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Gay City


OCTOBER 1-14, 2009
S E R V I N G G A Y, L E S B I A N , B I A N D T R A N S G E N D E R E D N E W Y O R K • W W W . G A Y C I T Y N E W S . C O M


Big NYC Duane,

Turnout Key to Thompson
DC March, Cleve Hit Back at
Jones Says Bloomberg

leve Jones finished his pitch for n the wake of Mayor Michael R.
the National Equality March in Bloomberg’s comments pegging the
front of the Stonewall Democrats chances of gay marriage moving in
of New York City, and a member of the Albany this fall at “zero, zero,” and charg-
political club moved that they endorse ing that his Democratic opponent in the
the march and rally slated for October 11 November 3 election is “afraid to go near
in the nation’s capital. After the motion any of these issues,” Senator Thomas K.
was seconded, the meeting moderator Duane and City Comptroller William C.
asked if there were any objections. Thompson, Jr., have struck back hard.
Jones put his hands on his hips and “Once again Mike Bloomberg is talking
the look on his face threatened anyone out of both sides of his mouth,” Thomp-
who might take up the moderator’s invi- son’s campaign argued in an email to
tation. The group unanimously endorsed Gay City News. “The fact of the matter


the march as they roared at Jones’ imi- is Mike will stand up in press confer-
tation of a stern school teacher. ences and talk the talk but at the end of
Prior to the vote, Jones had told the the day he never walks the walk. Mike
group, which met at the Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual and Transgender Community the Republican Party and its anti-gay
Center, “It needs to be massive. I need
New York to turn out.”
Bloomberg Bearish on marriage agenda.”
Duane, an out gay Chelsea Democrat
More than anyone else in the commu- who is leading the efforts to win Senate
nity, Jones is identified with the march,
which he conceded was controversial at
Gay Marriage Chances RESPONSE P. 8
New York City events on September 23
and 24. Whether any given march suc- EXCLUSIVE paign aide said it was his first since City


Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.,
officially became his Democratic oppo-
In this issue:
nent — the mayor was asked whether ■ A TEPID APOLOGY

ven as he put the chances of GOP senators such as Brooklyn’s Mar-
moving a gay marriage bill in tin Golden and Queens’ Frank Padavan Brit PM “sorry” over torture
Albany this fall at “zero, zero,” were persuadable. of gay war hero, math genius
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg argued “If it came down to it, I suspect yes,” ■ 10
that he has the political clout to win sup- he said. “I don’t know. I don’t speak for —————————————————
port from key New York Republican state them. When you are from the city, even
senators, including two from the city your conservative base is more liberal
who are vociferous in their opposition. than elsewhere, and also that’s where This year, Pedro Almodovar
As early as 2005, the mayor pledged to I can have some influence. If it came to
lobby the Legislature to enact marriage you needed their votes, that’s where I
offers the middlebrow
equality legislation passed twice since can do something.” ■ 18
then by the State Assembly and actively That influence, that ability to do some-
pushed by Governor David A. Paterson. thing comes from the mayor’s extraordi-
In a series of high profile appearances nary level of support for the Republican

this year, Bloomberg has reiterated that State Senate caucus during the past NYC schools to strengthen,
commitment. two election cycles, 2005-6 and 2007-8 expand anti-bullying drive
In an exclusive interview with Gay — when he contributed $1.175 million
A BOY AND HIS SOUL City News on September 17 — a cam-
1 - 14 OCT 2009

2/ Health
No Youth Infection Progress Cited
City Council hearing a “mirror conversation” of early 2008 HIV oversight panel
BY DUNCAN OSBORNE cussed. some survey data.
During her testimony at this year’s “We have back some of the research

ixteen months after the City hearing, Dr. M. Monica Sweeney, assis- data for young MSM,” Sweeney said.
Council held a hearing on new tant commissioner for the Bureau of “We are going to use that information to
HIV infections among young HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control help to inform some of the programs for
gay men, testimony at a September 23 at the health department, said that young MSM.”
hearing on that subject suggested that while most new HIV diagnoses among Steve Gordon, the HIV services coordi-
the city has done little to address those men who have sex with men (MSM) nator at the Ali Forney Center, an orga-
infections. are in men over 30, new diagnoses are nization serving homeless queer youth,
“What are they going to do?” said Jose increasing among those men who are said the hearing was a “mirror conversa-
Davila, executive director of the Bronx under 30. tion” of the 2008 hearing.
AIDS Services, after he testified at the Sweeney reported that there were “We had this conversation in May of
hearing. “Are they going to let these kids 420 new HIV diagnoses among MSM 2008 and, in my opinion, I don’t feel that
continue to get infected and die?” under 30 in 2001 and that number the issue has gotten as far as it could,”
In his testimony, Davila noted that a rose to 592 in 2008. Among all MSM, he told Gay City News following the hear-
coalition of AIDS and gay groups had pro- new diagnoses declined by 2.1 percent ing. “It’s great that we had this hearing
duced a report in early 2008 that docu- from 2001 to 2007. Following the hear- and we were able to testify again, but I
mented the rise in infections among young ing, she described the city’s actions think a little more action is necessary for
gay men, especially Latino and African- since the May 2008 hearing. Dr. M. Monica Sweeney said Internet interventions had any change to occur.”
American men, and sought new programs “We have some Internet outreach, been implemented to reach young gay and bisexual men, Gordon felt that the “visibility of the
and funding from the city in response. some Internet programs, and we have but could not address their effectiveness. issue” had improved as a result of last
Those groups were particularly some survey instruments that are out year’s hearing.
angered when Dr. Thomas R. Frie- there for young MSM... where they con- “I can’t say they’ve had an impact until “I think it’s great that politicians, peo-
den, then the commissioner of the gregate, and these are things that have we get the results of the survey,” she ple in the department of health are talk-
city’s Department of Health and Mental been done in the last 15 months,” she said. “That’s the best way to have objec- ing about this, but other than that I can’t
Hygiene, abruptly pulled out of a 2008 told Gay City News. Sweeney could not tive data.” say there has been much change,” Gor-
meeting where the matter was to be dis- say if these actions have had an impact. The health department has received don said.


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1 - 14 OCT 2009

4/ Crime
Dwan Prince Attacker Gets 9 Years
Steven Pomie, facing retrial on reduced second-degree assault charges, admits guilt
BY DUNCAN OSBORNE returned with one of those men get his first parole hearing in
to deliver a second beating, and roughly four years.

hree years after insisting then came back alone a third At the September 21 hearing,
that he was not guilty, time, but was prevented by wit- Thomas C. Ridges, the assistant
following his conviction nesses from beating Prince. As district attorney who handled
in a 2006 trial, Steven Pomie Pomie left the scene that third the case, said the Brooklyn dis-
admitted to the brutal, anti-gay time, he delivered a kick to trict attorney had not wanted
assault that left Dwan Prince Prince’s head saying, “Yo, leave the plea deal.
partially paralyzed to this day. it alone son, the nigger’s a fag- “There was no offer by the
“ Yo u ’ r e p l e a d i n g g u i l t y got,” witnesses said. people,” he said after Pomie
because you are guilty,” said In 2006, Pomie was sen- asserted that he had been
Judge John P. Walsh at a Sep- tenced to 25 years with the offered a plea bargain. A spokes-
tember 21 hearing held in requirement that he serve at man for the district attorney
Brooklyn criminal court. “Is least 21-and-a-half years before told Gay City News, “The plea
that correct?” being eligible for parole. was taken over our office’s
Pomie, who stood hand- In 2008, a state appeals objection. We wanted the maxi-
cuf fed during the proceed- court overturned the conviction mum time.”
ing, said “yes” and nodded his and dismissed the top charges Prince did not know that the


head. After his 2006 convic- against Pomie, saying he could plea was going to be made and
tion for first-degree assault be retried on the lesser charges said he was “flabbergasted”
and first-degree assault as a of second-degree assault and when Gay City News called him
hate crime, Pomie said he was second-degree assault as a hate Victim Dwan Prince, seen here earlier this year, said he is satisfied with the sentence assailant for comment.
innocent. crime. Steven Pomie received. “Mr. Ridges told me that they
“I did not commit this crime, Pomie’s possible second trial, were still working on a sentence
first off,” he said at his 2006 at which he faced up to 15 years Pomie will be sentenced on years post-release supervi- of 15 years,” he said. “I would
sentencing. “The person who if convicted, was complicated October 13 and will receive a sion, and he waived his right to have liked to have seen him
committed this crime is on the when Prince sent him a letter in nine-year term with the require- appeal. come out sooner. Nine years
street right now.” which he blamed himself for the ment that he serve six-sevenths Pomie has been in custody is good enough for me. I wish
In 2005, Pomie attacked assault and expressed the hope of the time, or just under eight since his 2005 arrest, and all him the best... I will be going to
Prince with two other men after that Pomie get no more than five years, before being eligible for of that time counts toward the court on the 13th to see what
Prince flirted with him. Pomie years in prison. parole. Pomie will also get five minimum time served. He could his reaction will be.”


First Signs of that they still do not understand Barney Gung-Ho is meanwhile putting its warning couple friends, and I was hung Temporary and Disability Assis-
AIDS Vaccine fully how the vaccine worked or on Defense Bill out about the risks of mixing guns up about it. And I decided I was tance mandates that HASA clients
Success whether its success can be rep- As a House-Senate conference and gays. wrong. receiving public income support be
A quarter century after licated with HIV strains different committee works to hammer out Strange bedfellows, indeed. In his written statement read allowed to keep only $330 above
researchers first began the search than those found in Thailand. differences on a military-funding at the September 16 Washington what their rent is pegged at —
for a preventive vaccine against When VaxGen announced its bill, out gay Massachusetts Demo- Bill Clinton Was press conference where New York which means a mere $11 a day to
HIV, a $105 million study funded out approach to vaccine development, cratic Congressman Barney Frank, Wrong! Democratic Representative Jer- cover all their other expenses.
of the US that involved 16,000 vol- many researchers dismissed the a frequent critic of military policy, Eight days after he sent con- rold Nadler introduced his DOMA Advocates, including Housing
unteers in Thailand has delivered effort as a potential huge waste is pressing allies in the LGBT com- gressional sponsors of a bill that appeal, the former president Works, Gay Men’s Health Crisis,
the first real good news in that of money that would discourage munity to support the measure, would repeal the 1996 Defense implicitly defended having signed and the New York City AIDS Hous-
effort. According to Bloomberg other efforts. The AIDSVAX shot which provides funding for the of Marriage Act that he signed the measure 13 years ago, saying, ing Network, have been pressing
News, the vaccine, made up of a contains a protein used by the HIV wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, two into law a note of support, former “When the Defense of Marriage to end the $330 limitation since
combination of ALVAC, produced virus to enter cells, which VaxGen foreign policy initiatives on which President Bill Clinton told CNN’s Act was passed, gay couples former Governor George Pataki’s
by the Paris- based Sanofi-Aven- believes can encourage the body the Obama administration is draw- Anderson Cooper, “I decided I could not marry anywhere in the tenure in office. The legislation
tis, and AIDSVAX, developed by to produce neutralizing antibodies. ing increasingly flak. was wrong” in opposing mar- United States or the world for was passed by the State Senate
VaxGen in South San Francisco, The French ALVAC shot uses dis- Frank’s interest in the bill comes riage equality. In an interviewed that matter.” 52-1 after an impassioned speech
reduced infections by 31 percent abled canarypox virus that Sanofi from the fact that his long-lan- aired on September 24, Clinton by out gay Senator Thomas K.
compared to a group administered believes stimulate the body to pro- guishing hate crimes legislation, explained, “what made me change Council Gets Duane of Chelsea in the early
a placebo. duce T-cells needed to kill infec- which would provide stiffer penal- my mind, I looked up and said look Behind Rent morning hours of July 17.
“Although the results were tion deep in the body. ties for violent attacks against a at all of this stuff you’re for. I’ve Cap on AIDS According to a press release
modest, with an efficacy of 31.2 Bloomberg quoted Mitchell variety of communities, including always believed that — I’ve never Housing issued by City Council Speaker
percent, this is a very important Warren, director of the New York- gay men, lesbians, and the trans- supported all the moves of a few In a unanimous 48-0 vote, the Christine Quinn, an out lesbian,
scientific advance, and gives us based AIDS Vaccine Advocacy gendered, is included in the mili- years ago to ban gay couples from New York City Council passed a also from Chelsea, the measure
hope that a globally effective HIV Coalition, which was not involved tary authorization package. adoption.” Given his positive view resolution calling on the State remains bottled up in the Assem-
vaccine may be possible in the in the study, responding to the While Frank scrambles to hold of LGBT families, the former presi- Assembly to approve legislation bly Ways and Means Committee,
future,” said Jerome Kim, the results saying, “Wow. We are in sufficient support for the hate dent said, “I realized that I was that would cap rents paid by cli- and leadership from Speaker Shel-
deputy director of science at the a new place in the search for an crimes measure among progres- over 60 years old, I grew up at a ents of the city’s HIV/ AIDS Ser- don Silver and Governor David A.
Walter Reed Army Institute of AIDS vaccine. It’s safe to say that sives who may have objections to different time, and I was hung up vices Administration (HASA) at 30 Paterson is needed to break the
Research, which sponsored the the scientific community is caught elements of the war funding bill, about the word… I had all these percent of their income. . Under
trial. Researchers acknowledge off-guard.” the Southern Baptist Convention gay friends, I had all these gay current state law, the Office of 䉴 BRIEFS, continued on p.12


T H U R S D A Y, O C T O B E R 2 2 , 2 0 0 9

Emcee: Margaret Cho

2009 Douglas W. Jones Leadership Award:

The Hathaway Family – Anne Hathaway, Gerald & Kate Hathaway,
Thomas Hathaway and Michael Hathaway & Joshua Lawson

Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers

Seventh Avenue at 53rd Street, New York City

5:30 pm Reception
7:00 pm Dinner and Program
Post Event Reception immediately following program 
Featuring DJ Brenda Black

For sponsorships or general tickets please

visit us at or call 212-627-0305

The Empire State Pride Agenda is New York’s statewide lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender (LGBT) civil rights and advocacy organization. Our mission is to win equality
and justice for LGBT New Yorkers and our families. We recognize that while significant
cultural, legal and governmental advances have led to greater equality for LGBT New
Yorkers, we and our families remain highly vulnerable without the vast majority of rights
and responsibilities that most New Yorkers take for granted. Through our education,
organizing and advocacy programs, we work toward creating a broadly diverse alliance of
LGBT people and our allies in government, communities of faith, labor, all sectors of the
workforce and other social justice movements to achieve both equality for LGBT New
Yorkers and the broader goals of social, racial and economic justice.

䉴 DC MARCH, from p.1 first introduced Danny Dromm, one of

two openly` gay candidates elected to City
ceeds or fails may be a matter of opinion, Council seats from Queens on September
but this march will be Jones’ success or 15. Dromm and Fay have fought battles
failure, and he has taken on that bur- over anti-gay killings and school curricu-
den. lum dating back to 1990.
Jones has crisscrossed the country “There’s been tears shed on the streets
exhorting the community to turn out. At of this borough, there’s been blood shed
the New York City appearances — six in on the streets of this borough,” Fay said.
24 hours — he cajoled and occasionally “There’s always been a new generation
chastised his audiences. He will not pre- that rises up and insists on nothing less
dict how many will travel to Washington, than full equality.”
but he told a different Center gathering Dromm recalled the murders of Julio
of roughly 100, “I believe in my heart and Rivera and Edgar Garzon that sparked
my gut that it’s going to be big.” community organizing in Queens.
Following an appearance at the Jew- “We keep fighting, and I think that’s
ish Center of Jackson Heights, Jones told what tonight is all about,” Dromm said.
Gay City News that he will visit colleges Jones message is that the state-by-
near Washington, DC, in the week prior to state strategy does not work.
the October 11 to rally students who can “I’ve taken a lot of heat over the last sev-
easily travel to the march. eral months for saying that the strategy
“Get your butts on the bus and get to we’ve been pursuing is a failed strategy,”


Washington, DC,” Jones told roughly he said in Queens.
40 students at Hunter College. “It’s very Jones pointed to Proposition 8, the
important that New York turn people 2008 voter initiative that overturned a
out.” Cleve Jones addressed students at Hunter College among six stops in New York last week encouraging a large turnout at ruling made just months earlier by Cali-
In these appearances, Jones said he the October 11 National Equality March in Washington. fornia’s highest court that allowed gay
was initially reluctant to back a national marriage in that state.
march. Following the opening of “Milk,” eral level. implicitly, that federal action had often Dating back to 1977, the gay commu-
the 2008 film depicting the life of Har- “My sole purpose, my sole objective set back the gay community. nity has fought and almost always lost
vey Milk, the openly gay San Francisco for the past year has been to change “Under Clinton, we got the flowery ballot initiatives that overturned anti-dis-
politician, Jones said he began to hear your mind,” he said at the Center. “We proclamation and some of our friends crimination laws or banned gay marriage.
from young people across the country are equal, and we can only be granted got really good jobs — and what did we “Even when we win our victories, they
who wanted to march and he discour- our equality by the federal government.” get?” he said. “We got the Defense of are incomplete and they are imperma-
aged them. And it is the Obama administration Marriage Act and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” nent,” Jones said.
As a young man, Jones worked for and the Democratic majority in Con- Twenty-one states now ban discrimi- As the local, state, and national gay
Milk and was a central figure in the gress that Jones said will deliver equal- nation based on sexual orientation groups have racked up small victories, the
slain politician’s life. At Hunter, Jones ity. in employment, and roughly half bar occasional large win, and the losses, the
said, “Harvey was a great, appropriate “To me, it’s just so clear that this is housing and public accommodations community has also seen many moments
father figure for me.” an historic moment,” he said. “A door is bias as well. Thirteen of those 21 states when thousands of LGBT Americans took
While he had once “high hopes” for opening for us, and that door is already also ban discrimination based on gen- to the streets. Those times were often
the Obama administration and the swinging shut.” der identity and expression. Many of called the birth of a movement or, most
Democratic majority in Congress, Jones To date, the community has had little the laws were passed after local gov- recently, “Stonewall 2.0.”
shares the frustration of some in the success at enacting federal legislation. ernments in those states first enacted When he spoke at the Center, Jones
community that there has not been Gay legal groups have won two notable such protections. Six states now allow noted those earlier bursts of energy that
quicker action on gay issues. cases at the US Supreme Court — a same-sex marriage. had then dissipated.
The march will press the federal gov- 1996 ruling that overturned an anti- The contrast between the local and “I don’t think that’s what’s happening
ernment to act, but its primary goal is gay amendment approved by Colorado state successes and failure at the feder- now,” he said. “I think it’s growing, I think
to move the community’s energies away voters and a 2003 decision that threw al level was most apparent when Jones it’s continuing. I think we truly are open-
from a state-by-state strategy for win- out all of the nation’s remaining sod- spoke in Jackson Heights. ing up a new chapter in the history of our
ning rights to gaining them at the fed- omy laws. But Jones conceded, at least Brendan Fay, a longtime gay activist, movement.”


