SAINTS It is not only the priests and religious who are called to be holy. The laity as well are invited to take this path toward sanctity. This is what we call universal call to holiness! The laity are given the special responsibility to find their own sanctification in the world, and to sanctify the world and transform it so that the world becomes more and more Gods world, Gods kingdom, where His will is done as it is in heaven. To the world of family, business, politics, education, mass media and the social media, to every human endeavor where the future of humanity and the world are at stake must the laity go in order to make a difference, the difference that the Gospel and the grace of Christ bring to human affairs (cf. CBCP Pastoral Exhortation for 2014 Year of the Laity).

BRINGING LIGHT TO THE WORLD WITH MARY As devotees of Our Lady of Candles, we are called to imitate Mary. She who brought Christ, the Light of the World, to us is our guide and inspiration in bringing Light to our world which may be pervaded with darkness because of our sinfulness. We can become bearers of light by knowing the content of our faith and living our faith. We can scatter the darkness of evil around us through an integral faith for it is only an integral faith, a faith that believes, a faith that worships, and a faith that works in love (Gal. 5,6) that can make all things new in our world especially in our beloved country (cf. CBCP Pastoral Exhortation for 2014 Year of the Laity).


CHALLENGE As we celebrate the Year of the Laity here in our parish, we recognize and appreciate the active participation of our lay faithful especially those involved in our Magagmay nga Kristianong Katilingban (MKK) and in the different Lay Organizations Movements and Associations (LOMAS) and Marian Association and Movements and Organizations (MAMO). Parish pastoral programs and activities are fruitful and effective because of the close partnership and collaboration of the clergy and the laity. Our journey continues. We believe that our lay faithful can contribute more for the life and ministry of the parish especially in its evangelization programs. Confronted with the problem of widespread poverty and corruption in politics and business, the laity - united with Christ, with the hierarchy and with their brethren and accompanied by Mary - can truly be the salt of the earth and the light of the world (cf. Mt. 5, 13- 16). It is of divine providence that Blessed John Paul II addressed the laity when he came here last February 1981. Called to share Christs salvific mission and to build communion of the Church, may our lay people emulate Lorenzo Ruiz and Pedro Calungsod, our two lay Filipino saints and heroes.

The collage illustrates the Church not just as a structure or a building, but essentially the people of God and community of disciples. The three candles represent the Holy Trinity with their flames converging as one, giving light to the pilgrim Church who are called to live in communion with one another like the Trinity and to bring forth together the Light Who is Christ to the world with Mary as guide, intercessor and inspiration.

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven In this Year of the Laity we give emphasis on the role of the laity in the transformation of society and the sanctification of the Christian community. It is but proper to highlight the significant role that God has entrusted them calling them as light and salt of the earth. Thus, in this fiesta of Our Lady of Candles I exhort all the parishioners and all devotees of Our Lady from all over the Philippines to be mindful of our responsibility to allow Christ, the Light of the world, to enlighten every aspect of our lives. As Pope Francis has been repeatedly telling Catholics, you must go into the world of the family, of business, of economics, of politics, of education, of the mass media and the social media, to every human endeavor where the future of humanity and the world are at stake and to make a difference, the difference that the Gospel and the grace of Christ bring to human affairs. (Archbishop Socrates Villegas, President CBCP, Pastoral Exhortation for the Year of the Laity, December 1, 2013). May Mary hold Jesus up, the Light of the world, to guide our steps as we evangelize!
Matthew 5:16

The handful of natives of Jaro are not alone in imploring our dearest Mother for help and protection. The Archdiocese of Jaro also has erected her National Shrine of Our Lady of Candles. The entire Region 6 of Western Visayas has made her too, as their own patroness. The whole nation in fact has been dedicated to our Blessed Mother. And now, the whole too seeks her protection. Our devotion to Mary and our unwavering trust in her is deeply rooted in our hearts, as time and time again we have been saved through her intercession. We never stop praying to her to implore the blessings of God for each one of us, our families, our community, our towns and provinces and the Filipino nation. To you dear Mother, we ask: Pray for all of us to God, O Mother ever help us!


Archbishop of Jaro

Chairperson Parish Pastoral Council Parish of Our Lady of Candles


Fiesta celebration is a moment of remembering, celebrating and believing Gods unfathomable love for us. We remember how God has been faithful in accompanying us. He is present in and among us, inspiring and giving us strength, as we build His Kingdom, especially through the Magagmay nga Kristianong Katilingban (MKK). Recognizing and appreciating His fidelity, we celebrate it by renewing our commitment to serve Him with all our being. For a life offered to God and our brothers and sisters in service is the best celebration we can ever make. Lastly, we continue to profess our belief in God Who sent His Son to be the Light of the world through Mary - a profession of belief that goes beyond words but reflected in a Christian lifestyle that promotes solidarity and compassion with the lost, last and the least. Happy Fiesta to one and all!

Jarenos: Called to be Saints Sent Forth as Heroes, Bringing Light to the World with Mary. Sa sining tuigan nga selebrasyon sang Piesta sang Ntra. Sra. De La Candelaria, luyag ko ipalambot sa tanan nga mga katapo sang parokya sang Katedral sang Jaro ang akon mainit nga panginbulahan kag bunayag nga pangamuyo para sa isa ka maduagon kag mabinungahon nga selebrasyon. Suno sa tema sang aton kapiestahan, sa sini nga tuig nga amo ang Tuig sang mga Laiko, ginatawag kita sa pagkabalaan sang kabuhi paagi sa isa ka pagtuo nga ginapakita sa pagginawi nga santu sa mga ginatudlo ni Kristo, ang kapawa sang kalibutan. Ini nga pagkabalaan nga amo ang bunga sang isa ka himpit nga pagtuo amo man ang nagahangkat sa tanan agod ibantala sa iban ang amo man nga ginatudlo ni Kristo. Subong nga ang Mahal nga Birhen nagdala sa kalibutan sang iya Anak nga si Jesus, kita man dapat magpakilala sa aton mga kaingod kag mga abyan nga si Jesus amo lamang ang matuod nga Dalan, Kamatuoran kag Kabuhi. Paagi sa bunyag, ginatawag kita sa pagkabalaan, kag paagi man sa Bunyag ginabaton ang misyon nga ipalambot ang kapawa sang kasanag ni Kristo sa bug-os nga kalibutan. Kabay nga ang Mahal nga Birhen sang Kandelaria mangin aton manugbulig sa sini nga tulumanon.


