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Manufacturers of Gray Cast Iron and Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron fully finished for various applications

About Us
Amrit group founded in 1990 under the guidance of S. Khushal Singh is today a renowned group in Tractor & Automotive industry supplying to giants like

providing excellence in the field of precision machined components and Iron castings. Climbing its way up the ladder of competition, Amrit's focus continues to be on meeting international standards of quality at competitive prices. With a wide range of products, it is the right source for Quality Engineered components for the tractor, automotive, commercial vehicle segment and other engineering industries world over. We specialize in the supply of ready to use components as per customers requirements. We operate in a close relationship with our customers through all stages of development, production and delivery. Having every facility in-house gives us complete control over quality parameters from raw materials to the end product, giving us an edge over the competition. All of the subsidiaries are QMS certified units. Further, Amrit has also been awarded with the ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 certifications in 2012 in recognition of its commitment to the Environment as well as Health & Safety. Despite its high degree of documented certification, Amrit continues to nourish its root principles of continually maintaining high standards of quality, on time delivery and customer satisfaction. We are currently supplying components to a wide spectrum of customers and are committed to satisfy the varying and diverse customer requirements.

Amrit Group
Amrit Engg. & Foundry Works (AEFW) Mill road, Goraya (Estd. 1990)
Area (in sq. feet.) Product range Production capacity Certification : 16746(covered) & 6700(uncovered) : 1.5kg 60 kg casting : 6000 MT per annum of C.I. & Ductile Iron castings : ISO 9001-2008 (BSI)

Amrit Duraparts Pvt. Ltd. (ADPL I) Mill road, Goraya (Estd. 2005)
Area (in sq. feet.) Product range Certification

: 10000(covered) & 6000(uncovered) : 500gm 45kg machining : ISO 9001-2008 (BSI)

Amrit Duraparts Pvt. Ltd.(ADPL) Unit II Phagwara-Hoshiarpur road, Simbly (Estd. 2012)
* Area (in sq. feet) * Product range * Production capacity * Certification : 1,30,680 (covered) & 87,120 (uncovered) : 1.5kg 250kg casting and 500gm-60kg machining : 15000 MT p.a of C.I. & Ductile Iron castings : IMS (ISO 9001,14001 & 18001)

Group Turnover : USD 7.74 Million (2012-2013) Expected Sales : USD 15.47 Million (2013-2014)

Sales Graph
18.00 16.00 14.00 12.00 10.00 8.00 6.00 4.00 2.00 0.00 Sales

Sales (in million dollars )

'07-08 2.96

'08-09 4.04

09-10 4.16

10-11 4.73

11-12 6.79

12-13 7.74

13-14 15.47

Infrastructure & Facilities

Installed Capacity CI Percentage SG Percentage Utilized Capacity Spare Capacity 21000 MT p.a * 60 40 10200 MT p.a 10800 MT p.a *

* Spare capacity from ADPL Unit II, Simbly

Manufacturing Facility (AEFW)

Induction Furnaces (Inductotherm)
Quantity Capacity Melt Capacity -2 - 500 Kg each - 26MT / Day

No. of crucibles - 04

Semi Automatic Sand Plant

Complete sand handling system for storage, mixing conveying, recovery, cooling, drying with mullers and intensive mixers

Molding m/c 2 Pair (Arpa 450 Design)

- ARPA-450 (2 PAIRS) Shot Blast Machines ( Hanger type and Tumb Blast type) In house Pattern Shop Core Shop : CO2, no bake , Cold Box and Shell Core Shooter Machine

Inspection and testing Facilities

Sand Testing Lab
Parameters tested- moisture, compatibility, G.C.S, Permeability, Shatter Index, L.O.I, Total Clay, Active Clay, Dead Clay, AFS no.

Metallurgical Lab On line real timerfor finding chemistry of

furnace metal, nodularity and mechanical properties

Universal Testing Machine BHN Hardness Testing Machine Power Hack Saw (For sectional thickness and internal soundness of casting) CAD & CAM Station - Soft Cast ( Mold Flow Analysis) - Iron Cad (Modelling ver 9.0,2007) - Auto Cad ( ver. 2013)

Machining Facilities (ADPL)

8 CNC Turning Centers

Jyoti (OS Siemens) 5 no. Doosan ( OS Fanuc) 1 no. Lokesh (OS Fanuc) 1 no. Okumahova (OS Fanuc) 1no
*Precise machining upto 18 microns

Vertical Machining Centre

TAL (OS Siemens)

Fully equipped conventional machine shop with Lathe machines, slotting, drilling, horizontal milling machine, broaching machine, multi terminal milling machine, SPMs, Universal milling machine, cylindrical grinder, shaper, surface grinders, gang drill

Other Facilities

Three stage inspection(incoming, in process and final) ,Standard Room (In house calibration), Tool Room( Manufacturing of jigs and fixtures)

ADPL Unit II Simbly

Capacity of the Plant

Automatic Sand Plant - (DISA) with TM-190 Mixer, Capacity 30 Tones/hr along with Fluidized belt sand cooler 2 Induction furnaces Inductotherm,1 MT (750 kw)
Automatic Sand Plant - (DISA) with TM-190 Mixer, Capacity 30 Tones/hr along with Fluidized belt sand cooler

Automatic Sand Plant - (DISA) with TM-190 Mixer, Capacity 30 Tones/hr along with 2 Induction furnaces Inductotherm,1 MT (750 kw) Fluidized belt sand cooler. 2 Induction furnaces Inductotherm,1 MT (750 kw)

Moulding Line from DISA Semi Automatic Pouring System Automatic Punchout

Hanger Type Shot Blast Machine from DISA Modern Core shop facility

Machining Facilities
CNC Turning Centres 4 Ace 4 Jyoti
*precise machining upto 8-10 microns

Sand Testing Lab

Mechanical Testing Lab

Vertical Machining Center BFW *precise machining upto 15-20 microns

Fully Equipped Tool Room
Lathe m/c , Drilling m/c, shaper and surface grinder

Fully Equipped Conventional Machine Shop


Horizontal Machining Centre ( II Qtr13) CMM ( II Qtr13)

Cylinder Honing Machine (II Qtr13 ) CNC Vertical Turning Lathe Machine (III Qtr 13)


AEFW and ADPL I are certified for operating a Quality Management System with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the Manufacturing and machining of ductile iron and grey iron castings for industrial, tractor and automotive applications ADPL Unit II: IMS Certified (ISO 9001 14001 18001) i.e QMS ( Quality Management System), EMS( Environment Management System) and OHSAS ( Occupational Health and safety)

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Supplier to OEMs in Italy and France Tier 2 Supplier

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Amrit Engg. and Foundry Works (AEFW) Mill road Goraya 144409 Distt.Jalandhar, Punjab Ph: +91 1826 502000 Email: Amrit DurapartsPvt. Ltd. (ADPL) Mill road Goraya 144409 Distt. Jalandhar, Punjab Ph: +91 1826 502000 Email: Amrit DurapartsPvt. Ltd. II (ADPL II)PhagwaraHoshiarpurRoad , Vil Simbly, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab Ph: +91 1882 501700 Email:

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