Official Website: National Equality Bus Travel Options from The International Socialist Organization of Hunter March Rally: New York: College running buses from Hunter College, 695
The Capitol Building The National Equality March will host a bus that Park Avenue at 68th Street. Tickets are $35. Contact
The Main Event: Sunday October 11, approximately 2 p.m. will include Council Speaker Christine Quinn, leaving Amanda at 718-810-9100 or email thepoetsdaugh-
National Equality March Rally speakers include: Cleve Jones, New from 16 West 22nd Street at 7 a.m. on October 11.
Sunday October 11, noon York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Tickets cost $33.34 at
Gather on 15th Street at I Street, right near David Mixner, the Reverend Troy Perry of the Activities throughout the
McPherson Square (Metro stops: McPherson Metropolitan Community Church, Lieutenant The NYC National Equality March Mobilization Weekend of October 9-11:
Square, Farragut West — both Blue and Orange Dan Choi, “Milk” screenwriter Dustin Lance Coalition is sending buses from the LGBT Community Visit:
Lines; Farragut North — Red Line) Black, NAACP chairman Julian Bond, GLAAD Center at 208 West 13th Street at 6 a.m. October 11. national-equality-march-guide/more.
Travel South on 15th to H Street; West on H executive director Jarrett Barrios, performance Buses will return no later than 10:00 p.m. that night.
Street to 17th Street; South on 17th Street to artist Staceyann Chin, Retail, Wholesale and Tickets are $35, $20 for students at equalitynyc.
Pennsylvania Avenue, past the White House to Department Store Union president Stuart
15th Street; South on 15th Street to Pennsylva- Appelbaum, New Jersey trans activist Babs
nia Avenue South; East on Pennsylvania Avenue Siperstein, Judy Shepard, and former National Marriage Equality New York is hosting busses with
South, all the way to the US Capitol West Lawn for
the rally.
Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director
Urvashi Vaid.
a $12 same-day roundtrip, or an overnight option. Visit for complete details.
1 - 14 OCT 2009

8/ Politics
䉴 BLOOMBERG, from p.1 to be a supporter.” licans such as Padavan and Even in New York, where Pat- challenge, what message would
If Bloomberg were to move Golden? And given all the asks erson and his predecessor Eliot be sent to John Sampson, the
dollars in total to its campaign Padavan and Golden, it would be that a New York City mayor has of Spitzer have been outspoken African American from Brook-
coffers. a remarkable feat indeed. Pada- the State Legislature, would they in supporting gay marriage, lyn who now heads up the Sen-
Writing in the Village Voice, van, first elected in 1972, has view a request for a pro-marriage Bloomberg argued, “Whether ate Democratic caucus, if gay
Wayne Barrett cited reporting in tried in years past to push a state equality vote as among his top anybody who runs for governor leaders, especially white ones,
Newsday that pointed out that Defense of Marriage Act. Last priorities? next year will stand up for gay stood with Bloomberg in his race
the “bulk” of a separate $1.2 mil- November, a newsletter from the “I think if it came up and that marriage, I’ll bet you 25 cents no.” against Thompson, who would
lion contribution the mayor made Association of Politically Active they were the deciding votes, yes,” Though the Democrats did be only the second black mayor
last year to the New York State Christians reported that the Rev- Bloomberg responded. “I think finally achieve a majority in the in the city’s history?
Independence Party was used to erend Duane Motley called Pada- if you asked them today, they’d State Senate last November, In a 30-minute interview in
support four Senate candidates, van “the staunchest ally of New say, ‘I don’t have to worry about the mayor who vows to deliver which Bloomberg had been con-
including Padavan and two other Yorkers for Constitutional Free- it. When is it going to come up?’” Republican votes views the com- sistently forthcoming, this time
gay marriage opponents who dom in the Senate.” That group, And perhaps the mayor doesn’t position of the Democratic cau- he changed the subject.
went down to defeat. Shams which Motley founded along with have to worry about it either, cus as a bar to action. “Well, his strategy is to me –– I
Tarek, the campaign spokesman the anti-gay New Yorker’s Family at least between now and the “There are a lot of traditional can’t speak for him –– he’s afraid
last fall for pro-marriage equal- Research Foundation, describes November election. Democratic communities that to go near any of these issues,”
ity Democrat James F. Gennaro, itself as a “ministry [that] exists to “I don’t know how to get it to are very conservative,” he said. charged the mayor, referring
who came within a whisker of influence legislation and legisla- come up,” he said, explaining his “The black community is very to Thompson’s posture on gay
unseating Padavan, told Bar- tors for the Lord Jesus Christ.” view that having the issue move conservative. The Latino. You rights in this year’s campaign.
rett that Bloomberg’s support for Golden was among five Repub- to the Senate floor may prove know, I don’t win any points with “Maybe it’s the fact that I’m inde-
Padavan was the key factor that lican senators represented last more difficult than rounding up these communities when I go in pendently wealthy and I’m 67
allowed the incumbent to survive. year by the Alliance Defense the votes. “If you want my honest their churches and point out I’m years old, but my attitude is, if
The November 2006 and 2008 Fund, an Arizona-based right- opinion,” Bloomberg continued, very pro-choice. I’m very pro-gay you want me, you want me.”
elections saw gay marriage advo- wing litigation group, seeking to the Senate leadership is unlikely rights. I’m anti-gun. I’m very pro- Bloomberg’s assertion that
cates, in contrast, opening up overturn Paterson’s directive that to move a gay marriage bill “when immigration. I believe in Darwin.” he’s more outspoken on gay
their wallets to support the Dem- state agencies recognize valid I don’t see these guys willing to The fierce opposition to gay rights than Thompson is indica-
ocratic takeover of the traditional- same-sex marriages from other stand up for less controversial marriage by Senator Ruben Diaz tive of just how aggressive, even
ly GOP-led Senate, after it became jurisdictions. When the governor issues.” of the Bronx and Queens Sena- audacious his campaign is in
clear the Republican leadership introduced his marriage equal- Despite the fact that the num- tor Shirley Huntley –– an Afri- forcing his opponent back on his
would not countenance a floor ity bill this past April, one day ber of states with legal gay mar- can-American Democrat who heels at every chance it gets.
vote on the issue. after New York’s new archbishop riage quickly shot up to six this told the New York Times that she Without exception, the Demo-
“ I ’ m t h e m a i n f u n d e r, ” was installed, Golden called his past spring, the mayor said, “I ‘m rebuffed poet Maya Angelou’s crat has beaten the mayor to the
Bloomberg said of his ability to action “not just a slap in the face scared to death that the country lobbying on the issue by saying, punch in advocating major pro-
sway the views of Republican to Catholics, but to all New York- is going in the wrong direction… “If they gave me a million dollars, gay positions. Thompson was
senators. “You know, you can’t ers who respect what the Catholic I think on other LGBT issues they tax free, I just wouldn’t vote for it” already supportive of gay mar-
dictate every piece of legisla- Church is and what it stands for.” are clearly moving in the direction –– backs up the point the mayor riage when first elected comptrol-
tion, and I don’t want to say that Given such hard-line opposi- that I think they should go, and made. ler in 2001; Bloomberg voiced his
they’re bribable. But they know tion to gay marriage, how can you probably do, too. It’s the mar- But if winning votes from
where I stand, and they want me Bloomberg expect to move Repub- riage thing that I don’t see.” black and Latino senators is a 䉴 BLOOMBERG, continued on p.9

䉴 RESPONSE, from p.1 ber 17 interview with Gay City or’s commitment to the issue, ity issue. A call requesting implemented — one that would
News published online on Sep- Duane recalled that Bloomberg comment from Golden’s office require contractors doing sig-
approval for Governor David A. tember 20. appealed a Manhattan dis- about any discussions he has nificant business with the city
Paterson’s marriage equality bill, Duane challenged a central trict judge’s 2005 pro-marriage had with Bloomberg was not to offer their gay employees the
already passed by the Assembly, tenet of the mayor’s appeal to equality ruling at the same time returned as of press time. same partner rights given to
was more specific in his critique LGBT voters — that his strong he first voiced support for the Thompson was responding married couples, and another
of Bloomberg. financial backing of the State right of gay and lesbian couples to a different argument raised establishing anti-bullying poli-
“As far as I know, the mayor Senate Republicans, whose to wed. by the mayor — that the comp- cies in city schools protecting
hasn’t been in on any discus- campaigns he has supported In his comments two troller is avoiding discussion specific groups, including gay,
sions with Senate Democrats to the tune of as much as $2 weeks ago, Bloomberg said he of his support for gay marriage lesbian, and transgendered stu-
or with Senate Republicans on million in the past two election “suspect[s]” Republican Sena- as he focuses instead on pull- dents. (Last year, the Bloomberg
strategy for getting marriage cycles, allows him the leverage tors Frank Padavan of Queens ing out his base in the African- administration rolled out its
passed,” he told Gay City News to round up GOP votes in favor and Martin Golden of Brooklyn, American and other people of own program to combat harass-
on September 24. “There have of gay marriage. who have aggressively fought color communities. Several ment in the schools.)
been people involved with his Advocates across the board movement toward gay marriage times during the September 17 The Thompson campaign also
administration that I’ve talked acknowledge that some Repub- in the past, would vote yes “if it interview, Bloomberg pointed to noted the comptroller’s success,
with and others may have spo- licans will be needed to win came down to it.” what he said is the social con- as head of the city employee
ken to, but I don’t know of the approval in a closely divided Asked about the prospects servatism of the black and Lati- pension funds, in forcing 75
mayor personally speaking to 32-30 Senate in which Demo- of changing the minds of these no communities. companies in which New York
anyone.” crats have control by the small- two Republicans, Duane said, The statement fr om the invests to adopt workplace fair-
Duane said he continues to est of margins. “I have everybody on my get- comptroller’s campaign dis- ness policies encompassing
believe that the marriage equal- “His offer to come testify is table list; however, those two tinguished Thompson’s record sexual orientation and gender
ity bill has “an excellent chance” the easiest political commitment particular senators are not on from the mayor’s by emphasiz- identity, an effort for which he
to move quickly. “I remain con- to make, but the time for hear- anybody’s top priorities list.” ing his support for more com- received the Champion Award
fident it will get done this fall,” ings is past,” Duane said. “I held Bryan Gorman, Padavan’s prehensive AIDS education, from Out and Equal Workplace
he said. hearings on the bill years ago. I director of public affairs, said including classroom condom Advocates, an LGBT non-profit.
Duane and Thompson can’t say he’s expended much that the mayor has not had any demonstrations, and his advo- Duane’s optimism on the
were responding to comments political capital on this.” conversations with the sena- cacy for two bills passed over
Bloomberg made in a Septem- In casting doubt on the may- tor about the marriage equal- Bloomberg’s veto but never 䉴 RESPONSE, continued on p.9

䉴 BLOOMBERG, from p.8 was absent. The comptroller was also

not seen at a massive gay marriage rally
support only in February 2005, the same near Times Square in May addressed
day he announced he would appeal a pro-
marriage equality ruling from a Manhat-
by both the mayor and the governor. On
that occasion, Thompson’s aides charged
tan district court judge.
The comptroller supports comprehen-
that the comptroller was denied a chance
to speak by the event’s organizer, the ±"UUPSOFZBU-BX±
sive AIDS education, including class- Human Rights Campaign. HRC denied
room condom demonstrations, opposed that the decision was made at the behest
by Bloomberg; a bill that would force of the mayor.
contractors doing business with the city How successful Bloomberg will be in
to provide gay couples the same ben- wresting top LGBT endorsements at the
efits given to straight married couples, expense of his Democratic rival remains
which the mayor successfully challenged to be seen. In late June, the two cam-
in court; and the anti-bullying Dignity paigns within days engaged in a dueling
in All Schools Act, which became law in rollout of endorsements. While Thompson
2004 over a mayoral veto but was never held a press conference with a wide array
implemented. Last fall, the mayor and the of longtime queer Democratic activists,
school chancellor did launch the Respect the mayor’s list boasted no small number /FX:PSL&NQMPZNFOU
for All initiative, which they say achieves of gay heavy hitters, including the restau- -BXZFST"TTPDJBUJPO
much of what DASA would have accom- rateur and AIDS activist Florent Morellet;
Bloomberg and his campaign are
the Republican ex-mayor of Tempe, Ari-
zona, Neil Giuliano, who had just left the
Over A Decade of Experience
making the argument that now, when
it counts, Thompson, who hopes to gal-
top job at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Against Defamation; Richard Socarides,
Litigating Employment and Civil Rights
vanize people of color communities in
November, has lost his voice on gay rights.
White House LGBT liaison to President
Bill Clinton; Sean Strub, the founder of
Cases for our Community
When an aide reminded Bloomberg Poz magazine; and Corey Johnson, one
that he had mentioned marriage equal- of the first activists to call for a national
ity in his primary night rally, the mayor march on Washington planned for Octo- 2007 - 2009 Deputy Commissioner,
explained, “Yeah, I put that in because
you don’t want any community to think
ber 11.
The two biggest endorsements, how-
New York State Devision of Human Rights
you’re going to walk away.” ever, have to date remained elusive. The
Unspoken by the mayor or his aide was Empire State Pride Agenda, which is lead- 2006 Honoree: New York City Council -
the fact that Thompson made no similar
mention of marriage equality when he
ing the charge on marriage equality in
Albany, has so far been silent. And despite
“Contributions and Service to New York City”
accepted the Democratic nomination the fevered speculation all year that she might
same evening. give her nod to the mayor whom some 2003 Honoree: Common Cause
Bloomberg’s campaign has noted believe she has been too close to, Chris-
that the mayor was there when Pater- tine Quinn, the out lesbian City Council “Holding Power Accountable”
son announced introduction of his mar-
riage equality bill at an April press con-
speaker who just last month held off two
spirited primary challengers, has also
Ethical New Yorker of the Year Award
ference in Manhattan, while Thompson been mum.

䉴 RESPONSE, from p.8 his comments won’t change that,” the

Former Aide to Mayor David N Dinkins
senator said. and Public Advocate Mark Green
prospects for enacting the marriage bill Christine Quinn, the out lesbian speak-
this year was echoed by other advocates. er of the City Council, who has traveled to
“We don’t agree with Mayor Bloomberg’s Albany several times this year to lobby
statement that marriage equality does not
have a chance of coming up for a vote this
fall,” Alan Van Capelle, executive direc-
senators on marriage equality, told Gay
City News, “I disagree with the mayor. I do
believe that there is a real potential and a
tor of the Empire State Pride Agenda, the very real potential in the near future.” ',6&5,0,1$7,21‡6(;8$/+$5$660(17
LGBT community’s lead lobbying group Quinn was cautious, however, about 3$571(56+,3$*5((0(176',63,7(6‡&,9,//,7,*$7,21
in Albany, told Gay City News in an email making a specific prediction of favorable
message. “The mayor is focused on New Senate action this year. 0$75,021,$/&8672'<‡0(',&$/0$/35$&7,&(
York City and his race for re-election, and “If I knew exactly when” the measure
not on the details involved in moving the would move, “I would probably know who
marriage bill forward in Albany. We know was going to win the trifecta at Belmont,”
from the work that we do daily on this she said, but added, “I don’t see any rea-
issue that marriage equality is still very
much in play in 2009.”
son to think that there is not potential to
have this vote.”
Thomas D. Shanahan, P.C.
Van Capelle’s comments included a Quinn said she recently met with
hint of pique at the mayor for talking
down marriage equality’s prospects at a
John Sampson, the Brooklyn Democrat
who now heads up the majority caucus
551 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2010
critical juncture in the legislative process.
“The mayor’s statements were disap-
pointing,” he wrote. “Nobody ever thinks
in the Senate.
“He was overall very supportive of the
issue,” she said. “Obviously in the posi-
New York, NY 10176
we will win, and in the end we always do.” tion he’s in, he’s counting votes.”
Duane sounded less concerned about Asked whether Bloomberg offering
the impact of Bloomberg’s words. a negative assessment concerned her, tel (212) 867-1100 WWW.SHANAHANLAW.COM
“Regardless of what the mayor says, we Quinn said, “People have to answer fax (212) 972-1787 TOM@SHANAHANLAW.COM
will move forward full steam ahead and questions honestly.”
1 - 14 OCT 2009