REV. MsgR. HiginiO C.VElaRdE, JR., PA

Hermana Mayor 2014

Parish Priest
CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)


1571 March 3, 1575 1587 April 25, 1587 October 31, 1636 1636 1742-1744 July 13, 1787 May 27, 1865 1865 September 20, 1867 April 25, 1868 February 22, 1869 Jan. 29 Feb. 2, 1874 February 1, 1874 1881 1911 1933 Jan. 25, 1948 June 29, 1951 November 18, 1951 1952 1957 May 26, 1965 January 1981 February 21, 1981 April 21, 1982 July 27-29, 1995 August 2007 November 17, 2010 July 16, 2011 Salog (later hispanized to Xaro and finally Jaro), an encomienda of Francisco Duran. Jaro, originally located in Alanga (now part of La Paz), a vista or pastoral charge of Ogtong (Oton). One foot image of the Candelaria found on the banks of the Iloilo River and brought to Jaro (Alanga). Jaro was established as a Parish. The change of patroness took place: from Our Lady of the Nativity to Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria. Fr. Bernado Alisen began the transfer of the parish from Alanga to its present site because the settlement was unsafe from Moro raids. The transfer was completed by Fr. Juan Aguado who also drafted the basic town plan and constructed a convent and church a hundred meters from its present site (Salud Montinola Residence). The Jaro Belfry was constructed. A strong earthquake damaged the church and the bell tower. Pope Pius IX decreed the creation of the Diocese of Jaro through the Papal Bull Qui ab Initio. The Augustinian ceded the church to the diocese in exchange for the parishes of La Paz and San Jose Placer. Mariano Cuartero, DD, was appointed first bishop of Jaro. Mariano Cuartero, DD took possession of the diocese. He immediately began the work of enlarging the parish church of La Candelaria using the plans of Fr. Agueria. Construction of the present cathedral, supervised by Manuel Arguelles. The Cathedral, the Bishops Residence and the Seminary were inaugurated. Solemn transfer of the image of La Candelaria from the old church to its nich in the new cathedral after three days of festivities. Restoration of the Jaro Belfry by Mariano Cuartero, DD Dennis Dougherty, DD (1908-1916) convoked the first ever Diocesan Synod of Jaro. James P. McCloskey, DD (1920-1945) convoked the 2nd Diocesan Synod of Jaro. Lady Caycay (earthquake) damaged the Cathedral of Jaro and its belfry as well as many other churches in Panay. With the Papal Bull Quo in Philippina Republica, Pope Pius XII elevated Jaro as a Metropolitan Archdiocesan Church. Jose Ma. Cuenco, DD installed as the First Archbishop of Jaro. The Cathedral was reinforced and the twin bell towers were constructed by Juan Nilmar, DD. Zaldivar painted the 4 evangelists at the pendentives of the dome. The Cathedral and its new altar were dedicated, A Deo In Honorem Sancta Elizabeth. The image was brought down from its niche supervised by Alberto Piamonte, DD in full regalia. The image of Our Lady of Candles was canonically crowned by the Servant of God Pope John Paul II, the only image of the Virgin Mary in the Philippines crowned by the Pope himself. Pope John Paul II proclaimed Our Lady of Candles patroness of Western Visayas. Parish Congress of the Parish of Our Lady of Candles. Start of the present General Repair of the Cathedral. Rededication of the Cathedral. Formally established as an Archdiocesan Shrine. Decree of Establishment by the Catholic Bishops conference of the Philippines establishing the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Candles.

The Lady by the River

Msgr. Alejandro P. Esperancilla

he was found hundreds of years ago, lying on a riverbank. The fisherman who found her decided to bring her to another town. The one foot statue, however, wouldnt budge an inch. She was heavy; too heavy even for ten men to carry. Then one of them thought of bringing the statue to Jaro instead. Right there and then, before the dazzled eyes of nine strong fishermen, one of them easily carried her in his arms. The Seora, it was said, decided to go to Jaro and that decision had to be respected. This is the legend of how the Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria came to stand majestically on the church of her choosing, the now Metropolitan Cathedral of Jaro. Lest you look for her one foot statue in the cathedral, you wont find it. It has grown to more than 7 feet and sits on top of the balcony in the faade of the cathedral. It is said her statue keeps on growing. Hard to believe? When your love for the Candelaria grows in leaps and bounds as the love of the Jareos for her does, she will grow higher; 7 feet , 10 feet. This is the simple, explainable, and believable arithmetic of love. This is why when the then servant of God, Pope John Paul II came here in 1981 to crown La Virgen de la Candelaria as Patroness of Western Vasayas, it was merely a formal recognition of what has been a reality for more than two hundred years. Pilgrims flock to Jaro on her fiesta, February 2, to pray to the Virgin, to pay her homage, and to bring home the tangible gift of her presence the Perdon, the candle of Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria. The Perdon is not just an ordinary candle. It is lighted only during special prayers for special needs prayers to ask Gods protection during calamities and in times of great danger. It is lighted to pray for the dying to commend his or her soul to God. It is lighted to pray for special petitions, too important to be left on ones ability to pray. The candle is Mary; the light it gives is Christ. This is a very meaningful symbol of what it takes to be Christian. We are givers of light; givers of Christ. And as we illuminate and beautify, as we restore the capacity of people to see what was left in the dark, as we give back to people the ability to see shining silver behind the muck and dust of ages past, we slowly vanish, slowly fade away, for the candle diminishes as its light increases. That is Mary; the Mary whom Jareos refer lovingly as the Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria. As we pass on the light from one candle to another, you will discover that the flame, though divided and shared, remains undimmed. Light your neighbors candle, light the candles of a thousand friends and neighbors and you will notice that the light of your own candle does not diminish in any way. It remains as bright as it was first lighted. This is how it is when working for the Church we all love. Our generosity will never make us poor or miserable. The light never grows dim when shared. Mary teaches us all these by her candle and so it is something very special. She is truly our mother, our teacher, our queen. Viva la Virgen!

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

The Jaro of My Affections

Maria Gloria J. Guadarrama- Saulog

typical Filipino Visayan town of Spanish Vintage, life in Jaro (Salog to an even older generation) evolved bajo de las campanas (below the bells). The sound of the lingganay (bell) from the campanario (belltower) was the first sound heard in the early hours in the morning. It was like a gentle pamukaw (wake-up whisper) calling the senses to the break of day. The first call was known as pulot, a gentle single toll of the big bell in deep bass with fairly long interval. A subtle indication that there was ample time to prepare for the next mass, about a quarter of an hour to its start. The next set was the tag-sa, a double toll with shorter intervals that the pulot. It means that the start of the mass was drawing closer that last, and was now just about ten minutes away. The third set of the chimes was known as basal, characterized with a hurried pace and urgency from a symphony of huge bells and the smaller bells of higher decibel signified that the mass was to start briefly and the churchgoer should almost be at the church door. The language conveyed sang mga lingganay sang campanario (the bells of the bell tower) did not give any Jareo, any excuse to be late for mass. There were distinct bell tolls for baptisms, weddings and funerals. At seven oclock in the morning the siren from the Municipyo (the present Jaro Police Station) sounded. It was a minute-long uninterrupted sound of a huge electrical siren, highly boisterous and cyclonic in its magnitude that seemed to envelop Jaro and its outer extremes. It was expected that by the time the siren sounded, all the morning ritual activities including breakfast would have been finished or

underway. A veritable timekeeper for menfolk who had to go to work to earn the familys living, housewives and servants going to the market for the days food, and children who had to go to school. It sounded again at exactly twelve noon to mark the lunch hour. Its third and final buzzer was at five oclock in the afternoon which marked the culmination of the days activities. On Sundays, it fell silent on its day of rest. On the 30th of December, the siren sounded twice in the morning at 7:00 and again at 7:05 to commemorate the time of Dr. Jose Rizals execution. It rang at midnight at the start of the New Year, a whole lot longer than usual, which rivaled the fireworks and the firecrackers. The bells of the campanario tolled at twelve noon and at six oclock in the evening for Oracion (Angelus). Jareos were expected to stop in prayer in whatever station they were in up until the bells have toiled with finality. It is also understood by the youth and the children that they must be or almost home at this dusk hour. The last bell tolls were heard at eight oclock in the evening, a morose tone, steep with sadness, they said for the holy souls to be remembered in prayer before bedtime. Aside from these sound interchanges of the Church and the State, the long busina of the passing trains which made a stop at the estacion on calle Democracia in barrio Simon Ledesma was the sound of commercial activity. The trains that traverse through the Jaro station come from the main hub in Muelle Loney in Iloilo City to the towns of central Iloilo unto Roxas in Capiz. They brought in goods

