2/3/14 Dear Greg, I am writing this letter on behalf of the Pro-Brockport organization (www.probrockport.org ).

This grassroots group formed as a result of the need and desire to fight an attempt by certain individuals to dissolve the Village of Brockport. After dissolution was voted down in June 2010, these “pioneers” felt the need to continue on and work together for the betterment of our Victorian Village on the Erie Canal. Much has been accomplished since that time. Pro-Brockport members have worked earnestly and tirelessly for such concerns as:      Pro-village mayor and trustees Beautification – tree surrounds to create the Patchwork Gardens on Main St. & Market St. plus restoration and maintenance of village parks and gardens. Neighborhood revitalization – we supported Trustee, Carol Hannan’s “Revitalize Brockport - one house at a time” at 65 Fayette St. which recently sold to a family. Cultural events – donations to Summer Serenades & Festival of Lights Holiday Parade Historic preservation – creating http://www.brockporthistorichomes.org/ as a holding place for the research materials for the application to the state and national register for a historic residential district which will complement our already existing historic commercial district. Economic development – creating Patterns of Early Brockport notecards promoting the homes in the proposed historic residential district, proceeds from the sales goes to beautification. Community relations – partnering with courts to work with individuals who are sentenced to court required community service. We have worked on the village gardens / parks projects.

 

Pro-Brockport strongly supports the revitalization of areas within the village that have been affected by blight. We envision a bustling canal side district with much to offer tourists, visitors and residents alike. Because of the college, Brockport benefits from educational, cultural and recreational opportunities plus we double the “consumer” population for the majority of the year. Being on the State and National Registers, Brockport is one of the few truly authentic historic villages which draws visitors from near and far. We are a “walkable” and self-sufficient community; amenities abound and residents and visitors can meet all their needs within a 1 to 2 mile radius of the village center. You don’t have to have a car to live a full life in the village! We are truly looking forward to the revitalization of Clinton St. People will drive, bike and boat to Brockport and Clinton St will be a welcoming harbor to all. Pro-Brockport is ready, willing and able to support and promote your efforts in the Clinton St. project. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or desire our help. We appreciate and admire all that you have accomplished and are with you 100%! Best regards, Pam Ketchum

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