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Bs PROMPT BOOK TITANIC The Musical | f Story and Book by ; Music and Lyrics by Peter Stone Maury Yeston Produced on Broadway by Dodger Theatricals, Richard S. Pechter and The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts — Book—Copyright © 1997, 1999 by Peter Stone Music and Lyries—Copyright © 1997 Yeston Music Ltd. (BMI) Worldivide rights for Yeston Music Ltd. administered by Cherry River Music Co. (BMI) | All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. ‘TAMS-WITMARK MUSIC LIBRARY, INC. 560 Lexington Avenue New York, Nei York 10022 ‘Telephone (212) 688-2525 furdoch, a Scotsman, 39 [doubles as 2nd-Class Passenger] HttpHer, 38 [doubles as 2nd-Class Passeniger] se-Bitneain, 32 [doubles as The Major and Fourth Man] I 28 [doubles as Taylor, Rogers & 3rd-Class Passenger] 23 (doubles as Bricoux & 3rd-Class Passenger] leet, Lookout [doubles as 1st-Class Passenger & 2nd-Class Passenger] ‘Chief Engineer {doubles as Bandmaster Hartley & 3rd-Class Passenger] “tches, senior first-class steward, 50 {doubles'as Thind-Class Steward] {doubles as 3rd-Class Passenger] ASS (all 3rd-Class Passengers) traus, late 60s is—his wife, also late 60s “Astor, 47 eine Astor, 19—his young bride Guggenheim—the very model of an American millionaire ett—his mistress, an attractive frenchwoman ‘ardoza—a handsome woman in her 40s Evans {also doubles as 2nd-Class Passenger] [Boxhall]—a bespectacled American in his 40s [Pitman] iged, American with middle-west accent -aged, American with middle-west accent latk-—young, British and middle-class ile—young, British and aristocratic I.double as Ist-Class Passengers) handsome Irishman ‘The Three Kates—young Irish girls © Kate McGowan » Kate Mullins Kate Murphey TITANIC Prompt Book