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Lawrence Kizito & Ben Mwesiga Issue 22 - February 2014

The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Mens Ministry that seeks to provide an avenue where men can share knowledge 1. If you look at the time it took people to acquire wealth then and understanding of the word of God, experiences, encourage one another and the time within which young people today want to acquire as the older men also perform the act of paralambano to the younger men. the same wealth, do you see any differences? Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.


Ben Mwesiga

Lawrence Kizito

The difference is there but not so big. What I see is that people are no longer as patient. I brought my self from the village to 1..What things do young people today consider as a Kampala and have patiently worked hard since then to get to must-have? where I am despite the fact that I am not very learned. For most of the young people I have encountered, The other difference is that people seem not to know where because electronic technology has taken over, many they are supposed to be scoring. Like in football, we are a team feel they need to have a smart phone and something with God as the referee which means that everyone has got to to play music with. play their part. Any mistake(s) will lead to one receiving a yellow This reminds me of a boy who one time told me he or a red card, being sent off the pitch and chances are his team wished he had my phone because it could play music will lose. and connect to Facebook. Recently I Money, as I learnt from Frank Gashumba, is very fearful; it wants to be secure; it wants someone acquired an iPod and when he saw it he told me he who can give it security and that is why it eludes many of us most of the time.

wished he had it as well.

One of the mistakes young people make is that every time they get money they want to invest The young people are taken up by gadgets. And like most growing youth, there is a where there is not much gain like in the bars, buying what they do not need or investing where tendency to desire to have our own stuff. Instead of listening to the home there is no profit, lending carelessly and they do all this without seeking advice. radio, I prefer a personal phone with a radio. Instead of maybe playing music from There is also a lot of unnecessary competition. When I see a friend with a certain high tech someones computer, I prefer to have headsets that can play music from a memory phone, I go to the internet and order for it, just like that. card. For most of the young people, if they have those things then they feel like that is Also not many youth are aware of their financial status. Do you know the source of income of the end of the world for them. So I think technology and gadgets are desired by the the person you want to compete with? But even when you have the money, sometimes it is just not the right time for you to hold the kind of phone you want to hold which takes me back to my youth more than anything else. first point of lack of patience 2. Why do you think more and more young people appear to be in a hurry to acquire 2. In your opinion, should the young people continue at this rate? the things you have mentioned above? When I was in my senior 5, I used to see people with phones costing over 400,000/- Speed is not good. Like I shared, since 2002 I have been working patiently and even then not and yet it was these very people who struggled to get about 1000/- for lunch. And I was doing the very best of jobs. like okay that does not make sense. Speed kills is what we teach those that come to learn driving where I currently work. A vehicle I think prioritising is one of the problems we face today as youth. The focus is more on needs patience; it needs thinking and side B. It is not good to just work with plan A. So I think it the esteem and position I hold among my peers who might be having sophisticated is good for the youth to reduce the speed at which they are looking for the money. gadgets. If I have say a Nokia 3310, I will feel like I do not fit among my peers with sophisticated gadgets and that will somehow push me to want to quickly acquire maybe a smart phone. 3. How can the young people today avoid falling prey to the quick fix syndrome? There is something I personally practice which is listening to my heart or the Holy Spirit. The many times I have not, I have found myself in a lot of trouble. I have however learnt from these times just as the youth also need to be learning from their mistakes. If one hit himself on a rock 3 times, surely by the third time it will no longer be the rocks fault but the persons. The youth also need to listen to those older than them and take seriously what they tell them.

Back in school we were taught that a person has 3 things that drive his thinking: Id, Ego and Superego. A young person uses Id which allows one to follow his/her hearts desires. Then Ego which opposes the Id. Id is the one that can cause someone to sin and Ego always questions it. And then Superego which has much resolve and sticks to The other reason is because the young people gauge themselves on people from its decisions in that even if someone came and told you not to do something, you would go ahead and families of different statuses. For example one might see someone at campus with a do it. laptop which means that most likely that laptop was given to him/her by the parents because a student at campus does not work. Yet for me I want to work to get say about The young people need to be helped to develop a 800,000/- to buy the same. So, not knowing the status of those we compare good superego. Such that, for example, if one has groundnuts, he will not just pour them but plant them so they can give him a harvest. ourselves to is another reason that pushes us to be in a rush to get all those things.

Speed kills

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