10/ History
Tepid Apology to Gay Genius 14 DAYS
57 years later, Britain “sorry” for castrating anti-Nazi hero, father of computer
vene?” The newspaper reported political point Brown cannot
that Sarah Brown, the prime resist making. It is, accord-
ay mathematical genius minister’s wife — who has ing to Brown, entirely down to
Alan Turing, considered been outspoken in support of New Labour that LGTB people PERFORMANCE
the father of modern gay rights, hosted gay activists have any rights at all. How dare BAAD in the Bronx
computers and a national hero and intellectuals at the prime he patronize us. Twelve mea- The Bronx Academy of Art & Dance
in Britain for breaking the Nazis’ minister’s official residence at sly, miserable, weasel-worded (BAAD!) presents its annual BlakTino
Enigma code and other German 10 Downing Street, and made lines in which Brown fails to Performance Series, a five-week festival.
military ciphers and thus short- headlines when she marched acknowledge the half-century- Among this year’s highlights are: (Oct. 1,
ening the war, has received an in this year’s London Gay Pride long journey of gay activists who 8 p.m., free) “Crossing the Lines: Radical
official apology from British parade — played the key role in struggled to try and right these Cartoonists,” in which four groundbreak-
Prime Minister Gordon Brown persuading Brown to issue the wrongs, to try and achieve jus- ing LGBT comic book and graphic novel
for being prosecuted and chem- apology. She was also respon- tice for gay men. I can remem- artists share their work and stories of
ically castrated for his homo- sible for initiating the Gay Icons ber the late 1980s and the early thriving in a largely straight male field;
sexuality. The unspeakable tor- exhibit at the National Portrait 1990s when Labour was far (Oct. 3, 8 p.m., $15) actor, poet, and
ture drove the brilliant scientist Gallery, where Turing’s image from friendly towards gay men, performance artist Bruno Aponte pres-
to suicide in 1954 at the young now hangs. when it writhed in a sea of lies, ents “Brunegro,” a one man show in
age of 41. British gay historian and half-truths, and half-promises Spanish delving into his queer Dominican
Turing’s gay martyrdom journalist Neil McKenna — about reforming the law. I can blackness; (Oct. 8, 8 p.m., free) performers
was movingly recounted in the whose must-read, critically remember the time was Brown and artists Jack Waters and Peter Cramer
prize-winning play “Breaking Does the Apple Computer logo honor the life acclaimed revisionist biogra- was as silent and as sullen on mount “Short Memory – No History,” a
the Code” by Hugh Whitemore, and death of Alan Turing? phy “The Secret Life of Oscar these issues as the grave. Living Theater presentation of their expe-
which had a long run in Lon- Wilde,” was reviewed by this “ We d e s e r v e m o r e t h a n rience living with AIDS and commemorat-
don’s West End before coming treatment was of course utter- reporter in 2005 (“Wilder Than twelve measly, miserable, ing art and artists, including some video
to Broadway for six months, ly unfair, and I am pleased to We Knew,” Aug. 25-31, 2005, weasel-worded lines. If Gordon interviews in Spanish; (Oct. 9, 8 p.m.,
where it received three Tony have the chance to say how a link to which appears in the Brown was really, truly, feel- free), in “Naked White Roses,” filmmaker
Award nominations in 1988. deeply sorry I and we all are for online version of this story) ingly, passionately sorry he Henry Roa uses music, poetry, and visuals
The play was later made into a what happened to him,” add- — was asked by this reporter should set up a Royal Commis- to tell the story of Trance, an aging poet on
1996 BBC film seen on Ameri- ing, “This recognition of Alan’s to put Brown’s apology in per- sion to document and enquire the crossroads of life and love, dreams,
can television on several occa- status as one of Britain’s most spective, and responded in an into the holocaust of gay men gay and bi-cultural relationships, and loss;
sions. Noted Tony Award-win- famous victims of homophobia angry e-mail worth quoting at that took place in Britain. And and Brian Harris Krinsky’s “Dish” follows
ning actor Sir Derek Jacobi is another step towards equal- length. while we are about it, when is two Emo kids as they walk around East LA
starred as Turing in all three ity, and long overdue.” He wrote: “Gordon Brown Gordon Brown, on behalf of dishing about their high school classmates
productions. Brown’s statement came has said that he is ‘sorry’ that the British Government, going and sexual escapades; (Oct. 21, 8 p.m.,
In 1999, T ime magazine in response to an online peti- Alan Turing was persecuted, to apologize for returning those free) “From the Page to the Stage: Poetas
named Turing one of the 100 tion campaign earlier this year that his treatment was ‘appall- ‘pink triangle’ prisoners liber- and Writers” is a no-holds barred celebra-
Most Important People of the demanding a posthumous ing,’ that thousands of other ated from the concentration tion of Queer Latin@ poets and writers;
20th Century, saying of his pardon for Turing. Initiated by gay men were persecuted and camps to German Prisons with (Oct. 22, 8 p.m., free) scholar and cultural
seminal role in computers, computer scientist Dr. John that millions live in fear. Sorry? the foul and twisted logic that warrior Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes dis-
“The fact remains that everyone Graham-Cumming, the peti- Is that it? Is that all? Twelve these men had been convicted cusses his new book, “Queer Ricans:
who taps at a keyboard, open- tion was signed by tens of measly lines in an of ficial of criminal offences and as Cultures and Sexualities in the Diaspora”;
ing a spreadsheet or a word- thousands, including a host of Downing Street press release to concentration camps were not (Oct. 23, 8 p.m., $10) the preliminaries
processing program, is working well-known Britons — among say how sorry the British state prisons, they had to serve their of the Miss Riis Park Universe Competi-
on an incarnation of a Turing them the openly gay actor and is that for 21 years, from 1945 sentences? tion Ball, which raises funds for the AIDS
machine.” TV personality Stephen Fry, to 1966, it did everything it “Brown’s statement means group Poder De Todos Unidos, will be held;
In a September 10 statement the biologist and best-selling could to extirpate homosexual- nothing to the LGTB move- (Oct. 24, 8 p.m., free) BAAD!’s own Arthur
posted on his official website, author Richard Dawkins, and ity from the British. That thou- ment. It probably means noth- Aviles assembles a team including Retum-
Prime Minister Brown said of the Booker Prize-winning nov- sands, probably tens of thou- ing to Brown himself. It has no ba!, Elizabeth “Macha” Marrero, and
Turing, “It is no exaggeration elist Ian McEwan. sands, of men were surveilled, historical significance. There Mildred Ruiz in “Recreating Oz,” a retell-
to say that, without his out- Brown’s apology for what stalked, arrested, and sent to has been a change in estab- ing of the famous favorite for queer young
standing contribution, the his- happened to Turing raised prison, or offered — as Turing lishment attitudes towards gay people coming out in the South Bronx. 841
tory of the Second World War more than a few eyebrows in was — chemical castration, or men, but this change has come Barretto St., btwn. Garrison & Lafayette
could have been very different. the UK because the dour prime aversion therapy consisting about over the last fifteen years, Aves., Hunts Point (#6 to Hunts Point Ave.).
He truly was one of those indi- minister, heavily influenced by of electric shock torture or the beginning with John Major’s A festival pass, good Oct. 1-Nov. 7, is
viduals we can point to whose a father who was a minister of administration of emetics to invitation to Ian McKellen to $50, available, with complete information,
unique contribution helped to the austere Church of Scotland, ‘correct’ homosexual behavior. Downing Street to talk about a at
turn the tide of war. The debt has been notoriously unsympa- That tens of thousands, prob- gay rights agenda. I very much ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
of gratitude he is owed makes thetic to the LGBT rights cause. ably hundreds of thousands, doubt whether Gordon Brown
it all the more horrifying, there- The political editor of the of gay lives — including mine even wrote it himself. The FILM
fore, that he was treated so Sunday newspaper the Observ- — were warped, twisted, dam- statement was only issued in Queer on Queer
inhumanely.” er wrote, “What had persuaded aged, and destroyed by the response to an e-petition which Butt Magazine contributing editor
Brown went on to say, “While a man so famously uninter - British state’s blithe belief that thousands had signed. The Adam Baran and filmmaker Ira Sachs
Turing was dealt with under ested in gay rights that he has it knew best. real question to ask is: would curate a series of queer films presented
the law of the time, and we regularly failed to vote in Parlia- “The most insulting part of
can’t put the clock back, his ment on key gay issues to inter- the press release is the party 䉴 TURING, continued on p.30 䉴 OCT 1, continued on p.18
1 - 14 OCT 2009

Crime /11
Cops Blow Off Bias Attack
After victim outcry, Quinn intervention, NYPD doubling-back on Hell’s Kitchen incident
BY PATRICK HEDLUND Hayes’s account of the incident on
his website, which he wrote at around

olice responding to an apparent 4 a.m. the mor ning of the attack,
bias attack in Hell’s Kitchen over quickly circulated online and prompted
the weekend failed to report the a response from City Council Speak-
incident or take any action against the er Christine Quinn, who represents
assailant for allegedly assaulting a group Hell’s Kitchen. In a statement released
of gay men and using anti-gay slurs as on Sunday, Quinn, who is an out les-
they walked down Ninth Avenue. bian, called the behavior of the police
According to Blake Hayes, a 24-year- “outrageous” and said she had been
old radio DJ and Hell’s Kitchen resi- in contact with Police Commissioner
dent, he was walking with two friends Raymond Kelly’s office, which agreed to
down Ninth Avenue near 51st Street conduct an investigation.
around 12:30 a.m. early Saturday, “One of the most significant tools
September 26, when a man standing that have helped us to combat hate
outside a local bar flicked at lit ciga- crimes here in New York City is having
rette at them as the group passed by. a strong police response to incidents
Expecting an apology, 28-year-old the- when they occur,” Quinn’s statement
ater performer Danny Calvert stopped read, in part. “There was a time in our
and turned to the man, who responded, city when victims of hate crimes did
“Keep moving, faggot” after hitting him not feel that the police were their allies.
with the cigarette. Any time a crime of this nature occurs,
“I said something like, ‘Do you even victims need to know they will be taken
know what neighborhood you’re in?’” seriously.”
Hayes explained of his initial reply to Hayes said he spoke with a detec-
the derogatory language. “I said, ‘Do tive from the commissioner’s office on
yourself a favor and get an education, Sunday, followed by a two-and-a-half
and shut your mouth.’” hour meeting between the victims and
At that point the unknown assail- police on Monday. He added that both
ant, who Hayes observed as “definitely a detective from the NYPD’s Hate Crime


drunk,” started making fun of the third Task Force and two officers from the
friend’s hair, saying “Oh, nice part, Internal Affairs Bureau interviewed the
homo,” to 23-year -old Alec Bell, who men, and that police are investigating
is also an actor. The men shot back Blake Hayes in front of McCoy’s in Hell’s Kitchen. both the incident and the actions by
with their own joke about the man’s cops at the scene.
baldness, at which point he verbally and restrained the man while the vic- showed at least three different officers “There was one detective who… said
threatened violence and began shoving tims called police. After the incident, a cut on the inside of his lip that he out of 40,000 cops, sometimes you get
Hayes. the attacker was allowed to return to sustained from the punches, and the a couple schmucks,” Hayes said of his
The attacker — whom Hayes the bar, allegedly telling the men, “Die men also directed police to the dented conversations with investigators follow-
described as in his late 20s or early of AIDS, you fucking queers,” before fender as further proof of the alterca- ing the incident. When contacted, an
30s, 6-feet tall with an average build heading inside, Hayes said. tion. However, the cops still declined to NYPD spokesperson declined to com-
— proceeded to punch Bell twice in When five officers from the nearby record any information regarding the ment on any aspects of the incident
the face and push Calvert against a 18th precinct arrived at the scene, they incident or take down the perpetrator’s due to the ongoing investigation. He
parked car, causing a dent in the vehi- spoke to all the involved parties but name — apparently deeming the inju- also would not speak in general terms
cle’s fender. A bouncer from the bar, refused to file a report as requested ries too minor — despite the victims’ about how police are required to treat
the Irish pub McCoy’s, then intervened by the victims, Hayes explained. Bell request to press charges. possible bias attacks because of the
“I think there really is a problem with conditions and circumstances unique
crimes like this being underreported by to each scenario.
Metropolitan Community Church of New York police,” said Hayes, who wrote about
the experience on his personal website.
However, Sharon Stapel, executive
director of the New York City Gay and
ServicesSocial Spiritual “I don’t think it’s an anti-gay thing [with
the police] at all. I think it’s a combina-
Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, said
that the police likely failed to follow

A church of lesbian,
and Sylvia Rivera tion of laziness and not acknowledging proper protocol based on accounts of

gay, bisexual
Food Pantry and transgender the severity of the problem. There is a the attack. Citing the NYPD’s standard-
people. Open to all.
big difference between hitting some- issue “patrol guide,” she said officers
one because you’re drunk and hitting are mandated to report any incidents
someone because they’re gay.” where a possible hate motive is present
Advocating Later, around 3:30 a.m., Bell and to a higher-ranking sergeant. In turn,
Marriage Equality and
Transgender Rights Calvert were able to file a report at the sergeant is supposed to respond to
the 18th precinct stationhouse, but the scene of the incident and report it to
The Reverend Pat Bumgardner, Pastor
only after arguing with two officers a captain, who decides whether or not
Weekly Sunday Services: 9 am (Traditional), 11 am (Celebration)
3 pm (Mandarin) and 7 pm (Praise & Worship) who allegedly initially rebuffed their to notify the Hate Crime Task Force.
11 am features ASL interpreter (1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each month) attempts by stating, “You guys serious- “If the allegations of the victims of this
446 West 36th St. bet. 9th & 10th Ave. NY, NY 10018 ly think something’s going to happen?”
212-629-7440 website: email:
Hayes said. 䉴 BIAS ATTACK, continued on p.13
1 - 14 OCT 2009

12/ Perspective
Redeeming Caster Semenya

saw the women’s 800 meters on planet Earth, if an African- thought, finding out in the According to Peggy Oren-
in Berlin. This young thing descended female athlete excels morning paper, and looking stine, the Olympic Games quit
was facing the cameras in spectacular fashion, we get down at a body that’s suddenly gender-verifying female athletes before the race started, pretend- accused of cheating or have foreign. Worrying everybody in 1999 because it was proven
ASSOCIATE EDITOR ing to brush a few specks of dust ‘that’s a man’ shade hurled at thinks she’s a freak. Wondering the few women with atypical sex
Duncan Osborne off her shoulders because that’s us.” Like many others, she went if they’ll let her compete again. If development didn’t actually get
CONTRIBUTING EDITORS what the other runners were on to talk about the Williams she can stand to. a competitive edge. Worse, “it
Christopher Byrne (Theater), Susie Day, to her, just dust she was gonna sisters, whose complete domi- The only good that’s come served only to humiliate them.”
Doug Ireland (International), Brian McCormick leave behind. She wasn’t in the nance of the women’s tennis cir- out of the mess is that it gave Given that, it’s hard to under-
(Dance), Dean P. Wrzeszcz
lead at first, but pretty soon she cuit has brought on a lot of the birth to a couple of interesting stand why the International
Betsy Andrews, Seth J. Bookey,
broke out and that was the end same complaints. “They’re too articles about biological com- Association of Athletics Federa-
Anthony M.Brown, Kelly Jean Cogswell, of it. big, too strong. They’re not real plexity explaining there are far tions continues to go after Cast-
Dean Daderko, Tate Dougherty, Andres Duque, Afterwards, the French women.” She also reminded us more gender variations than we er Semenya.
Michael Ehrhardt, Steve Erickson, Nick Feitel,
Jim Fouratt, Joe Fyfe, Deborah Garwood, announcer said, there were two that Olympic champion Maria acknowledge both on the hor- The only challenge to Caster
Erasmo Guerra, Emily Harney, Andrey Henkin, races, Caster Semenya’s and Mutola of Mozambique faced monal, biological, and genetic should be the field of runners.
Frank Holiday, Andy Humm, James Jorden, Brendan the one everybody else was in. similar accusations despite levels. Hell, X’s and Y’s are scat- Unfortunately, besides the IAAF,
Keane, David Kennerley, Gary M. Kramer, Arthur S.
Leonard, Rachael Liberman, She didn’t crack a smile. Just passing test after test. tered around like party favors. there’s now the emotional obsta-
Michael T. Luongo, Lawrence D. Mass, brushed off her shoulders again, Masculine women and dykes, Unfortunately, few of the arti- cle of stepping back into a stadi-
Winnie McCroy, Eileen McDermott,
Gregory Montreuil, Ioannis Mookas, Carrie Moyer,
that young woman from South of course, get that nonsense all cles went so far as to demand um, and competing in front of a
Stephen Mueller, Christopher Murray, Africa. Somebody handed her a the time, no matter what their Semenya be accepted as an ath- crowd when plenty of them are
David Noh, Wayne Northcross, Lori Ortiz, flag and told her to take a victo- race. Martina Navratilova was in lete, no question, by clarifying thinking she’s a freak of nature,
Pauline Park, Sheila Pepe, John Reed,
Nathan Riley, Andrew Robinson, Gerard Robinson, ry lap. She did it sternly. A dyke, the hot seat for her muscley arms what matters most to her, that and not just because she blew
Chris Schmidt, Sarah D. Schulman, I figured. Stone butch and 18, and total control of women’s ten- in terms of performance, most away the world champion by
Jason Victor Serinus, Linda Shapiro, with a lot to prove. More than I nis a generation before the Wil- intersexed females with testes almost two and a half seconds.
David Shengold, Gus Solomons Jr., David Spiher,
Drew B. Straub, Stefen Styrsky, Jerry Tallmer, knew at the time. liams sisters. For the rest of us, don’t get enough of a handy After the news broke, she
Stefanos Tsigrimanis, Kathleen Warnock, It turns out she was waiting our girlness started getting called hormonal spike to get any kind withdrew from her next race
Benjamin Weinthal, Lee Ann Westover,
James Withers, Kai Wright, Susan Yung
for the results of gender testing into question when we were little of advantage. and apparently began trauma
after complaints from some of and beat boys in games. In fact, women with “normal” counseling. I only hope it’s com-
Mark Hasselberger
the other runners and coaches All that makes a black, butch sex organs can produce unusu- ing from somebody kind and
about her sudden improvement, woman with wings on her feet ally high levels of testosterone. open-minded who won’t stuff her
Jamie Paakkonen big muscles, and deep voice fair game. And the medical juries What are we going to do about into dresses or try to extract her
when she came out of nowhere are in. At least the informa- them? The only fair thing would difference with a knife. I can’t
FRANCESCO REGINI to win the African Junior Cham- tion was leaked. Caster Seme- be to test all the “female” ath- wait to see her run again. That pionship. nya wasn’t doping. But she is a letes and establish one set of beautiful burst of speed and
Plenty of writers blame the “hermaphrodite,” as they wrote rules for everyone. Maybe even defiance. Leaving all the other
complaints on racism and in some headlines. Intersexed, enforce them by administer - girls in the dust.
COLIN GREGORY misogyny. And it is always tough from those who wanted to be ing hormones until they’re all
for black female athletes. Blog- polite. No external male organs at exactly the same levels. Per- Support KELLY in EXILE. Get
ALLISON GREAKER ger Monica Roberts wasn’t the but reportedly testes hidden up haps the tall ones should be gratitude, art, tattoos: kickstart-
only one to voice this view, com- in there. shortened and the short ones menting, “I know from my time I can’t imagine what she stretched. ville-in-exile-gallery.
DANI ZUPANOVICH 䉴 BRIEFS, from p.4 by Quinn, Bronx Councilwoman siders LGBTQ youth an important the wayside, and one persistent Act (ENDA), which would pro- Annabel Palma, AIDS advocates, voice on waterfront development issue has been the relative share vide job bias protections based
Please call (212) 229-1890 for logjam. Out lesbian West Village and HASA clients. issues.” Morales serves on the of public uses versus commercial on sexual orientation and gender
advertising rates and availability. Assemblywoman Deborah Glick FIERCE Campaign Steering Com- enterprises needed to generate identity and expression, its top
ACCOUNTING sponsors the bill in her chamber. FIERCE Gains mittee that has been meeting the revenues to support the pier. priority. Berry, who is director of
DAVID JAFFE Quinn’s release noted that Riverfront Clout with Trust representatives and At an August 13 debate the US Office of Personnel Man-
other New Yorkers living in subsi- The efforts by FIERCE, the elected officials to advocate for a among City Council candidates agement, suggested that passing
Rivendell Media / 212.242.6863 dized housing have rents pegged Fabulous Independent Educated youth center being an element of in the Third District, all three, ENDA would make other legisla-
Web master at no more than 30 percent of Radicals for Community Empow- Pier 40’s redevelopment. including Speaker Quinn, who tive objectives easier to advance.
Arturo Jimenez their income. Federal housing erment, to create a 24-hour A recent study released by won the September 15 primary, “It is the keystone that holds up
Gay City News, The Newspaper Serving Gay and Lesbian NYC, is pub-
assistance, in fact, mandates that LGBTQ youth center on Pier 40 FIERCE, “White Paper: Expand- pledged to support a redevelop- the whole bunch, and so we need
lishedby Community Media, LLC. Send all inquiries to: Gay City News, maximum. Quinn’s office said that at West Houston Street, got a ing Access to Public Space at ment plan that included a 24-hour to focus our energies and atten-
145 Sixth Ave., First Fl., NYC 10013 Phone: 646.452.2500 Written
permission of the publisher must be obtained before any of the contents limiting rents for HASA clients significant boost on September the Hudson River Park,” called drop-in center tion there,” the Blade quoted
of this paper, in part or whole, can be reproduced or redistributed. All
contents (c) 2009 Gay City News. in the same manner could save 23 when the group won a seat for amendments to the Park Trust Berry as saying of ENDA.
Gay City News is a registered trademark
the city and state $12 million in on the Advisory Council to the legislative authority that would Obama Gay Big: Berry made his comments at
of Community Media, LLC. emergency housing outlays. Hudson River Park Trust, a quasi- “prioritize the creation of public Focus on ENDA the Out for Work national con-
John W. Sutter, President
Fax: 646.452.2501; “The New York State Leg- public group that administers the space, preserve community uses The Washington Blade is vention in Washington on Sep-
E-mail: islature must act to correct this land where the pier is located. of the park, increase community reporting that John Berry, the tember 26.
blatant injustice,” said Council- In a written statement from decision-making power, and stop Obama administration’s top- He told the gathering that
26 issues, $90.00 woman Rosie Mendez, an out FIERCE, Azreal Morales stated, over-development in the Hudson ranking out gay appointee, is House leadership is “within spit-
(c)2009 Gay City News. lesbian who represents the “Our appointment to the HRPT River Park.” encouraging the LGBT com- ting distance” of securing the 218
All rights reserved. Lower East Side, at a City Hall Advisory Council is one example Several proposals for redevel- munity to make passage of the
press conference also attended of how the community now con- opment of Pier 40 have fallen by Employment Non-Discrimination 䉴 BRIEFS, continued on p.13
1 - 14 OCT 2009

Legal /13
A Kinder, Gentler DOMA Defense
In opposing Boston challenge to bar on federal recognition, DOJ narrows its arguments
BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD any specific harm they had suffered due since there is no dispute that several
to DOMA. The government won its motion plaintiffs do have standing to raise a con-

he US Department of Justice has on that ground. stitutional challenge. All of the plaintiffs
filed a motion to dismiss the con- But that DOJ brief also made the out- are either same-sex couples who married
stitutional challenge to Section rageous claim that the case should also be in Massachusetts or the surviving spous-
3 of the US Defense of Marriage Act that dismissed on the merits because DOMA es of such unions. In each case, they had
the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defend- was not discriminatory, instead merely an applied for some federal benefit or sought
ers (GLAD) filed in federal court in Boston attempt by Congress to be “neutral” in a to exercise some federal right, but were
last winter. Section 3 bars federal recog- contentious national debate over same- denied due to DOMA.
nition of marriages by same-sex couples. sex marriage. The brief generated most of Turning to the merits, DOJ’s argument
The brief that DOJ filed on September 18 the public ire in its response to the chal- is quite straightforward. After conced-
seems to come from a different universe lenge to DOMA’s Section 2, which allows ing that DOMA discriminates and that

than the one it filed in June seeking dis- states to refuse recognition to same-sex the administration is seeking its repeal,
missal of a DOMA challenge on the West marriages from other jurisdictions. the brief goes on to defend its constitu-
Coast. Assessing the two side by side is That section is not under challenge in tionality on minimalist grounds. No state
like comparing apples and oranges. GLAD’s case in Boston. authorized same-sex marriage at the time
In the Smelt case in June, DOJ argued In its new brief, DOJ offers some nar- DOMA was enacted, the motion notes,
for dismissal in part based on lack of rowly-focused arguments challenging the saying the law arose out of concern about Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department has
standing, because the California married standing of certain of the GLAD plaintiffs, filed a brief opposing a challenge to DOMA considerably
gay couple who filed suit did not allege but those are almost beside the point 䉴 DOMA, continued on p.14 less noxious than one submitted three months earlier.

