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Lico Reyes, LULAC TX IMMIGRATION Chair Box 150001 – Arlington, TX 76015 – Cell: 817-454-4716 - E-Mail: Lico@Eaze.net Office of the Police Chief (817-459-5701) Office of the City Manager (817-459-6100) Arlington Police Department City of Arlington 101 W. Abram Street, Arlington TX 76010 620 W. Division Street, Arlington TX 76011

Request for Investigation:
There exists a continuing PERCEPTION and we herein report disproportionate, ongoing, systemic and long lasting APD wrongdoing against a Latina billar owner and Hispanics/Latinos at “Billares Mi Tierra,” 1601 New York Avenue, a business which caters to persons of “National Origin.” These acts of “racism” are about a decade of continuous “Police Profiling, Retaliation Intimidation and Harassment” with brief “mea culpas” and moments of calm, by Arlington PD against a successful and law abiding Latina bar/billar owner and persons of “National Origin”. It seems that whenever there is a new entity of authority or new police presence the improper and illegal policing re-immerges and shows the ugly side of policing. Instead of working with the populace the APD appears to be attempting to put this Latina out of business. In the past we have had conferences with the various assistant chiefs, lieutenants and other cadre of APD. We have gone to City of Arlington Council meetings and contacted the Press. All has apparently not deterred some “cowboy” cops from continually harassing and violating this Latina’s Civil Right. This type of “Police Profiling, Retaliation Intimidation and Harassment” adversely affects persons of “National Origin” hence it falls into my realm as the LULAC TX Immigration Chair. Therefore, I am making this activity public to the LULAC TX Board, City of Arlington and Press. More documentation available. Some officers have made comments to Esther Gaona to the effect on several occasions (Partial list below):

1. I do not like your type of business and I will put you out of business. 2. I am going to come back every week and arrest one of your customers. 3. On 04-02-2013 Officer Cable Johnson, 1594, used his “involvement in LULAC to keep me from asking LULAC for help(contact Luis Castillo).” Esther was not being allowed to use the bathroom. 4. On 01/27/2014 Esther writes regarding Officer S Kochy, 2761: “he is the ‘F” Arlington Police Department and this is his ‘F’ bar. And we are guilty of wareber he wand us to be guilty of.” 5. We have arrested 9 people at this bar this month. (Reportedly, only one found guilty.) 6. Reportedly, on 31 Apr. 2014 Officer S Kochy, 2761, ran from the parking lot into “Billares Mi Tierra” and into the furthest room in the building. He searched several customers. Not finding any “drugs” he told Esther that he would be back that night. I went to support Esther and her customers and to wait to witness any hostility with my own eyes; but the promise of returning was not adhered to.
This behavior and language is unconscionable and does not project the hospitality, candor civility and image that the great City of Arlington should project to the community and it’s taxpayers. Attached are affidavits from victims of “Police Profiling, Retaliation Intimidation and Harassment.”

Remedies Requested: 1. Formal apology from each APD officer/agent involved in these actions against Esther Gaona, her clients and her establishments.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Release of any equipment or furniture taken by APD officer/agent, including video cameras. Payments for repair of any items belonging to those listed in item (1.). Restitution for any perceived monetary loses to those listed in item (1.). That this communication be placed in any APD Officer/agent who has been a witness to these actions so that “The Gypsy Cop Law” (Senator Royce West) can be used to deter said officers from applying to another Law Enforcement Agency for violation of the reporting illegal, unethical or unlawful actions of fellow officers.

Esther Gaona has continually respected and followed all recommendations by Code Enforcement , APD and TABC to run her business in the most lawful and proper manner possible. However her attempts to appease the APD appear to be futile as the APD Police Profiling, Retaliation Intimidation and Harassment”

CAVEAT: We are obliged to advise you and the entity against which this complaint is filed that intimidation or retaliation against the complainant is prohibited by US laws. No recipient or person shall intimidate, threaten, coerce, or discriminate against any individual for the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by US rules, regulations or laws enforced or overseen by the US (Department of Justice, CRS or OCR) or because one has made a complaint, testified, assisted or participated in any manner in an investigation, proceeding or hearing held in connection with a complaint.

Respectfully submitted, Lico Reyes, LULAC TX Immigration Chair