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Lauan, Antique, July 2010.

A grandmother on a wheelchair cradles her grand daughter as she is pushed by her husband during the PWD march in Laua-an in celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week Photo by Peter Songcayawon

Sa Istrukturang Accessible, Lahat ay Able (With Accessible Structures, Everyone is Able). As the theme of this years NDPR week celebration, emphasis is again made on the importance of making physical structures accessible. This is nothing new since as early as 1983, an Accessibility Law (BP 344) was already passed to enhance the mobility of persons with disabilities (PWD) by requiring buildings and public utilities to install accessible features. There has been considerable progress since then but many structures including government offices have remained inaccessible which pose as barriers to the participation of PWD in society. Why is this so? There is a long list of reasons for this but one of the

most basic is that during the planning and design phase of a structure, we often tend to forget to include PWD as one of the legitimate users. The realization only sits in when a PWD tries to use the facility and end up not being able to use it or when a regular user of that structure experiences some form of disability and cannot anymore use the facility because it is not accessible. So what can we do? We should go back to basics and make sure that PWD are really included in our plans and not just treated as add-ons. After all, accessibility is a right! And you can do your share to make sure that PWD get it so they can continue their march towards inclusion. [J. Rom]

APILA and Barbaza DPO celebrate NDPR Week


The NDPR Week Celebration highlight in Laua-an was held on July 19 participated by 221 PWD and their families, Association of PWD in Laua-an (APILA) officers, CBR workers and LGU officials. Municipal engineer May Chierel Mustacho gave the keynote speech. The program was hosted by CBR Coordinator Delia Espenido. Mayor Baladjay, Vice-Mayor Necor, SB Baldestamon and some department heads were also present. All the officials who spoke during the activity expressed their full support to the CBR Program and to APILA. APILA officers and CBR workers facilitated games such as wheel chair race and dance contest that were very much enjoyed by PWD and their families. They also distributed bookmarks as information and communication materials and displayed activity pictures and accessibility documents as part of awarenessraising. The municipality of Barbaza held its NDPR Week highlight on July 20 at the municipal covered court participated by 140 PWD and their families, Day Care workers and Mayor Faith Francisco. There were 61 persons who joined the parade around the town square. After the preliminaries, Mayor Francisco inducted the newly elected DPO officers and gave her message of support to the DPO and CBR team. She also thanked HI for its support and the CBR team for working hard. The CBR team presented their play on the entry of CBR in the municipality. The plot unfolds as they interpret the song Maghintay Ka Lamang with the transformation of a person with speech impairment to become one that is empowered and included in the society. Elmar Villaganas, HI Prosthesis Technician, shared information on the referral system for prosthesis clients. Cindy Blasurca, HI Community Organizer, also gave a short message on the NDPR theme mentioning the 4 elements of accessibility reach, enter, circulate, and use and some CBR principles that include empowerment, inclusion, self-advocacy, equal opportunities, accessibility and sustainability. There were also activities intended to promote inclusion and camaraderie among PWD. There were singing contest, longest line, wheelchair race, funny walking and dance competition. Everyone had genuine fun and the event kindled the hope in their hearts that the PWD sector is given the attention it deserves by the LGU and other development groups.

APILA members, CBR team, and supporters of PWD in Laua-an assemble before the yearly parade in celebration of the NDPR week.

Newly elected DPO officers of Barbaza with Mayor Faith Francisco (rightmost) after the induction ceremonies

The CBR team of Laua-an pose in front of their CBR photo exhibit.

BY JoNathaN LUmogdaNg


The CBR team of Barbaza was in full force during the NDPR celebration.

The UMWAD Project through Local Government Units and Disabled Peoples Organizations is in process to conduct an organizational capability assessment (OCA) of each DPO. It is designed to assess their performance as well as their capacities in carrying out projects and activities and effective advocates of their rights. The OCA is an approach to be more responsive to the organizational and project needs of the DPO. Under this strategy, we endeavour to provide baseline information needed to develop strengthening capacities of DPO to implement projects. It will serve as a learning tool for DPO and project team to deepen the understanding of the mission of the organization.

