Foreign Correspondents' Association of East Africa Nairobi Kenya Peter Greste, Tora Prison c/o Embassy of Egypt Othaya Road

Nairobi Kenya 4th February 2014 AN OPEN LETTER TO PETER GRESTE: "YOUR BATTLE IS OUR BATTLE, TOO" Dear Peter, It’s been 37 days now. Initially, we thought this situation would be resolved quickly and that you would be back in Kenya by now, your New Year's sojourn behind bars little more than a memory we can share. Instead, you are still in there, languishing in a prison for doing your job – for trying to get both sides of the story. So, we have gathered here outside the Egyptian embassy in Nairobi today to deliver this letter and stand in solidarity with you. Those of us who are journalists stand as you. “We are all Peter Greste” is one of the slogans we are bearing aloft. Others among us stand here today for the tenets of truth, freedom of the press, and democracy. Journalism does not equal terrorism; you have committed no crime. You yourself wrote that Egypt's stability, "depends as much as on its ability to hold open honest conversations among its people and the world, as it does on its ability to crush violence.” We believe unanimously that the Egyptian government is wrong in detaining you. Today, as we deliver this letter to the Egyptian embassy, we unite in calling for the immediate release of you and your colleagues. We are especially concerned for Mohamed Fahmy who is being held in the notorious ‘Scorpion Prison’ and denied medical attention for a shoulder injury. In your first letter you described the circumstances of your arrest in Egypt. "We had been doing exactly as any responsible, professional journalist would – recording and trying to make sense of the unfolding events with all the accuracy, fairness and balance that our imperfect trade demands”, you wrote. Well, we could do with you coming home to practice that imperfect trade here right now. We are hoping, praying, raising banners, writing letters, crossing fingers, and speaking of you and your colleagues often. “Our arrest is not a mistake, and as a journalist this IS my battle”, you wrote. “I am committed to defending a fundamental freedom of the press that no one in my profession can credibly work without”. We respect and applaud your honesty and bravery, and we say, as one, that this is OUR battle, too. We will not forget it, and we will not stop fighting until we see you released. Ever yours in solidarity,

Colleagues, friends, and supporters