䉴 BIAS ATTACK, from p.11 of public incidents, where the Quinn added that the situation McCoy’s attitude toward the ing to access video of the dust-
allegations were the police doesn’t “offer any clear out for neighborhood. up to ascertain the attacker’s
attack are true and the police were not helpful, can have a the officers” upon completion “He is helping us in any way identity.
refused to take a complaint, chilling effect on the commu- of the investigation. we can. He has urged he is a In the meantime, Hayes
we’re very disturbed by that,” nity and their willingness to “This is such a throwback friend of the gay community, wants to organize a special
Stapel said. “What we’re con- report to police,” she said. to when we had problems with and wants everyone to know event at McCoy’s as a “good
cerned about is the message Based on the swift response the police,” she continued, he welcomes everyone to his show of unity” between the
that sends to the LGBT com- from Commissioner Kelly’s noting that the attack could bar,” Hayes later wrote on his bar and the diverse West Side
munity, which is people may office, Quinn believes the cops lead to positive changes in how website, adding, “I’m confident community. “That’s one of
not feel confident that they will involved will face repercus- these incidents are treated he will aid in this investiga- the reasons that I love this
get help if they call police.” sions for failing to appropri- in the future. “I am very sad- tion, and be an ally to us in the neighborhood,” he said. “I
She also outlined statistics ately respond to the incident. dened that this has happened, future.” have always felt very safe in
culled by AVP showing that in “Certainly reports from a vic- but very surprised.” Hayes also explained that, this neighborhood, not only
New York City, police refused to tim that anti-gay language was Hayes had previously urged according to the bar owner, because it’s gay but because
file reports regarding almost 22 used, that’s a clear trigger that the public to complain to the the assailant had identified it’s very accepting.”
percent of all the anti-gay inci- the incident should be report- 18th precinct and the bar, himself as a Marine, and was But the incident also illus-
dents brought to the depart- ed to a superior officer,” said McCoy’s, outside of which the discussing just getting back trates the fact that no place is
ment’s attention. Nationwide, Quinn, a one-time executive attack occurred. After encour- from Iraq on the night of the immune from these types of
that figure is about 13 percent, director of AVP. “These officers, aging people on his website incident. The man had also occurrences, Hayes added. “I
Stapel added. if the reports are accurate, to call the bar directly, Hayes apparently acted abrasively think more than anything, this
“What we absolutely want didn’t do anything in accor - said the owner contacted toward bar staff, and argued incident is about Hell’s Kitch-
people to know is that we dance with the rules.” Based him to explain that the inci- about his tab, Hayes said. en, and how it can happen
understand that these type on her knowledge of the attack, dent should in no way reflect Police are apparently attempt- anywhere.”

䉴 BRIEFS, from p.12 open mind” on repealing Don’t report, “Lesbian and Gay Parents over LGBT families and marriage of Health has just given her a one rolled out every day.
Ask, Don’t Tell, but must also “bal- and Their Children: Research on equality for same-sex couples, $150,000 grant to continue pursu- Among the New Yorkers rec-
votes needed for passage of a fully- ance some things,” including the the Family Life Cycle,” written by Goldberg, who teaches psychol- ing this research. ognized this year are City Council
inclusive ENDA, with transgender nation’s military commitments in clinical psychologist Abbie E. Gold- ogy at Clark University in Worces- Speaker Christine Quinn, MSNBC/
protections that were absent from Iraq and Afghanistan. berg, PhD, documents consistent ter, Massachusetts, hopes that October is LGBT Air America journalist and broad-
the bill passed in 2007. The abil- findings that the well-being and her findings can be useful for History Month caster Rachel Maddow, actor B.D.
ity to overcome a Senate filibuster, Comprehensive life outcomes of children raised policymakers, school officials, Equality Forum, the group Wong, choreographers Alvin Ailey
however, something that requires Review of Gay by gay and lesbian parents are therapists, and parents. that stages the annual week-long and Jerome Robbins, composer
60 votes, is still an open question, Parenting Data no different than of those raised Goldberg’s chief area of program of workshops, forums, John Cage, author Zora Neale Hur-
he said. Democrats hold 60 seats Affirms Quality by heterosexuals. Similar con- study concerns the transition panels, and parties noting and cel- ston, artists Robert Rauschenberg
in the Senate, and at least some of Outcomes clusions have been reached in to parenthood among children ebrating the LGBT community each and Jasper Johns, designer Todd
Republican votes are expected for The American Psychological earlier journal articles and social in diverse families, including May in Philadelphia, has once Oldham, financial wiz Suze Orman,
the measure. Association in late September science book chapters, but Gold- those headed by LGBT parents again this year launched its month- and activists Hilary Rosen and
The Blade quoted Berry saying published the first full-length berg’s work is the first compre- and those that include adoptive long web salute to “GLBT Icons,” Urvashi Vaid.
that Robert Gates, the defense analysis of the research on gay hensive synthesis and analysis children. The National Institute of with a video biography of 31 out- The entire “GLBT Icons” pro-
secretary Obama held over from parenting, summarizing data from of all existing research. Child Health and Human Develop- standing gay and lesbian figures gram can be viewed at glbthistory-
the Bush administration, has “an the 1970s to the present day. The Given the increasing debate ment at the National Institutes from the past and present, a new

䉴 DOMA, from p.13 ing the impression with lower courts that
the “rational basis” test is the appropriate
a pending gay marriage lawsuit in Hawaii. approach to bring to anti-gay legislation.
DOJ argues that Congress could ratio- Given that both same-sex marriage
nally have reacted to this unsettled and and the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
unprecedented situation by preserving policy were already emerging as constitu-
the status quo until the states had worked tional questions in 1996, the high court
out a uniform approach to the issue. This was likely looking for a way to answer the
way, eligibility for federal benefits would questions posed by Amendment 2 as nar-
not differ from state to state. rowly as possible. Since Justice Anthony
DOJ argues that this reasoning would Kennedy was able to write an opinion
be sufficient to satisfy the “rational basis” throwing out the Colorado amendment
test of judicial review, under which a law for failing to meet even the lax ratio-
is presumed constitutional and the bur- nal basis judicial review test, the court
den is on the challenger to prove that found it unnecessary to decide whether
there is no non-discriminatory explana- a more searching level of scrutiny was
tion to justify it. in fact appropriate to a gay equal protec-
LGBT rights groups have been argu- tion claim. Amendment 2 was viewed as
ing in the courts that a more demanding purely the product of animus against gay
level of judicial review should apply in gay people, and the court had previously held
rights cases, due to the history of anti-gay that this was never a legitimate basis for
discrimination frequently embedded in discriminatory legislation. That was the
laws and government policies. In cases end of that.
involving other groups, such as African Unfortunately, last year, the 1st Circuit
Americans and women, the Supreme Court of Appeals, which would have juris-
Court has indicated such a history might diction over any appeal of GLAD’s Bos-
require heightened scrutiny of equal pro- ton case, issued a ruling holding that in
tection claims. light of the 1996 Amendment 2 case, the
The problem here is that in the only rational basis test was the appropriate
case in which the Supreme Court has standard for evaluating an equal protec-
HELPING CREATE FAMILIES ruled in favor of gay plaintiffs based on tion challenge to the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
equal protection grounds –– its overturn- policy. That conclusion appeared to be
FOR 29 YEARS ing in 1996 of Colorado’s anti-gay Amend- based on the fact that no higher standard
Visit for more information or ment 2 that barred the state and locali- of review had been used in the Colorado
call our Maryland office at 410-990-9860 ties from enacting gay rights protections
–– its reasoning was rather opaque, leav- 䉴 DOMA, continued on p.31


Join us in the effort to stop HIV.
Men who are between 18-45 years old and HIV negative can take action
by volunteering in an HIV vaccine study. Volunteers receive reimbursement
for time and travel. You can’t get HIV from the vaccine.

Columbia University: 212-305-2201 Union Square: 212-388-0008

or visit

$10 Million HIV

Damages Okayed
South Carolina Supreme Court finds
insurance cancellation “reprehensible”
BY ARTHUR S. LEONARD Fortis ignored all of the contrary evi-
dence, and rescinded Mitchell’s cover-

he South Carolina Supreme age, retroactive to the date the policy
Court has unanimously awarded was issued. A Fortis senior underwriter,
$10 million in punitive damages Kate Stephens, who recommended this
to a young man living with HIV whose action, sent a letter to Mitchell in Sep-
coverage was retroactively rescinded by tember 2002, informing him his policy
his health insurer after he filed his first was rescinded due to a “material misrep-
HIV-related claim. The September 14 resentation” on his application form and
ruling, calling the insurance company’s inviting him to submit “any additional
behavior “reprehensible,” also affirmed information you may have which would
an award of $150,000 in actual damages effect [sic] our decision to rescind your
for bad faith breach of contract. policy.”
Jerome Mitchell, Jr., was a 17-year- Alar med, Mitchell immediately
old heading off to college and no longer phoned Stephens to clear up the mis-
covered by his mother’s policy on May understanding, but his call was diverted
15, 2001, when he applied to the Fortis to a customer service representative,
Insurance Company for an individual who said nothing could be done about
health insurance policy. He truthfully the rescission. A case manager at a free
completed the application form, indicat- medical clinic called Stephens on Mitch-
ing that he had never been treated for or ell’s behalf, but the Fortis underwriter
diagnosed as having any “immune defi- refused to accept any evidence and said
ciency disorder,” and his application was “there was nothing she could do.” Ste-
approved. phens made no mention that Mitchell
In April 2002, Mitchell participated had a right of appeal.
in a Red Cross blood drive, and on May Finally Mitchell turned to a lawyer,
13 received word that his blood dona- who wrote Fortis, enclosing the relevant
tion had tested HIV-positive. Red Cross evidence and reciting the correct chro-
advised him to have his own doctor nology of events, demanding that the
confirm the result. On May 14, Mitch- young man’s coverage be restored. The
ell tested positive again at his doctor’s company, however, persisted in relying
office. The doctor’s assistant wrote a solely on the misdated note, and denied
note attached to his chart: “Gave blood any appeal.
in March –– got letter yesterday stat- Mitchell sued, but it was not until May
ing blood tested HIV.” This note cor - 27, 2004, ten months after the lawsuit
rectly identified Mitchell as 18 years old, was filed, that Fortis finally reinstated
but mistakenly recorded the date of the the policy, most likely at the prompting
appointment as May 14, 2001, rather of its defense lawyers, who knew a losing
than 2002. case when they saw it.
Mitchell soon visited an infectious dis-
ease specialist, who recorded the young
Mitchell’s case went to a trial jury,
which ruled in his favor, awarding Elaine Retholtz, L.Ac.
man’s medical history on his own intake
form, indicating that the patient was an
$36,000 for breach of contract, $150,000
for bad faith rescission, and $15 million
18-year-old African-American man with as punitive damages for the bad faith Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
“no past medical history” who had “tried rescission. Expert testimony offered at
to donate blood in April of this year” and the trial indicated that if Mitchell had no
was noted to be HIV-positive, a fact con- insurance coverage and hence no treat- Practicing Acupuncture since 1992.
firmed by his personal physician. ment, he would have advanced to full-
When Fortis Insurance received claims blown AIDS and died within a few years.
for the services provided by the two doc- That testimony put the projected lifetime Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Classes
tors, it investigated whether its liability cost of treating someone newly discov-
could be avoided by rescinding the pol- ered to be HIV-positive at just under 1.1 begin the week of October 5th.
icy. The claims investigator focused on
the handwritten note by the assistant
Stunned by the jury verdict, Fortis
Call for more information on these classes,
working for Mitchell’s doctor, flagging it asked the trial judge to set it aside and or to schedule an acupuncture appointment.
for attention. If all the other facts were reduce the damages. The judge instead
overlooked, the misdated note made it directed Mitchell to elect among any two
appear as though Mitchell learned he of the three amounts the jury awarded, 112 West 27th Street, #402 NY, NY 10001
was HIV-positive on May 14, 2001, and and of course he waived the $36,000
then applied for health insurance the 212.967.6261
very next day, concealing his HIV status. 䉴 SOUTH CAROLINA, continued on p.30
1 - 14 OCT 2009

16/ Theater
Mentor Men
Fathers and sons grapple to find common ground
BY DAVID KENNERLEY theater coach is spot on, but his illiterate
FATHERS & SONS Latino fails horribly (was he supposed to

cenic designer Todd Edward Irvins Lion Theatre at Theatre Row be Chinese?). Chris Dolman is credited
should be commended on his work 410 W. 42nd St. with being the director, though I suspect
for “Father’s & Sons,” the earnest Wed.-Sat. at 8 p.m.; Sun. at 3 p.m. Hoehler was tugging at the reigns as well.
exploration of fractured male bonds now Through Oct. 4 The overabundance of material needs
$25; Or 212-279-4200
playing at the Lion Theatre on Theatre to be cut and shaped by a firmer hand.
Row. For not only does his bi-level set — No stranger to Off Broadway, the tal-
a rehearsal hall, cluttered with old chairs, er by a clunky framing device — they are ented Hoeler has written and performed
clothes racks, theater posters, and an actually scenes rehearsed by an aging the- several solo shows, such as “Working
overflowing New York City trash can — ater professional named Richard and an Class” and “Human Resources.” You may


mirror the detritus of rocky relationships aspiring actor named Edwin. Both have also recognize him from his recurring role
headed south, it also reflects the author’s serious father-son issues of their own. on the “Third Watch” television series.
overzealous attempt to cram in as many Even without reading the program It would be easy to dismiss “Fathers &
pairs of men as possible. beforehand, it will surprise no one that the Sons” as contrived and self-indulgent, not
In just 90 minutes, we are assailed actors are also named Richard (Hoeler), to mention overcomplicated and repeti-
with an array of complex male relation- Richard Hoehler and Edwin Matos, Jr., in “Fathers and who plays all the father roles, and Edwin tive. Yet the stories are rendered with
ships that loosely fall under the header Sons.” (Matos), who plays all the son roles. And such conviction that we can forgive the
of fathers and sons. Besides the conven- that the author of the entire enterprise is, shortcomings. Many of the stereotypes
tional kind — where a college-bound son care of a mentally challenged teen who in fact, Richard Hoeler. This play is close feel refreshed, and a couple of scenes do
is ashamed of his illiterate father, an alco- refuses to go to an institution. Perhaps the to his heart, and it shows. pack an emotional punch.
holic father returns from prison and his strongest of the bunch is the long-in-the- While the appealing Matos does a nice If Hoehler has set out to examine the
son rejects him, and a gay son comes out tooth theater coach who beds his budding job of inhabiting and delineating his vari- thorny dynamics of male bonding — love,
to a father who turns against him — there student in exchange for an audition and ous characters, Hoehler is less successful, power, commitment, betrayal, letting go,
are father stand-ins as well. companionship, an arrangement that col- confusing his accents and, well, at times and “staying true to yourself” while trying
A young man squabbles with a plumber lapses all too quickly. coming across as simply playing himself. to please Daddy or Son — he achieves his
stepfather he can’t stand. An uncle takes All of these stories are bundled togeth- Sure, his portrayal of the fey, lecherous goal.

