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SPS Science Form 4

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Absorption Resapan Accommodation Akomodasi Addicted etagihan Albino Albino Alcohol Alkohol Alloy Aloi Alloying Pengaloian Anion Anion Anode Anod Archaeology Arkeologi A field of study of materials and artifacts especially of those found in the past Positive electrode Movement of particles from a high concentration area to a lower concentration area until both areas have the same concentration Adjustment process of the cilia muscle by changing the thickness of the eye lens !ondition of the body that re"uires certain drugs for relief #rganism which is unable to produce normal pigments due to the absence of the gene that controls the production of such pigments A li"uid with into$icating contents which can cause drunkenness Substance that consists of a mi$ture of metal and other elements A process where atoms from other metals are added into the pure metal %egatively charged ion

SPS Science Form 4

Atom Atom Atomic substances &ahan atom Autonomic nervous system Sistem saraf autonomi A$on Akson

&asic unit of all matter

Substances that consist of only atoms

Part of the nervous system that controls involuntary action

'he longer section of a neuron that carries impulse from the cell body

&oiling Pendidihan &rown movement (erakan &rown

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A process where the state of the matter changes from li"uid to gas 'he random movement and collision of gas or li"uid particles

!atalyst Mangkin !athode atod !ation ation !erebellum Serebelum !erebrum Serebrum Positively charged ion

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Material used to initiate or increase the rate of a chemical reaction %egative electrode

Part of the brain that is responsible in coordinating muscle movement) especially refle$ activities and the body e"uilibrium Part of the brain that controls the mental) sensory and voluntary activities

SPS Science Form 4

!hain reaction 'indak balas berantai !hemical changes Perubahan kimia !hromatic romatid !hromosome romosom !olour blindness &uta warna !oncave lens anta cekung !ondensation ondensasi !one cell Sel kon !ontinuous variation +ariasi selanjar !onve$ lens anta cembung !oordination oordinasi !ovalent bond -katan kovalen !rystallisation Penghabluran

Fission reaction that involved a series of continuous steps !hanges in the chemical composition of a matter that will produce a new material Filament of spiracle chromosome at a certain stage in the cell dividing process A physical body that contains *%A found in the nucleus of plant and animal cells A type of se$ linked heredity disease caused by the recessive gene in which the sufferer is unable to differentiate between red and green A type of lens that is thin in the middle but thick at the edge A process where the state of the matter changes from gas to li"uid !ell which is sensitive to coloured light stimulus

+ariation which has an intermediate value and is influenced by environmental factors A type of lens that is thick in the middle but thin at the edge Synchroni,ation between the nervous system and the endocrine system to ensure that body parts are able to function as one unit !hemical bond that joins non.metal atoms together

A purifying techni"ue carried out to obtain pure crystals from a saturated solution

SPS Science Form 4

*ata *ata *ecay Pereputan *iamagnetic Sifat diamagnet *irect angle Sudut tuju *irect ray Sinar tuju *iscontinuous variation +ariasi tak selanjar *istillation Penyulingan *ominant gene (en dominan *own syndrome Sindrom *own *rug abuse Penyalahgunaan dadah *rugs *adah A process where radiation is produced from a radioactive substance Facts or evidences in an investigation

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/$traordinary characteristic owned by a superconducting alloy which is pushed by a magnetic field 'he angle between the normal line and direct ray

Ray of light from one source to the mirror plane

!lear variation) without an intermediate value and controlled by a genetic factor A process used to obtain a pure li"uid from a polluted one A gene which is able to show the characteristics it controls in the presence of other genes A heredity disease caused by the presence of one e$tra chromosome in the cell 0sage of drugs that will endanger the health of an individual in the society

!hemicals which influence the mind and affect body functions

SPS Science Form 4

/ffector /fektor /fferent /feren /lectrical field Medan elektrik

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(lands or muscles that are sensitive to stimuli and react with the received stimuli either positively or negatively 'o carry or transmit from one source) for e$ample) an efferent neurone 'he force field that fills the space surrounding a charge or a group of charges

/lectrode /lektrod /lectrolysis /lektrolisis /lectrolyte /lektrolit /lectron /lektron /lectrostatic force *aya elektrostatik /lement /lemen /ndothermic reaction 'indak balas endotermik /$othermic reaction 'indak balas eksotermik

/lectrical conductor that is dipped in an electrolyte

A process where an ionic substance in the form of a solution is decomposed into its element !hemical substance which allows the flow of an electrical current when it is in the form of a solution A subatomic particle with a negative charge

Force of attraction that pulls the positive and negative ions together in an ionic substance Material built from one type of atom