OCA consists of 4 key areas of concerns, namely: DPO involvement in the local governance, DPO organizational project management capability, lobbying and advocacy of human rights, and DPO institutional autonomy. All these are being targeted for assessment and development of possible capability-building interventions. Individual DPO in all covered municipalities will be visited for a sit down meeting with the officers starting November this year. This activity will facilitate in determining the organizational capability building needs of the different DPO. A series of training programs for DPO will be identified and hopefully, a pilot test of this approach will be started in December 2010. A participatory approach will be adopted in the course of the project implementation.

Concepcion holds their NDPR Week Celebration 2010

The Municipality of Concepcion joined the nation in celebrating theNDPR Week last July 22, 2010. It started with a foot parade followed by a variety of games and activities participated by the PWD coming from the mainland and islands of Concepcion. Prizes and gifts were given to the winners who excelled in the different contests. Taking the lead in the celebration is the Association of Disabled Persons in Concepfcion, Inc. (ADPCI) , a disabled peoples organization (DPO) that promotes the rights and development of the PWD in the municipality. The participants were PWD members, LGU and barangay officials and other line agencies.

By: Jayrose Plana

Municipality of Batad Joins the NDPR Week Celebration

The Municipality of Batad again participated in the annual celebration of the NDPR Week by showcasing the talents and offering enjoyment to persons with disabilities in the municipality last July 21 at the Municipal Covered Gymnasium. To grace the event, Dr. Neneth Pador, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer (PSWDO) discussed this years NDPR theme. Also, Mr. Jasper Rom, Project Manager of Handicap International shared an inspiring story of Tatay Jose, one of the DPO leaders of Batad who was awarded as one of the 10 Outstanding PWD in Iloilo. He also challenged the PWD to work hard on their long journey towards autonomy. More than 150 people attended the weeklong activity. The Batad Persons with Disabilities Organization (BPWDO) spearheaded the celebration in cooperation with the MSWDO, CBR team, and the local government officials of Batad.
ADPCI members led the parade during the NDPR Celebration in Concepcion.

San Dionisio celebrates 2010 NDPR Week

The Local Government Unit of San Dionisio celebrated the NDPR Week on July 23, 2010. The NDPR week was celebrated annually in pursuant to Proclamation No. 1870 issued in June 22, 1979 which aimed to integrate PWD into the mainstream of society and highlight government efforts towards the prevention of the causes of disability and rehabilitation. The celebration was spearheaded by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) in partnership with San Dionisio Persons with Disabilities Organization (SANDPWDO). In order to highlight the municipalitys efforts towards disability prevention and rehabilitation, various activities were conducted that include photo exhibits, parade, slogan making and other contests participated by PWD from the 29 barangays of the municipality. A total of 160 PWD, CBR workers, local & barangay officials and employees attended the weeklong celebration.

Children with disabilities took center-stage in the NDPR Celebration in Batad.

AT the closing of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week celebration last July, 10 outstanding persons with disabilities were given recognition for the significant roles they have played in society. A speech from Councilor Jeffrey Ganzon during the closing ceremony reminds us how special each one of us is. According to the Book of Genesis, which tells of the creation of Earth, man is special. Man is the only creature who can dream and reach for the stars. Such underscores the contribution of PWD and how they are integrated in the mainstream. These outstanding PWD are proof of their courage as well as of their being equal and at par with the rest of the people. The NDPR celebration may have ended last

NDPR week closes

Participants of the NDPR celebration in San Dionisio pose after the activity.

July but the recognition of the presence of persons with disabilities continues. Jasper Rom of Handicap International spoke of the importance of accessibility for PWD in order for them to be empowered. Despite the barriers of society, some PWD have achieved so much. How much more if this society is very much inclusive? In the UN Convention on the Rights of PWD, it was stressed that disability happens if PWD interact with the environment that is not inclusive. Thus, if the environment is the one that makes things accessible for these individuals, the impact of disability is minimized. The NDPR Weeks theme was Sa istrukturang accessible, lahat ay able. How true!
Source: News article by Kathy Villalon from The News Today, August 6, 2010.