and passengers of Jaros market day on Thursdays and a means of commuting to these places. Those who live and play near the railroad tracks completely understood the tenets of Stop, Look and Listen to keep out of harms way. The heart and lungs of Jaro was the huge plaza. It was its main recreational center, its wisp of fresh air among the tall Narra trees and the forever blooming white calachuchis which were gathered by young girls for the floral offering to the Virgen in May. Babies sunbathed in the plaza at sunrise, toddlers learned to take their first steps on the grass in the afternoon. It was the venue to see your crush or present your suit to the dalagas and solteros. The seniors sat on the stone benches for some exercise and conversation f l a v o u r e d by toasted (sinanlag) or boiled (tinanok) peanuts sold by women packaged in old

newspaper cones propped up in baskets. The squeaky swings never tired of swaying young kids to their hearts delight. The curious explored the Japanese garden and caught tadpoles in the rainy months and dragonflies in the summer. The wide pavements provided more than enough room for roller skating and learning to ride the bicycle of the youthful years. When they got thirsty with all the activities, the ever flowing artesian well with its piquant tasting water was the sole refreshment. It is said the the longest Christmas season in the world is celebrated in the Philippines. To a Jareo, the joyous season does not end with the New Year, nor the feast of the Magi after the belens and Christmas decorations have been set aside and stored. The Fiesta of the Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria on February 2nd to every Jareo, whether they live in Jaro or elsewhere, was the Feast of all Feast, the highlight of the year that required its attendant spiritual and material preparation. On this momentous day, Jaro was festooned for celebration, the Church and the plaza were decorated to the best they knew how. The marching band played around the streets with jovial and happy tunes. The best and preferably new clothes and shoes were worn on this occasion. Heirloom and newly minted recipes were prepared and cooked for relatives and pilgrim guests who came to hear mass at the Cathedral. It was an epicurean feast from breakfast till dinner. The cockpit was filled to the brim to entertain the menfolk. A carnival in the plaza had rides, games and attractions for the young and old. The Virgens procession came after 4:00 in the afternoon with lovely young ladies dressed to the hilt, bejeweled and perfumed led by the years Queen. At midnight, the Fiesta Queen was crowned with pomp and pageantry with palabas and fireworks. Then dancing till the wee hours. The morning after, Jaro halted to a standstill, quiet and motionless, as if the world came to an end.

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

Perdon sang Candelaria

Malipayon nga piesta, maayong hapon sa tanan mga halangdon nga tumulu-o sining simbahan, Tugoti ako nga akon gid masaysay ang tanan, Mga nahibal-an, mga butang nga natalupangdan. Sari-sari nga hitabo ang akon nabati-an Mahal nga Birhen nadula sa iya nahamtangan, Kag didto sia nakita sang madamo nga katawhan, Sa tubig sa plaza, ang iya Anak paliguan. Sang sia koronahan sang Santo Papa nga bulahan Dili sia manaog sa iya anay nahamtangan, Gani ang Obispo nga halangdon, iya gid gintambongan Mapahamtang lamang, ang iloy dali palapitan. Tuig dos mil onse isa ka bata ang nadula Sa kakulba kag kasubo, ila sia pinangita; Sesenta ka adlaw, sa butkon sang iloy nadula, Sa besperas sang iya piesta, ila sia nakita. Sang bagyo Yolanda kami ginkulbaan sing tuman Makakululba nga hangin, kahaladlok nga ulan Diin pa magdangop, kon indi sa imo panug-an, Gani madamo nga mga perdon ang ginsindihan. Ay madamo pa ako sang sarang mapanugiron Tanan pagpakita sang iloy nga mabinatyagon Magagmay nga katilingban sang urna pamangkuton Kay ang Candelaria sa ila balay ginabaton. Sa sini gid nga tuig, laiko ang ginapadunggan Kag ikaw, O Maria, ang maanyag nga huwaran Kay namati ka, Pulong sang Dios imo gid ginhuptan Tagipusuon nga masinulondon indi gid magtalang.

Jerald H. Flores

Palapak sa Candelaria

ne of the most famous symbols of the Jaro fiesta is the perdon, the candle blessed specifically on the Feast of Nuestra Seora de Candelaria, February 2. It is so famous that tens of thousands are sold throughout the year and reach different parts of the country and beyond, usually where Ilonggos can be found. A candle symbolizes several things in liturgy. It is first a symbol of Christ, the Light of the world. It is a symbol of the joy that Christ gives us. It is also a symbol of the holy presence of God in our midst. It is a symbol of prayer to thank or seek blessings from God. Moreover, it is a symbol of honoring God and the saints. The word candelaria means candle bearer. Through the Holy Spirit, Mary, the Candelaria, has bore Jesus to the world. The lighted perdon therefore does not symbolize Mary but Jesus. Because the perdon is not an ordinary candle, devotees believe it is only lighted for special prayers in times of grave and important needs: to pray for Gods protection during calamities and in the face of danger, to pray for the dying and to commend her/his soul to God, to pray for serious intentions that cannot be left in ones usual prayer. So, next time you buy or receive a perdon, remember not only Mary but her Son, Jesus Christ. And next time you light a perdon, remember you are in the holy presence of Jesus Whosheds light not only in times of great need but in our lifes journey. May the perdon sang Candelaria also remind us that as Christians and followers of Christ, we are also called forth to be light to others and for the world.

Fr. Nathaniel G. Gentizon

ave you tried palapak wherein a religious statue is laid over your head? Why do people go through it? Is it still relevant in this digital age? In our Archdiocese, the most famous palapak is in Leganes where pilgrims flock for palapak by San Vicente Ferrer. It is mainly to ask blessings to recover from an illness, to pass an exam, to have a safe trip, to seek enlightenment over a decision, to land a job, to find a lover or spouse. Others just tag along elders, friends or the crowd. On a deeper level, palapak can be viewed as a submission to God. For Filipinos who put premium on personal relationships, it is to be closer, to be touched, to be cared for by God. It echoes the placing of elders hand on our foreheads as a sign of respect. Palapak is thus a Filipino expression of faith, how we personally relate to God and our saints and how we expect them to relate to us. The Blessed Virgin Mary holds a special and esteemed place in the hearts of Filipinos who are often close to their biological mothers. Mary is also our mother giving rise to the popular endearment, Mama Mary. Palapak sa Candelaria is not only to pay homage to Mary, Our Lady of Candles, but also to feel intimate, loved and blessed by her. In this digital age where science and economics are adored, some doubt the need for God. Yet somehow, our personal relationship and attachment with our mothers remain constant. The Church reminds us that popular religious practices must lead to faith and to Christ. Our closeness to our mothers and Mama Mary can in fact bring us closer to Jesus: To Jesus through and with Mary. During our fiesta celebration and the whole year, let us renew our faith and intimacy with God through Ntra. Sra. de la Candelaria, the patroness of Jaro Parish and Western Visayas. Dali na, palapak ta sa Candelaria!

