Rolas en El Mañanero, 04 febrero. 1. Higher Ground, Marcus Miller. Cd. Marcus. 2008. 2. A Happy Place, Katie Meula. Cd.

The House. 2010. . Gimme Some Lovin, !te"ie #in$ood. !oundtrac% de la &el'cula Rush. 201 . 4. Serenade for violin, viola and violoncello in D mayor, op. 8, III Allegretto alla Polacca, (nne)!o&hie Mutter, *runo +iuranna , Mstisla" Rostro&o"ich. Cd. *eetho"en, -ie !treichtrios. 1.8.. /. Bad ducation Till0 and the #all. Cd. *otto1s of *arrels. 2002.

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