Bobby Pahayahay (rightmost in blue) of Concepcion, is about to receive his award as one of the Ten Outstanding PWD of Iloilo from OPDA head Dolores Laudenorio (center on wheelchair). Jose Bajada of Batad was also one of the awardees and was represented by his wife (behind Laudenorio)

Bobby does a presentation on the barriers faced by persons with disabilities

To Bobby Pahayahay, lifes challenges can be overcome thru sheer hard work. Despite his physical impairment, Bobby is a dynamo who just refuses to budge even in the face of adversity. Born in Narra, Palawan, Bobby transferred to Concepcion, Iloilo with his family when he was 9 years old. Braving through bouts with malaria and rheumatic heart disease which had him bedridden for 6 years, Bobby defied the odds by overcoming these adversities and continuing his schooling and later on taking up courses in Fishery and Electrical Technology at NIPSC. In 1994, Bobby was elected as president of

the PWD association of Concepcion and has since become one of the recognized leaders of PWD in his municipality. He was later appointed as CBR coordinator of Concepcion and has been instrumental in the implementation of CBR activities and in providing support to his fellow PWD. His continuing contribution to making the lives of PWD better was also recognized across the province of Iloilo as he was awarded as one of the outstanding Ilonggos with disabilities for 2010. Bobby now sits as one of the Board of Directors in the Federation of Civil Society Organization and Peoples Organization in the municipality of Concepcion.

Dont ever lose your selfconfidence, fortify your determination so that you will realize your dream. Let us fight for our rights for the betterment of our life. Such are the inspiring words from Corazon Dalumpines, president of the Association of Persons with Disabilities in Laua-an, Antique and outgoing barangay captain of Barangay Liya-liya. Corazon started as member of the NGO - Hublag Evelio in 1987 whose aim was to educate people on how to participate in community activities and how to improve as livelihood. She was later chosen as leader of the organization and used If others can do it, why cant I battlecry to meet the

challenge of leading the organization. Their organization was later renamed as Liya-liya multi-purpose cooperative with her as chairperson. While expanding their cooperative, she became interested in local governance and held the barangay secretary position from 1989-1993 and in 1997 was voted as barangay captain of Liya-liya. Among the notable awards she received are outstanding community leader, empowered woman, gender advocate, outstanding public official, and exemplary performance in the field of social services and environmental protection.


To give a preview of the project proposals being developed by the 5 DPO with the help of their CBR teams and invite prospective individuals and organizations to support these proposed projects, we will feature them here:

October 6 Antique Provincial Stakeholders Forum October 29 Project Consultative meeting with stakeholders November 12 Iloilo Provincial Stakeholders Forum November 23 Joint Coordination meeting with stakeholders November 24-26 Effective Communication Training December 3 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Batad Persons with Disabilities Organization (BPWDO)

Proposed Project: Backyard Vegetable Gardening. The proposed small scale livelihood project Backyard Vegetable Gardening aims to help PWD and their families secure their food source and lessen the difficulty experienced by low-earning PWD and their families with the idea of providing means of livelihood to increase their income. Funding Required: P76,100 Contact Person: Reynaldo Bonso (DPO president)

Association of Disabled Persons in Concepcion, Inc. (ADPCI)

Proposed Project: Tindahan ng Masang Concepcionanon (Variety store for the citizens of Concepcion). The project aims to help improve livelihood income of PWD in the Municipality of Concepcion by providing them a venue where they could sell their individual products. Funding Required: P126,585 Contact Person: John Rey Villarias (DPO President)

San Dionisio Persons with Disabilities Organization (SANDPWDO)

Proposed Project: Bigasan for PWD (Rice business for PWD). The proposed Bigasan ng PWD project will address the needs of the PWD for additional income and improvement of their living conditions. The implementation of the project will serve as binding instrument that will promote entrepreneurship and unity among PWD. Funding Required: P274,962 Contact Person: Nelson Puig (DPO President)


Association of Persons with Disabilities in Laua-an, Inc. (APILA)