Manug-Discurso, Fiesta 2014:

Mary Elizabeth A. Pajemolin

Mary Elizabeth, 14 years old, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Quirico and Milagros Pajemolin resides at Brgy. Cuartero, Jaro, Iloilo City. She finished her Primary Education at Jaro I Elementary School as an honor student. Presently, she is on her second year high school at Ateneo de Iloilo-Santa Maria Catholic School as a scholar. As a manifestation of her gratitude to God, she serves our parish as a childrens choir member now Schola Candelaria.
CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

Ang mga laiko ginatawag sa pagkabalaan, Ginatulod, ginadihon nga mangin baganihan, Ang Simbahan sing tapat ila gid nga alagaran, Ang pungsod nga Pilipino dapat nila dampigan. Magtulok kay Maria, laiko nga matinuohon Kay sa iya gid naton matun-an ang pagkalig-on; Dili ka masilaw sang manggad ukon sang posisyon Kay labi pa ang maangkon kon ikaw mangin Diosnon. Karon, O Mahal nga Birhen, ilingig mo sa amon Ang imo mga mata nga labing maluloy-on Kay sa amon matag-adlaw nga panginahanglanon Sa gihapon kami magasalig nga imo kami linggon. Kay dili gid sining paino-ino, ikalimtan Talanhaga nga pagdampig, lubos nga pag-atipan; Ah, gugma nga misteryoso, indi gid matupungan Kay ikaw Iloy, labing masaligan nga dalangpan. Dios te Salve Maria Seora de la Candelaria Reina humilde de este parochia El Seor es contigo Bendita tu eres Entre todas las mujeres Y bandito es el fruto De tu vientre, Jesus. Amen.


CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)



JANUARY 24 FEBRUARY 1. 2014 5:30 PM except on January 26, Sunday which will be at 4:30 PM FEBRUARY 01, 2014 5:30 PM Mass and Coronation of Our Lady of Candles FEBRUARY 02, 2014 A. MASSES A.1. Shrine 4:00 AM Rt. Rev. Msgr. Higinio C. Velarde, Jr. Parish Priest A.2. Main Altar 5:00 AM Rev. Fr. Lester Villa Parish Priest, St. Joseph Parish Lebas, San Lorenzo, Guimaras 6:00 AM Very Rev. Msgr. Alejandro Esperancilla Rector, St. Vincent Ferrer Seminary 7:00 AM Most Rev. Angel N. Lagdameo, DD Archbishop of Jaro (Blessing of Candles and Concelebrated Mass) 9:00 AM Rev. Fr. Philip Vincent Sinco Procurator and Human Formation Director St. Joseph Regional Seminary 10:00 AM Very Rev. Fr. Midyphil Billones Rector, St. Joseph Regional Seminary 11:00 AM Rev. Fr. Kenneth Ezpeleta Chaplain, Iloilo Doctors Hospital 12:00 NN Rev. Fr. Jesus Glofel Mana-ay Director, St. Augustine Parochial School Dumangas, Iloilo 3:00 PM Rev. Fr. Peter John Guarin Parochial Vicar, St. Julian Parish, Janiuay, Iloilo 5:30 PM Most Rev. Jose Corazon Tala-oc, DD Bishop of the Diocese of Kalibo (Solemn Concelebrated Mass) 7:00 PM Rt. Rev. Msgr. Sergio Jamoyot Parish Priest, Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima Alta Tierra, Jaro, Iloilo City 8:00 PM Rev. Fr. Julius Jacobres Secretary to the Archbishop Archbishops Residence, Jaro, Iloilo City A.3. Grotto 5:00 AM Rev. Fr. Ronald C. De Leon 5:30 AM Rev. Fr. Joemarie Villalobos 6:00 AM Rev. Fr. Alex Seraa 6:30 AM Rev. Fr. Joenick S. Territorio 7:00 AM Rev. Fr. Aris James Java 7:30 AM Rev. Fr. Dennis Galon 8:00 AM Rev. Fr. Francisco Angostura 8:30 AM Rev. Fr. Ian Niel Llona 9:00 AM Rev. Fr. Nathaniel G. Gentizon 9:30 AM Rev. Fr. Julius Revesencio 10:00 AM Rev. Fr. Domingo Rafael Alimajen Jr. 10:30 AM Rev. Fr. Moises Tacardon 11:00 AM Rev. Fr. Gualberto Susaya 11:30 AM Rev. Fr. Cirilo Camus B. BAPTISM 8:00 AM 12:00 NN St. Vincent Ferrer Seminary Jaro, Iloilo City C. SOLEMN PROCESSION 4:00 PM

STANDARD BEARERS (GIRLS) 1. Natalie Enriquez 2. Chloe Marie Necessario 3. Marianne Jewel Bereber 4. Shaina Rhose Torres 5. Ferren Katalbas 6. Ma. Edeline Mancilla 7. Danica Rose Zapanta 8. Nycie Grace Williams 9. Alliah Eryka Combatir 10. Nescel Mae Lubaton 11. Thea Alyanna Serdea 12. Julia Cabrera 13. Ma. Renee Sophia Mangao 14. Glydenzel Barcelona 15. Krezcelle Delgado 16. Charlyn Quidato 17. Gail YvetteTirazona 18. Meryl Robleza 19. Paula Marie Velasco 20. Maxine Angela Acejo 21. Mighty Alipat 22. Bianca Ayelle Vintola 23. Ayra Dominic Yanzon 24. Yhobilee Ohara Tanagon 25. Carla Tan 26. Thea Alexis Marie Dubria 7. Nicolle Angela Subong 8. Jerylle May Tolentino (Colegio de San Jose) CAROZA 1. Jamie Viviene Acebuque 2. Kriyah Dominae Bartolome 3. Aliyah Crista Bartolome 4. Audrey Danielle Evidente 5. Cheska Gonzales 6. Kayllery Denise Gorecho 7. Dazel Genesis Haresco 8. Tisha Marie Ilano 9. Jan Thereze Jover 10. Kristine Nicole Lacanaria 11. Collen Joy Pabiona 12. Patricia Roselle Tacsay 13. Paula Bianca Palmares 14. Kyle Maraon MONOGUILLOS 1. Maxwelle Dane Acejo 2. Jerry Panaongan, Jr. 3. Angelo Raymund Robles 4. Kim Altair Estalle 5. Veejay Borres 6. Jon Carlo Aspili 7. Aaron Magluyan 8. Tristan James Sumagaysay 9. Sasha Reich Jr. Oberiano 10. John Marlo Biboso 11. Romer Jerome Lemery 12. Patrick Jhemel Gabayan 17. Chriselle Joane Ramos 18. Toni Rose Hervias 19. Mary Khristle Anne Gutierrez 20. Kathleen Ruth Ladiao 21. Graciela Ventura 22. Ciara Faith Susbilla 23. Rose Jade Eugenie Delgado 24. Samantha Joy Gomez 25. Camille Shane Lacanaria 26. Christela Claire Jover 27. Colleen Kate Intrepido 28. Christina Isabel Mijares 29. Marie Antoinette Gallos 30. Anideth Montelijao 31. Cyrinne Kier Grio 32. Ma. Nathalie Padernal 33. Bea Regine Ang 34. Mary Iresel Lesondato 35. Reylen Gumaro 36. Yanni Biron 37. Rizza Mae Palmos 38. Kryst Trinah Sidana 39. Athena Gabriella Julabar 40. Carol Sue Lonjas 41. Kerstin Dondoyano 42. Nicole Nolasco 43. Angel Grace Tan 44. Jazree Rian Pudadera 45. Ma. Jobelle Caumban 46. Cenia Jen Luzille Matullano 47. Julienne Anne Cocjin 48. Diandra Patriza Armada 49. Mikaela Marie Francisco 50. Ma. Therese Deanne Tanagon 51. Jesel Delos Santos 52. Chenie Marie Auro 53. Irene Samantha Tan 54. Fennelyn Mae Babac 55. Yvonne Angela Faeldonea 56. Joanna Joyce Orquinaza 57. Rhoda Mae Sajonia 58. Katrina Rose Hisole 59. Rdelle Marie Hojilla 60. Rizelle Lou Guinalon 61. Mary Loureen Depaloma SAn SImEon 1. Neil Joshua Esquillo 2. Jedon Paul De la Cruz 3. Dave Joshua Gedoria 4. Mark Rodan Bertulo 5. Seth Enno Quisumbing 6. Russel Joshua Hojilla 7. Eric Steve Jr. Sales 8. Ray Miguel Reynes 9. Edmar Sumagaysay 10. John Matthew Limbaco 11. Leonardo Quiros 12. Ferdin Klein Colomer