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1 - 14 OCT 2009

18/ Film
This Year, For the Believers 14 DAYS
NY Film Festival steers clear of mainstream, embracing troublemakers, worse 14 NIGHTS

his year’s New York Film and discussed by artists from the gay per-
Festival seems aimed at formance, film, visual, and literary arts.
hardcore cinephiles. All screenings are at 92Ytribeca, 200
The festival usually includes Hudson St., btwn. Vestry & Desbro-
a few high-profile English-lan- sses Sts., and cost $12 at 92YTribeca.
guage films, ranging from the org/film. On Oct. 1, 7:30 p.m., director
brilliant (Paul Thomas Ander- John Cameron Mitchell presents Doug-
son’s “Punch Drunk Love”) las Hickox’s “Entertaining Mr. Sloane,”


to the abysmal (Todd Field’s described as “the unsung black comedy
“Little Children”). One wonders gem of Swinging ’60s-era British film.”
whether a festival with only 25 The film, about a young libidinous lodger
slots for new releases should be fought over by a wacky middle-aged broth-
showing films that don’t need its er and sister, is closely adapted from Joe
help to play New York theaters Orton’s 1964 hit play. On Nov. 5, 7:30 p.m.,
for months. But in 2009, Pedro Charlotte Gainsbourg as “She” and Willem Dafoe as “he” in Lars von Trier’s “Antichrist.” artist Angela Dufresne presents Apichat-
Almodovar’s “Broken Embraces” pong Weerasethakul’s 2004 “Tropical Mal-
(Oct. 11, 5 & 8 p.m.) and Lee 47TH ANNUAL whether an art collection in a Several scenes are notable for ady,” an hallucinogenic tale of two men in
Daniels’ “Precious” (Oct. 3, 7 & NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL Philadelphia suburb should be their neon green and blue tints. a passionate relationship facing the con-
10 p.m.) are as middlebrow as Alice Tully Hall moved — might seem arcane (In fact, Marguerite keeps sev- fusion and terror of an unknown menace
the New York Film Festival gets. Walter Reade Theater or of limited interest, the film eral colored light tubes in her lurking deep within the jungle shadows.
Instead of the Coen brothers, Lincoln Center has resonance beyond the art apartment.) Even exteriors look On Dec. 3, 7:30 p.m., New Yorker writer
it’s offering a platform to the Sep. 25-Oct. 11 world’s small microcosm. Argott unnaturally yellow and soft. Hilton Als presents Sidney Lumet’s 1966
Screenings are $20;
excellent Portuguese directors is unabashedly partisan, sid- For some reason, cops seem “The Group,” based on the Mary McCa-
Pedro Costa (Oct. 8, 6 p.m.) ing with those who want the to bring out the eccentric in rthy novel about depression-era Vassar
and Joao Pedro Rodrigues (Oct. misogyny.” Barnes Foundation’s collection Resnais; one scene featuring grads, as they enter adulthood on the eve
1, 6 p.m.). It’s also found room Trier has always worked with to remain in its original loca- them is a cluster of zoom shots of World War II. Candice Bergen, in her
for the anti-crowd-pleaser par an eye toward provoking the tion, as its late founder wished. and quick edits, while anoth- first major role, plays a snooty lesbian.
excellence, “Antichrist,” as well audience at Cannes, where he He sets up a parade of heroes, er depicts a boisterous party ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
as potential troublemakers like recently declared himself the beginning with the iconoclastic entirely through silhouette and
Harmony Korine (Oct. 1, 10 world’s greatest filmmaker. It’s Dr. Albert Barnes and his stu- sound.
p.m.; Oct. 2, 11:30 p.m.), Todd
Solondz (Oct. 10, 9 p.m.; Oct.
11, 11 a.m.), and Catherine
impossible to tell how serious-
ly Trier’s parade of overacting
(from Willem Dafoe and Char-
dents, and villains, starting with
the Philadelphia Inquirer.
The film’s excitement doesn’t
The film honors its novelis-
tic origins by relying heavily on
voice-over. It risks glamorizing THEATER
Breillat (Oct. 11, 2 p.m.). lotte Gainsbourg, playing a mar- stem from visual style — for the obsessive behavior — Georges Gays Are At It
The festival has never cared ried couple whose son falls out most part, it’s a string of inter- winds up calling and writing let- Again
much for premieres. The Toron- the window after watching them views and zooms into photos. ters to Marguerite compulsively A senator faces re-election, some voters
to Film Festival used to call have sex) and sexual torture is However, it’s extremely well- — but it remains on the right have had it up to here, and voter initiatives
itself “the festival of festivals,” a intended. At first, it plays like a edited and digs into its subject side of the edge between charm- are being challenged. After a teenager is
term that might suit our own. serious exploration of depres- matter with gusto. One might ing and creepy most of the time. murder, “time” is the word of the day, but no
New York’s program is usually sion, a disease Trier admits to wish for more nuance, but the Ultimately, “Wild Grass” shows one agrees who much is left. Center Voices
a greatest-hits selection culled facing himself. questions “The Art of the Steal” the kind of light, offhanded hosts a staged-reading of “The Homosexual
from Cannes and Venice, with Ultimately, the film goes off raises, about whether art can touch only a virtuoso could pull Agenda,” a new play by Robb Leigh Davis.
one or two new entries. How- the rails in spectacular, ludi- resist becoming a tool of rich off. LGBT Community Center, 208 W. 13th
ever, this year, the festival offers crous fashion — the moment elites and if museums can be It must have been a weak St., 7 p.m. Admission is $10.
a real rarity: “Ghost Town” when a fox talks marks the something greater than tourist year if the Venice Film Festival ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
(screened on Sep. 27), a three- point when it begins to feel like traps, are vital. jury gave its top prize to director
hour documentary made last a giant put-on. There’s nothing At 87, Alain Resnais is no Samuel Maov’s “Lebanon” (Oct. Faith & Family
year and never shown before really daring abut Trier’s equa- longer reinventing film narra- 1, 9:30 p.m.; Oct. 2, 3 p.m.). As America marks another anniver-
outside China. Its view of con- tion of sex and death; it would tive the way his early work did, In a feat of historical irony, sary of the 9/11 attacks of 2001, Carla
temporary Chinese life comple- be far more genuinely provoca- but “Wild Grass” (screened on this Israeli war film, set almost Blank directs a production of Pakistani-
ments the festival’s sidebar of tive for a director of his stature Sep. 25) is experimental in its entirely inside a tank, most American playwright Wajahat Ali’s “The
Maoist-era Chinese films, most to depict extremely explicit lov- own casual manner. Marguerite resembles the German World Domestic Crusaders,” described as an
of which have been impossible ing, happy sex. Impressive cin- (Sabine Azema), a dentist and War II drama “Das Boot.” On the authentic, revelatory, no-holds barred
to see in the West until now. ematography and editing go to amateur pilot, comes into con- morning of Israel’s 1982 inva- depiction of a contemporary immigrant
I learned several helpful tips waste in a film that marks the tact with Georges (Andre Dusol- sion of Lebanon, a small tank Muslim family, in which humor, tensions,
from Lars von Trier’s “Anti- low point of Trier’s oeuvre so far. lier), who finds her stolen wal- crosses into the country, but and sparks fly across three generations.
christ” (Oct.2, 9 p.m.; Oct. 3, The New York Film Festi- let. Narrative seems to take a their mission soon goes awry. Nuyorican Poets Café, 236 E. Third
1 p.m.). Women are feral crea- val’s documentary selections back seat to playing with form. “Lebanon” really suffers from St., btwn. Aves. B & C. Thu.-Sat., 7
tures who respond to grief by are often a crapshoot, but Don To satisfy both optimists and comparisons with two recent p.m.; Sun., 3 p.m., through Oct. 11.
masturbating in the forest and Argott’s “The Art of the Steal” pessimists, the film offers alter- films that cover similar ground, Tickets are $15 at or 212-
mutilating their genitals. This (Oct. 6, 2 p.m.) is a piece of nate endings. It could be used Katherine Bigelow’s “The Hurt 465-3167, or $20 at the door.
may be the only film ever made fast-paced, gripping storytell- as advertising for cinematogra-
with a credit for “research on ing. While its subject matter — phers shopping for colored gels. 䉴 NY FILM FEST, continued on p.20 䉴 14 DAYS, continued on p.20

Groovy Situations
One man’s musings on the allure of soul BOYS NIGHT

ast year, powerhouse perform-

er Colman Domingo displayed
impressive range tackling mul-
tiple roles in the brashly exuberant
at 7PM
musical “Passing Strange.” In the

G !
recent Encores Summer Stars pro-
duction of “The Wiz,” his outrageous
take on the title role kept audiences

rollicking. And in the Logo network’s
“The Big Gay Sketch Show,” he mim-
ics a host of diverse celebrities such “H dance and go
rgeous dancers!”
—Time O
ut New Y
as Oprah, Tyra, RuPaul, and Morgan
(that would be Freeman, not Fairch-
All ideal training for “A Boy and His
Soul,” Domingo’s sweetly incandes-

Photo by Joan Marcus

cent new solo show that recounts his
formative years in West Philly during
the 1970s soul music explosion. As he
picks through stacks of old LPs in his
parents’ basement, he finds his own
heartbeat among the smooth grooves.
He portrays 11 tightly-drawn charac-
ters including his mom, the love of his
life; his step dad, “the con-negro-seur
of soul music” ; his cigarette-suck-

ing tomboy sister; his mega-macho

older brother; and his drag queen of a
cousin, named Siferdean. His purring
impersonation of “The Quiet Storm” Colman Domingo in a rare moment of his own singing in
radio disc jockey is spot-on, both “A Boy and His Soul.”
funny and chilling.
But be forewarned — while the tow- A BOY AND HIS SOUL
ering dynamo sporadically bursts into The Vineyard Theatre
song and shakes what his mamma 108 E. 15th St. , east of Union Sq.
gave him, this is not a musical. Rath- Tue. at 7 p.m.; Wed.-Sat. at 8 p.m.
er, it’s a poetic rumination with an Sat.-Sun. at 3 p.m.
awesome old-school R&B soundtrack, Through Oct.18
starting with TSOP (The Sound of $55;
Or 212-353-0303
Philadelphia), then sampling luscious
Ballroom. R
chunks of James Brown, Isley Broth-
ers, Ohio Players, Aretha Franklin,
Smokey Robinson, Teddy Pender - the expected reaction considering his
aturing AN N DAN
grass, and scads more. circumstances.
At one point, Domingo begs the If the convention-busting “Pass- Fe INK YOU CA
audience to join him in crooning “Bet- ing Strange” was a musical for people
cha By Golly, Wow” by the Stylistics. who hated musicals, perhaps “A Boy from T
He even reads liner notes from a Mar- and His Soul” is a solo show for peo-
vin Gaye album, urging people of all ple who hate solo shows. Domingo TICKETS ARE ONLY $69*
sexual persuasions to embrace the himself has admitted to not being a
connective spirit of his music. “Love fan, and even the Vineyard Theatre’s POST-SHOW RECEPTION AT VLADA
is love,” it says. Later, disco makes artistic director, Douglas Aibel, tends 331 W. 51st St., 2nd Floor
an appearance, ushered in by Donna to distain the form. It’s the transport- FEATURING 1 Complimentary Cocktail*
Summer and, naturally, “The Hustle.” ing force of the music that makes this
One particularly poignant story show different. For Tickets:
recalls his sister taking the nine-year- Under the focused direction of Tony Visit or
old Domingo to his first concert. It was Kelly, Domingo presents his story
Call 212-947-8844 and Mention code BFBOY97
Earth, Wind & Fire, and he was as endearingly, with little of the smug
entranced by the shimmering, skin- self-indulgence that tends to subsume or take this ad to the
tight L ycra costumes (“All you could your garden-variety one-man show. Longacre Theatre, 220 West 48th Street
see was lights, glitter, and crotch!”) as My main complaint is that Domingo
*Present your ticket stub purchased with code BFBOY97 at Vlada immediately
he was by the music. The obligatory doesn’t sing more, though I suppose
after the show to get your complimentary drink voucher. Must be 21 and over
scenes where he comes out to each that might detract from his thesis of
with valid ID. Offer subject to availability and prior sale. All sales are final.
family member don’t feel obligatory being transformed by the music of
No refunds or exchanges. Offer may be modified or revoked at any time
at all. In fact, each was accepting and
without notice.
supportive in their own fashion, not 䉴 SOUL, continued on p.24
1 - 14 OCT 2009

20/ Film
Yes, We Can, Maybe 14 DAYS
This time, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno assess their pranks themselves 14 NIGHTS
BY STEVE ERICKSON longer clips from some of these 䉴 14 DAYS, from p.18
interviews, it’s hard to escape

he first film about the the thought that they’ve wasted
prankster/ activist Yes
Men was directed by a
group of filmmakers who were
an opportunity for real dialogue
with people on the opposite end
of the political spectrum. Cut- MUSIC
obviously sympathetic to their ting together a 30-second clip of Genre-Bustin’
project, but weren’t active partic- economists mouthing identical Toshi Reagon calls to mind classic
ipants in it. “The Yes Men Fix the platitudes about the free market R&B artists, like Stevie Wonder or Prince,
World” is the second documenta- is a cheap shot, even though it’s and old school rock groups like Led Zep-
ry devoted to the group’s antics, funny. If any of these subjects pelin. Her art is taking any style, updating
but the first directed by Yes Men said something intelligent, it got it, and making it her own with remarkable
duo Andy Bichlbaum and Mike left in the editing room. east. Her band, Big Lovely, includes Judith
Bonanno, though a co-director is “The Yes Men Fix the World” Casselberry, Fred Cash, Catherine Russell,
also credited. Onscreen, the film is honest about the limits of the Adam Widoff, and Robert Burke. Joe’s
states that it’s “written, directed, kind of activism the pranksters Pub, 425 Lafayette St., inside the Pub-

and produced by the Yes Men.” engage in. Their work recalls lic Theater, below Cooper Sq. Oct 3,
It attempts a self-critique but everyone from the Yippies to 9 p.m.; Oct. 4, 7 p.m. Tickets are $22 at
can’t help feeling somewhat self- Sacha Baron Cohen, Jon Stew- or 212-967-7555. For a table
serving. After one prank involv- art, and Stephen Colbert, as reservation, with a $12 food/ drink mini-
ing Dow Chemical’s responsi- well as the apolitical gross-out mum, call 212-539-8778.
bility for cleaning up Bhopal, Andy Bichlbaum demonstrates the Survivaball costume the Yes Men say Halliburton is creating antics of the “Jackass” crew. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
India, some news reports claim as a response to global warming. (The Yes Men’s grotesquerie is
that the Yes Men raised false more cerebral, as when they GALLERY
hopes among Bhopal residents. purported to be sustainable THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD suggested McDonald’s offer Open Your Golden
The Yes Men travel there to find living systems for weathering Directed by Andy Bichlbaum, cheaper hamburgers containing Gates
out whether this is the case. Not global warming. At an Exxon Mike Bonanno & Kurt Engfehr human feces.) “San Francisco: The Making of a
surprisingly, given who direct- gathering, they propose mak- Shadow Distribution The film has two main tasks Queer Mecca” is an exhibit of early
ed the film, the Indians they ing fuel from the bodies of vic- Opens Oct. 7 — giving the audience a laugh photography by the longtime chronicler
talk to have no problem with tims of climate change. The pair Film Forum, 209 W. Houston St. and making a political point. of gay life Rink Foto, plus a collection
them and direct all their anger fail to get the kind of reaction for The Yes Men use humor to of rarely seen photos by the late Harvey
toward Dow. “The Yes Men Fix which they hope — the objects reflect a measure of optimism. Milk, who was a Castro Street camera
the World” rests on the fine, of their pranks are either blasé 87 minutes, “The Yes Men Fix the In the end, they nurture uto- shop owner prior to his success in poli-
sometimes uncomfortable line or disgusted, but seem no more World” is necessarily less com- pian hopes, but they never lose tics. The exhibit, curated by Julia Haas
between activism and self-pro- enlightened. They next turn to prehensive than other critiques sight of the difficulties at hand. with the assistance of art historian and
motional branding. creating a spoof edition of the of modern capitalism such as “The Yes Men Fix the World” queer studies scholar Jonathan David
As “The Yes Men Fix the New York Times, offering all their the Canadian documentary “The remains poised between a Katz, draws on just a fraction of Foto’s
World” begins, Andy prepares hopes for a better future in print. Corporation” or Adam Curtis’ desire to change the world and nearly half-million images. Like Cartier-
to appear on BBC News as a “The Yes Men Fix the World” BBC programs. The film’s chief a recognition that impersonat- Bresson, Foto has a gift for being there
spokesman for Dow. He declares takes on subjects addressed in villains are free-market guru Mil- ing Exxon executives is unlikely at the right moment, to catch both the
that the company will liqui- other documentaries and books. ton Friedman, and, beyond him, to do it, even if it generates a action and the image rich enough, dense
date the $12 billion-value of its Canadian writer Naomi Klein is unregulated capitalism. few laughs. While it urges the enough, and strange enough to tell a
Union Carbide subsidiary to pay first on their list of inspirations “The Yes Men Fix the World” audience to become activists, complex story without words. Leslie/
for a real cleanup of the Bhopal in the end credits; in turn, she tackles complex economic issues, the film acknowledges that Lohman Gallery, 26 Wooster St.,
chemical explosion. The prank is has endorsed the film. Its depic- and due to its limited running sweeping changes may only be btwn. Grand & Canal Sts, Tue.-Sat.,
quickly revealed, but not before tion of government corruption time, can’t help dumbing them achievable within the pages of noon-6 p.m., through Oct. 24.
Dow’s stock value declines by and corporate opportunism in down. The Yes Men interviewed a “dream paper” edition of “The ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
$3 billion. The Yes Men imper- New Orleans bears out the con- about a dozen conservative econ- New York Times.” It may reveal
sonate Halliburton executives tentions of her book “The Shock omists and edited their discus- more about the difficulties of
at another conference, demon-
strating bouncing “Survivaballs,”
Doctrine,” which examines how
disasters become profitable. At
sions down to a comic parade of
soundbites. While they later use
progressive activism than it
Electric Immediacy
䉴 NY FILM FEST, from p.18 fought. But this “apolitical” Join Tom Healy and his partner Fred
stance conceals a subtle con- Hochberg in celebration of the publication
Locker” and Ari Folman’s “Waltz servatism, evident in its treat- of Healy’s new book of poetry, “What the
With Bashir.” Like the former, ment of Arabs as menaces — Right Hand Knows.” Frank Bidart has writ-
it’s essentially a machine to pro- even when they’re supposedly ten of the work, “The electric immediacy
duce tension. It’s effective but fighting on the Israeli side — or of these poems is an assault on silence,
feels mighty secondhand. Also, victims. “Waltz With Bashir” a gunshot fired across the bow of gen-
it’s uninterested in larger his- focused on an Israeli soldier’s teel decorous well-mannered lying and

torical and political questions. inner turmoil but still managed silence.” Norwood, 241 W. 14th St., 5-8
“Lebanon” is concerned with a level of empathy for the Other, p.m. RSVP required to
what it feels like to fight a bat- a nuance missing from “Leba-
tle, not the reasons why they’re non.” The main gallery at the Barnes Foundation as seen in Don Argott’s “The Art of the Steal.” 䉴 OCT 4, continued on p.22

Shirts and Skins RENT FORT GREENE

Four gay actors explain the very hard work
behind all that nudity …find youtopia.

ating Out 3: All You Can Eat”
reunites Rebekah Kochan
(Tiffani from the first two
“Eating Out” films) and Mink Stole from Kaleb, Apt. 4102
the second, but more importantly, it
Has more vintage records
introduces audiences to a quartet of sexy in his spacious closets
queer guys who are sometimes — but than he does clothing.
not always — like the characters they
play on screen.
The plot has Casey (Daniel Skelton), Liam, Apt. 3404
who is crushed on Zack (Chris Salva-
tore), posing online as Tiffani’s ex Ryan Loves the spectacular
(Michael Walker), a stripper, to help Zack views of Manhattan.
get over his ex, Lionel (John C. Stallings).
Needless to say, comedy, sex and nudity
— in the form of a raunchy threesome
involving Casey, Zack and Ryan, ensue. Fiona, Apt. 3201
Gay City News chatted with the boys
Scoots out of the park-
about making the film, getting naked on ing garage and onto the
screen, and being openly gay. streets of Brooklyn.

