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Alvarez Announces Vision for Robust Public Transportation System with San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro Alvarez and Castro Share Vision to Create Local Solutions to Reduce Congestion by Building Public Transit Options
San Diego, February 4, 2014 Today, Mayoral Candidate Alvarez joined San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro for a trolley tour and transportation discussion in Little Italy before heading to Civic Center station. Having a robust public transportation system is as important here in San Diego as it is San Antonio, said Mayoral Candidate David Alvarez. Cities across the nation need to partner in creating connected transportation systems that connect employment centers with residential area that will reduce our carbon footprint While San Diego is the eighth largest city in the nation, it lags behind in public transportation option and active transportation infrastructure. San Diego has the highest rate of daily vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in San Diego County. This surpasses the City of Los Angeles. As Mayor I will work with our Federal, State, and regional partners to secure funds to build on our regional transportation plan, said Mayoral Candidate David Alvarez. I am eager to work closely with Mayor Castro and other Mayors across the state and country to share ideas and give San Diegans more transportation options. Alvarez announced a five-point transportation plan: Improving opportunities to travel without a vehicle Ensuring availability of infrastructure such as public charging stations and supporting effort to streamline zero emission vehicle fueling stations Increasing active transportation such as biking and walking by improving bicycle infrastructure, pedestrian safety initiatives, and launching a bicycle share program.

Adopting a Vision Zero platform with a goal of zero bicycle and pedestrian fatalities Holding SANDAG accountable to use more taxpayer dollars for active transportation and public transportation What you all do in San Diego matters to the rest of the country, said Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas. You can do great things in San Diego with a great leader and I'm convinced that leader is David Alvarez. I look forward to working with him when he's Mayor. Mayor Castro is a rising star in national politics, gave the Keynote Speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention and made Time Magazine's 40 under 40 list. ###

David Alvarez, Councilmember for San Diegos Eighth Council District is running for Mayor of San Diego. More information can be found at