Novenario Masses


Minister: Rt. Rev. Higinio C. Velarde, Jr., JCD, PA Parish Priest
1. Ceriales 2. Pendon of the Blessed Virgin (Fiesta Queen 2014 & Consort) 3. 2014 Fiesta Princesses and Escorts 4. Childrens Fancy Dress Ball Queen and Escort with her Princesses and Consorts 5. Colegio de San Jose 6. Angelicum School 7. Carriage of San Simeon 8. Jaro National High School 9. Barangay Banners in the middle of the Members of LOMAS/MAMO 11. Standard of Our Lady 12. Ave Maria 13. Attributes of Our Lady 14. 7 Virtues 15. Community of St. Vincent Ferrer Seminary 16. Community of St. Joseph Regional Seminary 17. Monoguillos & Acolytes 18. Angels 19. Carriage of Our Lady of Candles 20. Parish Priest and his assistants

STANDARD BEARERS (BOYS) 1. Breyn Errald Famillaran 2. Kianne Xavier Hecita 3. Hans Christian Tangente 4. John Vincent Andig 5. Bon Jorte Badiango 6. Prince Jamille Pelopero 7. Christian Cuarte 8. Jan Rinan Dasmarias 9. Gio Brian Debuque 10. Crisbelle Anjewel Dela Cruz 11. Chaqui Lois Necessario 12. Justine Adriane Lamera 13. Joselito Jr. Barcas HOLY FAMILY 1. She Mae Jomillo 2. Jannah Gelera 3. Emilyn Anne Enesa 4. Johanna Hofilea 5. Hannah Jasmine Eraldo 6. Ana Margarita Alvarez 7. Anna Katrina Tropel 8. Leane Marie Maurin 9. Yna Chrislyn Algeria 10. Kathleen Keith Contapay 11. Abegene Prevendido 12. Suzanne Fyne Tan

a. Arguelles b. Bakhaw c. Benedicto d. Calubihan e. CC El 98 f. Cuartero g. Democracia h. Desamparados i. Fajardo j. Libertad/Sta. Isabel k. Lourdes l. Luna m. Ma. Cristina n. San Roque o. San Vicente p. Seminario q. Simon Ledesma r. Tabuc Suba Proper s. Tabuc Suba Ilaya t. Taft North u. Taytay Zone 2

Sto. Nio Couples for Christ Medalla Milagrosa San Roque Sto. Rosario Sagrado Corazon de Jesus San Lorezo Ruiz de Manila Apostleship of Prayer Nstra. Seora de Salvacion Nstra. Seora de los Desamparados Nstra. Seora de Guadalupe Society of St. Vincent de Paul Sta. Isabel de Ungria Our Lady of Lourdes Sta. Teresita del Nio Jesus San Jose Legion of Mary San Roque San Vicente Ferrer Medalla MIlagrosa Virgen de las Flores San Roque Catholic Womens League (CWL) Nstra. Seora de Salvacion Sagrada Familia San Jose Obrero 10. Carriage of the Holy Family Daughters of Mary Immaculate, International

ANGELS 1. Izabelle Renae Celis 2. Clarisse Angela Fanual 3. Emiliana Jamotillo 4. Ma. Erika Orbino 5. Mary Beatrice Nicole Ortega 6. Angel Hillary Falcis 7. Angelie Marie Perillo 8. Zam Marielle Silvestre 9. Princess Ariahna Bidaure 10. Gianne Kate Lamprea 11. Janela Gila Cercado 12. Phoebe Meriveles SAGALA 1. Dorothy Silvestre 2. Pauline Silguera 3. Maria Pressina Dogeno 4. Trezten Jade Saquibal 5. Johann Jalbuena 6. Kyla Mae Panaguiton 7. Rufa Mae Ladiao 8. Allen Grace Sancio 9. Dannie Rose de la Cruz 10. Kathrina Katipunan 11. Shiezza Lauron 12. Kressel Jow Alarva 13. Yenna Mae Jainga 14. Ashlee Marie Foster 15. Thea Marie Diaz 16. Erika Therese Melendez


CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

AVE MARIA 1. Margareth Anne Aguana 2. Marrane Nicole Louise Caas 3. Mary Mycah Esquillo 4. Jan Friah Mirador 5. Zehra Nicholle Nones 6. Mary Nel Notorio

MRS. JENELYN EUGALCA CAJOLO Vice President, Student Activities


Jaro Fiesta King and Queen

Children Fancy Ball King and Queen

CeZrry Marie Angela

Ledesma Penecilla GeluZ

Ameila Carla


Heaven smiled down on May 28, 1990 when Cezrry was born. Her parents were overjoyed and believed that God gave them an angel, hence, Cezrry Marie Angela came as a blessing to Cesar Geluz and Cherry Ledesma Penecilla. Cezrry belongs to a deeply rooted, dedicated and hardworking traditional Jareo family. This made her genetically a perfect blend of beauty, elegance and intelligence. She is the great granddaughter of the late Clemente Ledesma, former Jaro Chief of Police in the 1900s, the granddaughter of Desposoria Ledesma Penecilla and grandniece of Amparo Ledesma whose artistic genes greatly influenced Cezrrys creative ability inspiring her school organization to elect her as Vice President of the Language Club and Director of Creative Arts of Evergreen Park High School. Her inherent intelligence and flair in visual art, elocution and creative writing sprang from the Geluz and Penecilla families. She graduated from Saint Xavier University, Illinois with the degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Blending all the attributes her family has, Cezrry is being motivated by the success and achievement of her heritage. With all her accolades, Cezrry remains God-loving, humble and respectful. She is honored to be chosen as the Jaro Fiesta Queen 2014 considering this as a unique opportunity to further enrich her life, and become an inspiration to all.

At the young age of six, Ameila Carla V. Victoria or Amcee to her proud parents, Arch. Jose Ma. Ricardo Victoria and Mrs. Lalie Jane V. Victoria, is remarkably living the legacy of extending the same spirit of sharing and giving started by her Mamita, Emma Victoria. Currently studying at Ateneo de Iloilo-Santa Maria Catholic School as a Grade 1 pupil, she is starting her way to be one of the academically outstanding learners having earned the grades of As. She is fully aware that the essence of being the Jaro Childrens Fancy Ball Queen 2014 is not merely popularity and publicity but more importantly, it is for a bigger responsibility in the society, setting a role model for kids like her. She may be young but not nave. She has the wit, charm and a good heart that make her well-loved by everyone.

