Windows 7 or Windows live cd

I. II. III. IV. V. VI. Introduction Recover Windows 7 files Create Live CD with Make_PE3 Burn the Windows 7 Live CD Boot from the disk and boot Windows 7 Conclusion



One day you want to use your computer and your Windows doesn’t want to start: may be due to a virus, a hardware conflict or a corrupted system files. In this case the important thing to do is to save all your personal data: photos, music, videos, documents, but what would you do if your Operating system doesn’t want to boot? I am going to explain how to recover all your precious files in seven steps but please don’t wait to get a problem, make your windows 7 live cd now. Here is the solution: create a bootable windows live cd by using a freeware Make_PE3. Windows 7 will be burned on a cd or DVD. There are many Live CD with Linux, but the advantage of using windows 7 Live CD is that you'll be familiar with the system commands and tools. In case of problems with windows 7 you will be able to start your computer, access all your files and documents, and to save them until you fix the problem. Again make your live cd now before getting a huge problem, isn’t it? II. Recover Windows 7 files

What we need (all my steps are based on windows 7 live cd)  Your original windows 7 cd or download from Microsoft website ( or borough one from your friend, neibourgh, and in this case you don’t need a product key. Download Imgburn, it is free, from here ( or you can use your personal and familiar image burning application. Of course Make_PE3 download from ( If required download extract files 7Z for free ( Download Automated Installation Kit (AIK) from Microsoft website (not required but in case it’s necessary to have it) Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003 SP1; Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, look for System requirements and installation instructions before downloading ( Operating Systems: Windows 7 (KB3AIK_EN.iso) , look for System requirements and installation instructions before downloading (

    

exe and click on it . Create Windows 7 live cd with Make_PE3 (follow the installation steps carefully)  Put your window 7 or XP original cd inside your dvd drive  Install 7Z and AIK if they are required on your computer  Once you are finished to download Make_PE3 file go to your download folder and double click on Make_PE3_41.III.exe as you see on the picture below Click on run and click on extract as you see on the pictures below After extracting go to inside the folder Make_PE or Make_PE3_41 and under Make_PE3 look for Make_PE3.

as you see below Under windows 7 source.And click on it. . click on the blue button to choose the drive where your original operating system is located as you see on the pictures above and below.

Confirm by clicking on OK button Once is done see the picture below. click on GO button to start .

The operation takes 10 or 15 minutes At the end you will see the picture below and click on ok to close the sofware .

iso or or (Drive…\Make_PE3\win7pe_amd64) and located for 7pe_am64_E.iso As you see on the picture below . Burn the Windows 7 Live CD Go back to the folder at the step (Create Windows 7 live cd with Make_PE3) Make_PE or Make_PE3_41 and under Make_PE3 look for the folder win7pe_x86 (Drive…\Make_PE3\win7pe_x86) and located 7pe_x86_E.IV.

iso for 32 bit or 7pe_am64_E. Boot from the disk and boot Windows 7 After booting from your windows 7 live cd. at the result you will get the screen below.iso for 64 bit and burn it.Insert a blank DVD or cd inside your CD/DVD –burner and double click on the file 7pe_x86_E. the picture is beautiful on my screen. . V.

take care and . . Conclusion Ouf! We are done. now it is time to take our best drink. someone will help you or me. Writer: MOMO (MINTA MOHAMED TRAORE). Send your questions on microsoftcertifications@googlegroups.

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