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MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN PROJECTS COMPOSITE MATERIALS & STRUCTURES Crashworthiness of Composite Structures Characterization of Composite Materials Computer-Aided

Aided Design/Manufacturing CAD/CAM Integration

College of Engineering - Valparaiso University

CAM Integration to the Bridgeport Discovery 308 Machining Center

Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Using CADKEY, EZCAM, and the Bridgeport Discovery 308 Integration of CAD/CAM by the Use of CADKEY and the Rhino ST/8 Lathe

DESIGN & TESTING Compression-Activated Flexion for a Prosthetic Foot Conveyor System Update for a Work Cell Design: Multi-Function Camera Mount Design: Rear Wheel Suspension for Off-Road Bicycles Design: Remote Control Window Operator Design: Starterless Internal Combustion Engine Improvement of Compressor Valve Efficiency Mounting of Ball Bearings in Aluminum Castings Multi-Dimensional Surface Profilometric Data Analysis Retrofit of a V-8 Marine Engine with Multi-Port Fuel Injection Robotic Part Orientation Using Computer Vision Stair Climbing Wheelchair Off-Road Wheelchair

HIGH TEMPERATURE & SOLAR RESEARCH Effects of Welding on the Tensile Properties of an Aluminum-Lithium Alloy High Temperature Solar Thermal Processing: 2TiO2 + C # Ti2O3 + CO

High Temperature Production of Zn from ZnO Using 1) FeO and Fe3O4 and 2) Ultra-High Temperature Solar Energy Post-Weld Strength of Magnesium WE 43-T6 A Thermodynamic Analysis of a Solar Process for Producing Syngas and Zinc or Hydrogen



College of Engineering - Valparaiso University

Air Flow Meter with Electronic Output Analysis of the Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge Automatic Control of an Electron Microscope Automatic Control of an Oil Spill Recovery System Computer Manipulation of a Three-Component Pneumatic System Determining the Causes of Inaccuracy in the Magnehelic Pressure Gauge Electronic Fuel Monitoring for the Spark Ignition Engine Error in Relative Humidity Determined from Wet-Bulb Temperature Evaluation of an RF Liquid-Level Probe as a Surface Wave Detector Data Acquisition for a Converging Diverging Nozzle Simulation of a Position Control System Use of Labtech Notebook Software for Data Acquisition and Control

SHOCK & VIBRATION Predicting Dynamic Unbalance of Slider-Crank Mechanisms Using Turbo Pascal Modeling Differential Equations with Tutsim Modal Analysis of a Speaker Cabinet Simulation Using SIMAN

MISCELLANEOUS Aesthetic Flow Improvement of Faucet Aerator Alignment Charting and Nomographs for Fluid Flow Equations Cutter Rotation Interlock for a Sunstrand Mill Economic Analysis Using a Spreadsheet Program Fastener Torque Characteristics for Joining Magnesium Alloy Materials

Finite-Element Analysis Using Ideas# and Photoelastic Analysis of Contact Stress Heating and Ventilating Design for a Room in Gellersen Center Machinability of Lead-Free Brass Modal Analysis of a Tennis Racket Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Gas Flow in a Nozzle Plastic Recycling Experiment