A chemical reaction that is followed by the absorption of heat energy from the surrounding

A chemical reaction that is followed by the release of heat energy to the surrounding

SPS Science Form 4

Focal length 1arak fokus Focal point 'itik fokus Fossil fuel &ahan api fosil Free,ing Pembekuan

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'he distance between focal point and the optical centre of the lens A point where the light rays are focused

Fuel that originates from the remains of animals and plants that were buried in the earth for millions of years 'he process where the state of matter changes from li"uid to solid

(amete (amet (ene (en (land elenjar (rey matter 1irim kelabu (roup umpulan

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Matured haploid reproductive cell2 For e$ample) sperm or ovum 'he heredity unit in a chromosome

A cell or an organ which produces or secretes chemical substances through a passage 'he grey part of the spinal nerve and brain which consists of neurone cells 'he hori,ontal column in the Periodic 'able

3aber process Proses 3aber 3alogen 3alogen

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Production process of ammonia through the reaction between nitrogen and hydrogen /lements that are in (roup +-- in the Periodic 'able

SPS Science Form 4

3ormone 3ormon 3ypothesis 3ipotesis

A chemical substance that is secreted by the endocrine glands that controls the functions of the cells An idea or prediction that is suggested to e$plain an observation or problems identified

-dentical twins embar seiras -mage distance 1arak imej -nference -nferens -on -on -onic bonds -katan ion -onic substance &ahan ion -sotope -sotop

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'wins occur when one fertilised ovum divides to form two ,ygotes 'he distance between the image and the lens optical centre An e$planation made based on certain facts

An atom or a group of atoms which has an electrical charge !hemical bonds that join metal and non.metal atoms together A substance that possesses positive or negative ions

Atoms of the same element which have the same number of protons but different number of neutrons

inaesthetic sense *eria kinestetik inetic theory 'eori kinetik

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Sense which enables us to be aware of the movement and position of the limbs to maintain balance A theory that e$plains the characteristics of matter in motion

SPS Science Form 4

4ight dispersion Penyebaran cahaya 4ight scattering Penyerakan cahaya

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Separation of white light into a colour spectrum by a prism Reflection of light in different directions

Magnetic field Medan magnet Matter 1irim Medulla oblongata Medula oblongata Meiosis Meiosis Melting Peleburan Mental health esihatan minda Metal reactivity series Siri kereaktifan logam Mitosis Mitosis Molecular substance &ahan molekul Molecule Molekul Substance that consist of only molecules

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'he force field that fills the space surrounding a magnet or a current 5 carrying wire !ontent of all substances

'he part of the brain that controls involuntary action

!ell dividing process that forms haploid gametes

A process where the state of the matter changes from solid to li"uid 'he health of a person6s mind whether good or poor

A series that shows the arrangement of metals based on the activeness of their reaction towards o$ygen !ell dividing process that forms individual diploid cell

!ombination of a group of atoms of the same or different elements

SPS Science Form 4

Motor neurone %euron motor Mutagen Mutagen Mutant Mutan Mutation Mutasi

A type of neurone that brings nerve impulses from the central nervous system to the muscles or the glands Agent that drives a mutation process

#rganism or gene that has mutated

!hanges in the characteristic of an organism which are transferred down to its descendant

%ervous system Sistem neuron %eurone %euron %eutron %eutron %on.identical twins embar tak seiras %ormal line (aris normal %uclear energy 'enaga nuklear %ucleon number %ombor nukleon %ucleus %ukleus

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A coordination system which reacts to adjustments made by an organism towards changes in the environment A nerve cell7 the basic unit in the structure and function of the nervous system Subatomic particle without a charge

'wins that occur when two ova are fertilised by two sperms at the same time 4ine which is perpendicular to the mirror plane

/nergy that is produced during the fission of a nucleus

'he total number of protons and neutrons in an atom

'he core of an atom that consists of protons and neutrons

SPS Science Form 4

%uclear fission Pembelahan nukleus

'he process of the breaking up of the nucleus of an atom

#bject distance 1arak objek #ptical centre Pusat optik

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'he distance between an object and the lens optical centre Middle point of a lens

Pancreas Pankreas Period ala Periodic 'able 1adual &erkala Peripheral nervous system Sistem saraf periferi Photosynthesis Fotosintesis Physical changes Perubahan fi,ik Pigment Pigmen Pollution Pencemaran

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An organ that secretes hormones that control the glucose level in the blood 3ori,ontal rows in the Periodic 'able

A classification table of elements based on their proton number A network of nerves that connects the central nervous system to other parts of the body

