International General Certificate of Secondary Education UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE LOCAL EXAMINATIONS SYNDICATE

PAPER 4 Friday

0580/4, 058114
2 hours 30 minutes


Additional materials: Answer paper Electronic calculator Geometrical instruments Graph paper (2 sheets) Mathematical tables (optional)


2 hours 30 minutes

Write your name, Centre number and candidate number in the spaces provided on the answer paper/ answer booklet. Answer all questions. Write your answers on the separate answer paper provided.
All working must be clearly shown. It should be done on the same sheet as the rest of the answer. Marks will be given for working which shows that you know how to solve the problem even if you get the answer wrong.

If you use more than one sheet of paper, fasten the sheets together.

The number of marks is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question. The total of the marks for this paper is 130. Electronic calculators should be used. If the degree of accuracy is not specified in the question, and if the answer is not exact, the answer should be given to three significant figures. Answers in degrees should be given to one decimal place. For n, use either your calculator value or 3.142.

This question paper consists of 9 printed pages and 3 blank pages.
MEN-UC0012M-QK93686 0 UCLES 1999

vurn over

When they win a prize they divide it in the ratio 3 : 2 : 1 respectively. Calculate the value of the prize last year. Bella's share of the prize was $30. There are 70 elements in A U B. (ii) Show that your equation simplifies to x2 . (i) write down the value of x. the prize which they won was $40 cash and 2 books worth $55 and $25. (a) (i) Write down an equation in x. Bella and Carla managed to divide the prize so that the value of their shares was still in the ratio 3 : 2 : 1.50 = 0. 0580/4.5x .5x . (ii) Solve x2 .5x . (c) When n(A n 3) = x. (a) In one competition.50.50 = 0. (b) (i) Factorise x2 . (i) Anna. How much did Anna and Carla each receive? PI (b) In another competition.2 1 topicRatioproportionrate topicPercentages Anna. What exactly did each girl receive? [31 (ii) The total value of the prize ($120) was a 25% increase on its total value last year. 0581/4 Nov 99 . [31 2 topicNumbersetnotationandlanguage topicEquationsandInequalities X The Venn diagram above shows two intersecting sets A and By and the number of elements in each region. (ii) find n(B). Bella and Carla enter competitions together.

Will it land in Buenos Aires PI before sunset? 0580/4. the sun rises in Buenos Aires at 05 42 and sets at 20 13. (i) Showing all your working.3 3 On December 21st. (ii) The bearing of Buenos Aires from Cordoba is 124". It continues to Mendoza ( M ) before returning to Buenos Aires. [51 [21 (c) The average speed of the plane was 500 kilometres per hour. (a) topicRatioproportionrate topicTrigonometry topicTime Find the length of time between sunrise and sunset in hours and minutes. The times spent at Cordoba and at Mendoza were 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours respectively. The flight distances are shown on the diagram above. 0581/4 Nov 99 [Turn over . (i) Calculate the total time from leaving Buenos Aires until landing there again. Give your answer in hours and minutes to the nearest minute. calculate angle MCB to the nearest degree. C NOT TO SCALE M B A plane flies from Buenos Aires (B) to Cordoba (C). [31 (ii) The plane left Buenos Aires on December 21st at 12 40. Write down the bearing of Mendoza from Cordoba.

9 1 2 1.6 3 2 3.5 4. 0581/4 Nov 99 . [31 PI 0580/4. [31 Write down a positive integer value of k such that the equation f(x) = k has 3 solutions. topicGraphsoffunctions topicSymmetry The table below gives some values of x and y for the function y = f(x).5 7. (d) Describe fully the single transformation which would map triangle A onto triangle D directly.5 0. Using 2 cm to represent 1 unit on the x-axis and 2 cm to represent 5 units on the y-axis. (a) Construct the diagram accurately. -2 -13 -1. 2). [61 Use your graph to solve the equation f(x) = 0. [2] Write down the order of rotational symmetry of this graph and the coordinates of the centre of rotation. [41 [21 [31 (b) Construct accurately the locus of vertex P as it moves from P to P'. estimate the gradient of the curve at (-1. (ii) Write down the coordinates of the other point where the curve has this gradient.6 0 5 0. giving your answers correct to 1 decimal place. It starts in position A and is rotated about its vertices through positions B and C to position D.5 -0. A triangle has sides of length 3 cm. draw this graph for -2 Q x Q 4.5 -3.1 2 -1 2. PI 5 Answer the whole of this question on a sheet of graph paper.5 3. (c) Describe fully the rotation which maps triangle B onto triangle C.6 X -1 2 -0. as shown in the diagram above.4 4 P P' topicGeometricalconstructions topicTransformations topicLocus NOT TO SCALE V 3cm W X Y Z VWXYZ is a straight line. 4 cm and 5 cm.6 4 17 y The graph of y = f(x) is a smooth curve. [31 (i) By drawing a suitable tangent.