Proposed Project: Bamboo Craft Making. This project aims to increase household income of at least 100 PWD members, generate employment and sustain economic development. Funding Required: P250,000 Contact Person: Corazon Dalumpines (DPO President)

Barbaza Disabled Peoples Organization (BDPO)

Proposed Project: Multi-purpose Canteen. This project aims to provide DPO members an alternative source of income and a venue that is PWD-friendly and enabling. Funding Required: P200,000 Contact Person: Hilaria Flores (DPO President)

(L-R) Bobby, Delia, Dionita, Fredelyn, & Rikki Joy are the prime movers of CBR in their municipalities

CBR Stakeholders Forum in Barbaza and Laua-an

BY CINdY BLasURca In Laua-an, the CBR Stakeholders Forum was held last July 21 and was attended by stakeholders coming from different sectors such as transportation, senior citizens, education and local government. In his message, the municipal mayor stressed that it is our social obligation to support the DPO and enable PWD to become a total person. He expressed his commitment to support the DPO through increased financial assistance and issuance of a municipal ordinance to ensure sustainability of the disabled peoples organization. During the open forum and expression of commitment, Department of Education stakeholders expressed their willingness to advocate for PWD through information dissemination. One of them even said that she will suggest that a topic in handing students with disabilities be included in the In-service training (INSET) for teachers. The municipal local government officer committed to treat PWD fairly - without discrimination and help in lobbying for funding in the Sangguniang Bayan. The transport group leader was willing to give fare discount to PWD passengers. CBR Stakeholders Forum in Barbaza was held on July 23. After the words of welcome given by Hon. Ruperto MarquezABC President, Mayor Francisco gave her very inspiring message to the DPO and PWD sector. The different presentations were done by MSWDO Prechie Alavata and the members of the CBR Team. The newlyelected Barbaza DPO officers were very attentive and they expressed great happiness for having been given attention by the local government unit. During the UMWAD Project orientation, HI staff Edward Ello emphasized that Barbaza is one of the only 3 municipalities implementing CBR in the whole province of Antique and for which everyone must be proud of.

San Dionisio holds Stakeholders Forum

BY JaYRose PLaNa A municipal stakeholders forum was held on July 16, 2010 at Nicomedes R. Tubar, Sr. National High School, San Dionisio. The objectives of the forum were to raise awareness on CBR program; support on-going collaborative efforts to develop PWD; and strengthen local partnership with different stakeholders. The activity was organized by San Dionisio Persons with Disabilities Organization (SANDPWDO), a communitybased Disabled Peoples Organization in the municipality. Over eight (8) identifiable stakeholders including Local and Barangay Government Units, Department of Education, non-government organizations (NGO), business and religious sectors attended the forum that strengthened local partnership and encouraged public participation in rural development efforts. Mrs. Sharene Angelie Pudot, Municipal Social and Development Officer said that the forum being a yearly activity was important because consultations were key ingredients in the achievement of goals. The forum calls for unity of purpose, and commit-ment of all stakeholders towards the development of the disability sector, she stated. The CBR and SANDPWDOs accomplishments, updates and future plans were presented. During the open forum, the PWD raised their concerns on lack of financial support from the barangay and municipal levels. At the end of the activity, the different stakeholders gave their joint commitment and support towards the development and welfare of the PWD.

Batad DPO and CBR team lead Stakeholders Forum

BY RaphY ImpeRIaL

Held in NIPSC Batad Campus, 64 participants attended the event which was aimed to be the venue of interaction between different agencies concern with regards to persons with disabilities. Budget allocation for PWD & CBR workers in the barangay level became the main issue, in which services and training was not availed because of this concern. The Mayor asked the barangay captains to submit their future barangay development plans to the municipal planning officer to have a comprehensive

planning of CBR program. Councilors made it clear that in their legislative agenda, they will sponsor an ordinance for the CBR to strengthen it. On the other hand, Barangay Captains express their support to the CBR program but adviced the sectoral group that to be able to facilitate the allocations intended for participants fare, PWD or DPO should consider also the time frame of releasing the budget. Mostly if PWD & CBR workers asked about financial assistance, local officials get it from their own pocket to address the immediate need.