A process where a green plant synthesises its food from water) carbon dio$ide and the sunlight energy absorbed by the chlorophyll in the green leaves !hanges in the physical characteristics of a matter that does not produce a new material !oloured substance that absorbs and reflects certain coloured lights Addition of foreign material that has a bad effect on the environment

SPS Science Form 4

Primary colours 8arna primer Primary filter Penapis primer Proton Proton Proton number %ombor proton Pure substance &ahan tulen

Red) blue and green

Filter that performs subtraction of colours by only allowing its own colour to go through Subatomic particle with a positive charge

%umber of protons in an atom

Substance that has definite melting point or free,ing point and boiling point

Radioactive Radioaktif Radioactive radiation Sinar radioaktif Radioisotope Radioisotop Radiotherapy Radioterapi Rainbow Pelangi Ray Sinar Ray diagram (ambar rajah sinar

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'erm used for the state of an atom with an unstable nucleus which can emit particles randomly and be transformed into the nucleus of another element Radiation that is emitted from a radioactive material such as alpha radiation) beta radiation and gamma. radiation 0nstable radioactive element

'reatment of a disease using radiations such as 9.ray and gamma.radiation An arch that consists of seven colours formed in the sky due to the dispersion of sunlight by raindrops A streak of light) one line of light

*iagram that illustrates the light lines drawn to determine the si,e and location of the image on a mirror or lens

SPS Science Form 4

Reactor Reaktor Real image -mej nyata Receptor Reseptor Recessive gene (en resesif Reflective angle Sudut pantulan Reflective ray Sinar pantulan Refle$ action 'indak balas refleks Relay neurone %euron perantaraan Rod cell Sel rod

Section in a nuclear generator station that controls the nuclear reaction -mage which is displayed on the screen

Sensory organ or ends of the nerves that are able to detect changes in the environment A gene which is only able to show its characteristics in the absence of dominant genes 'he angle between normal line and the reflective ray

Ray of lights from the mirror plane to the eyes

Action that happens automatically towards a stimulus

A type of neurone that connects the motor neurone and the sensory neurone !ell which is sensitive to low light intensity

Scientific investigation Penyiasatan saintifik Secondary colour 8arna sekunder Secondary filter Penapis sekunder Semi.metal

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An investigation which follows rules an accurate science principles and are carried out in a systematic and arranged manner A colour produced when two primary colours are added

Filter which performs subtraction of colours by only allowing its own colour and other primary colours to go through Metal that shows characteristics between those of a

SPS Science Form 4

Separuh logam Sensory neurone %euron deria Se$ chromosome romosom seks Spectrum Spektrum Spinal nerve Saraf tunjang Subatomic particle ;arah subatom Sublimation Pemejalwapan Substance &ahan Superconductor alloy Aloi superkonduktor Synapse Sinaps

metal and a non.metal A type of neurone that brings an impulse from the sensory organ to the central nervous system #ne of the chromosomes that determines the se$ of the organism Seven colours arranged in order: red)orange) yellow) green) blue) indigo and violet A nerve that is in the shape of a cylinder2 -t is situated in the main vertical nerve passage in the human body Particles that from an atom namely protons) neutrons and electrons A process where the state of a matter changes from solid to gas without going through the li"uid state or the reverse Material formed when two or more elements combined chemically Alloy with ,ero or the absence of resistance that allows the flow of electrical current through it 'he narrow space between two neurones

'heory 'eori 'o$ic substance &ahan toksik A proven hypothesis

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A poisonous substance that has a bad effect on all life and the environment

SPS Science Form 4

'ransition elements 0nsur peralihan

/lements situated between (roup -- and --- in the Periodic 'able

0rea 0rea

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8hite solid fertiliser that has a high percentage of nitrogen

+an der 8aals force *aya van der 8aals +ariable Pemboleh ubah +ariable that is kept constant Pemboleh ubah yang dimalarkan +ariable that is manipulated Pemboleh ubah yang dimanipulasikan +ariable that responds Pemboleh ubah yang bergerak balas +ariation +ariasi +irtual image -mej maya A controlled variable used to test a hypothesis An unchanged variable in an investigation

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Force of attraction that e$ists between molecules

Situation which can be changed during an investigation

A variable which is influenced by variable that is manipulated

*ifference between organisms of the same species

An image which can be seen by the observer but cannot be displayed on a screen

SPS Science Form 4

8hite matter 1irim putih

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'he white part of the spinal nerves and brain which consists of myelin a$ons

;ygote ;igot

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!ell formed through the combination of male a gamete and female a gamete