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MDU4003 Introduction to the Professions of Medicine Spring 2014 Syllabus

Course Professor Michael Shapiro, MD Assistant Professor Course Coordinator Adam Reid, M.S. Course Coordinator The intent of the syllabus is to make clear the expectations e ha!e for this semester, hence all the scary bolded text and all caps ritin". #o e!er, this class ill be an en$oyable, educational class hich ill help you learn about the !arious fields of medicine and lead to some of you ha!in" an opportunity to shado doctors in !arious specialties in MD% &''& for course credit. ( am excited that you ha!e the opportunity to participate in this class and as lon" as you stay on top of your assi"nments and put in the effort you ill succeed in MD% &''). Thanks, Adam Reid Contact Infor!ation"#!ail Policy M*+&',, . Please send all emails relatin" to the course here. The ebmail account is mana"ed by the Teachin" Assistants and is checked e!ery eekday. P+*AS* C#*C/ 01%R *MA(+ R*2%+AR+03 MA/* S%R* 01%R ACC1%4T (S 41T 15*R 6%1TA.

$ill you get an %&' in this course( MD%&'') is an online course that re7uires no text and has no final exam. This may make it appear to be an 8easy A9 course, but please do not be misled. Students are typically surprised at the le!el of difficulty of this course, the amount of material, and the challen"e of submittin" ork of comparati!e 7uality to other MD%&'') students.

)*er*ie+ of Course Content The course is di!ided into ,& lessons ith : topics each. Topics co!er specific careers ithin the health professions and are desi"ned as an introduction to each field. A typical lesson topic consists of a lecture, multiple readin"s, and a 7ui;. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO QUIZ AND ESSAY DUE DATES ON ELEARNING. SOME WEEKS MAY HAVE TWO LESSONS ASSIGNED AND OFTEN DUE DATES MAY FALL ON OR AROUND HOLIDAYS.

Sa,ai )nline Course -or!at In order for the course to be deli*ered properly to your co!puter. it !ust be configured/ This includes installin" the latest <A5A pro"ram, confi"urin" your (nternet and security settin"s properly, and disablin" pop=up blockers >pop=ups must be allo ed?. -or help +ith this aspect. call the U- Co!puting 0elpDes, at 312233220#4P/ 5ui66es &ll 7ui66es are to be co!pleted by the posted due date by 1p!/ 6ui;;es ill ask 7uestions from the assi"ned lectures or readin"s. Make sure you keep up ith the deadlines@ #ssays &ll +ritten essays are to be co!pleted by the posted due date by 1p!/ #ssays consist of co!posing your o+n essay response to a pro!pt 8all reports +ill be chec,ed by 9urnitin/co!:/ &ll essays are a !ini!u! 100 +ords. single space. +ith at least t+o outside references cited properly 8unless told other+ise in specific essay pro!pt:/ #ssays +ith 433 +ords +ill be gi*en a 0"10/ 9his only includes the body of the essay/ Also, citin" Aikipedia ill not count as a reference. 0our essay ill be "raded and feedback ill be sent to your %B+ Aebmail account alon" ith the "rade no later than C days follo in" your deadline. $hen referencing outside papers or +ebsites it is ;#<#= acceptable to copy and paste te>t. e*en if it is cited and e*en if you change a fe+ +ords. Anythin" that is not in 7uotations M%ST be paraphrased into your o n ords@ Ae check e!ery assi"nment electronically usin" for pla"iarism and if you ha!e copied and pasted from sources inappropriately you ill be cau"ht. &ny for! of plagiaris! +ill ha*e to be in*estigated as set out by the Uni*ersity of -lorida Student Conduct Code. Procedures on in!esti"ations can be found atD httpDEE .dso.ufl.eduE$udicialE . Students in this course ha*e been caught cheating 8copying: and plagiari6ing. +ere i!!ediately failed. and prosecuted in 0onor Court.

