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Feasibility report.

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Certificate IV Web Design 3756

Teacher: Tony Whittingham

Writing the Feasibility Report

A feasibility report describes the

concepts proposed to achieve An
ebusiness’s requirements and
also describes how practical
(feasible) the proposed ebusiness
is. Preferably, more than one
solution is offered, in which case
the report compares the various
solutions and determines which
solution is best for the ebusiness.

A feasibility report can assist you

to understand the concepts
proposed by providing
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information that includes:

Viability: Is the ebusiness viable?
Why? How do we know?

Technical Feasibility: Can the

ebusiness be implemented? How
easily? Does it require
technology/resources that are
readily available? How do we

Desirability: Is there a
demonstrated need or demand for
the ebusiness? Affordability: What
will the ebusiness cost to
implement? To maintain?

Comparisons: Will this ebusiness

be better than or preferred over
any other ebusiness’s?
Feasibility reports need not
always make recommendations.
The report may only need to
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represent the various arguments

and evidence for/against the
proposed ebusiness and ideas for
establishing the business.

Typical components of a
feasibility report:

1. Title page…a meaningful

title, date and author
2. Contents…table of contents
with page numbers
3. Executive Summary….a
concise summary of the report’s
key points
4. Introduction…purpose of the
report, overview of concepts
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5. Technical Background….
explanation of technology
referred to in the report.

6. Background ….what is the

problem being solved, what is
the opportunity.

7. Comparison of Options….
outline of concepts A,B,C -
function of concepts A,B,C –
special features of concepts
8. Conclusion and
recommendations….in some
cases the recommendation may
be left until other information
has been gathered.

9. References…demonstrates
results of research, competitor
analysis, etc.
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It is important to cite WWW

sources correctly e.g.
5)Burka, L. P. (1993). The
application of DVD technology to
enhance customer service.
b/ (2 Aug. 2004).
Note i) Approximate date
posted, ii) short description of
the article or website,
iii) the URL, AND iv) the date
the source site was visited
NOTE The references are
documented in a numbered list.
The reference number is quoted
in the report when information
from that reference is referred
“…..applications of DVD
technology (5) include videos
illustrating ……”
10. Appendix…may include
graphs, tables, etc.