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ua||ty Assesstments

AnLonlo LelLes
A for SA Imp|ementanon ro[ects
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Pollsuc, quallLy lmplemenLauons focused on qulck ume Lo
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1here ls a need Lo demonsLraLe capablllLy Lo solve cusLomer
paln polnLs early.
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key 1rends
AnLonlo LelLes
SAP places Quality Built-In at the center of projects that we deliver
for our Customers.
ua||ty overs|ght and ear|y v|s|b|||ty of potenna| prob|ems have a profound |mpact on
reduc|ng pro[ect r|sk and dr|ve Customer Va|ue.

Project Quality Gate Process supports this:
! The Project Quality Gate process is a formal way of specifying and recording the transition between
critical stages in the project lifecycle.
! Each Project Quality Gate verifies that acceptance is meet for the deliverables required and actions to
be completed for the associated critical stage.
! The Project Quality Gate Plan is defined in the Project Management Plan
A for SA Imp|ementanon ro[ects
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ro[ect ua||ty Gate Va|ue ropos|non
! Assure quallLy aL Lhe mllesLones of Lhe pro[ecL
! Assure LhaL all key dellverables and acuons have
been compleLed ln compllance wlLh besL pracuces
! Avold cusLomer dlssausfacuon
! Lnable pro[ecL managers Lo conunuously
communlcaLe and bulld quallLy lnLo Lhe pro[ecL
! Lnhance pro[ecL quallLy
! Mlnlmlze pro[ecL rlsk exposure
! Manage expecLauons and monlLor cusLomer
! lmprove Lransparency of Lhe pro[ecL
! 8educe cycle ume: geL lL done rlghL Lhe rsL ume
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ASA Imp|ementanon Methodo|ogy: kefocus for Success
13/01/12 3 AnLonlo LelLes
ASA Methodo|ogy: Supports Mu|np|e L|fecyc|es
13/01/12 6 AnLonlo LelLes
New ASA methodo|ogy
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ASA Imp|ementanon koadmap: hases
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ro[ect ua||ty Gate Concept
Project Quality Gate means:
! Formal assessment of the quality and integrity of the project deliverables
! Formal checklists are used throughout the life of a project
! Formal sign-off and acceptance occurs at each gate
! Measure customer satisfaction throughout the project
! Information is assured to be communicated to the correct stakeholders during the project
Purpose and Impact
1he |ntennon of -Gates |s to ensure that when we reach s|gn|hcant m||estones |n the
pro[ect we check the ua||ty of the de||very:
! Are we on track?
! Are all deliverables complete?
! Are they fit for purpose?
! Do the Partner/Customer agree?
! Is risk managed?
! Can we start the next phase without delay
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ro[ecL CuallLy CaLes are dened ln Lhe ro[ecL ManagemenL lan
and are seL aL crlucal sLages ln Lhe pro[ecL llfecycle.
lour quallLy gaLes are mandaLory:
! Project Preparation Phase
! Blueprint Phase
! Realization Phase
! Final Preparation
CLher 3 gaLes are opuonal as agreed wlLh Lhe cusLomer.
Iour (of seven) -Gates are mandated for SA ro[ects
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