Concepcion holds Stakeholders Forum

The Jun Bee Recreation Center served as the venue of the activity with 20 participants in attendance. The mayor and some councilors are present together with other stakeholders invited. The need on inclusive education was highlighted with the presence of Special Education (SPED) teacher Lalaine Gayo, trainings for SPED related concern was appreciated by the group. Budgetary issues both in barangay and municipal level were discussed regarding the financial assistance given such as transportation/fare to meetings of designated attendees, travel expenses of CBR workers to seminar and trainings. As a newly elected official, the mayor was informed of the situation of the Commission on Audit cutting off the budget for the CBR program. For this, he will find ways for this fiscal year to address the concern then committed that in the next fiscal year he will not repeat the mistake committed on the budget allocation. Commitment of support was given by all the LGU officials, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) officials, Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) municipal link, SPED expert, Iloilo Caucus of Development (ICODE) NGO officer, and barangay captains.

BY Edward Ello

CBR Team on Training

New Staff on Board
After the tedious hiring process undertaken by the project, we have finally found our new training officer, in the person of Jonathan Lumogdang. Jonas, as he is fondly called by colleagues, was previously connected to various development NGO closely working for women, youth, fisherfolks, farmers, transport and senior citizens. As a training officer, he would take the lead in developing training designs and modules responsive to the continued enhancement of the assisted Disabled Peoples Organizations (DPO). For almost 17 years in NGO work, he developed a wide array of expertise which includes strong background in project development, micro-financing, community organizing, cooperative management, designing and conducting of training programs and organizational development.

Mr. Jasper Rom, UMWAD Project Manager facilitated a CBR training for coordinators and UMWAD project team last August 16-17, 2010 at Max Restaurant, Iloilo City. The training was part of the commitment of Mr. Rom to share his knowledge and skills particularly on CBR after participating in the CBR Training of Trainers at APCD in Bangkok, Thailand last June 7-18, 2010. The highlight of the training was the pre-

sentation and training facilitation of each participant on randomly selected topics related to CBR which were discussed during the training. Mr. Rom then awarded his Pasalubong package which he brought during his international trip to the best presenters during the training. It was fun to know that the participants had learned from the training. They are expected to share the ideas and insights back to their respective communities.

Budget Development Workshop

On August 18-20, 2010, the DPO project proposals which were developed by the group, were reviewed with emphasis on the developing the budget requirements for each proposal. The activity was held at the Westown Hotel, Iloilo City and attended by 24 participants from the five target municipalities. The workshop was very essential to assist the DPO in finalizing their budget according to the activity as planned related to their chosen livelihood. The 3-day workshop ended with a final draft of their project proposals to be submitted to their LGU for further review and to prospective agencies for possible funding support.

Joint Coordination Meeting

DPO leaders from the five target municipalities attended the recently concluded Joint Coordination Meeting on July 30, 2010 at the Nutrition Centre Conference Hall of Iloilo City. Other participants include LGU officials and representatives from the two provinces of Iloilo and Antique (councilors, social workers, CBR Coordinators) Highlights of the meeting include updating of activities and presenting of future plans as well the issues and concern of individual DPO. Mr. Lazaro Petinglay, PSWDO of Antique also presented updates and plans for the PWD of the province. Overall, the meeting has set clear direction to UMWAD project thru the planned activities for the month of August to December 2010.

Handicap International (HI) is an independent international aid organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. Working alongside persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups throughout the world, our action and testimony are focused on responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and their fundamental rights. With a network of eight national associations (USA, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and UK), Handicap International, founded in 1982 and co-recipient of the Nobel Peace prize in 1997, has programs in 60 countries and acts in both emergency and development situations. Project Manager: Jasper Rom; Inclusive Local Devt. Officer: Edward Ello; Field Administrative Assistant: Sheila Arroyo; Training Officer: Jonathan Lumogdang, Community Organizers: Cindy Blasurca, Jayrose Plana, Raphy Imperial; Driver: Lyndon Fontiveros; Office keeper: Rosie Pernia

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UMWAD Project Office

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