Jose Alyson

GRIE Jabat

John Constantine

Trojillo Jacobo

Jose Alyson Jabat was born on March 24, 1990 to Ma. Elsie Jabat and Joseph Allan Jabat, both natives of Jaro, Iloilo City. They reside at Democracia St., Brgy San Roque, Jaro, Iloilo City. He attended his elementary education at Filipino American School Town, Cubay and finished in the year 2001. He spent his secondary education at Saint Vincent Ferrer Seminary, Jaro, Iloilo City and his tertiary education at Saint Paul University Iloilo, where he graduated Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy.

JC as he is fondly called by family and friends was born on September 30, 2005 to loving parents, Mr. Bernel Jacobo and Mrs. Ma. Jonah Malones Trojillo. This eight-year old wonder boy is a Math enthusiast, a singer and piano student at Yamaha School of Music. He has a good command of the English Language having won in the Individual Story Telling Contest in the PRISAA English Language Festival. John Constantine is bubbly, vibrant and a loving kid who loves to converse and play with friends. His laudable attributes make his grandparents Chief Engr. Bernardo Belarma Jacobo and Mrs. Nelsie Jacobo very proud of him.


CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)


Miracle Story
My Greatest Ally, La Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria

Living the Faith

Jose Marie dela Rosa

Clarice Helene J, Guadarrama-Saulog

Light for Others

Jaro Fiesta Queen 2010

hirty one years ago, in January of 1983, I left Bacolod City with a heavy heart to find my true self to seek the light in the midst of a confusing world and find more breathing space in a place where I can be free to express my true self and be accepted for who I really am. I realized I alone can deal with my issues and heal myself from the pains of rejection. I fled to Iloilo, hoping to find a home in the heart of my aunt, who was then teaching at Pius X Institute. It was my first time in Jaro. There, inside the cathedral I thanked God for keeping me safe and poured out my feelings as I prayed; then, I went up to the shrine to pay homage to the Blessed Mother. I looked up to her and cried, saying Mother, I know that your Son is the one true light, the candle of life, I ask Him, through your intercession, to please light my way and guide me to the right path. And my new journey began! My life as a hairdresser started in Jaro. I would attend the 5:30 P.M. mass regularly at the cathedral. One afternoon, the image of La Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria arrived from the United States. When I saw her enter the main cathedral door, I bowed my head in reverence. Then facing her, I said, Mother, ano ang gusto mo nga himu-on ko? I kept fervently still, moved by her presence. After a while, I heard a faint voice, as in a whisper, saying Just be you. Maybe you could do something with how you look, to start with? [In my younger days, I sported a long hair to match my sexy figure, maintaining a reputation as one of the prettiest gays in the district.] I never doubted for a moment what I heard, believing it was her response to my earlier plea; nor for a second did I hesitate to part from my long, beautiful and precious hair. I went home after the mass and I cut my hair right away. I prayed to her and Mama Mary touched my life. I was certain of her maternal love guiding me to become a better person and finding true happiness. I realized that being one of the successful hairdressers in Metro Iloilo, especially here in Jaro, was not the source of true happiness. My intimate relationship with the Blessed Virgin became my inspiration and my joy, as she led me closer to the Light. I joined the Lector Ministry and became one of the twelve apostles for the Lenten rites. I also wrote the script for the living Via Crucis and played the role of Sta. Claus for the Christmas presentation.

The bigger trial had yet to come, though. Almost nine years ago, I had a brain tumor and half of my body was paralyzed. That happened in October, the month of the Holy Rosary, but the pain did not start to throb until December, graduating to severity till the succeeding months. I went home to Bacolod for a Christmas reunion with my family, which was sadly disrupted by an uncles death on New Years Day. I went back to Iloilo feigning to manage mobility with seeming physical difficulty. Yet, I could hardly walk, prompting my mother to beg me stay in Bacolod. But, I went back to Iloilo just the same, only to succumb to my disability. I became unproductive, as the pain was beginning to debilitate me, losing my memory and coherence, but never my convictions. I became bedridden and oh, what a punishing challenge! In my successful practice as hairstylist and makeup artist, I was able to send a few disadvantaged people to school with some money saved. One of them was my cousin, who later became a priest of the Oblates of St. Joseph. In the duration of my ailment, I was not earning anything and had to sell my beauty salon to sustain me. Nothing was left for me but my family, and my faith. I was weak, but never felt desperate because I believed that God, with the strong intercession of Our Lady, will never abandon me. True to form, He sent me aid, through my priest-cousin, then, assigned in Tagaytay as seminary formator. He had made many friends in the medical profession and had strong connections. Confidently, he persuaded my mother to give him full responsibility in my medical treatment. Convinced, my mother gave her blessing and I was airlifted to Manila. I really felt Gods hand, the Blessed Mother being in charged. I underwent cranial surgery at the Philippine General Hospital. What normally takes 8-12 hours, took only a few hours. From the operating room, I was brought straight to my bed at the ward, skipping the common practice of staying at the recovery room. I stayed for four days at the hospital, went home and rested for a month. With my doctors clearance, I didnt anymore undergo post-operation rehabilitation and was spared of any maintaining drugs. I was back to my normal self and moved about freely, as if nothing ever happened. Ever since I entrusted my life to God completely, with my devotion to Our Lady of the Candle, I lived by the day fully, knowing the heavenly force looks after me. In gratitude, I never fail to do my early morning rosary/ prayers and go to the 5:00 A.M. cathedral mass daily. I started working again and put up a new salon without any capital, but my full trust in Divine Providence alone. God gave me back more than what I lost, through my greatest ally, the Blessed Virgin and Holy Lady, Bearer of the One True Light. Viva La Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria!

was first tasked to write this piece in order to speak about my reverence to Our Lady of Candelaria. I must admit that I was staring at a blank page not knowing what to say for a long time. I was intending to go back to my Theology notes thinking it was the only way that I could probably answer whats expected of me to write about. It was only when I stopped, closed my eyes, and listened to the silence of my prayer that I was finally able to realize that I need not do so. Like the theme of the celebration of bringing back Jaro to its roots, I should rather go back to my own and there I will find the best possible way to speak about Our Lady and especially our faith. One of the earliest memories of mine about Our Lady of Candelaria was my mother telling me the story of how Our Ladys image would disappear on top of the Church and incidentally a beautiful woman would appear to bathe her child in the well nearby. One can say, then, that I grew up with that kind of Jaro belief and as the years passed I have come to slowly uncover the fact that our faith that we revere in Church is not a rigid stone mounted on an unreachable Ivory Tower. Instead, it is alive in each one of us, usually through the smallest things we encounter but tend to take for granted every day, just waiting for us to stop, take notice, and appreciate. If you are to ask me, therefore, how Ive finally understood faith as I come to know it then I would not have to look far and say that what I know about it today came from what I learned through the life of my grandfather. Every time I would look back at all the summers and Christmases that Ive spent here in Jaro, I would always think about my grandfather first. Lolo Doc as we fondly called him, would always stay until the end of the Mass and hand over prayers and estampitas to everyone who would be coming out of the Church. My sister and I would just look at him then, wouldnt think too much about it and wait for him to finish distributing his stash. Like many of us who would encounter these kinds of things without really understanding what it really means, we take them for granted and fail to see what is really supposed to unfold before us. It was exactly the case for me back then as I would even sit impatiently outside the Church, a bit anxious to go home. It was only when he and I got older that I was finally able to understand what my faith was showing me through him. The turning point came when I saw Lolo Doc still happily distributing his prayers but this time, the sight of him already supporting himself with a cane unfolded before my eyes. I was finally able to see then the depth of it all. Lolo Docs faith was undaunted by his limitations and he went on with his work, as if nothing had changed within him physically. He was fueled by the passion within him to spread His Word and to be His instrument for prayer and kept on doing the same thing until he could no longer get out of bed. Even then, Lolo Docs quiet room was filled with images of Our Lady of Candelaria, the Divine Mercy