GARY M. KRAMER: Chris, your char-

acter describes himself as being “too sex-

Noah, Apt. 2715

ual.” That it’s his “fatal flaw.” Are you too
sexual? Is this your fatal flaw? Spends hours in his
CHRIS SALVATORE: I think it is, gourmet kitchen.
actually! I think that was the one thing
that connected for me with the charac-
ter. I think I’m a lot like Zack in that way. Chris Salvatore (top) as Zack and John C. Stallings as
But I don’t know if it’s a fatal flaw. Zack’s ex, Lionel. Niki, Apt. 2301
Shops the local bou-
GMK: What drew you to the film? Was “EATING OUT 3: ALL YOU CAN EAT
tiques with Coco, who‘s
it doing the full frontal nudity and three- Directed by Glenn Gaylord
always by her side.
way sex scenes? Ariztical Entertainment
Opens Oct. 9
CS: I am an exhibitionist. I am really
Quad Cinema, 34 W. 13th St.
comfortable being naked. It was fun.
You work yourself up and are nervous,
but I was also excited. What piqued my Chloe, Apt. 1703
interest is that even though it’s a com- tionist comes from. I was really picked on Enjoys waking up early
edy, Zack is the ingénue. He’s not crack- and bullied and called gay names. I grew to work out at the state-
ing jokes, he’s an innocent bystander. into myself, but I still have this humble of-the-art fitness center.
I’m funny because people laugh at me, little kid. I am self-conscious, even though
not with me. Zack is a dramatic role. I people tell me I’m attractive, or a gay sex
read the script and at first, I was think- symbol. It’s weird for me.
ing, “This is kind of crazy,” especially for
a first feature. But I want to seize every
opportunity. I had to go for it. Doing that
scene repeatedly — Daniel counted, it GMK: How close are you to Casey —
was up in the 30s — there is nothing are you a clueless gay?
sexy about it. It was late in the day so DANIEL SKELTON: [Laughs.] I’m not
we were wiped out, and licking Michael’s clueless, but I do have a lot in common
stomach and kissing Daniel 30 times, with Casey, and that’s what I like about
I wanted to move on. If it was real life, I the character — he’s easy to relate to. Brand New Brooklyn Rentals
wouldn’t have performed that way. He’s a young gay guy finding himself, in
that sense, yes.
Great Move-in Specials!
GMK: Your first scene in the film you GMK: You are the only cast mem- Rents Starting at $1,786*
are objectified by a slow motion shot. Is it ber who doesn’t get naked. Are you, like
flattering, or do you get self-conscious?
CS: It’s funny, growing up, I was picked
Casey says, afraid to take your shirt off
in public?
866-297-2132 Call for Details!
on in school as the ugly duckling — really DS: I started modeling at 16. I’m not
skinny, braces, big ears, and very shy. I’m

* Rents subject to change.
still shy. I don’t know where the exhibi- SHIRTS & SKINS, continued on p.23
1 - 14 OCT 2009

22/ Film
Beyond Toronto’s Headlines 14 DAYS
In thin gay field, Tom Ford’s Isherwood adaptation packs erotic charge 14 NIGHTS
BY STEVE ERICKSON Falconer (Colin Firth). Beset by 䉴 OCT 4, from p.20
grinding grief over his partner’s
t’s become a common cliché recent death, Falconer engages
to say that the Toronto Film in mundane tasks like teaching Audience Faves
Festival, held this year from Aldous Huxley to bored college Steve Hofstetter headlines an eve-
September 10-19, contains students. ning of Brad Loekle’s “Electro Shock
many mini-festivals within it. Fashion designer -turned- Therapy Comedy Hour” that also fea-
This year, it showed about 25 director Tom Ford set himself tures Scout Durwood, Jessimae, and
documentaries, and it would be a difficult task in choosing to Kate McKinnon. Therapy Bar, 348 W.
interesting to know if there are adapt Christopher Isherwood’s 52nd St., 10 p.m. No cover, no minimum,
patrons who attend, but see classic novel. From the open- $6 cosmos all night long.

nothing but docs — or Canadi- ing scenes — images of men ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
an films, for that matter. swimming nude, followed by
Watching news coverage in George kissing his dead part-
Toronto of the festival was a
jarring experience. A program
of several hundred films was
“Spring Fever,” banned in director Lou Ye’s homeland, kicks off with the most graphic gay sex
scene I’ve ever seen in a Chinese film.
ner beside a wrecked car — it’s
apparent that Ford has created
a truly cinematic adaptation. He BENEFIT
reduced to a dozen American uses devices like extreme close- A Place at the
titles. Never mind the “Wave- look as though they were filmed his mother, and her furious ups and shallow focus to bring Table
lengths” programs of avant- at daybreak or dusk. The film attack on a snide principal who George’s fantasy life into the pic- Actor, writer, and dramatist Charles
garde film; Matt Damon and reveals a world you won’t see in thinks Hubert’s problems stem ture, mixing dreary reality with Busch hosts an evening of cocktails and
Megan Fox walking the red car- Zhang Yimou’s officially sanc- from the fact that she’s a single reveries and flashbacks. With- food tastings that will feature a solo per-
pet was far more important. tioned films — clubs presenting mother. out any explicit sex, the film still formance by Rufus Wainwright, all to ben-
On a few occasions, the festi- punk bands and drag perform- As a director, Dolan shows manages an erotic charge rare efit the Ali Forney Center, which provides
val of glitz intruded on my own ers, factories making counter- promise, alternating a drab look in a gay film with an eye on the needed housing and social services to
viewing, as when I attended feit goods. I don’t know enough with bursts of color. As a writer, mainstream. LGBTQ homeless youth across New York
a screening of Tom Ford’s “A to tell whether it’s an accu- he’s hopelessly callow. Now 20, Some of the most intrigu- City. The evening with honor City Council
Single Man” that drew several rate depiction of underground he admits to writing this script ing entries at TIFF this year Speaker Christine Quinn and Brooklyn
hundred more people than the China, but it’s a compelling one. at 17. It shows. weren’t “gay films,” but films Councilman Lew Fidler, who chairs the
theater could hold. Its style covers up Ye’s melodra- Entering the Toronto Film that ground homosexual experi- Youth Services Committee and has been
But if the festival happily matic excesses, whose gloom Festival without a US distribu- ences in a larger context. Yorgos instrumental in targeting city dollars to the
allows itself to be used as an recalls Fassbinder’s “Fox and tor, “A Single Man” proved to be Lanthinos’ “Dogtooth” depicts previously unserved queer homeless youth
Oscar -bait launching pad, it His Friends.” one of its most popular films, same-sex incest as the natural population. Chelsea Art Museum, 556
also enables one to follow the If you enjoy the notion of and was sold to the Weinstein product of a repressive family. W. 22nd St., 7-9:30 p.m. Tickets begin at
career of a director like Sri Lan- spending 100 minutes watching Company after all-night negoti- Adopting an Orwellian allegorical $150 at
ka’s Vimukthi Jayasundara, two unpleasant people scream ations. Perhaps it has benefited approach, the film showcases a ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
who will be honored by the at each other, Canadian direc- from the way “Mad Men” has family ruled over by a tyrannical
Academy when hell freezes over. tor Xavier Dolan’s “I Killed My made the early ’60s hip again; it father who allows his children no
For all the festival’s eclecti-
cism, however, LGBT -themed
films were pretty thin on the
Mother” may be your cup of tea.
The rest of us should approach
it with more trepidation. It fol-
shares a fetishistic attention to
costume and production design
with the TV show.
outside input. His most devas-
tating blow is controlling their
vocabulary; for them, dandeli- DANCE
ground this year. lows 16-year-old Hubert (Dolan) Set over the course of a sin- ons are “zombies,” and oral sex The Pointe of It All
In the past, I’ve suspected as he spars with his mother gle day in 1962, it follows the For one night only, Eryc Taylor Dance,
Chinese director Lou Ye of Chantale (Anne Dorval); the life of English professor George 䉴 TORONTO, continued on p.23 a New York-based company devoted
using explicit sex to cover up two can’t take a ride to school to innovative and theatrical choreogra-
his weaknesses as a filmmaker. together without a battle break- phy on pointe, presents four world pre-
However, the style of “Spring ing out. mieres. The Ailey Citigroup Theater,
Fever” perfectly matches its Although Hubert is gay, his Joan Weil Center for Dance, 405 W.
mood. Banned in his homeland sexuality isn’t the story’s focus. 55th St., 8 p.m. Tickets are $25; $20 for
— it’s officially a Hong Kong/ It treats his relationship with students; $35 with post-show reception
French co-production — it his boyfriend Antonin casu- at For complete informa-
kicks off with the most graphic ally, and while his mother isn’t tion on the evening, visit
gay sex scene I’ve ever seen in a happy to discover that he’s gay, ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Chinese film. A bookstore owner it’s not the reason they loathe
pursues tormented relation- each other.
ships with both a man and a
woman; his girlfriend discovers
To be fair, “I Killed My Moth-
er” picks up after the open- WED.OCT.7

this when she hires a detective ing reel, becoming more com- COMMUNITY
to follow him. plex. Of course, it could hardly Speaking Out
Ye makes the provincial city of grow cruder. The film is rarely Against Hate
Nanjing look as gray and rainy funny, nor does it strike emo- Early this summer, Leslie Mora and
as Seattle. Shot on standard- tional truths very often. There Carmella Etienne, two transgendered
definition video, “Spring Fever” are a handful of exceptions women who live in Queens, were
revels in murk and grunge. Even — Hubert’s speed-fueled rant
scenes set outdoors in daytime about how much he really loves Xavier Dolan and Anne Dorval in Dolan’s “I Killed My Mother.” 䉴 OCT 7, continued on p.24

䉴 SHIRTS & SKINS, from p.21 GMK: Was it tough for you, as a gay required of the role, and it was some- GMK: Have you ever filmed your
actor, to play straight? How did you thing I accepted. It’s not something lovemaking, or checked yourself out in
extremely comfortable with my body, but research that? I love to do. I see it as a character I the mirror while someone services you
I’m used to the whole thing. Every cast- MICHAEL WALKER: For me, I grew played. This isn’t me. I don’t see it as a like Lionel does?
ing call makes you take your shirt off. It’s up Mormon, so I spent the first 22 years reflection on my new morality. I’m still JCS: No. I pride myself on having
not a big deal. of my life researching this role. This extremely conservative sexually, even some privacy that way. I like to have
character is me before I came out. I grew though I may have gotten naked in the that experience with a person and recall
GMK: Why do you think gay guys have up trying to clothe myself in masculinity film. I’m monogamous, and wouldn’t it only in mind. I’d never do that. It’s so
such trouble with dating, body image, and I developed that. That’s what I saw have an open relationship. I don’t think superficial and conceited. Being a male
and self-worth? in him. anybody takes those scenes a… they model you’d think I’d be like that, but
DS: I think that a lot of people are are comic and over the top. I played it I’m not.
self-conscious — look at our culture and GMK: Did you have to practice strip- funny and comedic.
magazine covers. There’s such a pressure ping for your role? How did you work GMK: Did you feel comfortable doing
to look and act a certain way. It’s easy for your stripper magic? nudity and sex scenes?
people to fall into that trap. There are so MW: [Laughs]. I was a professional JCS: I was naked with my ass hang-
many times I feel self-conscious, about Latin ballroom dancer for five years. GMK: You play the villain of the piece. ing out for the whole crew — and I
how I look and what other people think. I competed all over. I wish I could have Are you a love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of hope they enjoyed it. I let myself be
What I like about the film is the message done more than a few seconds moving guy? that character. Lionel is an exhibi-
that there are ways to look past physical my torso. JOHN C. STALLINGS: In my life, tionist. I don’t run around my house
aspects to find thing more special to find no, never. Playing the villain is fun, naked, but I’m not a prude.
a more emotional connection. GMK: What about the nudity and the because it’s not who I am at all.
three-way sex scene? But there’s a part in all of us want- GMK: You have a memorable mas-
GMK: How was it to film the three- MW: A lot of the actors dropped out ing to play an asshole and get away turbation scene in the film. Where’s
some with Chris and Michael? because of the nudity. I am proud of with it. I mustered up who I could the strangest place you’ve ever shot a
DS: Very difficult because it was hot the opportunity and happy that I did it. revolve this around — I had someone load?
and crowded, but it was fun because I’m not an exhibitionist — I’m the oppo- in mind — but I’m actually a hopeful JCS: Wow! Where’s yours? [Conversa-
Chris and Michael and I have become site. The way I was raised, it was the romantic who wants to get married tion goes off the record.]
great friends. We laughed through it. hardest part of doing the film. It was some day.

䉴 TORONTO, from p.22 To be honest, it’s not an easy film to like. equally from Buster Keaton and Michel- ambivalence toward it. My mixed reac-
Tsai treats each shot — they generally angelo Antonioni, rewarding the specta- tion brought to mind my initial response
is called “licking the keyboard.” last about five minutes, including a bout tor’s patience with a sense of humor. to David Lynch’s “Inland Empire,” a film
“Face,” made in Taiwan and France of outdoor sex between two men — as However, the film flirts openly with I now consider one of the decade’s best.
by openly gay director Tsai Ming-liang, is an individual entity, rather than a com- tedium and confusion; at least on a I can’t wait to see “Face” again and find
one of the festival’s most intriguing films. ponent of a linear narrative. He draws first viewing, it’s hard not to feel some out if it grows with repeat viewings.
1 - 14 OCT 2009

24/ Theater
Getting Even 14 DAYS
American legend comes to surprising life; Holocaust used as weak gimmick 14 NIGHTS
LIZZIE BORDEN 䉴 OCT 7, from p.22
The Living Theatre
21 Clinton St., btwn. Houston & attacked in separate hate crimes in that
Stanton Sts. borough. Also, this year, a conviction in
Thu.-Sat. at 8 p.m.; Fri.-Sat. the upstate killing of Lateisha Green, a
at 10:30 p.m. young African-American woman, was
Through Oct. 17 the first hate crime prosecution in New
$25; York State for an attack on a trans-
Or 212-352-3101
gendered person. Mora, Etienne, and
members of Green’s family will talk
BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNE about their experiences as victims of
hate-motivated violence, and Michael

chamber rock musi- Silverman, who heads the Transgender
cal about the legend Legal Defense and Education Fund, and
of Lizzie Borden might Andy Mora, senior media strategist at
seem off-putting on the surface, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against

but this is an entertaining and Defamation, or GLAAD, will address
exciting show that, while in need efforts to add transgender protections
of more development, is exciting to state and federal law and to educate
and engaging. Marie-France Arcilla as Alice Russell, Lizzie Borden’s lover, Jenny Fellner as Lizzie, and Carrie Cimma as the maid, Bridget in “Lizzie Borden. the public. Brooklyn Law School,
The show retells the legend Forchelli Conference Center, 205

of the Massachusetts girl who the four women is intriguing, and he Retributionists,” ulating Jascha to do what no Jew State St., btwn. Court & Adams
“took an axe and gave her moth- the cast is outstanding. Marie- which has closed, is an in their right mind would — go Sts., 7 p.m. Dinner, refreshments
er 40 whacks.” It imagines Lizzie France Arcilla as Alice Russell unfortunate little play to Germany and infiltrate a bak- served. Free.
growing up in an oppressive has a beautiful voice, and balanc- that has not so much been ripped ery in order to poison the bread. ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
home where she may have been es the rock with the inherently from the headlines as snipped While Jascha, besotted with love
molested, and, with her sister, melodramatic nature of the piece from them. Daniel Goldfarb has and the promise that Anika will
freeing herself from this horrible
situation, albeit with a famous
murder. T im Maner’s book,
beautifully. Lisa Birnbaum as
Lizzie’s sister Emma comes alive
in her songs “Sweet Little Sister”
used a report of arsenic poisoning
among German POWs in 1946 to
spin out a noirish tale of a team
marry him, is there, she instead
marries Dov.
Goldfarb’s clumsy dialogue, COMMUNITY
what there is of it, imagines and “Emma’s Return.” Carrie of underground Jewish activists insipid characterizations, and Poly-Saturated
Lizzie in a lesbian relationship Cimma totally rocks the show as who intend to get even with the manipulations of his own create Pride
with her next door neighbor, her Bridget. Her character is a bit of Germans for what they did to the a sodden evening that is unreliev- Polyamorous NYC hosts its ninth
sister escaping from the house a stereotype — the worldly-wise Jews during the Holocaust. edly dull. Leigh Silverman’s slug- annual Poly Pride Weekend, the largest
only to come back when Lizzie Irish maid — but she has a galva- Yet, rather than write anything gish direction didn’t do much to such celebration in the nation. Because
is accused, and a maid, Bridget nizing presence that’s irresistible. substantive, Goldfarb wastes his help, and the major actors were this weekend is also the National
Sullivan, more or less bribed to Jenny Fellner as Lizzie Borden time — and the audience’s — with consistently unconvincing. Mar- Equality March in Washington, Poly
keep quiet. is terrific going from the meek a turgid, immature, and almost garita Levieva, in particular, as Pride this year is scaled back to just
The center of the play is the daughter to the axe-wielding insufferably tedious tale of a love Anika gave dead line readings two events, to allow participants to
music by Steven Cheslik-DeMey- avenger. triangle gone wrong. Fundamen- and a false and mannered per- make it to DC by Sunday. On Oct. 9 at 8
er and Alan Stevens Hewitt, with The show could use a bit more tal plausibility is an essential ele- formance. Adam Rothenberg, p.m. (late arrivals will not be admitted;
lyrics by DeMeyer and Maner. in the book scenes, and it clearly ment of any thriller, but Goldfarb who has been good in many other doors open at 7:30), the Super Massive
The songs cover a range of rock owes a debt to “Spring Awaken- gives us none of that. plays, was flat, lacking any spark. Cuddle Party — a drug- and alcohol-
idioms, and even a hauntingly ing,” in the style of both its score The plot centers on Anika, a Adam Driver as Dov had neither free, structured, safe workshop on
beautiful setting of the “watch- and the performances. Still, it’s Jewish refugee in Paris who, with the power nor the depth to make boundaries, communication, intimacy,
men for the morning” psalm. original and exciting and, despite Dov, another exile, hatches a plot the character convincing. To be where you can experiment with what
The music is sophisticated and the grim subject matter, surpris- to plant a bomb in Germany. Jas- fair, they had little to work with — makes you feel safe and feel good
interesting, rich in character and ingly endearing. Having given cha, in love with Anika, finds her but they did nothing with it. —will be held at the LGBT Commu-
authentic emotion. The lyrics, themselves a unique challenge, in Paris and tries to rekindle his This is a sub-par soap opera nity Center, 208 W. 13th St. Tickets
which do a lot of the storytelling the creative team and the cast relationship with her. When Dov’s that uses the Holocaust as its for the Cuddle Party range from $20 for
work, are clever and incisive. have demonstrated that they bomb plot goes wrong, Anika marketing gimmick. Don’t be singles to $62 for quads at poly-nyc.
Having the whole story told by most certainly can hack it. turns to Plan B, this time manip- sorry you missed it. com (or $30 to $90 at the door). On Oct.
10, from noon-6 p.m., bring a lunch
䉴 SOUL, from p.19 memories –– which take the nostalgia-steeped meanderings On its own terms, “A and join the Poly Pride Picnic at Central
form of a hi-fi system with a too precious, and his insights a Boy and His Soul” conveys Park’s Great Hill, enter at Central Park
the masters. He doesn’t want turntable and eight-track play- tad trite — his mother offered Domingo’s love of soul, how it W. & W. 106th St. In addition to rally
to usurp the power, just sim- er, an artificial Christmas tree aphorisms like “Go far away enriched his hard-knock child- speakers, enjoy the music of Houston
ply har ness it and share it. (white), a damaged disco ball, from this neighborhood, but hood and helped him find his Bernard, Sanjay Merchant, Sean360x,
For Domingo, the funky strains and stacks of records –– offers don’t forget where you come groove. Yet what makes this Chris Moschetti, Matt Klauser, Raven
of the 70s are at once healing the perfect backdrop. Even the from” and “Keep a song in your endeavor truly triumphant is Schecter Trio, Dani Tersini, and Larkin
and revealing. He even equates large red platform that serves heart, and you will always find that we are right there with Grimm, as well as the comedy of Kelli
them to “the sound of my as the stage is supported by your way.” But if you allow him, with every tattered album Dunham.
mother’s love.” pillars of records. yourself to be seduced, you’ll he pulls from the pile. He helps ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Rachel Hauck’s set, a base- Without a doubt, there are agree these are wise words us locate the soul within our-
ment containing a jumble of those who will find Domingo’s indeed. selves, as well. 䉴 OCT 9, continued on p.25
1 - 14 OCT 2009