?rading 0our "rade ill be determined as follo sD 40@ 5ui66es A0@ $ritten &ssign!ents

Please reali;e that 7ui; 7uestions that the !ast ma$ority of the class does not ans er correctly are thro n out, so e!en if you feel that 7uestions that you missed ere 8bad9 or 8unfair9, you should reco"ni;e that approximately C'F of your classmates here able to ans er the 7uestions correctly. &lso. please note that solid and +ell2for!ed essays that satisfy all discussion essay re7uire!ents +ill recei*e a grade of 10"10/ -ailure to adhere to the essay instructions. such as not sub!itting in a /doc for!at or !eeting the 100 +ord !ini!u! +ill result in a score of 0"10/ Due to the large nu!ber of students and the o*erall superb perfor!ance of MDU4003 students. the grading scale is applied +ithout e>ception/ 9herefore. if you earn a B3/333 at the end of the se!ester you +ill recei*e a CDE/F ;o negati*e grades are gi*en/

#G9=& C=#DI9 There is one extra credit essay askin" you to e!aluate the course hich should be completed after lesson ,&. Satisfactory completion of the extra credit course e!aluation ill add approximately '.G points to your final a!era"e. Unless announced and offered to the entire class. there +ill be no other e>tra credit opportunities. e!ails re7uesting personal e>tra credit +ill recei*e no response/ 4&9# P)4ICH $ebsites being do+n or your personal co!puter gi*ing you proble!s is not an e>cuse for late +or,/ Ae cannot "uarantee that e!ery indi!idualHs internet connection ill ork all the times. -or this reason +e strongly suggest +or,ing on all assign!ents and 7ui66es at least 122 days ahead of ti!e to a*oid such proble!s/ $e +ill not. under any circu!stances. accept debates or 7ui66es after the original due date if you did not contact us by e!ail D#-)=# the original due to let us ,no+ about an issue you are ha*ing/ 90# DU# D&9#S -)= 90# 9#S9S &;D 5UIII#S &=# C4#&=4H P)S9#D ); S&J&I -=)M 90# D#?I;;I;? )- 90# S#M#S9#=/ DU# 9) 90# #G9#;SI<# M&9#=I&4 C)<#=#D I; & C)U=S# )- 90IS ;&9U=#. S)M# 5UIII#S &;D #SS&HS M&H -&44 ); )= &=)U;D 0)4ID&HS/ P4#&S# M&J# SU=# H)U P4&; &CC)=DI;?4H &S <&C&9I);S &=# ;)9 &; #GC#P9&D4# #GCUS# -)= & 4&9# 5UII )= #SS&H/ #M#=?#;CI#S (n the e!ent of an emer"ency hich causes you to miss ork, such as hospitali;ation, a death in the immediate family, or a natural disaster, students are asked to "ather up +ritten docu!ented proof of such an e!ent and submit it to Adam Reid > 9his is the only !echanis! by +hich !issed +or, +ill be considered to be !ade up/ C)MPU9#= 0#4P SUPP)=9 S#=<IC#S %B computin" #elp Desk at )G:=)I:=#*+P.

MDU4004 Physician Shado+ing. Deco!ing a MDU 9&. K 4etters of =eco!!endation

I;-)=M&9I); &D)U9 MDU4004 P0HSICI&; S0&D)$I;? C)U=S# *nrollment in MD%&''& is controlled by the Colle"e of Medicine by a hi"hly competiti!e application process. An application to &''& is a!ailable under lesson ,. Students are selected based off their entire application packet. Acceptance rates !ary by semester, ith the Ball cycle ha!in" the lo est acceptance rate and summer ha!in" the hi"hest >as a result of number of applications?. Current students are elcome to apply once they ha!e completed +esson C of MD%&'').

I;-)=M&9I); &D)U9 D#C)MI;? &; MDU C)U=S# 9& MD% course TAs are selected amon" students ho apply and inter!ie only after ha!in" co!pleted both MDU4003 and MDU4004. Students interested in bein" a TA should first enroll in MD%&''&. To be a TA, you must ha!e recei!ed an A in both &'') and &''&. Please email us at this point if you ould like to be a TA. I;-)=M&9I); &D)U9 4#99#=S )- =#C)MM#;D&9I); Please do not ask us to rite you a letter of recommendation. Due to the online nature of this class, e are unable to accurately rite a letter for you. #o e!er, after completion of MD% &''), &''&, and t o semesters of bein" a TA, e ill be more than happy to help you@

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