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Why Atomize an Application?

Hyperspecialists hyper-specific talent with specialized skills get work done quickly and at an exceptionally high-level of quality. Self-Selection community members optin to the work they are passionate about, resulting in remarkable ingenuity and productivity. Failing Forward greatly reduce the risk traditionally associated with trial and error by retaining gains (and outputs) while reworking underperforming components. Parallel Development eliminates single point of failure by returning multiple solutions from the developer community.

Appirio Application Development Jumpstart

Atomize Your App
Current Situation
Cloud, mobile and social technologies have transformed the way we share information, interact with each other and transact. Technology has now become a strategic issue for businesses of all shapes and sizes. According to a recent IBM survey with 2000 CEOs, technology is now the #1 external factor that CEOs believe will impact their business. But using these new technologies to create true business impact requires new ways of thinking and new development approaches, as well as knowledge of a range of emerging technology platforms. As a technology or business leader, you may have ideas for cloud or mobile apps that could transform your business but its hard to know where to start, find the right talent to turn those ideas into reality or make the case internally to invest. So, what can you do to quickly turn your ideas into working apps and build momentum to transform your business?

Why Appirio?
Strategy, technology and UX expertise to ensure that solutions address real business issues and are broadly adopted by end-users. Proven cloud development expertise with hundreds of custom cloud and mobile application development projects for companies like Facebook, ACT, Japan Post and many others. Iterative development approach to deliver high-quality solutions within months rather than years. Global talent community with hundreds of Appirios own app dev and mobile experts backed by a global community of almost 600,000 developers, designers and data analysts.

Appirio Solution
Appirio brings together cloud and mobile expertise as well as a worldwide community of almost 600,000 developers, designers and data analysts to help you prioritize your cloud and mobile app ideas and turn them into true game-changers for your business.

Weve developed an approach we call atomize your app which starts with an initial workshop to prioritize your app ideas and better understand your requirements. Next, we break down the app into discrete components or atoms that we can mock up using the 100,000+ designers in our TopCoder community. Within a few weeks, we can share design mockups with you to give your team a tangible sense of how the app works and how users will experience it. The final step is to use atoms and mockups to develop the working application. We do this using Appirios own team, as well the 600,000 experts in our TopCoder and CloudSpokes communities. The community-driven approach means that you get more creative, higher-quality solutions faster than if youd used traditional development approaches.

The work that TopCoder completed in three months was equivalent to approximately 15 full time developers, and the community delivered a platform at nearly half of our estimated cost.
-Brian Bednarek, CEO, MESH01 2013 Appirio, Inc. 760 Market St. 11th Floor San Francisco, CA 94102 650.268.9911


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Prioritize (1-2 day workshop with cross-functional team) Brainstorm how cloud, mobile, social technologies can impact key business challenges/priorities Refine and prioritize potential app ideas Define requirements for priority app

Team: cloud strategist, technical/community architect, UX specialist


Atomize Diagram and outline critical functionality needed for your app Wireframe primary screens for UI development Breakdown both functionality and UI into discrete atoms


Design Run design contests to define main UX components Assemble results into functional mockup Share mockup with team and collect feedback


Deployment Run development contests to develop app Assemble results of contests into working app Test and refine final app

Getting Started
To see how Appirio can help you quickly develop transformational apps, watch this video highlighting our work with Mesh01. Using our TopCoder community, Mesh01 was able to build a new product-testing platform in just 3 months. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss how you can quickly build a game-changing cloud or mobile application!

Appirio is a global cloud consultancy that provides on-demand access to the worlds top technical talent. Appirios business and technology expertise, proven methodology, and its 600,000 member TopCoder and CloudSpokes crowdsourcing communities, enable customers to be more agile and see results in weeks or months, not years. Founded in 2006, Appirio is a trusted partner to more than 700 organizations around the world including Apria, Coca-Cola, eBay, Facebook, Japan Post Network, LOreal, NetApp, The Four Seasons and Virgin America.

2013 Appirio, Inc.

760 Market St. 11th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94102