and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was his favorite. Moreover, every time I would come inside his room, his television set would always be in the religious channels and he would be listening to sermons and bible studies. Through Lolo Docs life, I was able to see that faith can not only be read in books but can also be lived through small actions. These actions, no matter how seemingly small they are, can actually touch the lives of people enough to make them gather in such a powerful thing like prayer. When we lost him almost ten years ago, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would see that many people in his funeral mass praying with us since he was such a simple man. Seeing everyone there, I couldnt help but wonder how many of them was able to hand out estampitas to and actually helped pray for just by providing that small card, patiently giving it away one by one. But more than the image of a grandfather distributing his prayers, I was finally able to see an entirely new side of him that I never again really took into heart until that day. People were not only there because he celebrated his prayers but more so because he celebrated his actions. He was a holy man indeed and taught souls how to pray but he was also a man, a doctor in fact, who practiced his faith and saved lives and nursed the sick back to health many times without requiring a single cent in return. Finally, I was able to understand that faith and prayer are very much alive and practically reaching out to us, like Lolo Doc who was giving out prayers and who would gladly respond to those who call him. Each one of us has that experience and that capacity, no matter how small, for us to discover how faith is so deeply embedded in our lives through other peoples example. However, it is truly up to us if we will reach out and find it, take that call, and do something about it when we are on our own. Indeed, the faith we hear about in Masses and in school is not only revered because it sits high up on the heavens, but also because it rests here with us in this world, just waiting to be realized.


CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)


Readings for the WEEK

Feast of The Presentation of the Lord Mal 3:1-4 Ps 24:7-10 Heb 2:14-18 Luke 2:22-40 or 2:22-32 Monday, February 03, 2014 2 Sm 15:13-14, 30; 16:5-13 Ps 3:2-3, 4-5, 6-7 Mk 5:1-20 St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr Tuesday, February 04, 2014 2 Sm 18:9-10, 14, 24-25, 30 - 19:3 Ps 86:1-6 Mk 5:21-43 St. Joseph of Leonessa, Capuchin, Priest Wednesday, February 05, 2014 2 Sm 24:2, 9-17 Ps 32:1-2, 5-7 Mk 6:1-6 St. Agatha, Virgin, Martyr Thursday, February 06, 2014 1 Kgs 2:1-4, 10-12 1 Chr 29:10-12 Mk 6:7-13 Sts. Peter Baptist, OFM, St. Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs Friday, February 07, 2014 Sir 47:2-11 Ps 18:31, 47, 50-51 Mk 6:14-29 Saturday, February 08, 2014 1 Kgs 3:4-13 Ps 119:9-14 Mk 6:30-34

:: Gospel Reflection

Engr. Alberto H. Yanga Parish Secretary

FEBRUARY 02, 2014 SUNDAY - FEAST OF OUR LADY OF CANDLES 05:00 a.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 06:00 a.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 07:00 a.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 09:00 a.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 10:00 a.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 11:00 a.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 12:00 n.n. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 03:00 p.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 05:30 p.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 07:00 p.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014 08:00 p.m. Donors of Parish Solidarity Fund, Fiesta 2014

Ang Pulong Nangin Tawo

Ebanghelyo sa Ika-apat nga Domingo sang Tuig, Pebrero 2, 2014 Lk 2:22-32 Si Jesus Ginhalad sa Templo
Nag-abot ang tion nga si Jose kag si Maria kinahanglan magtuman sang seremoniya sang pagpaninlo suno sa Kasugoan ni Moises. Gani gindala nila ang bata sa Jerusalem agod ihalad sa Ginoo. 23 Amo ini ang nasulat sa kasugoan sang Ginoo, Ang tagsa ka panganay nga lalaki ihalad sa Ginoo. 24 Nagdulot man sila sing halad suno sa nasiling sa kasugoan sang Ginoo, Duha ka tukmo, ukon duha ka kuyabog nga pating. 25 Sa sadto nga tion may tawo nga nagapuyo sa Jerusalem nga ang iya ngalan si Simeon. Ini nga tawo matarong kag matinuohon sa Dios, kag nagahulat sang pagluwas sa Israel. Ang Espiritu Santo

The couples below wish to contract marriage with each other. For any impediment or serious defects that will prohibit marriage, please inform the Parish Secretary or call 329-16-25.

(Let us pray for each other)

4 5 6 6 6 7 5 7 8 Msgr. Andres Sagra Fr. Lufe Benjamin Ibero, Jr. + Fr. Juan Tubola Msgr. Antonio Anino Fr. Socrates Sardon Fr. Jerry Locsin NECrOLOGy Fr. Miguel Tadifa Fr. Justiniano Hingco Fr. Vicente Romaquin


Elders. That the Church and society may respect the wisdom and experience of older people. Collaboration in Evangelization. That priests, religious, and lay people may work together with generosity.


yara sa iya, 26kag nagpasalig sa iya nga indi sia mapatay sa wala pa niya makita ang ginsaad sang Ginoo nga Kristo. 27Sa pagtuytoy sang Espiritu, si Simeon nagkadto

Karon, O Ginoo, Gintuman mo ang imo saad, Kag mapataliwan mo na ang imo alagad sa paghidait. 30 Kay ang akon gid mga mata Nakakita sang imo kaluwasan, 31 Nga gin-aman mo sa atubangan Sang tanan nga mga katawohan: 32 Isa ka kapawa Nga magaiwag sa mga Hentil, Kag mangin himaya Sa imo mga tawo sa Israel.

sa templo. Sang gindala ang bata nga si Jesus sang iya mga ginikinan sa pagtuman sang ginasiling sang Kasugoan, 28ginkugos ni Simeon ang bata kag nagpasalamat sia sa Dios nga nagsiling:

FIRST PUBLICATION FRED PERRY D. PARILLO , 35 yrs. old, resident of Bakhaw, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, son of Alfredo E. Parillo & Ninfa A. De Alba; and LIRA B. ZALDIVAR, 34 yrs. old, resident of Dungon, Mandurriao, Iloilo City, daughter of Raul C. Zaldivar & Lilia A. Bigno. SECOND PUBLICATION MARK LOWE A. HOMENA, 26 yrs. old, resident of Jaro, Iloilo City, son of Rex Homena & Rosenda Abanero; and MARY ROSE P. PARULAN, 23 yrs. old, resident of Sto. Tomas, Santa Maria, Bulacan, daughter of Rosauro Parulan & Josefina Porciuncula. THIRD PUBLICATION JAKE J. VILLALON, 29 yrs. old, resident of Sapphire St., Remonville Subd., Tabuc Suba, Jaro, Iloilo City, son of Cipriano S. Villalon & Virgencita Juamao-as; and JILL N. TAPICULIN, 29 yrs. old, resident of Lot 12 Blk 3 Ph. 2 Carmen J. Ledesma Vill., Tacas, Jaro, Iloilo City, daughter of Felimaco M. Tapiculin & Consolacion Nodado.

