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Bullet soup a tasty Metis tradition


Bullet soup is a tasty Metis tradition Photograph by: Amy Jo Ehman , or !he "tar#hoeni$

%n 1&'0, hundreds o Fren(h)spea*in+ M,tis pa(*ed their -a+ons and le t Manito.a or open lands to the -est/ A.out 40 amilies esta.lished a 0illa+e on the "outh "as*at(he-an Ri0er, north o present day "as*atoon/ !hey (alled it #etite 1ille/ %n summertime, most e0eryone le t the 0illa+e to hunt .u alo on the southern plains, dryin+ the meat and ma*in+ pemmi(an as they -ent/ %n -inter, they (ame .a(* to #etite 1ille/ E$(a0ations and history tell us somethin+ a.out -hat they ate, in(ludin+ .u alo, sno-shoe hare, mus*rat, du(*s and +rouse, alon+ -ith -ild .erries and plants/ 2ouses had open irepla(es and (himneys made o mud and stra-/ !hey (oo*ed in (opper pots and ate tinned and pa(*a+ed oodstu s su(h as tea and ruit preser0es rom the 2udson Bay 3ompany/

"hards o deli(ate En+lish (hina in .lue and -hite patterns indi(ate a +enteel tou(h in a rusti( prairie home/ Meat -as *ept in i(e pits outside the house 4prote(ted rom animals5 and other oods -ere stored in (ellars under the loor.oards/ % ha0e not read e0iden(e o +ardens at #etite 1ille, .ut it is re(orded else-here that the M,tis +re- root 0e+eta.les su(h as potatoes and turnips/ % (an ima+ine the elders tendin+ +ardens -hile the others -ere a-ay at the hunt/ Bullet "oup is a Metis tradition/ !he name (omes rom the Fren(h -ord .oulettes, meanin+ meat.alls/ !his moderni6ed 0ersion o Bullet "oup (omes rom 3olleen 2amilton o 32E# 7ood Food %n(/, -ho +re- up in one o the ori+inal Fren(h M,tis (ommunities o Manito.a/ Bullet "oup 184 l./ lean +round .ee 184 l./ lean +round por* 2 t.sp/ +rated onion 1)2 (lo0e +arli(, inely (hopped "alt and pepper 9ried rosemary and parsley Flour or dred+in+ 1 di(ed onion 2 (ups di(ed potatoes 1 (up (hopped (arrot 1 di(ed turnip 1 di(ed s-eet potato 184 pa(*a+e -hole -heat pasta Mi$ .ee , por*, +rated onion, salt, pepper and her.s/ Form into .alls a.out the si6e o a :a-.rea*er/ 9red+e in lour/ 3o0er -ith -ater and .oil until (oo*ed/ 3ool pot, re ri+erate and -hen (old, s*im the at/ Reheat .roth, addin+ more -ater to ma*e a ull pot/ Add di(ed onion, potato, (arrot, turnip and s-eet potato and simmer until tender/ "eason .roth -ith salt and pepper to your taste/ Be ore ser0in+, add the pasta and (oo* until done/ "er0e -ith .anno(*/ You;ll ind a M,tis .anno(* re(ipe on my ood .lo+ 2omeFor9inner/.lo+spot/(om/ 9o you ha0e prairie re(ipe -ith a story< !ell me athome ordinner=sas*tel/net or (8o !he "tar #hoeni$, 204 >th A0e/ ?/, "as*atoon "@, "'@ 2#1/ !-itter/(om8prairie east/ A 3opyri+ht 4(5 !he "tar#hoeni$