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Personnel Security

Name: Date: Location: Sylvain, Welde 1/20/2014 Nashville

Scenario: This test will gauge the officers knowledge of Personnel Security
1) b a. b. c. Of all security processes, the most critical is: Information Personnel Perimeter


b a. b. c.

The concept that an individual should be aware of the security program and persuaded that the program is relevant to his or her own behavior is known as: Security consciousness Security awareness Security motivation


b a. b. c.

Which of the following is not a basic requirement for handling pre-employment interviews: Interview must be voluntary Interviews to be effective should be conducted with a friend of applicant present Interview must be unbiased


c a. b. c.

The basic principle of personnel security is: To weed out bad apples among employees after they are located Education is the key to loss prevention Attitudes and honesty of rank and file employees are key to minimizing theft losses

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a a. b.

An employer may not question an applicant on an arrest for a crime against property: True False


d a. b. c. d.

Probably the single most important safeguard for preventing internal theft is: An extensive statement of personal history The personal interview Interviewing reference Upgrading the screening of new employees


b a. b. c.

Impelling type of leadership tends to reduce employee dishonesty because: It sets a good example It reduces employee frustration It creates discipline


a a. b.

Non-directional counseling of upset employees involves primarily being a good listener: True False


a a. b.

The first skill the manager must learn is the ability to listen: True False

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c a. b. c.

On the whole, employees are: Easily tempted Honest Conscientious, honest individuals who have the firms best interest at heart


a a. b. c.

The persons who find integrity tests offensive are: Twice as likely to admit to criminal or drug abuse behavior No more likely than anyone else to admit to criminal or drug abuse behavior Usually found to have a violent criminal past


a a. b.

The three basic security processes are Information, Physical and Personnel: True False


The qualifications and background of an applicant are considered in light of the needs of the company to perform duties of a specific position. Which of the following is not accurate regarding the job description for the position: The job description should be intentionally vague in order to allow the max number of applicants to qualify for the position The specifications and skills should be described concisely and without prejudice The details of the description may tend to exclude certain groups of people

a. b. c.


a a.

The two major tools used in employee selection procedures are the application and the interview: True

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A, b, & C a. b. c. d.

The theft triangle sides consist of:

Motive Desire Opportunity Mindset

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