Rhalou Allerhand investigates the swollen, hormonal underbelly of pregnancy fetishism Photo: James Stafford

EVER MIND THE SURGE in controversial granny smut currently infiltrating the porn market; nothing raises an eyebrow quite as much as the contentious subject of sex during pregnancy. Whilst expecting, women are often viewed as sacred and curiously innocent, or fragile and afflicted with a medical condition, no doubt thanks to some twisted Victorian-era related logic, despite the fact that — medical and religious miracles aside — every pregnancy

started with a sexual act. The naked appearance of seven months’ pregnant Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991 marked the beginning of a period in which perceptions of pregnancy began to change. The notorious photoshoot sparked intense controversy and was widely discussed on television, radio and in the papers, with the frankness of Annie Leibovitz’ portrayal of a pregnant sex symbol leading to divided opinions, rang-


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Most red-blooded males find the pregnant body rather erotic and desirable
ing from complaints of sexual objectification to celebrations of the photograph as a symbol of female empowerment. Either way, it led to the dawn of a new age where pregnancy is finally starting to be accepted as a sexually liberated state. Celebrities and the media have since portrayed it as a glamorous, fashionable and even sexual state of being and we’re regularly bombarded with images of everyone from footballer’s wives to the Spice Girls wearing sexy outfits which reveal their bumps whilst expecting. This change in public opinion of pregnancy also created a market for photographers to start producing images of attractive or even provocative pregnant women, as opposed to being dowdy and concealed from the world, and for fashion designers to start producing sexy and stylish maternity wear. But, despite changing attitudes, the concept of pregnant women as sexual beings is still somewhat contentious. For

women, there are many reasons why sex during pregnancy can be more enjoyable, including engorgement of the genital area — which actually helps some people become orgasmic for the first time — an increase in natural lubrication, the lack of birth control or, if you have been trying for a while, a return to sex for pleasure as opposed to family planning purposes. On the other hand, there are also various reasons why sex might not be on the agenda, such as fear of hurting the baby, nausea, fatigue, awkwardness, bizarre conservative Victorian ideals and so on. Change is rampant during pregnancy and while women may start to feel enormous, exhausted and uncomfortable, on the whole, most red-blooded males find the pregnant body rather erotic and desirable. But for some men, even if it’s not their wife (or partner) who’s carrying the load, the concept of an expectant woman is extremely sexually alluring, to the point of fetishising pregnancy. Also known as maiesiophilia, or maieusophoria, pregnancy fetishism includes the sexualisation of women who are pregnant or appear to be expecting, sexual interest in different stages of pregnancy from impregnation right through to labour and


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even the erotic appeal of lactation. Paul Stark, a 27-year-old technician from Guildford, has always found pregnant women particularly erotic. ‘I remember seeing a pregnant woman when I was younger and just wanting to curl up with her and stroke her sexy body. It’s just something about the abundant curves of a pregnant woman’s body that I find really sexy. It’s almost like the appeal of fake breasts, the way everything is enlarged and engorged on a woman. I’ve heard that some people get off on the concept of inflated body parts, so maybe it’s related. ‘There’s also something seriously alluring about the secrecy of it all, like pregnant women are hiding secrets; the answers to the universe are hiding inside of her, she knows things that us men will never experience. I am just overcome with lust by the entire concept. The massive tits are a bonus, too, of course.’ Some men find various elements of pregnancy erotic. ‘I’ve made a few friends on forums and stuff who are into breastfeeding and get off on the whole milk thing,’ says Stark, ‘but for me it’s all about the shape of the woman’s body and the mystery. My ex was also strangely placid and relaxed when she was carrying, like beautifully peaceful. As soon as she gave birth she re-

turned to her normal self, unfortunately!’ People often tend to still view pregnancy as a medical condition, and pregnant women as extremely fragile creatures. ‘I don’t know why some men find pregnant women appealing and some don’t.’ says Stark. ‘I guess it differs for everyone, although on some level it’s probably an unconscious desire to be mothered.’ While there may be health issues and complications during pregnancy that make certain kinds of sex difficult, for the most part there is no need to approach sex at this time with anything other than common sense, and no reason to treat a healthy pregnant woman as if she were unwell. Alex, a literacy teacher from Bristol, has two grown-up children and thinks sexualising pregnancy is actually an innate aspect of masculinity. ‘I think some men find pregnant women particularly appealing because they can be very womanly looking, sometimes a lot calmer than usual and the fact that they are pregnant

It’s something about the abundant curves of a pregnant woman’s body that I find really sexy

