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Mr. Roberto Guinto


Undergraduate Thesis Proposal


January 23, 2014


Roger, Raimehn Aldous D. Domondon, Jonel C.


Montosco Inc. &Meritus Prime dist. Inc. Web-based Transaction for Inventory and Tracking of Orders.


Montosco Inc. &Meritus Prime Dist. Inc.













Importer/distributor of wine and liquor in the country. Montosco Inc. & Meritus Prime Dist. Inc. products cover all levels of imported brandies and wines from the most affordable brands to the premium quality labels. With the collaboration of sales & effective merchandising, the company offers exceptional products at good values for each customer. It further aims to do more than just selling but profitability to their business partners in helping them to achieve their business goals through in-store placement and distribution/area. Montosco Inc. &Meritus Prime Dist. Inc. manages their sales transaction from their Clients in processing all received purchase order/situation.Their accounting and encoding department is currently using Microsoft Office applications, Fax, Emails, and Manual hand writings to record orders requested by their client companies. From that purchased orders the accounting department will evaluate each account and have their encoders create and prepare sales invoice entry upon approval and forward it to their warehouse department to sort and process all orders, account, area to schedule delivery. Warehouse shall report and pass back all delivered and undelivered items, account, and area. Other company served by Montosco Inc. & Meritus Prime Dist. Inc. uses system of other company for their transaction and just pay the owner of the company regarding usage of the system that reflect the purchased order. Currently,

their warehouse department is using a bin card.Which shows information like any disposal product or if there are any stocks, this information reflected in the bin cards were done by manual hand writing and by encoding from their system called Solomon. Most of the times transferring this information create chaos regarding figures encoded by accounting staffs because it is in their procedural rule. Beside of using their manual system they also had a basic computer system that helps them count/monitor all products coming in and out in the warehouse. The problem is that both systems are often not tally resulting to delays of operations in all departments and customer service, which makes both department experience difficulties on tallying and updating products of the company. Having stated the present situation of the company, thru the use of the webbased system, the proponent decided to create a system that wherein each department can be update on the inventory of stocks on hand and co-exist in one link instead there are some delays of report when it comes to gathering document and data efficiently and for the warehouse department to be effective. Servesas pathways in different department and enable to have a fast and efficient system flow/documents that will generatedata reports/department.In this manner, this can help to view all transaction payment for Montosco Inc. &Meritus Prime Dist. Both departments need an efficient inventory update.In this manner; this can help to view all transaction payment for Montosco Inc. & Meritus Prime Dist. Both departments need an efficient inventory update. This system will assist top level management and Sales department achieved effective planning and all pending orders to keep track of the status of the order control. Some of the critical activities that can be performed with this system are monitoring the

completion status of orderdelivered;accounting documents and stocks fill-rate/account. This may also alert the client the documents completion dates and keeps tracks of the process documents. Client gets the information before two days of each documents completion date. This notifies the client to complete his/her schedule on time. The system will help to manage all department concern by means of data proficiency; system updates, tracking and monitoring information about all Sales Orders/Account. The proponent will use Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 ASP.NET C# for the interface of the said system because of its convenience and easier to code, it will also be used to serve as the web server of the said system. And as for the database of the system, the proponent will use MY SQL Server 2008 for data management system and for the data protection of the system.And as for the connection of the system the proponent will use the wireless networking. As for the Hardware Specification, the proponent will use a processor (Pentium III), speed (1.1 GHz), RAM with 256 MB (min), a Hard Disk of 20 GB (min), Key Board (Standard Windows Keyboard), Mouse, and a Monitor (SVGA).

The proposed system aims to create an inventory and management system for Montosco Inc. &Meritus Prime Dist. Incorporation. The advantages of the proposed system are documents can be distributed to the particular client easily, security can be given, so that the users only view the status, report generation is made easier, takes less processing time it depends on what is the speed of internet access, process involves full fetched scalability, and data retrieval is faster when using MySQL database technology.

Approved By:

______________________ Mr. Roberto Guinto Thesis Adviser _________________________ Mr. Rommel P. Apostol, MIT BSIT Coordinator

_______________________ Mrs. Yolanda G. Gadon Dean, College of Education and Engineering