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University Caterer has closely followed the outcome of the Tetley Photographic Competition and has printed the winning shots on the back cover of the magazine for the past three months. Two weeks ago Gabrielle Prince, the overall winner of the competition, was presented with her prize at a special ceremony at the University of Derby at which she attends. Tetleys Brand Development Manager, Peter Haigh, made the presentation of the very latest Fuji S5 SLR Digital Camera along with a cheque for 250 to Gabrielle, along with a Fuji S5 SLR Digital Camera to Mark Hall, Photographic lecturer at the University. The other part of Gabrielles prize is to go on assignment with our very own Art Director, and we will bring you news of that once it happens. The Tetley competition is open to all students following photographic courses at colleges and universities across the country and is now in its fth year. With almost 500 entries every year, it is now part of the curriculum for many lecturers across the country.

East Beats West

Recent population studies demonstrate adults living and studying in the East Asian countries of Japan and China, enjoying a traditional diet rich in phytochemicals, have a much lower risk of heart disease, breast and prostate cancer compared with populations in the West. Phytochemicals known as phytoestrogens are a type of plant oestrogen they contain a similar structure to the female sex hormone, oestrogen. There are three types of phytoestrogens: Isoavones best sources include soya, soy nuts, chick peas, lentils, gram, pinto beans, peanuts and millet. Coumestra good sources are mung bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and soya bean sprouts. Lignons good sources are linseeds, wholewheat, rye, barley, sesame seeds, pulses, cranberries, carrots, cherries and onions. It is estimated that the populations of Japan and China consume 30-50mg of isoavones a day; compare that with our Western diet of less than 1mg per day. Lets look at a couple of these in more detail. Soya beans a complete protein, lowers cholesterol and eating 25g of soya protein each day can lower cholesterol levels by 10%. 85g of cooked soya beans provides 10g of soya protein and 40mg of isoavones. Wholewheat good source of lignons, found in the outer layer of wheat grains, so eat wholewheat. One slice of wholewheat (weighing 35g) is a serving, three servings daily may help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease by up to 30%. Laboratory studies demonstrate lignons ability to act to inhibit low density lipoprotein (LDLs the baddies) Linseeds are another rich source of lignons and excellent antioxidants protecting against free radical cell damage. They also keep the bowel healthy. 10g, or one tablespoon, of linseeds will provide your Omega 3 requirements and keep your bowel regular! Make them available to sprinkle on cereals or salads, stir into yoghurts and add to your in house baked goods. The moral of the story, take a lead from the East, increase your use of soya, chick peas, lentils, alfalfa and seeds, you will be supporting the Student Experience!


Mild is on the way back according to CAMRA. Batemans Brewery has seen a huge, 60% year on year rise for its award-winning Dark Mild.

New Season Halibut From M&j Seafood

The fresh Canadian halibut season is underway, and M&J Seafood is now providing superb quality large wild fish, perfect for portioning. The season runs through till around November, though as part of careful fisheries management, the exact date can be brought forward to ensure stocks remain sustainable for the long-term future. Halibut is a really tasty fish, with creamywhite, firm meaty flesh. The larger fish range in size from 3kg to 70kg, and yield superb

meaty supremes. Smaller fish (1-3kg) are known as baby or chick halibut, and tend to be found in shallower waters. The best way to cook halibut is to poach it either in a good fish stock or white wine, with the cooking liquors then used as the base for a superb sauce (delicate flavours work best). This is a great fish dont hide its flavour with strong/spicy flavours. Supremes can also be pan-fried but be careful not to over-cook and dry them out.

M&J Seafood is providing the delicious Canadian halibut.

M&J Seafood is offering two sizes of Halibut Supreme, 140g-170g (5-6oz) and 170g-200g (67oz) at 3.25 and 3.80 each respectively ideal for a 14.95 17.95 main course. For further information call M&J Seafood on 01296 333848 or visit 10

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