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Name Kelly Matsuhashi Date 2/4/13 FIRST SEMESTER CHEMISTRY PRETEST This pretest will give me an idea of what

you know about the first semester of chemistry. This test will give me an idea of your ability to handle math and verbal skills, which are skills required in this class. You cannot fail, as it will not be graded as a test, but an assignment. Type the answer next to the question. Show your calculations if it involves some type of math calculation. 1. Which number is more accurate and why? 4.18 or 4.180. 4.18 is more accurate because 4.180 is not actually correct because it is rounded up and its has a zero. Watch these videos: ignificant-figures 2. What Arabic number does the exponent 106 represent? CVI Those are Roman numerals. The symbols that we use for numbers (1,2,3, etc.) are called Arabic numbers. So 106 is written in Arabic numbers. Trick question! 3. Rearrange the following algebraic equation to solve for the variable P: PV = NrT Pv=NpT Ask Brynja 4. Using the above algebraic equation: R = ? R: Pv=Nrt Ask Brynja 5. If density is calculated by the expression of Mass/Volume, what is the density of this material at a mass of 2g and a volume of 2ml? 2g/2ml = 1g YES! 6. What is the density of the material at a mass of 6g and a volume of 6ml? D= 6g/6ml = 1g YES! 7. Determine the pattern and predict the next number. 38, 37, 39, 36, 40, 35, 41, 34, 42, 41 The pattern is -1, +2, -3, +4, -5, +6, -7, +8 and the next number is 33 8. How many inches are in 2 feet? 24 inches YES! 9. What information did you need to be able to answer the above question? I needed inches to answer the question

It was necessary to know that there are twelve inches in a foot, and that 2 times 12 is equal to twenty-four. 10. If the weight of an atom is determined by adding the number of protons and neutrons together, then how much does an atom weigh if it has 5 protons and 7 neutrons? 12 weight YES! 11. If an atom weighs 14 and contains 6 protons how many neutrons does it contain? 8 neutrons YES! 12. The charge on an atom is determined by the expression of protons minus electrons. What is the charge on an atom if there are (a) 7 electrons and 6 protons? (b) 12 protons and 12 electrons? (c) 12 protons and 10 electrons? (a) 1 charge (b) 0 charge (c) 2 charge (a) -1 (b) YES! (c) YES! 13. If the expression for density is D=M/V and D is density, M is mass, and V is volume, then what is the mass of an object with a density of 3.0g/ml and a volume of 0.5ml? M= D/V = 3.0*0.5= 1.5 mass The mass is 6 grams 14. Which of the following are measurements (you may circle more than one option) a. 25 hamburgers b. 25 feet c. 25 years d. 25 YES! 15. Rounding off 34.79 to one decimal place gives what number? 34.80 YES! 16. Assume that a beaker of water on a hot plate has been boiling for an hour. Within the liquid, bubbles can be seen rising to the surface. What are the bubbles made of? a. A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases b. Oxygen c. Water vapor It is C, water vapor. Water is evaporating from the heat, releasing water vapor. 17. If PV=nRT and n=m/W, then a correct expression for W is: a. W=mRT/PV c. W=PV/mRT b. W=m/PV d. W=PV/RTAsk Brynja 18. What type of chemical bond does NaCl have? It has an Ionic compound because both of the elements share the ions that hold them together.

YES! But it is called an ionic bond, an ionic compound is the type of compound that it makes. 19. What type of chemical bond does CH4 have? It has a polar covalent bond each of the ends the other side of each other and they make a bond and each of them make the compound of CH4. YES! 20. Convert 100 g to kilogram. 1/100= 10/1000 kilograms. Both 1000 and 100 have a common factor of 10 so if you multiply them you get the kilograms. 100g= 0.1 kilograms