(c) In a certain town. OS81/4 Nov 99 [Turn over . The probability of a positive test result is 0.20. (ii) actually have the illness.5 6 topicProbability Doctors use a test to find who has a certain illness. << Positive test result Negative test result (b) 6 has the illness does not have the illness has the illness does not have the illness Find the probability that a person chosen at random (i) has a positive test result and has the illness. (This means that these people are given an incorrect test result. 10 000 people. However 15% of those with positive test results do not have the illness. 0580/4. are given this test. chosen at random. (ii) has the illness.) (a) Copy and complete the tree diagram below. Estimate how many of these people will (i) be told they have the illness. 5% of those with negative test results do have the illness. (iii) is given an incorrect test result.

The unshaded part is glass and is made up of a small circle and 12 identical shapes.4 m and angle BAC = 30".6 7 topicTrigonometry topicMensuration NOT TO SCALE A large circular window i. (iv) the area of the shape ABDC. including the small circle. showing that it rounds off to 2. (ii) the length of A C .705 m.3 m. (iii) the area of triangle ABC. [31 [31 OSS0/4. (c) The radius of the large circular window is 4 m. OS81/4 Nov 99 . ABC is an isosceles triangle and BCD is a semicircle.1 NOT TO SCALE The diagram shows one of the 12 identical shapes. Calculate (i) the area of the semicircle BCD. (b) The radius of the small circle is 0. AD 1. Calculate the total area of glass. [For n.s shown in the diagram. Calculate the percentage of the window's area which is stone.4m + C BC = 1. The shaded part is stone.142.use either your calculator value or 3.

(ii) Write down the equation of the line 12. y 2 m x + n and y > p x + q . 0581/4 Nov 99 [Turn over . (iv) Write down the value of p and the value of q for the line y = px + q. (iii) Write down the value of m and the value of n for the line y = mx + n.7 8 topicLinearprogramming topicStraightlinegraphs 12 10 8 6 4 2 2 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 x Four lines are shown on the grid above. (b) Which of the letters A to Klie in the region where (i) x 2 2 . (a) (i) Write down the equation of the line 11. (ii) y < 2 . y < m x + n and y < p x + q ? (c) What is the maximum value of x + y in region G? 0580/4.

(i) Make a cumulative frequency table for the data above. although you have done an exact calculation to find the mean. (iii) the interquartile range. draw the cumulative frequency diagram. U1 Answer the rest of this question on a sheet of graph paper. 0581/4 Nov 99 . (iii) Explain briefly why. (ii) Calculate an estimate of the mean.8 9 topicStatistics Ricardo asks 200 people how much they spend each year on books. PI (ii) Using 2 cm to represent $20 on the horizontal axis and 2 cm to represent 20 people on the vertical axis. I I I I Amount (%x) I I I I Frequency ~~ I I I I PI [41 O<X<20 50 20 < x < 40 40 < x < 60 60<x<80 8 0 < x < 120 40 48 30 32 (i) Write down the modal class. it is still an “estimate”. (ii) the upper and lower quartiles. 0580/4. He puts his results in the table below. c41 Use your graph to find (i) the median.

5 cm. starting at a point A on the circumference of the top circular face and finishing at B. [41 0 0 . is wound evenly three times around the cylinder. [31 0580/4. [21 finishing at B. finishing again at B. (a) A string is wound evenly n times around the cylinder. 0 0 / B B Another string. use either your calculator value or 3.9 10 The height of a cylinder is 10 cm and its radius is 2. Calculate the length of the string. vertically below A . together with the string AB. for the length of the string. [For a. is wound evenly twice around the cylinder. starting at A .5 cm A NOT TO SCALE / 1 :m B B A piece of string is wound evenly once around the curved surface of the cylinder..142. from A to B. . is shown above in the diagram on the right.058 114 Nov 99 . AB.. starting at A . [31 (c) Sketch the net when a string. in terms of n.1 topicGeometricaltermsandrelationships topicMensuration topicTrigonometry 7 c----c- 2. Find a formula. 0 0 0 A NOT TO SCALE \ . Calculate the length of this string. A sketch of the net of the curved surface of the cylinder.

10 BLANK PAGE 0580/4. 0581/4 Nov 99 .

058114 Nov 99 .11 BLANK PAGE 0580/4.

12 BLANK PAGE 0580/4. 0581/4 Nov 99 .

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