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Active Shooter

Name: Date: Location: Sylvain, Welde 9/18/2013 USSTC/ Nashville

Scenario: This test will gauge the officers knowledge of Active Shooters response
1) b a. b. c. In most cases of active shooters the relation to the victims are mainly what? Academic Professional Family


c a. b. c.

The average number of victims killed is 11 7 3


c a. b. c.

The average number of victims wounded is 5.5 21 3.6


c a. b. c.

The profile for an active is shooter is Divorced white male over 40 Married black man over 50 There is no profile for an active shooter

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a a. b.

In most cases of active shooters there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims True False


d a. b. c. d.

Motive for an active shooter is Lost job Lack of acceptance Experienced a significant emotional event All of the above


a a. b. c.

What actions should be taken in an active shooter event Flee, hide or fight Do not do anything and comply with his demands Confront the shooter and talk him down


a a. b.

Less than 1/3 of attacks take place in schools True False


a a. b.

20% of all violent crime take place in the workplace True False

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b a. b. c.

In an active shooter event which of the following should you do Scream as loudly as you can to attract attention Call 911 and leave the line open if you cannot talk Follow the shooter and try to distract him


c a. b. c.

What is securitys role in an active shooter event To take charge of the event Security has no role Notification, evacuation, coordination, disposition and summation


a a. b.

It can be a good idea to shelter in place True False


a a. b. c.

What is shelter in place To hide in a place near you in order to allow the event to pass you by To keep persons against their will To have overhead shelter during an event


a a. b.

Over of active shooter events happen at commercial facilities True False

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