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by a man might make him feel powerful and more manly. Also it might bring out men’s desire to protect women, because pregnant women look a bit vulnerable.’ Although her sex drive didn’t particularly increase during either of her pregnancies, Alex found the whole experience erotic. ‘It was good not to have to worry about getting pregnant if you were already pregnant. Sometimes I thought it a bit odd that my husband’s penis was getting so close to the baby’s head and wondered, ‘Would the baby mind?’ I think pregnancy is a fairly sexual state to be in, though. Giving birth, if not too difficult, is quite a sexual experience. Sometimes a head leaning against my inner thigh reminds me of giving birth.’ Alice from Wells has a one-year-old baby. ‘Pregnant woman are beautiful. A pregnant woman does look blooming, and there is a whole excitement about your new and changing body and the actual function of growing a baby: a body being put to the test and doing something uncontrollable and unbelievable. I

think for a woman also there is a sense of relief about your physical appearance, you just have to accept and go with it.’ But the further along in your pregnancy you are, the more difficult sexual intercourse becomes. ‘I think the most arousing period would be around six or seven months, when you are getting big and beautiful with it, but you haven’t become revolting and bloated yet. Your tits are great and the bump is looking pretty tidy, too. Towards the end I found everything difficult, though; I found putting my socks on near impossible so, sure, sex was difficult.’ Whilst for the most part many couples still enjoy healthy sex lives during pregnancy and view it as an erotic and sensual time, some people take their sexual interests that little bit further, and actively seek out pictures and footage of pregnant women for sexual kicks. Dr Freak runs a California based website, www. pregnancyfreaks.com, dedicated solely to pregnancy fetishism. ‘Some people like pregnant women because it’s not the norm…. others just find that bump very sexy,’ says Dr Freak, although the main appeal is usually the controversial aspect of it. ‘I honestly do not know why pregnancy fetishism is popular, but I’d say it’s the risqué

Giving birth, if not too difficult, is quite a sexual experience



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factor.’ Pregnancyfreaks. com is a relatively explicit, fun website, dedicated to the sexualisation of pregnant women and lactation. Dr Freak explicitly never puts any of the models’ health at risk. ‘As far as I know there are no health risks involved in having sex while pregnant. But if the person is uncomfortable, or has any pains, then they definitely should not engage in it.’ As with many fetishes, the unique appeal of pregnancy fetishism stems from the mystery factor, as many people are sexually aroused by the concept of something obscure or controversial. ‘Most people are tired of seeing the same babe with fake big breasts,’ Dr Freak says. ‘People want something they have not experienced or seen; that’s why my sites are a hit. Most feature certain types of woman or acts they have not come across before. We get visitors from all age groups and genders who like the niche, you cannot really pinpoint it. However PregnantFreaks is actually the one site that I see more females joining than any of my other sites. Why? I don’t know.’ Paul Stark agrees. ‘I don’t think there is anything wrong, or kinky about it, it’s human nature. It’s not like I go and shag pregnant women all the time, I just fantasise about it and enjoy the pictures and

As far as I know there are no health risks involved in having sex while pregnant
films. I mean, if I met some hot pregnant bird gagging for it who wasn’t looking for a replacement father I’d be chuffed, but it’s not that likely to happen! The likelihood of meeting a hot, single, pregnant woman is not very high, nor is the chance of a woman letting me impregnate her again! But maybe that’s part of the appeal, the kind of allure of the unobtainable. I suppose most fetishes stem from obscure unobtainable things.’ So what about the people who don’t find pregnant women sexy? ‘They are uptight weirdos,’ Says Alice. ‘I think a lot of women feel unattractive during pregnancy, which won’t help, and then there are the types who feel like they have an unborn audience, and that they don’t want to involve their unborn child in the intimacy, and sexuality of it all. Which, I suppose, is fair to a point, but it’s how they got made, so live with it I say! I think there is also a “contamination” issue with some people — that their baby shouldn’t be contaminated with the sticky products of sex, but they aren’t, so unless

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It is difficult to find pregnant models prepared to engage in sexual activity
you can’t get over the actual biology, that shouldn’t be an issue.’ Sue, a mother of two from London, agrees. ‘My best friend had that problem; she was really horny and her boyfriend just couldn’t do it. It must be the thought of being so close to the baby. It is weird, and I did find it quite strange to start with. But I was only ever told it was fine and good for you to carry on having a normal sex life.’ She also discovered that maintaining a healthy sex life is necessary in the final stages. ‘Right at the end when I was huge it was pretty tricky. But I went 11 days late and all my contacts said that the best way to get things started was by having a shag. It’s pretty tricky, but the good tip was to think of it more as functionality than romantically! Lo and behold, I went into labour that night. Men are useful for making babies and also getting them out!’ As it’s quite a specialised fetish, Dr

Freak does find it hard to source models for his website. ‘It is very difficult to find pregnant models prepared to engage in sexual activity. We have some models who were models prior to being pregnant, so that works out good. Then there are some who see it as an opportunity to earn some extra cash, so they seek out producers who would be interested in shooting content with them during their pregnancy. But there are not many women that fall into those two categories, which is why it is hard to find such models.’ But Dr Freak is always game to feature new and interesting fetishes. ‘The freakier the better! If there is a certain niche your readers want to see that isn’t out there much, I’d like to know it and possibly develop it, they can contact me via the contact link on my sites. I try to stay away from niches such as watersports, BDSM, fisting etc. Nothing too brutal, abusive or degrading. But there’s no reason to be nervous — check out my sites at www. DrFreak.com to see which ones interest you… If you feel embarrassed about a certain niche that you enjoy, remember there are many, many people who have an interest in the same niche and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, so relax and enjoy!’


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