Books /25
14 DAYS Seeing Funny from Alaska
14 NIGHTS Bob Smith’s first novel imagines a northern wilderness suddenly overcrowded
䉴 OCT 9, from p.24 BY COURT STROUD

hile most of us day-
Community. Chaos. dream about an excit-
Revolt. ing life, comedian and
Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama premieres author Bob Smith lives one. As
“The Corral,” a dance-theater piece for six the first openly gay standup to
dancers exploring themes of homeland and appear on the “Tonight Show,”
patriotism. The work is based on “El Cor- as well as the first to have
ralito,” the 2001 social-political uprising his own HBO special, he has
in Argentina when the government froze become a legend among the out-
all bank accounts, essentially robbing the and-proud funny set.
entire nation overnight. The word “Corralito” This month, Smith’s critically
translates to corral, a holding pen for farm acclaimed debut novel, “Selfish
animals. Merce Cunningham Studio, 55 & Perverse,” hits bookstores in
Bethune St. at Washington St., 11th fl. a new paperback edition. The
Oct. 9, 9 p.m.; Oct. 10-11, 8 p.m. Tickets sexy, smart –– and hilarious
are $18; $15 for students at the door. –– story revolves around Nel-
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ son Kunker, a lowly TV writer’s
assistant and would-be novelist SELFISH & PERVERSE
from LA who meets and falls for By Bob Smith

SUN.OCT.11 outdoorsy Alaskan Roy Brigg, a
part-time salmon catcher and
full-time archaeology student.
Comedian and novelist Bob Smith in Alaska.
Alyson Books
$15.95; 370 pages

Quentin Crisp The attraction is mutual, and CS: If Brad’s the inspiration ing five or six books. Everything BS: The acclaimed theater
Crosses the the two head north together. for Roy, who’s the model for Nel- has a soul, according to Yup’ik director and choreographer
Hudson But when pansexual Holly- son? beliefs. People used to take drift- Jerry Mitchell read “Selfish and
Chillfest, the mostly gay and lesbian film wood heartthrob Dylan Fabziak BS: It’s definitely me, but I’m wood and flip it over because it Perverse,” loved it, and thinks
series of Jersey City, returns for its fifth sea- shows up at the couple’s remote partly Roy, partly Dylan, too. became uncomfortable sitting it could be a play. My partner,
son, with a screening of Rickard Laxton’s “An fishing village to research a The part of me that isn’t Nel- in the same position, which I Michael Zam, is adapting the
Englishman In New York,” in which John movie role, things get intense for son is that I’ve never had writ- say in the book is “cosmic and book.
Hurt stars as Quentin Crisp in a biopic about all three men, and Nelson finds er’s block or drifted around for comic” at the same time. My next novel is a time travel
the final years of the famed gay wit. Hurts himself questioning his ideas years. Once I turned 28, I had story. A 46 year-old gay man
co-stars include Cynthia Nixon, Swoosie about love, art, and trust. all these friends dying of AIDS, CS: That’s one of my favor- time travels back to 1986 and
Kurtz, and Denis O’Hare. LITM, 140 New- The comic talked with Gay and I decided to be a stand- ite passages. You were raised teams up with himself to pre-
ark Ave, 1/2 block from the Grove City News about the inspira- up comic. I thought I’d bet- a strict Roman Catholic, but vent his sister’s suicide and
Street PATH station in Downtown JC, 4 tions for his book, as well as his ter do what I want with my life what’s your personal philoso- stop George Bush from becom-
p.m., doors open at 3:30. Tickets are $5 at current and upcoming projects. because I may not be around in phy now? ing president. I wanted to write or $8 at the door. LITM offers a ten years. BS: I can feel spiritual in a about my sister’s suicide, so
full bar and dinner menu. C O U R T S T R O U D : W h at really beautiful church of any again this novel is autobio-
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ made you write a gay novel set CS: Who is Dylan based on? faith, but immediately feel that graphical, but obviously it’s fic-
in the 49th state? BS: Super ficially, Robert way in spectacular nature. I’m tion, too.
CABARET BOB SMITH: I went up there Downey, Jr. He’s got the drive more pagan than monotheistic.
On the Radio once to do a benefit. On that trip that all artists need –– not even I can’t say I have any pinned CS: What’s the book’s title?
Justin Bond is back at Joe’s Pub this I met Brad, a gay fisherman. We to succeed, but to just stay down religious beliefs, but the BS: “Remembrance of Things
fall with several new shows. Bond appears spent one night together, not afloat. He’s comically exagger- mystery of it all doesn’t scare Forgotten” or “Remembrances
on Oct. 11, 9:30 p.m., with “A Little Night sleeping, but having coffee and ated, but I respect how driven me. of Things I Forgot.” I’m not com-
Music from Rock’s High Priestesses of Sor- talking. he is to do a good job. I’m sen- paring myself to Proust. It’s
cery!,” and on October 31, 9:30 p.m., with sitive because if you want to be CS: You write that the secret actually making fun of myself.
“Scary, Mary!: A Halloween Extravaganza!” C S : You wr ote the book an artist in America, some think to telling the perfect lie “is to
425 Lafayette St., adjacent to the Public because of a shared cup of java? you’re shirking your responsi- always tailor your lies to other CS: One last question: In the
Theater, below Cooper Sq. Tickets are BS: No, but I kept in touch bilities, whereas I think being people’s flaws.” How did you documentary, “Laughing Mat-
$20 at To reserve a table, with with Brad. When I was asked an artist takes more guts than come up with that insight? ters,” you discuss having a neu-
a food/ drink minimum, call 212-539-8778. to write an article for Out mag- being a businessman –– and BS: I have a friend, Mark, who rological disorder. How has it
✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ azine about gays in Alaska, more entrepreneurial skills. is a total whore. I was in a bad affected your writing?
he said, “You can’t just go to mood and blew off dinner with BS: It hasn’t –– it’s affected
Anchorage. You have to go out CS: You scatter detailed ref- him. It was a Monday night. I my muscles but not my brain.

MON.OCT.12 to the bush. Why don’t you
come out fishing with me?” He
really didn’t expect me to say
erences to Alaska’s flora and
fauna on almost every page.
Did you have to conduct a lot of
felt so awful and thought, “What
can I say?” Then I thought,
“Oh, I’ll say I met some guy and
And I’m still feeling funny. To
me comedy is not ignoring that
bad things happen in your life;
Keeping Schools yes. I took 60 pages of notes research? tricked out.” It worked like a it’s the intervals when nothing
Safe. and probably 200 photos, so BS: I’m a birdwatcher. And I charm. He fell for it completely. bad is happening. I’ve had down
PFLAG NYC, Parents, Families and when I figured out I wanted to became curious about plants in moments, but I really don’t live
write a novel, I had lots of mate- Alaska. I did do a lot of research CS: What are you working on my life feeling depressed every
䉴 OCT 12, continued on p.28 rial to work with. on Native Alaskan culture, read- now? day. I’m lucky.


Fire Lit in Pines

Enchanted, picaresque life; Fonda’s generosity; Met death
BY DAVID NOH take care of each other. They eat, on to work with some of the big- usually very perceptive.” Lee
cook, laugh, study, rehearse, gest, most difficult stars in the writes about Channing’s Christ-

en Hodges is a Renais- drink, and sleep together like a business, all of whom she got mas gifts to the company after
sance kind of guy who roomful of puppies.” along with. “I loved Ginger Rog- “Dolly!” the smash of all time,
is producing the Third “Take me away to a magi- ers [in “Hello, Dolly!”]. She wasn’t had opened. Everyone had been
Annual Fire Island Pines Lit- cal time!” I begged her, which difficult –– she wasn’t smart asked to give their initials, so
erary Weekend (October 9-11, she immediately did, limning enough to be difficult. And Betty avid hopes of engraved silver “I have an artistically percolating Man- Grable was nice and had the somethings ran through their
long been interested in bring- hattan before real estate ruined best legs in the business, but minds. When they eagerly tore
ing more cultural events to Fire it, and a Europe in which all she was an idiot. Ginger would open the Neiman Marcus boxes,
Island because I believe there doors were open to new discov- tell the audience, ‘Wait a minute, the women discovered “the big-
is a less than possibly tapped ery for a young, green Ameri- I forgot my line,’ and go into the gest pair of bloomers you ever
audience for them,” he told can. A “poor, chubby girl from wings and get them, while we saw, while the men got ties with
me, “and Andrew Kirtzman, Newark,” Lee met Brando when all cringed. But she’d go back their initials painted on them.
the owner of the Madison Fire he was appearing and fighting onstage and say, ‘I’ve got it now,’ Bibi Osterwald’s read ‘B.O.’
Island Pines, where the event with Tallulah Bankhead in “The and the audience applaud- I went to Carol and said, ‘I’m
is being held, is of a like mind Eagle Has Two Heads”: “We went ed her, they thought she was going to keep these forever.’ ‘Oh,
with me.” Kirtzman, a veteran sightseeing in Washington, DC great.” that’sh nishe!’ I have them still ––
reporter from the Daily News, together. He never made a pass “Mary Martin [in “Peter Pan”] they used to hang, framed in my
NY1, and WCBS, just authored to New York originally to be an at me –– he was just adorable. was someone you never really bathroom, until someone broke
the book “Betrayal: The Life and actor, segued from that into I said I’d really love to study in got to know, but she was sort of the glass. She may be a great
Lies of Bernie Madoff.” directing and producing, and is New York, and he called my positive and did a lot of needle- artist for some people, but then
Hodges said, “Last year over now in law school, all the bet- mother and convinced her to let work. She was a good egg, and the theater is a place for true
120 people attended our fes- ter to implement his theatrical me leave, that he would take care I think she swallowed whatever monstreuses. Elaine Stritch is a
tival, and this year’s theme is dreams. He produced the The- of me. We lived on separate floors she was fed because of my per- maniacal, mean-spirited person,
centered around my publication ater World Awards from 2002- at the Park Savoy, which had a sonal success as Tiger Lily.” Lee but she’s a good actress and
‘The Play That Changed My Life: 2007 and continues to edit communal kitchen on each floor. was introduced by her charac- always has been, and belongs in
America’s Foremost Playwrights the invaluable Theater World I didn’t realize that it was prob- ter’s name to a child years later, the theater.”
on the Plays That Influenced annual volumes, inheriting the ably loaded with his girlfriends. and the moppet just stared at Lee keeps busy, teaching at
Them’ [Applause Books], which tasks from editor John Willis, “That was the beginning, and her and screamed, “What hap- the Actors’ Studio and coaching
I edited. Christopher Durang, who was in his early 80s “and things did happen, and that pened?” Lee, who has proudly film performers, like Jane Fonda,
Michael Rupert, Seth Rudetsky, in physical and mental decline. was rather shocking to me, but never been “lifted” and bemoans whom she described as “a terrific
and myself are going to be on a He really was a one man-band he said that’s okay, and I would all the work actresses think they person who does her homework.
panel, and all three of them will both with the annual book and think about it in maybe a month need to undergo, loves to tell I coached her on a movie, and
be performing several numbers, awards, both 65 years old this or two, and he was right. So that story on herself. the director never knew that I
like Durang’s ‘Not a Gay Goes year. John, by the way, is now in began an affair that lasted many Lee said, “There was just one did this. She flew me out to the
By,’ which event is open to the good shape at 93, and lives with years and many stages. I knew diva I couldn’t understand and Coast, and we’d work it out in
public.” me — and the largest archive him closely until the day he died. that was Miss Channing. She’s her hotel room. Before she went
Hodges was approached by of theatre information from the All of his women liked each other a theater legend, but I never to shoot the movie, she gave me
Howard Sherman, executive 20th century in private hands –– there was no bitchiness. He really got in there. I think at the a letter and said, ‘Don’t open it
director of the Theatre Wing, — on Riverside Drive. I am his was a very unusual man and time of ‘Hello, Dolly!,’ she had until you’re on your way.’ When I
about doing a book like a book caretaker.” lover, not Mr. Macho at all. It was only one person in her life and was up in the air, I opened it and
he’d once read called “The Movie like the comfort of being with that was Charles, her husband, a check for an extra $10,000

That Changed My Life.”: “He and f emale Candide if ever another woman, that kind of who turned out to be the miss of floated to the floor. She didn’t
I bandied about the names and t h e r e w a s , a c t r e s s/ quiet and his amazing humor.” all time. I have great respect for know this, but I was desperately
came up with our wish lists. I’m dancer/ director/ act- Discovered by redoubtable her and know there are people in need of that extra money, as I
particularly proud of including ing coach Sondra Lee herself genius Jerome Robbins for his who are devoted fans, but I just was going through my divorce.
two people that I really wanted, admitted she’s led an “enchant- “High Button Shoes,” Lee went don’t know who she is, and I’m She’s that kind of person.”
Sarah Ruhl, one of our up-and- ed life,” which she evokes in her

coming playwrights, and Doug enchanting memoir, “I’ve Slept he boos are still ringing in
Wright. with Everybody.” (The book was my ears from the Metro-
“Interesting revelations published by Bear Manor Media, politan Opera’s opening
include John Patrick Shan- an outfit that, so rare these night “Tosca” (September 21).
ley watching from the wings a days, actually welcomes theat- In these cash-strapped times,
production of ‘Cyrano de Berg- rical subjects, as other current why replace a beloved opulent
erac’ at Cardinal Spellman High titles about Agnes Moorehead, production with a minimal-
School, from which he was later Shirley Booth, Jean Seberg, ist Eurotrash effort with sets
expelled, L ynn Nottage being and Alan Reed attest.) Though that look like they were com-
blown away by a children’s Lee has indeed had a myriad posed of stacked corrugated
show that had talking lima of lovers, ranging from Marlon cardboard with aberrant Deco
beans, when she was a kid in Brando (who took her virginity) décor at odds with the Empire
Brooklyn, called ‘Succotash on to the Baron Philippe de Roth- costumes? Why cheapen Scar-
Ice,’ A.R. Gurney going back- schild, she explained her book’s pia’s character by having him
stage to meet Katharine Cornell, title to me in her ravishing, art- embrace a Virgin Mary statue
Horton Foote being blown away filled Upper West Side penthouse and then be fellated by a floozy
by Eva le Gallienne.” aerie: “Artists, especially when
The tireless Hodges came they’re younger and starting out, Sondra Lee’s photo of Marlon Brando and his friend Wally Cox. 䉴 IN THE NOH, continued on p.28
1 - 14 OCT 2009

Dance /27
Ori Flomin’s Found Innocence
Media memories saturate “Toronto” with joi de vivre
“Toronto”/ “Fields of Ida”/ “Timmy’s Idea”

hen we were little children, Dance Theater Workshop
creativity wasn’t something 219 W. 19th St.
to be evaluated; it was simply Oct. 8–10 at 7:30 p.m.
what we did to express our imagination. Pre-show coffee & conversation:
Free of judgment and epistemological Oct. 8 at 6:30 p.m.
hierarchies, our inventions were a source $15;
of fun. It’s no wonder that many artists 212-924-0077
look back to this time in their lives for
inspiration, or find some potential rekin- jection on the back wall of the theater. Two
dled through the expressive capacities long panels of opaque white fabric will be
of their offspring. “Toronto,” a charm- used as sculptural screens on which the
ing new trio by Ori Flomin, draws sus- media memories will be displayed.

tenance from both ends of this contin- The live dancers — whose performance
uum, and is held aloft mightily by long- history together goes back to the early
term close personal friendships among ’90s when they first met while dancing
the performers. with Kevin Wynn — mimic and expand
The initial idea for “Toronto” came on the poses and routines of the celluloid- Ori Flomin, Antonio Ramos, and Colleen Thomas conjure childhood moves in “Toronto.”
when the choreographer’s father found transfer Flomin siblings. They roll across
old super-8 home movies of Flomin’s the floor, move in clutches of back and Eagly’s solo “Fields of Ida” evokes the emotion.
early childhood. The footage, which has forth, twist and spin, toward and away post-apocalyptic landscape described in It’s particularly heartening in these
been transferred to DVD and is integrat- from each other; they shimmy, hop, kara- Norse mythology, where destruction and times to know our institutions are sup-
ed into the dance, shows the young per- te punch, hold hands, and rise, and the regeneration co-exist. “Timmy’s Idea,” by porting the work of local artists. Now
formance artist and his brother and sis- reality of their enjoyment is evident in Tokyo-born New Yorker Nishimura, uses is not the time to succumb to absurd
ter playing dress-up, watching TV with every move. text and movement to exaggerate com- notions of our own cultural inferiority —
their parents, and, naturally, dancing. Their glee reaches a crescendo dur- monplace ideas of time, thought, and we are the world.
Using these documented memories ing a mini-marathon dress-up routine.
of family jaunts and bringing in long- Using the white fabric panels as various
time friends Antonio Ramos and Col- adornments—toga, sarong, cape, turban,
leen Thomas to perform, Flomin cre-
ates a dance that translates a sense of
youthful innocence and camaraderie.
scarf, shawl, head wrap—the trio tries on
a series of characters with a simple hand
off and a quick stylized adjustment. They
The dancer-choreographer asked his
son to improvise on stage, videotaped
it, and incorporated the nine-year-old’s
shift without ideology from Roman to
woman, superman to Sikh, aviator to
drag queen.
unlearned movement qualities into the
choreography. The boy’s non-technical
arm phrases and low center of gravity
Flomin, who has been working for the
past several years as rehearsal director
for Stephen Petronio Company, is glad
jumping come less easily to the trained to have the opportunity to show his own
bodies of the adult performers, but the work in New York again.
transpositions produce an interesting “I’ve been going to a school in Salz- A DOUBLE-WEDDING GIVEAWAY CONTEST!
affectation — of bodies discovering the burg for seven years now, making a Starting June 12, Gay City News readers may enter to win:
playfulness of gravity’s tug at the knees, piece on the students there,” the chore-
and of other essential kinetic forces. ographer told Gay City News. “Last year • round-trip tickets to Key West
“Toronto” features sound design by they invited me to make a piece for their
dance veteran James Lo, punctuated by 15th anniversary — on 120 students. I • 5-day 4-night honeymoon
theme music and other tidbits from clas- was given a month in the theater. It was • wedding bands
sic ’60s and ’70s family TV shows includ- insane, but amazing.”
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28/ Opera
Anatomy of a Failure 14 DAYS
Neither Eurotrash nor modernist smash, Bondy’s “Tosca” simply doesn’t work 14 NIGHTS
BY ELI JACOBSON ences who worship false ideas misses the point. 1960s furnishings from your 䉴 OCT 12, from p.25
of “tradition” based on capitalist The eleventh hour Scarpia Aunt Marge’s rec room; Tosca

