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com 207-615-5968 INDEPENDENT ELIOT CUTLER SAYS BOTH PARTIES HAVE FAILED MAINE PEOPLE BY NOT WORKING ON THEIR BEHALF e!. 0"# 201" $%ortland# Me.& -- 'nde(endent candidate for )o*ernor +liot Cutler# res(ondin, to t-e )o*ernor.s /tate of t-e /tate s(eec-# says t-e economy continues to la, well !e-ind 0ew +n,land and t-e rest of t-e country and t-at too many Maine families are stru,,lin, 1ust to ,et !y. Cutler said# 23-e 4uestion we need to !e as5in, is t-e same one 6onald 6ea,an as5ed---7re you !etter off today t-an you were four years a,o8 3-e same 4uestion can !e as5ed - are Maine (eo(le !etter off today t-an w-en %aul 9e%a,e too5 office8 3-e answer ' ,et o*er and o*er a,ain as ' tra*el t-rou,-out Maine is no.2 Cutler said# 2'f we are ,oin, to create a future for our youn, (eo(le and all (eo(le in Maine we must ,et down to t-e !usiness of creatin, a ,ood economic future. 't.s time to elect someone wit- a (lan. 'nstead# t-e (olitical (arties are (layin, (olitical tric5s on eac- ot-er - -oldin, *otes w-en one (arty isn.t e*en in t-e room or t-e ,o*ernor tryin, to !ully t-e le,islature into acce(tin, -is *iews. :a*in, s(ent time mana,in, !illions of dollars in t-e ;ffice of Mana,ement

and <ud,et# ' 5now w-at it ta5es to !rin, (eo(le to,et-er to !uild consensus and ma5e tou,decisions. 't.s -ard to find common ,round w-en neit-er (arty is loo5in, for it.2 Cutler said 9e%a,e=s refusal to e>(and Medicaid will cost ta>(ayers muc- more in t-e lon, run as families end u( in t-e emer,ency room and t-e cost is (assed on to t-ose w-o -a*e -ealtinsurance. ?'t ends u( !ein, a ta> on all of us#@ -e said. ?<y failin, to e>(and Medicaid# we are lea*in, millions in federal dollars on t-e ta!le. 'f you loo5 around t-e country# 6e(u!lican ,o*ernors in a num!er of states includin, 0ew Aersey# 7riBona# ;-io and se*eral ot-ers -a*e e>(anded Medicaid. C-y8 <ecause it financially ma5es sense and it=s t-e ri,-t t-in, to do.2 Cutler said 9e%a,e.s (lan for ?;(en for <usiness Dones2 sound li5e an e>treme *ersion of )o*ernor <aldacci.s %inetree Dones. 23-e <aldacci *ersion didn.t fi> Maine.s economy and t-e 9e%a,e *ersion won.t eit-er. Ce -a*e fallen furt-er and furt-er !e-ind t-e rest of 0ew +n,land year after year for t-e last decade# it -asn.t mattered w-et-er our ,o*ernor -as !een a democrat or re(u!lican. Ce need a ,o*ernor wit- new ideas !ecause we are not ,oin, to fi> t-e (ro!lems wit- t-e same 5ind of t-in5in, t-at created t-em.2 inally# Cutler said t-at 9e%a,e=s idea for a referendum to lower ta>es s-ows a continuin, a!sence of leaders-i(. Cutler said# 2)o*ernor 9e%a,e -as failed to su!mit !ud,ets t-at -e is o!li,ated to su!mit. :e -as failed to (ro(ose ta> reform t-at Maine des(erately needs. 7ll we -a*e seen in t-e (ast t-ree years is a massi*e ta> s-ift onto local communities and (ro(erty ta>es t-at no one can afford. 't.s time for ,o*ernor 9e%a,e to sto( (assin, t-e !uc5.2 3o read more a!out +liot.s (lan for all of Maine clic5 -ere: /tate of ;((ortunity


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