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Unit 5: Notes 1: Causes of World War One

5 Causes of WWI
Nationalism Imperialism Militarism Alliances Assassination

What is Nationalism?
Being loyal to your country and to the people with whom you share a common history and culture

How did Nationalism lead to WWI?

Nationalism created a fierce rivalry between the major European countries Rivalries formed over industrial dominance, finance, trade, territorial disputes

What is Imperialism?
When a stronger nation dominates a weaker one either economically, politically, or socially

How did Imperialism lead to WWI?

Europeans developed a fierce rivalry for colonies in Africa and Asia Twice, in 1905 and 1911, France and Germany nearly went to war over who would control the African nation of Morocco As European countries continued to compete for colonies the sense of mistrust deepened

What is Militarism?
Glorifying military power and keeping an army prepared for war

How did Militarism lead to WWI?

Increased nationalism led to a dangerous European arms race The nations of Europe believed that in order to be truly great, they need powerful armies

What is an Alliance?
a formal agreement or treaty between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes.

Who were the two major alliances prior (before) to WWI?

Triple Alliance

Triple Entente

Who was in the Triple Alliance?

Germany Austria-Hungary Italy

Who was in the Triple Entente?

Great Britain France Russia

Once the war started the Triple Alliance became known as the Central Powers. Why?

Which adversary has the greater advantage if a war broke out?

What is an Assassination?
To murder for political reasons

Whos assassination lead to WWI?

Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand of AustriaHungary

Who assassinated him?

Gavrilo Princip of the terrorist group the Black Hand. They were from the country of Serbia.

How did the assassination lead to WWI?

1. Austria-Hungary blamed Serbia for the assassination 2. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany pushed Austria-Hungary to be harsh and aggressive with Serbia 3. Austria-Hungary gives Serbia a harsh ultimatum 4. Serbia, fearing war, agree to most of the demands but ask to negotiate some of the others 5. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia 6. Russia, who shares strong ethnic ties with Serbia mobilize their army along the Austrian and German border 7. German declares war on Russia 8. Germany declares war on France

European War to World War

How was South America involved?

Brazil is the only South American country to join the war Supplies warships to the Allies

How was Africa involved?

European colonies throughout Africa become a battlefield as the warring countries attack each others colonies

How was Australia involved?

Sent soldiers to support the Allies in the Middle East and the Pacific

How was Asia involved?

Japan declares war on Germany in 1914 and seizes German colonies in China and the Pacific India, a colony of Britain, provides about 1.3 million people to fight alongside the British throughout Europe

Why did the US enter the war?

1. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

2. The Zimmerman Note (Telegram)

What is Unrestricted Submarine Warfare?

The use of submarines to sink without warning any ship (including neutral ships and unarmed passenger liners) found in enemy waters

What was the Lusitania?

A passenger ship that was sunk by German submarines (U-Boats) which killed 1,198 people including 128 US citizens.

What was the Lusitania?

Although Germany claimed the ship carried weapons (which it did) the American public was outraged


What was the Zimmerman Note?

In 1917, the British intercepted a telegram from Germany heading to Mexico. The message promised that if Mexico became allies with Germany, Germany would help Mexico reconquer the lands it lost to the US The Zimmerman Note forced the US to finally declare war on Germany

How did the war affect the home front?

Total War: Countries devote all of their resources to the war effort Rationing: People could only buy small amounts of goods that were also needed for the war effort Propaganda: one-sided information designed to persuade and to keep up support for the war

What are some items that were rationed?

Sugar Tea/Coffee Meat Tobacco Clothing Metal Wheat Paper Chocolate

Examples of Propaganda

Examples of Propaganda

Examples of Propaganda

Examples of Propaganda

Examples of Propaganda