FEBRUARY 03, 2014 MONDAY 05:30 a.m. Thanksgiving Mass of Basilisa & Ramon Hablan 06:00 a.m. +Paz, Jose Sr., Petronilo, Rogelio, Roberto Jimena by Jimena & Mabunay Families 06:30 a.m. MISA REQUIEM 12:15 p.m. +Leonila Aragona by Bing Bing, Jun & Lalaine 05:30 p.m. +Pamela Baranda by Bernardo, Hazel Porquez & Family FEBRUARY 04, 2014 TUESDAY 05:30 a.m. +Gerard Reinante Young by Angie Conejos & Family 06:00 a.m. Thanksgiving Mass of Mrs. Norma Aguirre 06:30 a.m. Death Anniversary of Dolores Jalandoni by Guadarrama Family 12:15 p.m. +Leonila Aragona by Bing Bing, Jun & Lalaine 05:30 p.m. +Lerma Pendon by Ruth Amaquin FEBRUARY 05, 2014 WEDNESDAY 05:30 a.m. Thanksgiving Mass of Frescia G. Lumampao 06:00 a.m. +Gerard Sotelo by Elen Salazar 06:30 a.m. +Adela Ledesma by Mae L. Chua 12:15 p.m. +Leonila Aragona by Bing Bing, Jun & Lalaine 05:30 p.m. Thanksgiving Mass of Adorers of the Holy Trinity FEBRUARY 06, 2014 THURSDAY 05:30 a.m. +Amanda Jardiolin by Jardiolin Family 06:00 a.m. Thanksgiving Mass of Karl & Mikki Chua by Mae L. Chua 06:30 a.m. Death Anniversary of Felicidad A. Moreno by Moreno Family 12:15 p.m. +Johnny B. Gleyo by Tabladillo Family 05:30 p.m. +Saundra Head by Manny Gordon


JANUARY 25, 2014


JANUARY 26, 2014


ni nga adlaw amo ang paghalad kay Jesus sa templo. Subong man sa sini nga adlaw, ang iloy dapat nga matinlo sa tapos makapanganak paagi sa isa ka ritwal. Ang piesta sang paghalad kay Jesus sa templo ginahiwat sa ika40 ka adlaw halin sa iya pagkatawo. Didto sa Templo, si Simeon kag si Anna lang ang nakakilala kay Jesus. Sang ila pagkakita sang Bata, ila ginhambal nga amo na ini Sia ang katumanan sang aton malawig nga paghulat kag pagbantay. Sa katapusan nag-abot na gid man Sia, ang Kapawa sang

Dios nga magahatag kasanag sa kalibutan. Amo gani nga ini nga kapiestahn nagakahulugan sang kapawa, nga nagikan kay Kristo, kay si Kristo mismo ang Kapawa nga nagasiga paagi kay Maria kag Jose, kay Simeon kag Anna, kag paagi sa ila, pakadto sa kada isa sa aton. Amo Ini nga Kasanag ang naga-iwag sang aton dalan. Kita man ginaagda nga magdala sina nga Kasanag sa aton mga utod nga nadulman, sa dalan sang mga nagtalang, agud sila makakita sang tadlong nga dalan pakadto sa Ginharian sang Dios. Gani sini nga kapiestahan ginahangkat kita nga magpakasantos, magmangin maisog sa pagdala sang Kasanag sa paghatag

kapawa sa kalibutan upod kay Nuestra Seora de la Candelaria. Pamangkot Ako bala masanag nga kapawa para sa iban? Ano ang nagakadapat ko himuon agud mangin kapawa man ako sa iban? Paano naton mapasiga sing maayo ini nga kasanag agud mapaambit man naton ini sa iban? Fe Marina S. Siacon


Parish Priest

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FEBRUARY 07, 2013 FRIDAY 05:30 a.m. Sacred Heart Intention of Juliet Solas 06:00 a.m. Sacred Heart Intention of Marilyn Salazar 06:30 a.m. Sacred Heart Intention of Rena Penecilla 12:15 p.m. Sacred Heart Intention of John, Jennifer Jucaban & Children 05:30 p.m. Sacred Heart Intention of Apostleship of Prayer

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FEBRUARY 08, 2013 SATURDAY 05:30 a.m. +Rodolfo Jetonso Sr. by Reynold Jetonso 06:00 a.m. Mass Intention for the Sanctification & Good Health of All the Priests in the Archdiocese of Jaro by Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Florete Sr. & Family 06:30 a.m. Thanksgiving Mass of Theotokos Prayer Mission, Our Lady of Candles Prayer Community Chapter 05:30 p.m. Death Anniversary of Evelina Isada by de la Pea Family


CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)


Spreading the Light

Pureza D. Lacuesta

Mary Immaculate Pure as the clearest water Sparkling more than the brightest jewel Flowing through the hearts of men Removing every particle of pride Every speck of enmity Every dirt of jealousy Every cloud of uncertainty.

Mother of divine grace Teach us to love God and give Him praise Lift our arms in sweet surrender Ask for forgiveness Ask for the gift of peace Follow God all the way Make us listen to what He wants to say Be by our side-show us the way.

Mother of our Redeemer Hug us close to you as we kneel in prayer Make us strong Give us courage Be our pillar Guide us as we cross the streams of duty Hold our hands as we wade in the river of life Make us recognize Gods authority Of our soul redemption.

Himno Sa Birhen Sang Candelaria

O Birhen sang Candelaria, buligan mo kami, pasanaga ang amon banas, iwagan mo kami, patigayuna ang handum nga kalinong agud kami ang maghiliusa. O Birhen sang Candelaria, nagapati kami, nga paagi lamang sa imo masanagan kami kay si Jesus lamang amo ang dalan ta padulong sa iya siling kaluwasan. O Birhen sang Candelaria, manug-iwag sang dalan ta; Jesus sa iya nga sabak, Hari sang mga hari, Manluluwas sang katawohan Kabay nga bugayan pa gid sang grasya ining palangga namon nga parokya; O Birhen buligan mo kami, kay Jesus ig-ampo mo kami. O Birhen sang Candelaria, manug-iwag sang dalan ta; Jesus sa iya nga sabak, Hari sang mga hari, Manluluwas sang katawohan.

Mother most pure Mother most chaste Make us pure in language- in feelings- in actions Help us follow the right direction Give us patience Give us endurance Give us light till we reach the gates of heaven Brilliant star of heaven Make us Gods children Not just children of men. Mother of good counsel, listen to our prayr Mother of our Redeemer, keep us true and fair Mother most prudent, make us careful and wary Let every beam of your star Remove the clouds of doubt even from afar Mother most venerable Mother most faithful Give us confidence As we avoid disaster I invite you then brothers and sisters Lift up your eyes to heaven Receive the light of salvation Open your lips, preach the gospel Know and live the faith, Bring light to the world with Mary.

CANDLE LIGHT (Feb. 2 - Feb. 8, 2014)