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ROOM 12!


February Calendar
14: Valentines Day 15: Ms. Schwinge gets married! 15-23: Mid-Winter Recess

March Calendar
18: Rohans birthday! 22: Nidhis birthday! 26: Theater Trip (The Reluctant Dragon) 31: No School (Staff Learning Day)

Here is a glimpse of what is to come at Marin Headlands science camp!

WATER PLANET Science has been quite fascinating and has really opened our eyes to the world around us. Our current unit, Water Planet, is about the wonders of planet Earth. From air pressure to condensation and heat sinks, we are really coming to understand the things we see occurring around us each day. Have you ever wondered why your lawn MATH MATH MATH

is lled with dew each morning or why its more difcult to breathe when you gain elevation? These fth graders can explain that as well as what causes storms to form and how convection currents work. They will certainly be prepped and ready for our trip to camp (which will be here in only 8 short weeks!).

Algebra is amazing! Students are tackling algebraic equations in our current math unit. One of the fun activities used to understand the concept of variables is Menu Math. Students used variables such as f to stand for fries, s to stand for small drink, h to stand for hamburger, etc., and took orders. These orders !

had to be simplied for the cook, added up by the cashier, and conveyed by the customer. What fun! Please ask your child to explain more about this three-day activity. We have also mastered the Properties of Addition and Multiplication. Next up - algebraic patterns and problem-solving! PAGE 1

ROOM 12!
CLASSROOM ROUTINE At this point in the year, the students have Room 12s schedule and expectations down, pat! When they arrive in the morning, they move through the morning routine smoothly and efciently. Transitions are quick and lessons are focused. At the end of the day, students write in their homework planners and clean up like pros! The next thing to tackle will be their teachers new name: Mrs. Nguyen! rewarding, eye-opening, demanding, and exciting as in years past.


In preparation for our trip, all fth graders will be working in groups to create Marin Headlands guidebooks. These books contain facts and images of the plant and animal life found in The Headlands. This allows us to have reference guides for use at camp, while also helping to build our background knowledge prior to experiencing it rst-hand. Not only will we be wellversed in the ora and fauna of the THE INDIAN IN THE area, our eld guides will be blown CUPBOARD away by our extensive knowledge! No doubt theyll be thinking, Those We are beginning a new class Garden Gate students are the book very shortly - The Indian in smartest weve had here at camp! the Cupboard. In order to read this book collaboratively, stuents will GREAT WORK, GATORS! actively participate in literature circle discussions. These will include specic The work load has stayed jobs such as: Discussion Director, strong over the course of the Illustrator, Summarizer, Connector, year. There continues to be regular and more. Year after year, students g rammar, math, spelling, and have found this piece of ction to be vocabulary packets on a weekly basis. very enjoyable and recommend that I On top of this students are studying read it with my future classes. for social studies and science quizzes, SCIENCE CAMP Its just around the corner; is your child ready? Be sure to refer to the supply list handed out to your child in the fall and conrm that all mandatory items are purchased. Supply list went missing? Check the Science Camp link to retrieve the list. At this point, money and forms should be turned in and excitement should be rising for the most highly anticipated event of fth grade! All of the fth grade teachers are looking forward to our annual trip, and are condent that this year will be just as as well as completing projects, preparing speeches, doing research, and composing pieces of writing. They have done a wonderful job keeping up with it all, as well as balancing their after-school activities. Hats off to these hard-working Gators!

OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE PRICELESS! Thank you to all of the fth grade parents who will help with our grade"level Valentines Day party! These wonderful volunteers will purchase the treats, prep the toppings, and serve ice cream sundaes at this fun event on Friday, February 14th.


We are so excited to have a brand new upper-grade play structure at Garden Gate! While we know that our students love this addition, it is important that they stay off of the structure at the end of the school day. Teachers cannot monitor the playground past 2:35pm and playing unsupervised puts our students in danger. If you see any students (primary or upper) playing at the end of the day, please remind them of our school policy. Thank you for your help in enforcing our rules!