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Publishing concept

Vogue Complementos has been a trend-setting magazine in the eld of accessories since 2001. It is the only publication in Spain which is completely devoted to accessories and is published on a regular basis: in April and October.

National distribution

Vogue Complementos is distributed with the whole of the Vogue Espaa print run and is then independently sold at newsstands for 6 months.

Sections and content

Vogue Complementos offers all the available specialised information on shoes, bags, belts, boots, jewellery, costume jewellery, lingerie, glasses, hats and the latest trends. No other magazine devotes more than 300 pages per issue to the world of accessories.

Readers with a passion for shopping

88% like to go window shopping or shopping 86% of our readers like to shop on a regular basis 41% make impulse purchases

Source: AIMC Marcas 2009

Quality rst
86% think it is worth paying more for quality products 39% shop in the best stores 27% shop without taking the price into account

Source: AIMC Marcas 2009

Accessory purchases
Have you bought any leather goods in the last 12 months? Spanish Women Vogue Readers 45% 74% Accessories worth more than 150 Spanish Women Vogue Readers 2,8% 11%

Source: AIMC Marcas 2009

Importance of accessories
90% think accessories are important 72% wear costume jewellery on a regular basis 32% regularly wear valuable jewellery 18% of readers have bought leather garments in the last year

Source: AIMC Marcas 2009

Importance of the brand

Mujer espaola Lectora Vogue I like to have the right clothes 86% 93% I would rather have a few good garments than a lot of cheap ones 59% 71% I express my personality through brands 19% 25%

Source: AIMC Marcas 2009

Importance of image
Mujer espaola It is important to be well dressed I like to be fashionable I spend a lot on clothes I want to look elegant I buy clothes every season I wear designer clothes I have a personal style of dress 49% 24% 12% 56% 74% 5% 66% Lectora Vogue 63% 49% 37% 72% 94% 14% 72%

Source: AIMC Marcas 2009

Support of the top brands

Vogue Complementos regularly features the most renowned and emblematic national and international campaigns in the sector. Braccialini C. Dior Durn joyeros Fendi Loewe Sebago Tous Francesco Biasia Chanel Diesel El Corte Ingls Liu Jo Marzotto Sendra Uno de 50 Etc, etc

Advertising Contacts
Director of Advertising M Jess Navas, MADRID Group Leader: Natalia Ballesteros, Advertising Managers: Ana Alos, Coordination: Isabel Navas, Blanca Marino, P de la Castellana, 9-11. 2 plta. 28046 Madrid. Telf: 91 7004170 Fax: 91 3199325 LEVANTE Delegate to Valencia: Celia Cervera, C/Blasco Ibez,198 Puerta 67 46022 Valencia. Telf. y fax: 96 355 09 72 BARCELONA Group Leader: Bruno de Angelis, Advertising Managers: Noelia Gonzlez, Coordination: M Carmen Herrero, P de Gracia, 8-10, 3 plta. 1 . 08007 Barcelona. Telf: 93 4121366 Fax: 93 4126698 FRANCIA ITALIA Delegate to Italia: Mirella Donini, Via Hoepli, 3. 20121 Milano. Telf: 00 39 028051422 Fax: 00 39 02876344 More information Delegate to Pars: Anabel Marqus-Meyer, 4, Place du Palais Bourbon. 75007 Pars. Telf: 00 33 144117890 Fax: 00 33 145560446