eter Gelb had a lot riding decadence and literary naiveté. replacement, Georgian baritone fends off Scarpia while seated Friends of Lesbians and Gays, holds its
on the new production of Unlike Zeffirelli, I actually saw George Gagnidze was saddled in a vintage La-Z-Boy rocker. annual fall awards dinner, this year
“Tosca” that opened the this production — three times, with the worst business. Impos- The Castel Sant’Angelo seems celebrating the expansion of its Safe
Metropolitan Opera season on including the open dress. It is ing vocally and physically, Gag- to consist of one high brick wall Schools Program that sent teams to
September 21. It was the open- neither real Eurotrash nor a nidze was asked to portray Scar- with stairs and parapet far stage speak with more than 1,000 middle and
ing salvo in his regime’s first sea- brilliant modernist update — it pia as a gross, garden-variety sex right, resembling a dam or sew- high school students citywide and made
son, and was planned entirely is simply a failure and a missed maniac rather than an elegant age treatment plant. presentations to teachers, counselors,
by himself, setting the tone for opportunity. The failure is basi- sadist with a veneer of piety. He Mattila is one of a succession and administrators in schools with more
his vision of the Met. Gelb’s chal- cally the result of a supremely mauled an effigy of the virgin of non-Italianate Toscas in Met than 10,000 students. The Right Rever-
lenge was to top the beloved talented star soprano, a director, at the end of Act I’s “Te Deum,” history. The heroines of Puccini end. V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal bishop
1985 Franco Zeffirelli production and a designer set to work on a cavorted with three hookers at have always eluded her — her of New Hampshire, is the evening’s fea-
that represented the conservative piece for which they are intellec- the top of Act II, and crawled on Musetta and Manon Lescaut tured speaker, and legendary cabaret
yet lavish tastes that previously tually, aesthetically, and temper- the floor and sniffed Tosca’s hair being distinct low points in a singer Barbara Cook will present a daz-
reigned. The charismatic Finn- amentally unsuited. The result before being dispatched. Mat- triumphant Met career. Her zling program of entertainment. Tribeca
ish diva Karita Mattila would is a dull hodge-podge of uncon- tila was asked to slash the por- Roman diva is full of energy and Rooftop, 2 Desbrosses St. at Hudson
unveil her Floria Tosca for the vincing effects in an unattractive trait of the Attavanti in Act I, and bright thrusting tone, but the St., just below Canal St., 6 p.m. Tickets
first time outside her native package. Tosca’s final jump is an effect struggle with an uncongenial begin at $250 at
country in a new production by Puccini’s melodramatic aes- out of a carnival fun-house ride. role turns the voice shrill and ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Swiss director Luc Bondy. We thetic stymied the sophisticated Tenor Marcelo Alvarez as Cavar- white in Act II and her acting
were promised a leaner, meaner Bondy, who seemed torn between adossi was given barely anything a series of disjointed dramatic BOOKS
“Tosca” in the guise of a Hitch- unglamorous psychological real- to do but stand and sing, which effects. On September 24, Mat- The Queer
cock thriller set to music. ism and out and out trash sen- he did well and thus emerged tila settled down and stopped Italian American
Yet on opening night the pro- sationalism, and so consistently unscathed. forcing; a lyrical “Vissi D’Arte” Experience
duction and it creators were missed the mark. Stripping away Bondy seemed to want it both with pure high notes and a Authors Michael Carosone, Peter
booed — not once but three tradition, he could only replace ways — to update the opera and more human characterization Covino, Mary Cappello, and Carl Capo-
times — by both the well-heeled it with puerile shock tactics or to maintain the original period emerged. She may continue to torto read from their work and discuss
opening night gala crowd and pointless action. At the end specified in the libretto; he ends improve, but this will never be writing about their life experiences.
the hoi-polloi who viewed the of Act II, Bondy’s Tosca stabs up in a postmodern nowhere- one of her great roles. James Barnes and Noble, 2289 Broadway
free video relay in Lincoln Cen- Scarpia in the groin as he pre- land. Richard Peduzzi’s sets Levine’s slow, dramatically dis- at 82nd St., 7 p.m. Free. More informa-
ter Plaza. Immediately the pares to mount her on the sofa, are all dingy, damp, and darkly engaged conducting likely exac- tion at 212-362-8835.
recriminations, self-justifica- grabbing the safe-conduct out lit. The costumes by Milena erbated her vocal problems; ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
tions, and PR damage control of his dead hands. Instead of Canonero maintain Empire replacement Joseph Colaneri
furiously fired back and forth. surrounding his corpse with silhouettes streamlined into a conducted with more attack and
Zeffirelli in two New York Times
interviews decried Bondy as a
“third-rate” director, and Bondy
candles and crucifix as depict-
ed in the music, Mattila wan-
dered about the room in shock,
modern simplicity of decora-
tion and line. Act I presents
the Church of Sant’Andea della
It was obvious at the dress
rehearsal that much of this pro- COMMUNITY
wickedly shot back that he may climbed up on the windowsill, Valle as a cavernous unfinished duction was not working, yet Responding to Hate
be a third-rate director but that and looked down (to jump down brick shell with folding chairs, what is shocking is how little Queens Pride House hosts a forum
Zeffirelli was Luchino Visconti’s or kill herself?). Then finding water on the floor, and metal changed from dress rehearsal to on two recent violent attacks on trans-
“assistant.” Gelb took aim at the the Attavanti’s fan (how did it get scaffolding. The murky dark- opening night. The next Zeffirelli gendered women of color, one in Jack-
conservative element in the Met there?), Tosca plotzes on the sofa ness during a summer after- production on the Gelb hit list son Heights and the other in St. Albans.
audience resistant to any change: fanning herself, unconcerned noon in Rome further enhances — his 1998 “La Traviata” is to The new transgender services provider
“It’s a new Met, get used to it.” about saving her lover from the the resemblance to an under- be replaced next season by the directory (online at transgenderlegal.
Meanwhile, Bondy’s production firing squad or being discovered ground sewer. Act II’s Palazzo Willy Decker Regie production org/media/uploads/doc_178.pdf) put
was described as “Eurotrash” in by Spoletta at the scene of the Farnese is a 20th century — from Salzburg, but without the together by NYAGRA, the New York
some quarters, while Le Monde crime. Puccini and his librettists 1930s fascist — bureaucrat’s original superstar that made it Association for Gender Rights Advocacy,
reviewer Renaud Machart took created a scene that worked; office with institutional mustard work — Anna Netrebko. Fasten and the Transgender Legal Defense and
aim at ignorant American audi- Bondy, attempting to “fix” this, and brown painted walls and your seatbelts, New York. Education Fund, will be distributed at
the forum. 76-11 37th Ave. at 76th St.,
Suite 206, 7-9 p.m.
䉴 IN THE NOH, from p.26 or a wired double representing a Janacek heroine. The Brits and a dearth of real celebrities ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
Tosca’s final death leap that have another word for this kind (Martha Stewart! Mark Morris!
while awaiting Tosca in his lair? haplessly got stuck in midair as of emoting — “very suburban.” Christine Baranski! Mischa Bar- COMEDY
(something that was “shocking” the curtain descended? Marcelo Alvarez proved likewise ton?!). It was a far cry from the Don’t Tell Me,
back in the 1970s). This was All might have been for - taste-challenged, giving his two days of Jude Law, David Bowie, Don’t Tell Me
followed by more stupid effects, given had this been brilliantly arias torturously slow, indul- and Iman swanning in, and Tim Punchline Magazine celebrates its
like Tosca’s wiping the mur - performed, but Karita Mattila gent renderings, with the first Robbins being told he couldn’t fourth anniversary with a very special
dered Scarpia’s blood on her was unable to overcome being one’s final note held so long it take his drink into the house. panel of comics — including Lewis
dress and then settling back essentially miscast in the very was completely stepped on by Black, Janeane Garofalo, Christian
to fan herself languidly after Italianate title role, and, as with castmate Paul Plishka. Contact David Noh at Inthe- Finnegan, Pete Dominick, and Ted Alex-
her exertions when she should her misbegotten Manon Les- Audience-wise, the glam- and check out his andro. Comix, 353 W. 14th St., 7:30
have been hightailing it out of caut, brought to it an earthy our quotient was low, reflecting new blog at http://nohway.
there. And was that a dummy vulgarity more in tune with the recession, with drab gowns 䉴 OCT 13, continued on p.30

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/1=/ ASZT3abSS[ :50B
/T¿`[W\U ]T 2WdS`aWbg
$ gSO`a W\ >`WdObS >`OQbWQS Artists & Writers
1VSZaSO <G 3Oab =`O\US <8 ''% "'$
1 - 14 OCT 2009

30/ History
䉴 TURING, from p.10

Brown have issued this state-

It’s not enough. Not anything
like enough,” McKenna con-
low of the Royal Society for his
mathematical achievements
— picked up an unemployed
castration via estrogen hor -
mone injections, as a result of
which he became impotent and
ment without the e-petition?
The answer is quite clearly no.
Labour has had twelve years in
Turing’s persecution came
at the height of anti-gay Cold
War hysteria provoked by the
19-year -old, Arnold Murray,
outside a cinema in Man-
chester and began a brief rela-
his breasts grew larger. More
damaging, however, were the
effects on his nervous system.
power. Ample time to apologise. defection to Moscow of the dip- tionship with him. Turing took The treatment caused waves of 䉴 JUMP, from p.28
But, curiously, no apology has lomats Guy Burgess, a notori- a liking to Murray because depression and despair. After
come forth, until now. ous homosexual, and Donald of their shared interest in the his conviction, Turing also had p.m. Tickets are $15 at or
“If Gordon Brown really cared Maclean, and in the climate sciences, but after a few meet- his security clearance removed $20 at the door, plus there’s a two item
about gay men rather than of the day homosexuality was ings, it was clear that their and his working consulting for food/ drink minimum.
about saving his miserable virtually equated with trea- relationship would never go Britain’s intelligence service ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
political skin in the face of a son in the minds of the police. anywhere. Murray was steal- ended.
potential electoral defeat for (For more on what is known as ing money from Turing, and A year after his coercive and
Labour that will make Dunkirk The Great Purge of the early Turing broke off the relation-
ship, asking the younger man
never to return to his home.
barbaric chemical castration
began, Turing killed himself by
eating a poisoned apple he had READING
When Murray and an accom- laced with cyanide. Urban leg- Short & Sweet
Turing was given a stark plice broke into his house, Tur- end has it that the Apple Com- Kathleen Warnock’s Drunken! Careen-
ing reported the crime to the puter logo of an apple with a ing! Writers program welcomes Jacob M.
choice — imprisonment or a police. During the investigation, bite taken out of it is a tribute Appel, whose short fiction won the Boston
chemical castration via estrogen Turing off-handedly acknowl- to Turing, the father of com- Review Short Fiction Competition, the North
edged a sexual relationship puters, although the company American Review’s Kurt Vonnegut Prize, and
hormone injections. with Murray. Homosexual acts has officially denied this. the Missouri Review’s Editor’s Prize; Cheryl
were illegal in the United King- Burke, whose work has appeared in “Word
dom at that time, and so both For more on Alan Turing, see Warriors: 35 Women Leaders in the Spoken
look like a Sunday School out- 1950s, which ensnared some were charged with gross inde- the articles on him in the GLBTQ Word Revolution” and “Reactions 5: New
ing, then he would set up com- 5,000 British gay men, see this cency under Section 11 of the encyclopedia online http:// Poetry”; and Lisa Ferber, who has read her
pensation schemes for those reporter’s September 6-12, Criminal Law Amendment Act short stories at Sunday Salon, Dirty Laun-
gay men who were victims of 2007 article, “Free the Bug- of 1885, the same crime that es/turing_a,2.html and on Wiki- dry, Barbes, and Mad Hatters Ball. KGB
state persecution. Many are gers,” a link to which appears Oscar Wilde had been convict- pedia at http://en.wikipedia. Bar, 85 E. Fourth St., btwn. Bowery &
still alive. Many more have in the online version of this ed of more than 50 years earlier org/wiki/Alan_Turing. David Second Ave., 7 p.m. Free.
died. I grew up in a provincial story.) (the law remained on the books Leavitt’s biography, “The Man ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
city where I got to know many In a way, Turing, who had until 1967). Who Knew Too Much: Alan Tur-
of these men. I feel their pain. I never made a secret of his Turing was given a stark ing and the Invention of the Com- TELEVISION
feel my pain. They were angry, same-sex orientation, was a choice — imprisonment or pro- puter” (Norton, 2007), provides Our Lives On Screen
but not angry enough. I am victim of his own candor. In bation conditional on his agree- a complete account from a queer In the Life, the LGBT television news
still angry. Furious. Outraged. January 1952, Turing — who ment to undergo hor monal point of view of Turing’s persecu- magazine, launches its 18th season with
Disgusted. Twelve measly, had received an OBE, or Order treatment designed to reduce tion. Doug Ireland can be reached a cocktail party, honoring two LGBT
miserable, weasel-worded lines of the British Empire, for his libido, a form of aversion ther- through his blog, DIRELAND, at champions — Julian Bond, the chairman
to wash away 50 years of pain. war work and been made a Fel- apy. He accepted chemical of the NAACP, and actress Patricia Clark-
son. Rubin Museum of Art, 150 W,
17th St., 7-9 p.m. Tickets begin at $175
䉴 SOUTH CAROLINA, from p.15 Chief Justice Jean Hoefer Toal, its contractual obligations and The court termed the insurer’s at
writing for the court, read the to Mitchell’s health and well assertion that Mitchell made ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
damages for breach of con- riot act to the insurer, finding being.” a material misrepresentation
tract in favor of the two higher “ample support in the record to Financially vulnerable, on his insurance application
amounts. Fortis then appealed,
and the State Supreme Court
agreed to bypass the interme-
establish that Fortis’ conduct
was reprehensible.” Toal noted
Mitchell was able to get treat-
ment from a free clinic, but the
“intentional deceit,” since
even Stephens’ initial recom-
mendation for rescinding the CABARET
diate courts and take the case policy acknowledged there A Starry, Starry
directly. The major issue was was no direct evidence in the Weekend
the $15 million punitive dam- Chief Justice Toal found files to show that the young The Town Hall presents its fifth annu-
ages award. man’s HIV infection predated al “Broadway Cabaret Festival.” On Oct.
Fortis contended that the “ample support in the record to his policy application, mere- 16, 8 p.m., Marc Kudisch, Robert Cucci-
amount was unconstitutionally
large, and the State Supreme
establish that Fortis’ conduct was ly the handwritten note by a
medical assistant.
oli, Stephen Bogardus, Lee Roy Reams,
Carleton Carpenter, Stephanie J. Block,
Court agreed. In recent years, reprehensible.” Toal wrote that “the jury Julia Murney, and Jim Caruso present
the US Supreme Court has was justified in drawing a neg- “A Tribute to David Merrick.” On Oct.
struck down some very large ative inference” from the fact 17, 8 p.m., Linda Eder presents her new
punitive damage awards on that Fortis’ lawyers kept Ste- show, “Linda Eder: All of Me,” backed
the theory of excessive pun- that the young man’s actual only way he could get cover - phens from testifying at the by a seven-piece orchestra led by Billy
ishment, and the South Caro- har m was economic rather age restored was to have Fortis trial. “Fortis’ refusal to con- Stein. On Oct. 18, 3 p.m., “Broadway
lina courts have followed suit, than physical, but pointed out do it, since any other company duct a further investigation Originals” features Michael Rupert,
using analysis focused on how that the case “is unique in that would disqualify him based on suggests that it was aware Stephen Bogardus, Barbara Walsh,
egregious the defendant’s con- Mitchell’s economic harm –– the his pre-existing condition. of its own wrongdoing,” the Chip Zien, and Jonathan Kaplan—the
duct is, the ratio of punitive to termination of his health insur- The court pointed out that judge continued, finding that five original Broadway stars of William
actual damages, and a com- ance policy –– exposed him to Fortis had persisted in its numerous actions it took in Finn’s “Falsettos.” 123 W. 43rd St. Tick-
parison to damage awards in great risk of physical danger.” “repeated acts of deliberate the wake of rescinding Mitch- ets are $50-$55 per show at Ticketmas-
similar cases. The court found that Fortis indifference” for “nearly twen- or 212-307-4100, or visit www.
Reviewing these factors, “was deliberately indifferent to ty months” until it was sued. 䉴 SOUTH CAROLINA, continued on p.31

䉴 DOMA, from p.14 brief is a footnote that disavows any

argument for DOMA based on promoting
case and that the Supreme Court’s major- “responsible procreation and child-rear-
ity opinion in the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ing.” The footnote acknowledges, “Since
case avoided the equal protection issue the enactment of DOMA, many leading
when it overturned the nation’s sodomy medical, psychological, and social wel-
laws. fare organizations have issued policies

It is possible that GLAD can find support

in DOMA’s legislative history for the argument
that animus played a significant role.

As a result, District Judge Joseph L. opposing restrictions on lesbian and gay

Touro, who is hearing the GLAD case, parenting upon concluding, based on
arguably is bound by 1st Circuit prec- numerous studies, that children raised
edent to use the rational basis test in by gay and lesbian parents are as likely
deciding DOJ’s motion to dismiss. The to be well-adjusted as children raised
argument about national uniformity is by heterosexual parents.” This footnote
just the sort of argument that usually is clearly the result of meetings that gay
wins a rational basis case, given that a rights groups held with DOJ attorneys
law is presumed constitutional unless no after the uproar over the administration’s
reasonable explanation can be articulated June brief in the Smelt case.
to justify it. Is this new DOJ brief so weak in
It is possible that GLAD can, in its defending DOMA that it is giving up
responding brief, find support in the leg- the game in hopes that the court will
islative history of DOMA for the argument strike it down, saving the administra-
that animus played a significant role in tion the effort and political capital to get
its enactment. Or it could persuade the it repealed by Congress? I don’t think
court that Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s so. In fact, in retreating from the more
discussion of equal protection in her outrageous approach of the earlier brief,
concurring opinion in the Lawrence sod- this brief actually lands on a rationale for Gay,
omy ruling shows that gay rights cases DOMA that, at least on its face, is plau-
merit “more searching scrutiny,” which sible and non-discriminatory. Str8,
requires a trial rather than merely grant- But I would argue, given the historical Bi,
ing DOJ’s motion to dismiss. context, that this sudden, rather belated Curious?
Both GLAD and the government cer- concern with uniformity in administering
tainly anticipated that this case would marriage-related benefit programs that in
go to the appellate level in any event, so many cases were decades old, was clearly
Touro might conclude that in light of sparked by a desire to exclude same-sex
the 1st Circuit precedent, consideration couples from eligibility, just in case gay
of the issue of the appropriate level of marriage became legal anywhere. In ratio-
scrutiny is best handled at the court of nal basis cases, however, it is unusual for
appeals. the court to look behind the face of the
One interesting component of DOJ’s statute at such arguments.

䉴 SOUTH CAROLINA, from p.30 relevant because Fortis had objected to

the federal constitutionality of the dam-
ell’s policy bear out that conclusion. age award throughout the case, pre-
Toal concluded that punitive dam- serving its right to seek review by that
ages were clearly justified, the only court. Given the South Carolina court’s
question being whether $15 million reduction of the punitive damages,
was too much. Looking to US Supreme however, US review is far less likely
Court precedent that punitive dam- than it might otherwise have been.
ages of more than ten times the actual The Obama administration’s health-
damages are likely excessive, Toal cal- care reform proposal would do away
culated that $15 million was almost with pre-existing condition exclusions,
14 times the actual damages of 1.1 so health insurers would no longer be
million in lifetime care costs. Reduc- able to act as Fortis did. Given the com-
ing the award to $10 million dollars pany’s behavior, it is ironic that critics
would bring the ratio down to about of a “public option” are warning that /ÀÞʈÌÊÀiiÊUÊ
9.2 to 1, clearly within the permissible government death panels made up of
range. Given how reprehensible Fortis’
conduct was, the South Carolina court
unfeeling bureaucrats would be deny-
ing critical benefits, especially for older
was comfortable with a ratio close to patients. In fact, this case is Exhibit
the outer limit that the US Supreme A for why reform of the existing sys-
Court considers reasonable. tem, and the behavior it allows private
The view of the US Supreme Court is insurers to engage in, is essential. MC 7002 Ent only 18+ *Limited Free Trial Photography by Kevin E. McPherson