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Stephen A. Costantino, PhD...


Greenville, SC 29609 864-525-4406

Highly credentialed entrepreneurial business executive who builds revenue, market presence and profitability through innovation, commercialization and organizational leadership. Exceptional at marshaling internal and external resources to fuel expansion of leading-edge technologies and company capabilities that enable rapid business growth. Adept at building and leveraging intellectual property to establish market leadership and competitive advantage. Hands-on international team builder recognized for delivering results in key areas of business performance.
Revenue Growth - At Morgan Advanced Materials, grew top line by 110% to $42M and margins by 55%. Investment Capital - For multiple companies throughout career, secured total of more than $100M in funding. Corporate Valuation and Efficiency - At Oxane Materials, tripled company valuation and delivered four times improvement in manufacturing efficiency. Product Development/R&D/Technology Commercialization - For Blue Square Energy, reinvigorated R&D program, achieving a 15% improvement in product performance.

Capabilities and Skills

Profit and Loss Executive Leadership Clean Energy / Clean Technology Electronic Components Technology Global Business Leadership General Management Change Agent Customer Engagement Commercial Negotiation New Technologies / Revolutionary Solutions Intellectual Property Advanced Materials / Nanotechnology Team Building International Business Funding for Start-ups Technology Leadership Technology Commercialization University Collaboration

Engineering Performance into Organizations, Products, People and Profit

VICE PRESIDENT, GENERAL MANAGER 2011 2013 MORGAN ADVANCED MATERIALS, Global Hi Temp Business - products and engineered solutions for the early supply chain
serving the Solar and LED market. Greenville, SC Full P&L responsibility for this high visibility, key strategic global vertical business. Led international team of application engineering, sales and marketing, R&D and manufacturing resources to meet customer needs and grow key markets in Asia, US and Europe. Identified customers and customer segments, developed new products innovation and applications, built cohesive, productive organizational culture and capability. Participated in customer presentations, negotiated multimillion-dollar contracts, managed manufacturing of engineered solutions and oversaw customer implementations and managed high level account relationships. Led strategy and expansion into LED and power electronics, generating $10M in new revenue. Developed new products projected to deliver 50% of total revenues through 2014. Established new strategic business relationship with the top two global solar and top two LED wafer manufacturers. 2009 2010


Joined to drive growth through improved business strategy and operational plans, as well as to support sales initiatives and strengthen funding opportunities. Brought focus and discipline to the enterprise. Built organizational resources to expand and enhance sales, marketing and technology initiatives. Identified and recruited key talent, fostered a culture of performance and productivity, positioned company for continued growth. Quickly identified, developed and secured $250K in funding.

Stephen A. Costantino, PhD

Achieved 60% increase in sales of core product.

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Developed a key next-generation product technology and filed corresponding new patent application, representing $20M in projected revenue. Developed key expertise and intellectual capital, positioning the company for a $1M fundraising round. 2008 2009

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY AND OPERATING OFFICER BLUE SQUARE ENERGY, Emerging solar cell technology and manufacturing company. Northeast MD

Joined as Vice President of R&D, promoted within six months to lead operations and oversee development of strategic partnerships to increase funding and accelerate commercialization of the companys product. Reinvigorated R&D, focused organization on innovation, strengthened execution of key initiatives. Achieved 15% improvement in product solar cell efficiency within three months. Met DOE contract deliverables, resulting in a critical $1.5M funding. Solidified the companys intellectual property and manufacturing scale -up strategy, positioning the company for acquisition.

VICE PRESIDENT, TECHNOLOGY COMMERCIALIZATION GROUP 2006 2008 BEN FRANKLIN TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS - Technology-based economic development organization. Philadelphia, PA
Held high-profile leadership role fostering and nurturing business start-ups in energy, defense and advanced communications in the Commonwealth of PA, with emphasis on alternate energy and clean technologies. Engaged and developed key thought leaders and influencers from government, industry, academia, technology and financial communities. Identified and aligned economic development programs with appropriate resources to cultivate clean energy initiatives throughout the Commonwealth. Served in board positions on multiple clean energy industry and community organizations. Earned wide recognition as regional expert in clean technology by economic development, energy, investment and state officials. Achieved $40M in funding from Commonwealth for clean energy start-ups as well as industry/university collaborations. 2005 2006

CHIEF TECHNICAL AND OPERATING OFFICER OXANE MATERIALS - Nanotechnology company focused on increasing output of natural gas wells. Houston, TX

As one of first five employees, helped drive company growth by improving business strategy, technology/ intellectual property position, creating a scalable, efficient manufacturing process, and developing investment partners. Delivered an on-schedule, proof-of-product technology efficacy, paving the way for the companys success. Co-authored foundational patents, preventing competitive threats by several multibillion-dollar corporations. Identified and proved out process that quadrupled manufacturing efficiency. Collaborated with CEO to enable financing of $11M; laid foundation for additional $50M and creation of a greenfield manufacturing site that has grown to 150 employees. 1991 2005


Hired to develop new, industry-changing nanotechnology-based barium titanate product line which became the foundation for an entire new business. Progressed from product line manager and senior R&D leader to establish and build the business unit, with full P&L responsibility. Led team of 30 in the US and Japan with annual operating budget of $10M and capital budget of $5M. Oversaw finance, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and R&D. Served on senior operating committee for division focused on strategy. Participated on board with Cabots Chairman, CEO and other senior leaders. Actively contributed to core business global market share increase from 23% to 60%, while sales increased from $180M to more than $440M, and profit compound annual growth of 20%. Developed and launched new product line, generating $36M of annualized sales and displacing main competitors market share. Negotiated technical/commercial development programs in US and Asia, securing more than $6M of JD investment, paving the way for growth of the new business unit.

Stephen A. Costantino, PhD

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Negotiated manufacturing agreements that were highly advantageous for a start-up business utilizing highly variablized manufacturing. Refreshed product development and leveraged IP in niobium capacitor material to establish licensing agreement with key customer, resulting in new revenue stream and royalties of $1M per year. 1986 1991 1984 1986


PhD, Materials (Electro Ceramics), 1991 Penn State University Simultaneously worked full time in professional field Received highest possible committee rating on thesis dissertation BS, Ceramic Science and Engineering, 1984 Penn State University Played Varsity Football

Patents (US)
6,268,054 Dispersible, metal oxide-coated, barium titanate materials 6,514,894 Ceramic slip composition and method for making the same 6,733,740 Production of dielectric particles 7,459,209 Composition and method for making a proppant 7,491,444 Composition and method for making a proppant