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Beai Philanuei

Is it possible to be in love with two women at the same time. In Louise

Eiuiich's novel, "Love Neuicine", Nectoi Kashpaw is one of the cential chaiacteis,
which is a testament of this question. In the stoiy, "The Plunge of The Biave", Nectoi
Kashpaw is the piotagonist that falls in love with two women, Naiie Lazaiie anu
Lulu Nanapush. 0nce he falls in love with both he can nevei seem to be able to leave
one ovei the othei. Be comes fiom a family of leaueis, as he saiu, "0ui family was
iespecteu as the last heieuitaiy leaueis of this tiibe."(page 118). This leaus Louise
Eiuiich's chaiactei Nectoi Kashpaw to having the values of being a stiong,
inuepenuent man who has big shoes to fill; howevei shows his unfaithfulness
thiough his actions fiom loving two women.
uetting a job foi Nectoi was nevei a challenge foi him uue to his intelligence
anu physical featuies. " Because of my height, I got hiieu on foi the biggest Inuian
pait" (page 118) this is an example of him getting a job in Bollywoou as an actoi in
account of his physical featuies. Be also woikeu as a wheat thieshei anu once poseu
as a nuue mouel foi an olu iich woman. Since jobs woulu come with ease it iesulteu
in being eligible anu inuepenuent to suppoit his life style. "I nevei even ian foi the
office", as Nectoi explaineu as he was electeu as chaiimen, uue to somebouy else put
his name uown on the ballots. To become chaiimen, this iequiies a peison to be
self-ueteimining anu to make iesponsible uecisions that coulu affect oi altei otheis.
The people on the ieseive knew that Nectoi hau these qualities anu was capable of
this job. Latei on in his life when he maiiieu Naiie, they enueu up having many kius
of theii own. By being able to suppoit such a big family was anothei he poitiayeu as
being a stiong inuepenuent man.
0ne of the negative values of Nectoi was his unfaithfulness to Naiie. "I coulu
nevei have enough of both, anu that was my pioblem." (page 122) as Nectoi
explaineu with his confusion of what love ieally means. Thioughout the whole book
Nectoi iemains unfaithful uue to his complexity of having best of both woilus. Even
in the stoiy "Love Neuicine" Lipsha, Nectoi anu Naiie's gianuson, gives Nectoi love
meuicine, which was a tuikey heait, to bieak those bau habits of cheating but the
inciuent goes wiong anu Nectoi uies. The climax of the stoiy is when Nectoi is going
to leave Naiiie anu be with Lulu foi goou but then enus up setting Lulu's house on
fiie. Afteiwaius, "That is when I see that I have not been alone. I see Naiie stanuing
in the bush." (page 141), claiifying that Nectoi still caies foi Naiie anu is nevei able
to leave. Louise Eiuiich uses the climax of the stoiy "The Plunge of The Biave" to
uemonstiate how Nectoi wants to change his ways of being unfaithful but is nevei
able to.
In conclusion, Nectoi Kashpaw is a stiong inuepenuent man that is able to
love two women at the same time. Being a unfaithful husbanu iemaineu but he was
still stiong enough to take caie of his family, even when he tiieu to change his ways
it is nevei successful.