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Ryan Shamblee 4518 E. Harmony Ave

Citizenship : US Citizen ▪ Date of birth : 1974 – May – 03 Mesa, AZ 85206
Tel : 480-231-3114
e-mail :

Objective A position where my skills in Client/Contractor relations, Instructional Writing, and

Procedural Development can be utilized to enhance office/company productivity. I am a
bright and friendly person who is looking for opportunities to advance my skills and
acquire new ones.
Availability Immediately

Key Software Skills

Proficient or familiar with an array of software including:

AutoCad Adobe Creative Suite Microsoft Office Basic HTML & PHP
Release 12 – Acad2008 Up through v. CS4 Word & Excel As well as some MySQL
Specific area of proficiency in Photoshop concerns image manipulation, but have also been involved with many
design projects (company logos, business cards, flyers and various artworks). Coding experience focuses mainly
on analysis and manipulation/customization of existing code (HTML and PHP, mostly) and I also have a basic
understanding of Dreamweaver and Flash (software that I am currently studying and hope to become more familiar

1988 to 1992 Gold Honors Graduate, 3.8 gpa
Reseda Senior High, Reseda, CA
1992 to Present Practical Education - On the Job Training and continuous independent study

Work Experience
Discount Cab, Phoenix, AZ Independent Contractor
Driver June, 2009 to Present
 Direct Client relations;
 Maintenance of Client schedules and safety;
 Accounting and finance handling; Part-time
Web Developer (HTML, PHP, MySQL) January, 2006 to Present
 Ground-up writing of website’s HTML code, including the incorporation of PHP and MySQL and Flash;
 Re-design and complete customization of site from existing third party code (phpbb);
 Daily maintenance and moderation of user-submitted content;
 Graphic artist, responsible for the creation of all graphics used in the website’s design;
Cawley Architects, Phoenix, AZ Full Time
Level 1 Project Manager/CAD Manager/Systems Support Specialist August, 2005 to February, 2009
 Created architectural documents from preliminary design through permit phase;
 Project coordination with subcontractors;
 Responsible for the development of current office standards and procedures;
 Software research;
 Developed more efficient drafting procedures through examination of the software’s full potential;
 Responsible for the writing of the technical manuals used by the office to implement new procedures;
 Software support and trouble-shooter;
Glendale Blueprint/Commercial Graphics, Glendale, CA Full Time
(Various) Department Manager September, 1992 to May, 2005

 Entered job as a courier in 1992;

 Was made head Dispatcher in 1994;
 Trained myself in graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator) and print software, was moved from Dispatch to the
graphics department in 1996;
 Trained myself in architectural software, was moved to CAD department in 1997;
 Made Manager of CAD department in 1998;
 Responsible for the development of company’s CAD printing procedures;
 Set printing industry standards for CAD services departments across the country;
 Key role in the development of CAD procedures and department abilities when the service and equipment
involved was in its infancy;

Activities and Interests

Internet Message board administration, web development
Music Currently studying Guitar, Piano and Bagpipes
Graphics Continuously honing graphics skills, particularly in Photoshop, but looking to branch in to
Flash applications as well as video work

Sherm Cawley Cawley Architects; 602-393-5060
Paul Devers Cawley Architects; 602-393-5060
Steve Nevala Cawley Architects; 602-393-5060

Additional references and Letters of Recommendation available upon request.